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Immortality's Gift

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Swords of Light". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: (1st in the SL trilogy) What if Buffy had been Immortal when she died in The Gift?

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Highlander > Multiple PairingsTwilightUnicornFR152832,04123651,96923 May 0623 May 06Yes

Part 9

Part 9

"Why do you keep rubbing your shoulder, Slayer?" Methos asked, as he noticed said action.

Uncomfortably, the Slayer lowered her arm, then said almost sheepishly, "It kinda..." she paused, obviously searching for the right word, then shrugged, saying uncertainly, "Tingles?"

Methos leaned forward, narrowing his eyes to look at the spot that Buffy had been rubbing, and asked bluntly, "Where did you get that bite mark?"

He watched as the Slayer shifted uncomfortably in the vampire's lap, looking down at her now clasped hands. He then watched as the vampire gently turned the Slayer's face to his. When she looked up at him, he spoke. What he said confused Methos.

"Was that from when I was poisoned?"

Methos saw the pain that suddenly clouded the vampire's eyes and partially affected his face at the Slayer's slow nod of confirmation. The vampire closed his eyes, as he slowly lowered his head, and pressed his lips against the bite mark. It was a perfect fit.

In his shock, Methos could not speak, but Joe could.

"Holy shit!"

"There is nothing holy about it," said Giles quietly from the doorway, startling everyone.

Methos, as well as everyone else -- Angel, Buffy, and Joe -- turned to look at Giles, and saw a petite red-headed female gazing wide-eyed into the room beside him. There was also a young girl -- at the most fourteen -- standing between the red-head and the Watcher. She looked like the Slayer in a way...but also like the vampire for some strange reason. It disturbed him. He also -- barely -- noticed another female standing awkwardly behind the three. He could tell this because he could see blonde/light-brown hair, a definitely female forehead, and shoulders; all the rest of her was hidden behind the Watcher and the tall girl.

He was distracted from his musings, when he saw as the Slayer suddenly seemed to leap out of the vampire's lap, and went over to the red-headed female, and hugged her tightly. He watched as the red-head hugged the Slayer back, saying, "It's good to see you back to yourself, Buffy."

The Slayer nodded, pulling back, then looked over to the young brunette-haired girl somberly. She gently pulled the young girl into a hug, that was returned with equal warmth.

As the Slayer pulled the young girl into her embrace, Methos finally got a good look at the unseen did she, and watched as she staggered back, crying out, as she turned her face away from though blinded by some bright light.
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