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Four Fantastically Gifted Scoobies

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Summary: A response to Obsidian's challenge. Starts in 'Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered' in Buffyverse. No particular time in fantastic four.

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Marvel Universe > Fantastic FourDentArthurDentFR1841,99601110,87422 May 067 Oct 06No

Where are we this time?

Disclaimer: See chapter 1

* Xander’s world blurred and span for a moment, then he felt himself falling. Something large, presumably the floor, hit his back and he blacked out.

Dawn awoke on a hard bed. Groaning she tried to remember how she’d got there. The townspeople had gone nuts, tied her to a post and set her on fire. Next thing she knew the whole world was spinning and she had ended up here. Wherever here was. Slowly opening her eyes, she looked at her surroundings. She definitely wasn’t in Sunnydale anymore.

She was lying in a hospital-style bed, but was in no hospital. One of the walls was a huge window facing out over what looked like Manhattan. Inside was a large penthouse suite, with the potential to be very stylish. However, it was filled with wires, and what looked like electrical equipment. Dawn leant over the other way, wincing as the bruises forming on her back stretched. Lying on four identical beds next to her were Oz, Amy and Xander, who was just beginning to come around.

Dawn sat up and swung her legs off the bed to go speak to him when a woman’s voice cut across the silence in the room.

“I see you’re awake.” She called, picking her way across the piles of metal and tables of test tubes. Dawn froze and turned around to see a beautiful blonde woman, roughly in her mid-twenties carrying four glasses of water.

“Here you go.” She said, handing one to Dawn and one to Xander who was rubbing the back of his head and looking confused.

“Who are you? Where are we?” Xander groaned after gulping down his water.

“My name is Susan Storm, and you are in the penthouse flat of the Baxter Building, Manhattan.” Sue said.

“And how exactly did we get here?” Dawn asked sceptically

“That’s the interesting bit; you fell out of the sky.” Sue said, expecting yells of disbelief, or at least looks of surprise and the chance to explain her theory as to how they got there. She got none of these however. The young man groaned, and put his head in his hands.

“What did you do Xander?” the teen asked

“Nothing!” Xander protested and the teen raised her eyebrow. "Honest! It was Amy, her spell went screwy.”

At the mention if her name Amy’s eyelids fluttered open. Xander immediately dived to the floor next to her.

“Are you ok?” He asked. Amy nodded and looked around her.

“Where are we?” she asked.

“Manhattan.” Oz answered, startling every one.

“We were just discussing how you got here.” Sue butted in.

“It was your spell Amy.” Xander said. Amy groaned and sat up.

“We’re here for a while then.” She said, “The spell will keep you here until you get what it was for.”

“What was that?” Dawn asked, glaring at Xander.

“The ability to fight.” He murmured looking at his feet.

“Then why are we here?” Oz asked Amy

“I have no idea.” Amy replied.

“You’re welcome to stay here until you figure out how to get home.” Sue said, picking up the empty glasses.

“No thanks.” Amy said, “We’ll be fine.” The others nodded. They had no way to tell whether this woman wasn’t a demon or something. Sue nodded, and, as they stood turned to show them out the door. As she reached for the handle it swung open, and Ben walked through. The Scoobies tensed, and both Xander and Oz drew undiscovered stakes and daggers out of their pockets, tossing spares to the girls.*
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