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Life Saver II

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Summary: Sequel to Life Saver

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Television > Gilmore GirlsbelginteiFR18517,7412155,79922 May 0619 Aug 07No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

Chapter 5

Spoiler: All of Buffy and Angel are fair game as is all of the Gilmore Girls. This story will be crossed with another TV series. (You fined out which one in this part).

Rating: 15/PG for violence.

Summery: Many meetings.

‘’ = Thought. [Flashback] = Ah duh Flashback.



One week after Sunnydale destroyed with the destruction of the Hellmouth.
Woodland clearing just outside Rock Springs, Wyoming.

The twenty something man, rolled onto his side with a moan and held his head. Feeling the chill of the surrounding air, he looked down, realising he was naked. The realisation of that struck him. “Damn,” he moaned again looking around and spotting an old man sitting on a rock nearby apparently meditating.

“Good morning,” said the old man not opening his eyes. “You will find some clothes behind the tree to your back.”

“Thanks,” nodded the younger man getting up and looking around the tree. He found some sweatpants and a T-shirt, the scent coming from them telling him that they were his. Dressing quickly he rejoined the old man, “So how did you know where to find my clothes?” he asked curiously.

“Your aura is very distinctive, young wolf,” replied the man opening his eyes for the first time.

The younger man raised an eyebrow but did not comment directly on what the older man had said. “Did I bite you last night?” the faintest worry entering his voice.

“I was in no danger, young wolf. I sent your animal spirit to sleep.”

“How?” frowned the younger man.

"All things behave according to their nature and their needs. Do not let your fears haunt you. They are small and of no consequence," smiled the older man grabbing a long staff from beside him as he rose.

“You sound like some of the priests I met in Tibet!” replied the younger man.

“Ah,” smiled the older man moving towards the other man before bowing slightly. “That will be because I am also a priest. My name is Caine. Kwai Chang Caine a Shaolin.”

“Daniel Osbourne, but friends call me Oz,” replied the young man nodding his own head slightly.

“It is nice to meet a fellow wanderer, Daniel,” replied Caine. “I will lead you back to your vehicle,” he said gesturing across the clearing they were in.

“Thanks,” nodded Oz beginning to follow the man. “So do you know if I attacked anyone else last night?”

“I do not believe so, Daniel,” Caine told him smiling a little. “It was just after moonrise when you attempted to attack me.”

“Yeah, sorry about that. I don’t know why the charms didn’t work. I haven’t changed in almost two years!”

“Perhaps your wolf only wished to run free,” Caine gestured around them as they drew close to the road. “One cannot deny ones own nature.”

“Maybe,” edged Oz as they reached the road and turned east. “So where are you heading?”

“I have no plans to go anywhere in particular,” answered Caine as he led Oz around a bend and came in sight of the younger man’s van.

“Well if you want, you can ride with me. I’m heading back home to see if I can find any of my friends... They lived in Sunnydale. I need to know they’re okay.”

“I will ride with you then, Daniel.”


To anyone observing, the two men made an odd couple. “I hope they made it,” sighed Oz as they stood at the edge of the hole that had once been his home. “Willow wouldn’t have left without Xander, Buffy and... Tara. And Xander and Buffy wouldn’t have left without making sure they could save as many as possible.”

“I am sure they made good their escape, if that was to be their fate!” Caine reassured gently as he placed a hand on the young man’s shoulder. “Come. I have some friends that worked with my son at the Los Angeles police department. I am sure the authorities are attempting to find all the survivors.”

“Okay,” nodded Oz turning his back on the hole.


It was late afternoon by the time they left the police station. “So, many of your friends are safe, Daniel,” said Caine breaking Oz from his musing.

“Yeah. Though I don’t recognise most of those that were on the last bus out of town, I guess they were kids from the new high school! And I can’t think of any reason why Buffy and Willow would leave without her mother or Tara!”

“It does not mean they did not escape the destruction. They may have left earlier. As the officers told us, they are still attempting to contact the survivors.”

“Yeah I guess. Maybe Angel would know?” mused Oz. He looked to his friend, “So what are you going to do?”

Caine smiled, “I will continue to travel with you if you do not mind, Young wolf.”

“Fine. I’m going to find Angel,” announced Oz leading the way to his van.


New York

One week before the attack by Wolfram and Hart.

“What did the mechanic say?” asked Caine.

