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Immortality's Gift

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Swords of Light". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: (1st in the SL trilogy) What if Buffy had been Immortal when she died in The Gift?

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Part 21

Part 21

Angel, Dawn, Spike, and Eve entered the Summers' home. All but Eve were not surprised to see Buffy standing in the hallway, head tilted to the side, arms folded, her expression curious. Once the door was shut, Buffy said calmly and easily to Eve, "So, you're the Slayer that replaced me, huh?"

Eve's face grew pale, as she whispered, "Who are you?"

"Buffy Summers," was all the eldest Slayer said.

It took a moment for Eve to speak, and when she did, it was a strangled gasp as she said, "You're dead!"

Buffy blatantly acted startled, then looked at herself as she said, "Really?!" She looked up calmly. "'Cause I feel very alive."

This caused Spike to bark out a laugh in amusement, and made Angel almost grin, while Dawn just rolled her eyes. Despite these antics, none were startled when Eve tried to break for the door. Before she could even finish turning around, Dawn and Angel held her in a fierce -- but not bruising -- grip.

After a few moments' futile struggling, Eve stopped, and gazed wide-eyed at Dawn, before saying, "You're the other Slayer!"

With a tight smile, the newest Slayer said, "Got that right." She then glanced at Buffy then Angel, as she said, "Didn't she Mom, Dad?"

The youngest Slayer looked ready to faint, as Spike said behind her as he leaned casually against the door, "That's right, Aunt."

Buffy gave Spike a look, which made the soulless vampire exclaim, "What?! It's true! Ask your mate there."

Sighing as Buffy turned an inquiring gaze on him, Angel said, "It's true. Since I sired Dru, and Dru sired Spike...she's his aunt."

Buffy looked confused as she said, "But I've heard Spike call you Sire.... I don't get it."

Before either Spike or Angel could explain, Dawn said matter-of-factly, "That's 'cause Angel was actually the one who taught him how to be a vamp. Dru was too crazy to do that." Noticing the faint flicker of pain in her father's eyes -- as well as his flinch --, she said softly, "Sorry."

Shaking his head slightly -- as if to clear it --, Angel murmured, "Doesn't matter. It's part of a past I've learned to live with."

Eve turned her head to gaze at Angel; her expression was of one who was just starting to grasp something very important.

"Suggestion, guys," said Buffy into the silence. "Let's take this into the dining room." At everyone's looks she explained, saying, "I'm hungry. I know Dawn hasn't eaten. And I'm sure the rest of you haven't either."

With that, Buffy turned around and headed for the kitchen -- Angel behind her --, the others went into the dining room.

"Are you sure you want hot chocolate instead of blood, Spike?" called Buffy from the kitchen as Angel brought out the food he had prepared for the Slayers.

"Yeah!" answered Spike, and a moment later Buffy came out with the hot chocolate for Spike, and a mug of blood for Angel.

As everyone sat down with their food, Buffy said to Eve, "Now, from what Angel told me while he was cooking, you'll be staying with us. Since you're new to this area and what we do, I want to set some ground rules for you. Rule one: For no reason...whatsoever are you telling the Watchers about me. I'm done playing with them. Rule two: Dawn also applies to rule one. She's not theirs. No one from this area will allow it. Rule three: Angel and Spike are off of the 'let's kill every vampire' list. They've done more than their fair share in proving that they're on our side. Rule four: You do exactly what we and those in our group tell you to, until we think you're trust-worthy enough to be let on your own. All the other rules will come up when needed. Think you can live with this, Eve?"

All waited with baited breath, as they watched Eve contemplate what she had just been told. Several minutes later, she nodded slowly as she said, "I promise."


The time was three in the morning. Dawn and Eve had gone to bed -- both staying in the younger Summers' room -- at Buffy and Angel's insistence. Interestingly enough, Dawn asked Spike to tell her a story about his days before Sunnydale, and he had said yes -- much to both her parents' disproval --. Now the three adults sat in the dining room, playing a game of King's Corner.

"Oh! That's mean!"

Spike smirked at Buffy after he had placed the Ace down on the blank spot, and said in reply, "What do you expect? I'm a vampire! Your turn, Sire."

With a blank face, Angel held the ten cards in his hand close to his face. Slowly, one by one, he placed them in their appropriate places on the table. Shocked silence prevailed, before Buffy said, scowling at the cards, "You're sleeping on the couch."

Spike snorted, smirked, and said snidely, "I doubt that!" The other two ignored him as they looked each other in the eyes.

"Really?" Angel murmured in a seductive purr, as his eyes shone with desire as he gazed at the Slayer.

Swallowing thickly -- suddenly breathless -- Buffy choked out, "Or not!"

