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Heart's Desire

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Swords of Light". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: (2nd in SL trilogy, sequel to ImmGift) Dawn is now 18, and her Immortality's kicked in, leaving her in shock. So Buffy and Angel send her with Spike to Methos for a time. While there, they encounter some old acquaintances.... *CoA Nominated*

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Highlander > Multiple PairingsTwilightUnicornFR182884,51924225,30123 May 0619 Aug 06Yes

Part 1

Trilogy: Swords of Light II
Heart's Desire
Twilight Unicorn: The Vampiric Unicorn
PG13 (due to some heavy swearing at times, and a small amount of blood-shed (so far!))
(sequel to Immortality's Gift, second in the Swords of Light trilogy) Dawn is now 18, and her Immortality's kicked in, leaving her in shock. So Buffy and Angel send her with Spike to Methos for a time. While there, they encounter some old acquaintances....
Buffy/Angel, Spike/Dawn, and other pairings will be revealed as the story progresses (and only then!).
(short disgusted sigh) Do I really have to say this? Not mine, never will be, and I don't want them with all the friggin' WRONG stuff that Joss has done to our beloved characters at this point (s6/s3)!!!!!
emphasis, inner-thought, "mind-speech", (action), and place-setting (city: place, time, day)

Part 1

Seacouver: Methos’ Apartment, 5am, Day 1

The phone rang relentlessly. Cursing the fact that his answering machine had died the night before, Methos grabbed the phone handle while clutching a towel around his waist and blinked soapy water out of his eyes. Slightly breathless, he said, "Hello?"

There was a pause on the other end, before a familiar voice said a little too casually, "Hello, Brother."

Instantly alerted by being called "brother" the ancient Immortal said in concern, "What's wrong, Angel?"

In reply, Angel sighed a deep soul weary sigh, and said, "Did you watch the news yesterday?"

"A little," he said in reply, then winced as he remembered sitting down to watch the late news last night, then spending most of the time while the news was on arguing with his answering machine to work...before throwing it across the room in defeat, anger and disgust just as the news was ending.

"Do you remember hearing about a bus accident in LA that ended with a twenty car pile-up on the freeway? Where all but five survived...and that only two of the five that survived the entire carnage were not even injured, just covered with the blood of the other passengers of the bus they were on that started the whole wreck...due to several madmen with guns?"

Frowning with concentration, Methos thought back to the news he had watched – between railings – and vaguely recalled hearing something about a "tragedy on the freeway" in LA. Frowning even more, he remembered seeing two people being led from the horror covered in blood...with long blonde and brown hair separately. With growing dread in his heart, he thought, Please no. Let it not be them!

Out-loud he said in a strained voice, "Yeah. I do.... Why?"

There was silence again, then Angel said grimly, "I can tell from your voice that you already know, but I'll tell you anyway: Buffy and Dawn were on that bus, and they are the ones who survived it unscathed.... And yes, Dawn is now Immortal because of what happened."

Methos slowly sank into a chair by the phone as he closed he eyes, having a feeling of what the call was now about. Quietly, he said, "How's Dawn taking this?"

He voice more normal, Angel answered, "Not well. She had suspected she might become Immortal – because of the way she was created by the Powers That Be – and has accepted her Immortality easily enough. It's the way that she died that is disturbing and upsetting her. It doesn't help that the news-people have been clamoring at our door since daybreak...along with the police."

Shit! was all that Methos could think as his eyes flew open. He then found himself saying unconsciously and sarcastically, "Oh, that's wonderful!"

Angel chuckled mirthlessly for a second, before saying, "Yeah. You got that right."

Methos settled further back in his chair – ignoring the fact that he was dripping soapy water everywhere –, and said calmly after sighing in resignation, "So, how's everyone else taking this?"

In an easier tone, the vampire replied, "Everyone else knew about Dawn being pre-Immortal, so they're taking it as well as to be expected. Spike's the only one that's not taking it too well. He won't let Dawn out of his sight for more than a moment, and she does the same to him.... Kinda like what Buffy and I did when we learned that she was Immortal."

Looking up at the ceiling as he contemplated what was just said, Methos murmured, "I suppose it was a good thing that he and Dawn did the Binding ritual on her sixteenth birthday then."

"Yes. It was...." Angel's voice became completely serious as Methos heard people pounding on the Hyperion's doors in the background. "I suppose I should tell you the real reason I'm calling before the police decide to break down my doors. Can you take Dawn and Spike for awhile, while Buffy and I take care of things down here?"

"Wondered when you'd get to that," the ancient Immortal said lightly, then seriously, "Sure. You want me to send my private jet down to you guys? That way we don't have to worry about your Childe being turned to dust."

Angel chuckled for a moment, then said, "You don't have to worry about that. This past Christmas, Willow and Tara gave me and Spike rings that make us immune to sunlight, and only that. As Willow called them, they're 'specialized Rings of Amara.'"

Methos' eyebrows rose at that comment as he said, "Really?... I'm still sending my jet 'though. That way they don't have to worry about anyone recognizing Dawn from the news."

Methos could almost see Angel wince as he said in chagrin, "I hadn't thought of that." The pounding on the Hyperion's door grew even louder as voices could now be heard. "I'd better go. I'll call later to finish making arrangements."

"Don't bother, Brother," the ancient Immortal said, a grin splitting his face. "I'm going to take that jet down there personally and pick them up myself."

The relief in Angel's voice was evident as he said, "Really? That'd be great!" Just at that moment, a foghorn was heard with a police officer warning that if they were not allowed entrance in the next five minutes, they would be under arrest for resisting questioning. "I really need to go and take care of this situation, Adam."

"Then we'd better hang up. I'll see you when I get there, Angel," Methos concluded before disconnecting the line.

For a long moment, Methos stayed where he sat, then stood and went back to the bathroom to finish his shower. Once showered and dressed, he cleaned up the mess he had made while trying to reach the phone. That done, he picked up the cordless connection to the phone and took it into the bedroom while dialing a number.

The line on the other end was picked up on the second ring, and a male voice said, "International Private Airlines for Seacouver, how may I help you?"

"I'd like my jet to be prepared for a flight to LA as soon as possible," the ancient Immortal said as he began to get the necessary things for his trip.

"May I know your name and account number, sir?"

"Adam Pierson. Account number four-six-six-six-nine-seven."

There was a pause and the sound of keys tapping before the man said, "Your jet will be ready within two hours, Mr. Pierson. Will that be alright?"

He paused in what he was doing to calculate the time he would need to do everything before going to LA, and nodded. "Yes, that will be fine. Thank you for your time."

Methos barely heard the man say farewell as he turned the phone off. A moment later he turned it back on and dialed another number. There were five rings this time before it was answered, but that was expected at this time of day for this person.

"Hello?" came Joe Dawson's sleepy voice.

"Hey, Joe. Got some news for you."

More alert, Joe said, "What news?"

"Dawn's Immortal."

A pause, then, "Shit! How'd it happen?"

"You want to make a trip with me to LA in two hours, and I'll tell you?"

"Sure, just come by and pick me up when you're ready."
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