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Life Saver II

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Summary: Sequel to Life Saver

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Chapter One

Title: Life Saver II 1
Author: David A. Knapton

Sequel to Life Saver, which I strongly suggest you read first or much of this will be confusing. The title is just temp until I think of a better name


Archived: If you want but it is polite to let the author know you are doing so

Disclaimer: I own nothing. The characters of BtVS and Gilmore Girls belong to Joss Whedon and Amy Sherman-Palladino (and various companies) who in this writer’s opinion should be worshipped as gods.

Spoiler: All of Buffy and Angel are fair game as is all of the Gilmore Girls.

Rating: 12A/PG-13 this part.

Pairing: Just Luke and Lorelai at the start.

Summery: Sequel to Life Saver. Set a few days after episode 5.11 Damaged of Angel. The Council via Luke bought the Twickham house at the end of season 1 of GG. Now it houses the five new slayers that returned with the others from Sunnydale, (Madeline, Louise, Lorelai and Rory also on occasion sleep there).

Notes: Just a note to point out that if I happen to have Rory in the car accident with Jess later in this story. He may well find himself hunted down by not only a Lorelai with Slayer powers but also five other resident slayers of Stars Hollow. Maybe I should cross this with Stargate Atlantis as well. He could then escape to another galaxy. But then if Willow got cranky...

Notes (Serious): I started writing this a few weeks ago having no idea where the story was going so I held off posting it until I came up with an idea. This story will be crossed with another TV series (Not saying which one yet and no it is not Stargate) and I should point out it is darker than I usually write.

Thanks so much to my great beta Tamara.

‘’ = Thought.

Feedback: If you wish

Please note I am English, so is my spelling. Live with it.


Rory leaned heavily against Louise, attempting to stem the flow of blood from the wound in her side as Madeline rang the doorbell.

As soon as her grandmother opened the door, the three girls pushed their way in, much to Emily’s annoyance at such bad manners. “What do you think you are doing,” she snapped before taking in her granddaughter’s demeanour and the blood that was coming from her side. “Oh god, Rory what’s happened?” she cried attempting to aid the blonde girl in getting Rory to a chair.

“Attacked,” replied Rory between clenched teeth. “Is grandpa here?”

“Yes,” said Emily somewhat shocked that someone had hurt her beautiful granddaughter. “I’ll phone the police... But first we need to get you to the hospital,” she declared heading for the phone.

“No police, and no hospital,” snapped Rory angrily at her grandmother, although she was angrier with herself for being so stupid, again? ‘Didn’t you learn anything in Sunnydale, Gilmore,’ snapping angrily at herself. “Get grandpa,” she growled at Emily, letting her control of the Slayer within slip just a little.

Emily took an involuntary step back from Rory, “A-alright,” she stammered as she moved towards the door of her husband’s study.

“Madeline, check the rest of the house, make sure we weren’t followed,” ordered Rory.

Nodding, Madeline hurried out of the room as Emily came back with Richard, who carried a substantial first aid bag. “Louise, lay her on the floor please,” he ordered as he reached the two slayers. He glanced at his anxious wife, “Emily, please have the maid bring a bowl of warm water and then phone Lorelai and tell her Rory has been stabbed.”

“Oh god,” cried Emily her hand going to her mouth as tears began rolling down her face.

“Emily,” said Richard sternly. “Tell the maid to bring water and phone Lorelai... NOW,” he barked before turning back to their granddaughter, tearing her shirt away from the vicious looking wound.

“Right, right. Water,” nodded Emily running out of the room.

“What happened?” Richard asked Louise as he went about attending to Rory’s wound.

“I don’t know,” answered Louise. “Rory was already fighting her way out of the warehouse when Madeline and I got there. We managed to dust six vamps then figured we should get Rory some help,” she explained.