Oz grabbed his guitar and holdall from the back of his van. “Couple of days and about five hundred dollars I haven’t got.”

“Maybe we could find some type of employment.”

“Well I can try playing on street corners, I guess,” mused Oz with little enthusiasm.

“There is the possibility that one of my friends still lives within the Chinese community here in New York. I’m sure if he does, we will have a place to sleep at least.”

“Why not,” shrugged Oz handing the old man his own meagre possessions.


Caine entered the magick shop with Oz trailing behind, the werewolf wrinkled his nose at the strong smells of the many herbs, and other things he was unsure he wished to know about!

As the two reached the counter where a young Chinese woman of about twenty-five stood, Caine skilfully twisted the staff he carried and sent the dagger that came flying at him from the left into the doorframe beyond the counter. “You remember your training young one,” came a voice from behind some shelves.

“And age has not affected your aim, old one,” countered Caine as he turned to observe a man of about ninety step into the open area and walk towards them.

The two men regarded each other for a moment as if preparing for the next move before with a smile on both their faces they embraced warmly. “It is good to see you my friend,” said Caine patting the other man’s back.

“You too,” replied the older man. “And who do we have here? A new pupil?” he asked stepping back and eyeing Oz.

“No Chongan,” replied Caine. “This is Daniel, a fellow traveller. Daniel this is my friend, Chongan.”

“A pleasure to meet you, Daniel,” bowed Chongan before turning to the young woman behind the counter, “This is my great granddaughter Ning-Lan.”

“Grandfather,” said Ning-Lan nervously eyeing Oz.

“It is alright Ning-Lan. Daniel has learned to control his inner turmoil,” Caine assured the young woman.

“Is it a Chinese thing? You all seem to know that I’m a werewolf?”

“Ning-Lan is what you westerners call a witch. I am Shaolin like your friend, Caine,” smiled Chongan. “Come let us go into the back and you can both tell me what you are doing in New York.”

Taking the offered seats, Oz and Caine watched as Chongan prepared tea for them. “So how is Peter?” he asked looking at Caine.

A sadness crossed Caine’s face, “He died of gunshot wounds while on duty three years ago,” he answered solemnly.

Oz raised an eyebrow, his friend had never mentioned his family, but then Oz had not either.

“I am sorry my friend. He was a bad student but a worthy man,” said Chongan with equal sadness. “So what brings you to my door?” he asked placing the tray on the table and handing his guests their drinks.

“We hoped for a place to sleep. Daniel’s van broke down and is in a garage a few miles away and neither of us have sufficient funds to pay for its repair,” explained Caine.

“I will loan you the money you need,” smiled Chongan.

“I can’t accept your money,” interrupted Oz.

“Would you be willing to trade something for the money?”

“Nothing left to trade except my guitar, and that might get me twenty dollars in a pawnshop,” sighed Oz.

“Actually you have something of great value to my great granddaughter’s shop,” smiled Chongan.

“And that is?” asked Oz.

“In three days the moon will be full. If you would allow yourself to change, we can harvest some of your fur, there are several beneficial uses for it, most notably one ingredient in making hair restoring potions,” explained Chongan. “A one foot square patch would net you several thousand dollars. So what do you say?”

“I assume it’ll grow back?” asked Oz.

“As normal hair grows, so does fur,” nodded Chongan.

“Why not. I assume you’ll be able to stop me from hurting anyone?”

“I have a potion that will make your wolf sleep,” assured Chongan.


The day after the attack.

“Are you sure about this Oz?” asked Ning-Lan for the forth time that morning as she placed the last carton into the back of Oz’s van.

“Yeah. You’ve given me somewhere to crash,” replied Oz as he closed the back door and walked around to the driver’s door. “So which way?” he asked as Ning-Lan leaned through the passenger window.

“End of the street turn left then second right, the temple is three blocks over on the right.”

“No problem,” assured Oz starting the van and signalling.


As Oz entered the shop again an hour later, it was to see Ning-Lan listening to Mrs Lee, the areas gossip, bending the younger woman’s ear. “It’s well known that Wolfram and Hart are behind the attack. I’ve heard they killed fifteen slayers last night and those that survived are in hiding.”

“I’m sure it wasn’t as bad as you’ve heard Mrs Lee,” countered Ning-Lan. “Oh Oz, you’re back, good. Mrs Lee, if you’ll excuse me I need to check with my friend to see that everything went well with the delivery.”