A smug look replaced the seductive one...only to flicker into uneasiness. Spike stopped smirking -- his expression becoming serious --, as Angel slowly rose from where he had sat -- as if he too sensed what Angel sensed --. Tension filled the air, as the souled vampire moved towards the entrance door. As he opened the door, the others could hear a dreamy female voice say, "Sister take the kettle off, we've all had tea!"

"Dru," Angel murmured, as both Buffy and Spike stood suddenly.

Dru stood outside the doorway. She wore a red long flowing sleeved velvet shirt, black leather pants, and black leather ankle boots. She gazed at Angel -- her eyes eerily and sanely focusing --, and said in a suddenly serious low-toned voice, "Father."

Staring wide-eyed at Drusilla, Spike said numbly, "Hell. She knows."

Buffy looked at Spike in confusion, and said, "Huh?"

Glancing quickly at Buffy then back, the chipped vampire said, "Dru knows that the soul and demon are one now.... It was like when she knew Angel had lost his soul. She's always been sensitive to what happens to the family."

Buffy turned back to gaze at Drusilla. Frowning deeply, she muttered darkly, "Great."

Ignoring what Buffy and Spike were saying, Angel asked, "Why are you here, Dru?"

Delight lit up her eyes, as the insane vampire said in a child-like excitement as she clapped her hands together, "I came to see my new sister!"

In shock, Buffy cried out, "No way in HELL is she getting near Dawn!"

Dru turned her suddenly scowling face to Buffy, and said, "Sst! Bad Mummy...not letting sister see sister!"

"I'll 'ave ta agree with the Slayer on this one, Pet. You ain't gettin' near 'er, except through us," said Spike as he looked seriously at Drusilla.

"Buffy? What's going on?"

Everyone looked towards the stairs to see Dawn and Eve standing mid-way down the stairs, hair tussled and half-awake, wearing long t-shirts.

Buffy said with some urgency, "Both of you: get back upstairs NOW!"

Startled, Eve started to obey Buffy, only to stop when Dawn placed a hand on her arm saying, "No."

Looking upset, Buffy started to say Dawn's name in warning, only to be interrupted by said person, as she said calmly and determinedly, "I'm not allowing anyone to shelter me anymore. I am a Slayer...and as a Slayer, hiding isn’t an option anymore."

"Well said," a voice murmured smugly, as everyone turned to look at who spoke. Buffy was the only one who was shocked to see Darla standing behind Drusilla. "Don't you think so, Dru?"

Dru was nodding slowly, her eyes and voice dreamy as she said, "Yes.... The stars whisper that Little Sister isn’t so little as they think!"

In a choked gasped, Buffy said in disbelief, "Darla! Your-- But I saw Angel stake you myself.... How can you be here?!"

Tilting her head to the side, her eyes gazing at the eldest Slayer shrewdly, Darla said with a faint knowing smiling, "You can thank a certain law firm My Boy has angered for bringing me back, Girl.... As well as Drusilla for re-Making me.... Also curtsey of that law firm." Her expression became baleful, as Darla turned her gaze to Angel, saying with equal darkness, "And they did all this to unsettle him, and hopefully turn him to darkness... Only it worked a little too well, and My Boy sought vengeance for what had happened instead."

Buffy made a faint choking sound, before turning her shocked gaze to her husband. The expression on his face made her step back.

Angel's gaze was dark with suppressed emotions: rage, helplessness, pain, and grief were just among the many he was experiencing at that moment. In a voice that was deadly, he said to Darla and Drusilla, "Leave."

Rage flashed in the re-sired vampire's eyes, before she snarled, "Is that any way to treat your Sire, My Boy?"

With contempt in his eyes, Angel said crisply, "I am not your 'Boy.' He died when I received my soul for the first time, and you are no longer my Sire. You stopped being my Sire when I killed you the first time, Darla."

With a low growl, Darla's vampiric face appeared, and she lunged towards Angel...passed through the entranceway, and plowed into him.

What followed was complete chaos.

Across from the Summers' home, a Watcher watched from the house that had been rented for exactly what he was doing: watching.

Calmly, the Watcher lifted the cell phone to his ear as he pressed the express button. On the first ring the other end was picked up, and a voice said, "Report."

With an expressionless voice, the Watcher said, "Angelus' immediate bloodline is completely here."

A pause, then, "Including the Re-Made One?"

"Yes.... Something is happening."


"The Re-Made One has passed the threshold, and attacked the Souled-- She's alive."


"The Slayer Buffy Summers. She just pulled the Re-Made One off of the Souled One and threw her out of the house and into the Crazed One."

"You are sure?"

"Yes. I am positive it is her.... All within the house are now outside. William the Bloody is keeping the young Slayer and another girl on the porch of the house, as the Souled One and Summers face-off with the Re-Made One and the Crazed One.... The two vampires have fled unscathed. They are going back into the house."

"Good work. Report anything else you might see when you see it."


The phone disconnected at both ends simultaneously.
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