“Two Mohra demons,” said Rory clenching her teeth as her grandfather cleaned the wound. “Kelli and I found a nest, but it was a trap. We were attacked by about twenty vamps, we weren’t doing to badly, when the two Mohras came out of nowhere. I-I managed to take out one, but-but the other got Kelli,” she whimpered with tears in her eyes. “He got me in the side as I killed him. I-I really tr-tried to get to K-Kelli, grandpa, but the vamps were all over her.”

“All right Rory. It sounds like you did your best,” Richard said gently as he prepared to stitch her wound.


Lorelai sat at a table at Luke’s, her coffee untouched as she looked out the window. Luke placed a fresh cup in front of her and took the chair opposite, “She’ll be okay,” he said quietly.

Lorelai looked at her Watcher slash boyfriend, “Will she? It’s the first time that she’s been out there without me,” she sighed.

“Yeah, but she’s hardly alone. Kelli’s with her and Madeline and Louise said they planned on meeting up with them, she’ll be fine!” he tried to reassure her.

Suddenly Lorelai gasped, going deathly white, she held her chest her face taking on a look of pain.

“Lorelai. What is it?” asked Luke.

“K-Kelli’s dead,” she cried as she stood up. “Rory needs me, I hafta go,” she yelled as she rushed out the door.

Luke went around the counter and grabbed his jacket, “Caesar, you’re in charge, lock up if I’m not back in time,” he shouted as he followed the distraught Lorelai, he got outside just in time to see her pull away from the curb. “Lorelai,” he screamed in frustration. Cursing he turned and headed for the Twickham house, which all the slayers had started calling St. Trinian's after Lorelai and Rory had everyone watching some strange British comedy films from the sixties.


Lorelai was beginning to panic, she had tried getting hold of Rory but all she got was the number was unavailable. She was maybe ten minutes away from Hartford when her phone rang. Grabbing it, she quickly connected with the other end, “Rory!” she gasped desperately.

“No Lorelai,” came Emily’s voice from the other end. “Lorelai, Rory’s here, she was attacked. I wanted to call the police but your father ordered me not to, he actually ordered me, I don’t know what’s got into him lately...”

“Mum,” growled Lorelai into the phone, forcing herself not to crush it in frustration. “Is Rory okay?”

“How would I know? Your father is looking after her. Although what he thinks he can do that a doctor in the hospital can’t, I don’t know. Rory should be in the hospital not bleeding on my living room floor...”

“Bleeding?” growled Lorelai crushing her phone.

“Hello? Hello?” repeated Emily into the phone as it went dead. She put the receiver down rather hard. “What is going on?” she asked in frustration as she headed back to see what was happening with her granddaughter.

Emily entered the living room as the maid placed the bowl of water next to Rory. Richard looked at the woman as she blanched on seeing the bloody wound he was so expertly stitching. “I believe there is some fresh liver in the refrigerator, please liquidise as much as you can and put these herbs in it, don’t cook it, and bring it to me,” he ordered handing over a small bag that obviously held the herbs.

Nodding, the maid took the bag and hurried out the room.

“Richard. What is going on, and don’t give me anymore of that, I’ll explain everything later, you’ll explain it to me now. Or so help me god... I’ll do something, I don’t know what but you’ll regret it!” Emily babbled as the worry for her granddaughter overtook her.

Richard could not help smiling over at his wife. He could understand her annoyance; at least he was aware of what was happening and more importantly, what happened in the real world? “Allow me to finish what I’m doing and then we’ll talk,” he said somewhat sadly. Lorelai and Rory had pressed on him not to tell Emily about what went bump in the night, so that they did not have to worry about her worrying about them out most nights fighting the forces of darkness. “Did you call Lorelai?”

“Yes, although I dread to think what she will say when she finds out that you wouldn’t allow Rory to go to the hospital,” cried Emily in frustration.

“Everything is fine Emily. Rory will be fine after a goodnight’s rest!” Richard assured her as he cleaned much of the dry blood gently off his granddaughter.

