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Four Fantastically Gifted Scoobies

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Summary: A response to Obsidian's challenge. Starts in 'Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered' in Buffyverse. No particular time in fantastic four.

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Marvel Universe > Fantastic FourDentArthurDentFR1841,99601110,87422 May 067 Oct 06No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

Pointy sticks??!!

Disclaimer: I own no characters, places or story lines. Basically if you recognize it, then it isn't mine.

A.N. Sorry for the long wait. I've been real busy lately (excuses, excuses). I would go into detail, but it would bore you, and I imaging you want me to on with the story. Off we go then:

(By the way. I forgot to mention it earlier, in this fic Dawn is real, and not the key, as well as being 14 at this point, rather than 11/12).

* Seeing the potential threat to her team-mate Sue Reed (neé Storm) hastily formed a force field around him, and, as an afterthought, herself, and began to slip round the Scoobies to join Ben. The tension between the two groups mounted, and the Scoobies shifted their grips on their stakes as Sue prepared a third force field between her hands. Surprisingly it was Ben who broke the tension by laughing.

“P…pointy st-ticks?!” he stammered between guffaws. The Scoobies lowered their various weapons and looked sheepishly at them.

“Um…yeah.” Xander muttered, and quickly put the stake behind his back.

“Hi, my name’s Xander by the way.” He said cheerfully and offered his hand to the seven-foot stone man in front of him, carefully maneuvering himself so he was between the thing and his girls. Taken aback by the boy’s seeming trust Ben took his hand as gently as possible, and shook it.

“Sorry about the whole thing with the stakes.” Xander continued, nursing his severely squashed hand, “we don’t come from the safest of towns.”

As the awkward silence fell again Amy decided it was time to take action. Pushing past Xander to face the thing in the door way she said;

“We really had better be going now.” Nodding, and relieved for an end to the awkward situation the Scoobies slipped past Ben, who had stepped out of the doorway, and into the corridor beyond.

Sue storm sighed as she shut the door on her guests. Though their brief conscious stay had been tense and volatile she missed them already. Though it seemed selfish they were the only entertainment she had had in the past month or so. Though it was relaxing to be on a hiatus from the fantastic four it got very boring very fast. She understood the reasons for her forced imprisonment, but it didn’t help at all. Being pregnant wasn’t some sort of disease or disability. After all, it wasn’t like she couldn’t protect herself and her unborn child, hell, it was practically all she could do. But these arguments wouldn’t cut any ice, with her husband, or self declared body guard, just like they hadn’t the last billion times. She just hated sitting here while her husband and baby brother went off saving the world without her, without even taking Ben with them. It was the worst feeling of her life. But here she was, and here she would stay, trapped until the baby was born, maybe even after. There was no way out.

As the Scoobies left the building Dawn looked back up at the great windows of the Baxter building penthouse suite in time to see a familiar expression on her previous host’s face. Recognizing the anxiety and forced inactivity from her mother, and even her own face from the times when Buffy was off saving the world Dawn felt her heart go out to the older blonde, and found herself wishing they would meet again.

Her wish was to be granted sooner than any of them expected.*

The End?

You have reached the end of "Four Fantastically Gifted Scoobies" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 7 Oct 06.

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