“Of course dear. I have to get back to prepare Mr Lee’s meal. Pass my regards on to your great grandfather, goodbye dear,” said Mrs Lee heading to the door.

Oz saw the tension leave Ning-Lan as the old woman left. “I’m thinking a toad or frog, or maybe a mouse. Mrs Lee would make a nice mouse,” she smiled at Oz.

“A girl that went to my school had this thing for changing people into rats, until she changed herself to escape being burned at the stake; last I heard she was still a rat.”

“And did she ever change you into a rat,” smiled Ning-Lan.

“No but she did change a friend,” answered Oz as he crossed the space between the door and counter. “So what was that about the slayers?”

“It’s said the slayers were attacked all over the world last night. Some people say they were all killed, others that they killed all their attackers and are now planning to attack Wolfram and Hart because they’re believed to be behind the attacks,” explained Ning-Lan.

“Do you know how to contact the slayers? I need to know if one of my friends is okay.”

“Not directly but it’s rumoured they have a base somewhere outside Hartford Connecticut. I know three or four come to New York for a weekend every couple of months. They were around here about three weeks ago, so I don’t think they’ll be back for a while.”

“Okay, thanks,” nodded Oz heading for the back.

[End Flashback]


Richard walked into his study just as the phone rang. “Richard Gilmore.”

“Richard,” Trix’s voice came from the other end. “I just got off the phone with Wolfram and Hart, they have asked for a meeting.”

“To what end?” he asked sitting down.

“I am unsure at this time. It may be that their failure to inflict heavier losses the other night has prompted them to try to forestall any response we my have planned!” surmised Trix. “Regardless we both know we must meet them.”

“Agreed. So where and when?”

“They suggested New York and I told them Central Park, at noon on Thursday. That way there is less chance of treachery on their part.”


“Five from each side. You of course will be my representative. They insist that no more than two slayers be present, as well as only one witch or sorcerer in attendance for each side. Buffy Summers and Willow Rosenberg are flying in tomorrow for the funeral and will join you for the meeting. And loathed as I am to suggest it, after what happened on the night of the attack. I think the second Slayer should be Lorelai.”

“Yes I agree. I’ve talked with her and she has agreed to take the help the Council has to offer, but only after the present situation with Wolfram and Hart is resolved. Who else is to attend?” asked Richard.

“I leave that up to you, Richard. Take whomever you think best.”

“Very well, Trix,” agreed Richard. “Did you get my fax?” he asked then.

“Yes, thank you, Richard. And I am inclined to agree with Lorelai, we do seem to need a new research head. I will be nominating Rupert Giles for the post at the next board meeting. Although I am proud of Rory, she is showing much promise. Gerald Wyndam-Pryce should have been able to find the same information out before my Great-granddaughter; after all he does have the entire Council library at his disposal.”

“Of course he should, but the man’s a fool and we all know it,” said Richard chuckling a little.


The church was full to overflowing. Many of the townspeople joined Kelli’s friends from school and the Council to say their final goodbyes to the quiet unassuming teenager. Lorelai sat between her daughter and Buffy sadness and loss easily seen on her face. Many of those in the town that knew Lorelai personally, knew she had something to do with the girls that lived at the Twickham house but were still surprised that the redhead’s death from a road accident, while visiting friends in Hartford, had affected her so deeply that they observed tears running down her cheeks.

Richard and Dawn spoke of the girl they knew outside of school, and Headmaster Charleston told of her enthusiasm for sports, while Rory spoke of her friend and of those students that she had helped at Chilton as well as her enthusiasm for the many town events she had helped with in her short time as part of the community.

More than one resident of the town raised an eyebrow as Rory and five other girls stepped forward to carry their friend’s casket out of the church for its final trip to the nearby graveyard. Kelli’s grandmother supported by Lorelai and Buffy fell in behind as with arrangements made by the Council, a lone piper played Amazing Grace as a final farewell to a Daughter of Scotland.

Willow laid a lone rose on the top of the casket before it was lowered into the ground. The rose having a powerful enchantment placed upon it to prevent any creature desecrating the body of the Slayer or anyone attempting to raise her. This last part done at the insistence of Buffy, so that no other Slayer would suffer the pain she had at being pulled from heaven.


“How’s Dana doing?” asked Lorelai as she walked by the side of Buffy on their way from the cemetery to the Twickham house, where a meal waited for them all.