Madeline returned then and knelt beside her injured friend. “The house is secure, I checked every room and I can’t sense anything near. How are you feeling?” she asked gently.

“Tired,” said Rory drowsily.

At that moment, there came an incessant ringing of the doorbell. “Matris,” exclaimed Louise feeling the unrestrained power hitting her and the other two slayers in waves as they sensed Lorelai.

“I’ll see who that is,” announce Emily getting up from the couch.

“No,” cried Rory, she looked at Madeline and Louise, “Go, let her in, but try and calm her down before you let her see me. God knows what she’ll do if she sees me like this?”

“Yes Rory, you’re right,” agreed Richard looking at the other two slayers. “Go but be careful, even I can feel her.”

Nodding their consent they rose and hurried towards the door that was now echoing as Lorelai banged her fist against it. They arrived in the hallway, followed by a frowning Emily, just as the door crashed off its hinges and an angry looking mother stormed in.

Madeline and Louise hurried forward, recognising the battle lust in Lorelai’s eyes. “Lorelai... Matris, please calm down,” pleaded Madeline.

“Out of my way Madeline, I want to see my daughter,” snarled Lorelai attempting to get around the two girls blocking her way.

Without warning, Louise hit Lorelai in the face with a right uppercut sending the older Slayer backwards onto the destroyed door, where she rose growling and looking angrily at the two slayers stopping her from seeing her daughter. Taking defensive stances, “Lorelai, you don’t want to do this. We just want you to calm down before you see her,” said the blonde.

“Lorelai,” shouted Emily. “What on earth do you think you are doing? You broke my door.” She frowned as it hit her, “You broke my door! How did you break my door?”

“Please Matris, calm down,” said Madeline, “You know us, we just want you to be calm when you see Rory, please,” she pleaded.

“Mum, I’m okay,” came Rory’s voice from behind them.

Turning, they all saw Rory in the doorway supported by her grandfather.

Before even the other two slayers could react, Lorelai was past them and heading for her daughter, who held her hand up, “Please mum, you’ll pull my stitches.”

Lorelai stopped short; with a great deal of effort, she calmed herself enough so that she would not hug Rory too hard. “What happened baby girl?” she asked gathering Rory into her arms.

“I-I’m sorry mum, K-K-Kelli is dead, I couldn’t get to her, there were too many for me. I-it w-was a trap,” Rory cried into her mother’s arms.

“I should have been with you. I had this... feeling something bad was going to happen to one of my girls. I felt Kelli die,” whispered Lorelai stroking Rory’s hair as the tears rolled down her cheeks.

“You can’t always be with me, you know that. And it would have still happened, just that I could have lost you as well,” sobbed Rory.

The maid quietly approached Richard with the liquidiser jug, half full of blood red liquid, “Sir, here is the potion you requested for the young Slayer. I hope you do not mind but I placed a small blessing of my own on it, to help in the healing,” she said holding it out to her employer.

Six sets of eyes turned to regard her, one in confusion, Emily’s, the rest with questions in them. “How do you know of slayers?” asked Richard taking the jug.

“One of my nieces is a Slayer in Texas sir,” explained the maid.

“And the blessing?” prompted Richard.

“I am a Hedge Witch sir.”

“Ah,” nodded Richard. “We’ll discuss that at a later date. Thank you,” he smiled at her. Turning to his granddaughter, he offered the jug to her, “Drink,” he ordered.

“Richard, you cannot expect Rory to drink that vile concoction,” snapped Emily.

“As much as it pains me to agree with my mother, I hafta agree, you can’t make Rory drink that,” said Lorelai.

“I’m afraid I must insist,” said Richard. “Although this may smell horrid to you and will probably taste worse. It will make your recovery much quicker.”

Rory wrinkled her nose at the smell but took the offered jug anyway and slowly lifted it to her mouth. She took a sip frowning slightly before finishing it in great gulps. She offered him the now empty jug back with a happy smile, highlighted by a red moustache, “That was great, almost better than coffee,” she exclaimed.