“Not to bad,” replied Buffy. “We still need to keep her pretty well medicated all the time. But she seems calmer if we take her out slaying a couple of times a week.” She laughed then, “She’s put the fear of god in every demon in London. The mention of her name sends them all scurrying for the hills.”

“That’s my girl,” smiled Lorelai.

“You should try to visit her. Andrew said you had a calming effect on her on the flight to New York,” suggested Dawn walking on the other side of Buffy.

“I’ll try hon. just as soon as this thing with Wolfram and Hart is over.”

“Well we have the meeting tomorrow, so maybe we’ll get what we want, then you can come back to jolly old England with Dawn and me,” smiled Buffy.

“Yeah,” mused Lorelai as she thought of the meeting with Wolfram and Hart.


“Lorelai. The agreement called for no more than two slayers,” snapped Richard as he stood with Luke by one of the many entrances to the park as his daughter climbed out of the mini-van with Buffy, Willow, Dawn, and all seven of the Chilton slayers.

“And you trust them to keep their word?” smirked Lorelai as she and Buffy joined her father and her Watcher.

“This time, yes,” answered Richard. “It’s to their detriment not too.”

“Yeah I know,” nodded Lorelai. “But the agreement was that only two slayers could be at the meeting, it didn’t specify how far away other slayers had to be and you can bet your life that they have a lot of back up nearby.”

Richard sighed as he looked at the smirking slayers, “Very well but the rest of you are to remain out of the park itself until after the meeting...”

“Or they double cross us,” interrupted Lorelai.

Giving his daughter an angry stare he turned to Luke who he had chosen as the fifth member of the meeting with Wolfram and Hart, “Would you mind remaining here to keep an eye on your other slayers, Luke?” he asked.

“Hey,” cried Louise receiving a glance from Richard. “Ah just saying that’s all, we can look after ourselves,” she stammered and got several giggles from the others.

Ignoring the blonde, Richard turned back to Luke, “Sure,” nodded Luke. “But who’s going to make up the numbers on our side?”

Richard smiled as he looked at Dawn, “Would you care to join us, Dawn?”

“Okay,” agreed Dawn.

“Let’s get on with this,” said Buffy turning and heading into the park.


The five Council representatives moved purposely across the open ground from the east not taking their eyes off the five people approaching from the west. They stopped about ten feet apart, silence hung heavy in the air as they eyed each other suspiciously until a robed figure stepped forward holding a lightly glowing crystal. Her eyes never leaving his form, Willow also stepped forward holding an identical crystal. Together they lowered them to the ground and both spoke a word of command as they straightened. The demon/man sensed the power emanating from the Witch, “Your power is formidable Ms Rosenberg.”

“As is yours Vail,” replied Willow as they both stepped back. She looked at Richard, “No one will notice us or even hear anything we say,” she told him.

“So can I assume you requested this meeting because you only killed one of my girls,” growled Lorelai her fists clenched at her sides.

“You know it’s such a shame that this meeting will never come to light outside both organisations,” smiled the tall blonde eyeing the Council representatives. “To be in the presence of not only the Red Witch, but also The Slayer of Glorificus, The Key,” her eyes locking onto the younger Summers before smiling again as she heard Buffy growl softly before turning to Lorelai. “And the Era Matris Trucido. I’m honoured.”

“And you are?” sneered Lorelai, actually already knowing who the woman was, having had to sit through hours and hours of C-SPAN when Rory had to write a report on something or other.

The woman’s eyes flashed for a moment, like all politicians she always assumed that everyone she met knew who she was. The look caused a smirk to appear on Lorelai’s face. A tall solidly build man stepped forward to stand next to the blonde, “This is Senator Brucker. You appear to already know Vail and I am Hamilton and these two,” he gestured to the two other men, “Are two of Wolfram and Hart’s security personnel.”

“What do you want?” asked Richard eyeing both his daughter and Buffy, both of whom had taken a step forward when the Senator eyed Dawn, hoping to get back on track before things got out of hand.

“It was our right to try to balance the scales,” said the Senator answering Lorelai’s earlier question.

“And our right to stop you. The right you’re talking about involves trying to kill my girls,” growled Lorelai.

“Whatever yours or our personal feelings,” continued the Senator with a sneer. “With the closing of the Sunnydale Hellmouth and the activation of all those potentials. Not forgetting all those prophesies that were voided... Well some long term plans went out the window.”