“Really?” said Richard looking somewhat sceptically at her, “I know you and your mother have unusual tastes where food is concerned but I’ve always been lead to believe it tasted as vile as it smells.”

“Well maybe the blessing your maid placed on it changed its taste somehow?” speculated Rory.

“Yes you may be right Rory,” nodded Richard before looking more closely at her. “How do you feel?”

“Better than I did five minutes ago, but I think I’d like to sit down for a while,” she answered while leaning on her mother for support.

“Lorelai, there you are,” said Luke from the front doorway.

Turning they saw him step over the door and lead his other four slayers inside all were heavily armed.

“What are you doing here?” Lorelai frowned.

“You run out of the diner as if someone just told you a Hellmouth just opened up in the square, what did you expect me to do. I received a call from Buffy on the way here, it seems someone has started targeting slayers, only Kelli has died so far but three more are in hospital in Cleveland and another two in London. She said Trix is calling a full Council meeting for eight tomorrow morning London time,” he explained, glancing at Richard he added, “I expect you’ll get a call from your mother sometime soon!”

“Yes no doubt,” agreed Richard, “We have some things to discuss ourselves, shall we?” he gestured to the living room.

“What about my door?” asked Emily angrily.

Lorelai glanced apologetically at her mother before turning to the four slayers that followed Luke, “Amanda, would you prop the door in the doorway for now?” she asked.

“Sure,” said Amanda handing her short sword to Shannon and easily lifted what Emily was sure was a very heavy door as if it weighed nothing.

Emily sighed in frustration, started to wonder if she was becoming delusional, and followed her husband back to the living room. “Lorelai, who are all these girls? What is happening?” she asked angrily as the events of the evening began to take their toll on her nerves.

“Emily, please calm down,” said Richard. “There are a great many things happening, we have not got the time to explain everything now.”

“Richard Gilmore don’t you dare patronise me,” snapped Emily. “Rory almost died here tonight, and I suspect you know why!”

“Yes Emily, Rory could have died here tonight, as she could tomorrow night or the night after that. It is part of mine and Luke’s job, as well as everyone else’s here, to try to stop that from happening. Now sit down and be quiet,” he barked making several of the slayers jump including Lorelai. He looked at his impromptu guests, “I apologise. It’s been a rather stressful night. Now it seems we are under attack. The incident tonight, which unfortunately took the life of one of your sisters, is not an isolated incident. Last year too many people were lost in the fight with the First, we will not let that happen again.

“So from this point on, patrols will be in groups of four or more slayers, you will check in with Luke or myself at least once an hour and after any encounter with more than six vampires or demons. Is that clear?” asked Richard.

“That’s fine,” agreed Lorelai. “Once we find and destroy the nest that killed one of us. I will not sit by and let that go unavenged.” She stood up, “I’m going to get my girl’s body so we can bury her properly. Amanda, you stay here and protect your sister. The rest of you are with me,” she said firmly. “Now girls,” she barked.

Rory actually groaned as she felt the urge to follow her mother, who was heading towards the door with the other slayers.

“Lorelai,” shouted Richard, “I forbid it, you cannot take these girls. You have no idea what you are walking into; we need to formulate a plan of action. Just running off here and there, is just going to get people killed.”

Lorelai stopped by the door and turned back to her father. “Forbid,” she sneered, “You have not been in a position to forbid me anything since I left this house when Rory was a year old. As a Watcher, we may allow you that authority, and most of the time, we are very grateful but I’m Era Matris Trucido and this is personnel, some bastard killed one of my girls tonight and almost took Rory from me. Well they are going to learn that no one kills one of this mother’s girls and gets away with it.” She looked again at the five slayers stood next to her, “Let’s go.”

And with that Lorelai and five of her girls vanished into the night.
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