“My heart bleeds for you,” smirked Buffy.

“It should,” added Vail. “This situation would have never come about if your Red Witch had left you dead.”

“Get to the point,” said Buffy her eyes going hard.

“We will first have your blood oaths that you will abide by any agreement accepted by the Council,” Hamilton smiled at Lorelai, Buffy, and Willow.

“Why?” frowned Lorelai.

“Because they know that we’d ignore any agreement if we felt we could get away with it,” surmised Willow.

“And the other slayers will follow your lead,” added the Senator.

“We’ll agree to that if you three will do the same with the added provision that you will die before allowing anyone from Wolfram and Hart or their allies and associates to go against it,” nodded Willow.

“Agreed,” answered Vail as with a snap of his fingers a table appeared between the two groups, several documents on the top. “I think you will find these acceptable Ms Rosenberg,” he added.

Willow picked up one of the documents sensing the power in it. She glanced at the warlock, “These are Nezoon!”

“They are indeed,” smiled Vail.

“What’s that mean?” asked Buffy a little concerned.

Willow looked at her friend, “Nezoon was believed to be the first human to have practiced magick. The only thing known today are the two dozen scrolls that are named after him that describe everything from how various potions are made to how to bind demons. It is... was,” she amended glancing at her opposite number for a moment before continuing, “That he also created a blank scroll that binds everyone signing it to anything written on it. It’s said that not even the gods can break an agreement signed on one.”

“And those are some of these Nezy things?” asked Buffy.

“Yeah,” nodded Willow.

“I’m not signing that unless it is agreed that whatever is agreed to by the Council, has too be agreed by me as well,” argued Lorelai.

“Lorelai, please be reasonable,” said Richard.

“Uh huh,” Lorelai shook her head.

“Very well,” smiled the Senator. “But we will require something in exchange.”

“And that would be?” asked Richard beginning to feel he should have excluded his daughter’s participation from the meeting.

“That at no time may you or anyone associated with you have any contact with any Wolfram and Hart’s employees without first getting the agreement of the senior partners or they step out of line.”

“So you want us to have no contact with Angel or his people?” surmised Buffy her eyes narrowed.

“As one of your associates told him. None of you trust him anymore. We just want to be sure that any ‘thing’ he is doing for us is not disrupted... Apocalypses not withstanding of course,” clarified the Senator.

“Buffy?” pushed Lorelai, “Up to you?”

Buffy was torn as she looked at the woman that had done so much to get her and everyone through the fight with the First and the love of her life! But then other than the one meeting he had with her before the final battle and the short phone conversation they had where he allowed them to stay at the Hyperion she had not heard from him. Finally, she nodded, “Okay.”

“Excellent,” smiled Vail pushing one of the documents across the table. Lorelai raised an eyebrow as she picked up the pen, seeing that everything they had just agreed to had apparently been magickally written in above the area they would sign. Signing it quickly she handed the pen to Buffy and stepped away.

After Willow signed, Vail, Senator Brucker, and Hamilton signed the other before the tall man handed it to the redhead. Vail snapped his fingers again and the table vanished along with their copy.

“So what do you wish to say?” asked Richard.

“We are willing to refrain from any further attempts on the slayers if you agree not to retaliate against Wolfram and Hart or its associates in anyway and reduce the number of slayers on the three remaining Hellmouths to one each...”

“Totally unacceptable,” Richard shook his head. “We may be willing to reduce the slayer numbers at the Cleveland Hellmouth to half but the ones in Siberia and South America are far too remote for us to consider reducing slayer numbers.”

“We would accept that but only if Cleveland is reduced to one Slayer. Of course, you many increase that number temporarily if some ‘one’ looks as if they are attempting to open it,” countered the Senator. “The slayers you have based in Connecticut are within easy distance of Cleveland.”

“Agreed,” said Richard, “But only if we receive a full list of those you hired to attack us the other night.”

Vail pulled a scroll from within his robes and offered it to Willow who took it and after quickly scanning it, nodded to Richard. “Very well. We have an agreement then?” he looked at Lorelai.

“Yeah,” nodded Lorelai.


“While we’re here, we might as well sweep some of the city,” suggested Lorelai glancing at her father as they exited the park and walked over to the mini-van where the others waited.

“Probably not a bad idea, all things considered,” nodded Richard. “We need to get the list to the other Council heads so they can begin planning their response to the various groups that attacked us. But it will not hurt to let the local underworld know we are still around.”

“Buffy, Willow, you in?” smiled Lorelai feeling the need to hit something after their meeting with the evil law firm.

“Sure. Let’s go back to our hotel and work out the details.”

“Can I go too?” asked Dawn hopefully.

Buffy looked at the puppy dog look her sister was giving her. “Okay, but if you die, I’m telling.”


They split into three groups. Buffy, Willow, and Dawn, who were joined by Amanda, who wanted to catch up with her fellow Sunnydalers in one. Luke went with Louise, Madeline, and Shannon while Lorelai took Rory, Vi and Colleen with her.

The slayers enjoyed themselves wailing on the city’s nightlife. Lorelai and her group breaking up two demon bars, which would probably take at least a year to get back its pre-slayer visit clientele levels, before midnight. Now they entered their third, Lorelai’s smile becoming feral at the silence that followed her throwing the demon bouncer down the stairs into the bar proper.

Her daughter, Vi, and Colleen following her down the same stairs. “Drinks for everyone... on the house,” yelled Lorelai as several patrons scrambled out of her way as she walked towards the bar.

“And who the hell do you think you are,” sneered the almost seven foot leather clad owner from behind the bar where he stood holding a bat with nails around the head.

“Well I’m me and this is going to be many of your customers farewell drink so hey, thought you’d like it to be on the house,” Lorelai smiled sweetly up at him as she reached the bar, sliding onto a stool, Rory next to her. “No one leaves,” she called as she sensed two vampires moving for the exit where Vi and Colleen staked them. “There you’ve already saved money on two drinks. So tell me, do you know how to make a vodka martini?” she asked.

The man’s eyebrow rose, “Slayers,” he growled.

“Woo our reputation proceeds us,” said Lorelai before the smile left her face, “Lose the bat before I make you eat it.”

The man made the mistake of swinging the bat at Lorelai’s head. She stopped it in midair and using his own momentum, pulled him towards her where her fist connected solidly with his face sending him backwards into the bottles where he slid to the floor unconscious.

Meanwhile Rory back fisted the demon that had come up behind her mother before throwing a stake to dust one of a group of vampires beginning to rise from a table. Vi ducked under a punch thrown by a orange skinned demon before punching it in the midsection and then swinging it into a group sitting at a table. Colleen pulled a short sword from the inside of her jacket and began to wail on a couple of chaos demons.

Lorelai rose from the stool and casually walked around the bar and took down a martini glass. After washing it out with some vodka, she went about making herself a drink as she watched her three girls destroy the bar. Dropping the olive into the glass she picked it and the half empty bottle of vodka off the bar as Colleen threw a demon sliding the length of the bar into the far wall. “Careful,” she shouted, “You almost spilt my drink.”

“Any time you wanna join us. Feel free,” replied Rory as she exchanged blows with three vampires.

“Just gonna finish my drink first hon.” smiled Lorelai as she smashed the bottle of vodka down on one of the orange demons that Vi threw over the bar. It screamed as it began to smoke as a vampire would if exposed to sunlight or holy water. “Hey guys, I think these little orange ones are allergic to vodka!” she said.

“They're Boshock demons,” explained Rory as she finally managed to dust one of the vampires she was fighting. “Any alcohol will burn them,” she said as she dusted the other two in quick succession.

“Little stupid for them being in a bar then,” smirked Lorelai as she casually poured some whiskey over a second one that had hit the other side of the bar and slumped to the ground.

“No one I know ever figured most demons as anything but dumb,” Rory pointed out as she grabbed a knife-welding demon’s wrist and with a quick twist, drove it to the hilt into its chest.

“True,” agreed Lorelai as she finished her drink before joining the others.

When the four slayers mounted the stairs some ten minutes later there was not a stick of furniture still in one piece, the moans and groans of the many injured demons reaching their ears, about half the clientele still alive.

They decided to call it a night after that, so headed back to their hotel to clean up and go over with the others what each group had done before going to bed as they had to be up early to get back to Hartford for school.


The next morning Oz suddenly stopped as he was about to pass one of the entrances to Central Park, he sniffed the air uttering one word, “Willow.”

A/N: Just so everyone knows, there will be no Oz/Willow pairing in this story.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Life Saver II" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 19 Aug 07.

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