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This story is No. 1 in the series "Swords of Light". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: This consists of the things that were asked about, but couldn't be put in the main SL trilogy. Or were things I myself wanted to add, and couldn't for the trilogy storyline's sake. Or any other reason. An ongoing series of one-shots for your pleasure!

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Highlander > Multiple PairingsTwilightUnicornFR1323,981142,33323 May 0623 May 06No

Where's Methos?

Trilogy: Swords of Light – Interludes
Title: Where's Methos?
Author: Twilight Unicorn: The Vampiric Unicorn
Rating: PG13 (for some swearing)
Timeline: Placed in Heart's Desire, during Part 24, and just as Part 26 begins.
Summary: Dawn needs Spike out of the way, so she sends him to see Methos. From there, all Hell breaks loose!
Characters: Spike/Dawn, Joe Dawson, Adam (Methos), and Drusilla (Dru)
Disclaimer: The only thing I own is this story and the Alternate Universe I've created.
Notations: emphasis/phone, inner-thought

Spike was vigorously towel-drying his hair in the bathroom after taking a shower, when he heard his bonded call to him through the closed door, "Spike, could you do something for me?"

Frowning at hearing the uneasiness in Dawn's voice, the vampire inquired in concern while opening the door, "What is it, Love?"

"Adam's not answering the phone, and I'm worried. Could you possibly go over to his place and see if he's alright," the young Immortal Slayer said and asked. "I still don't think he's one hundred percent okay after everything that's happened lately, and I'm afraid of him relapsing."

A particularly ferocious clap of thunder chose that moment to rattle the windows of the building as Spike glanced out of said windows with a grimace to see the rain falling heavily outside.

"You really want me to go out in that," he asked bluntly while looking her in the eye.

Dawn bit her lower lip and nodded, chocolate brown eyes pleading. Her voice echoing the emotion in her eyes, Dawn requested softly, "Please?"

Rubbing a hand through his still damp hair as he sighed heavily in defeat, he thought, I could never say 'no' to that expression, then said out-loud, "Alright, alright! I'll go out in this bloody storm and check up on the bastard for ya."

A look of absolute joy and relief suddenly suffused the Slayer's face as she threw her arms around Spike and hugged him, exclaiming, "Thank you!"

Returning the hug, the vampire felt the extremely fast beat of Dawn's heart against his silent one, and her shiver as another thunderclap reverberated through the building. Better me than you, Love, he thought grimly. Better me than you.

Pulling back from Dawn's embrace while still holding onto her shoulders, Spike said seriously, "Jus' let me finish gettin' dressed, and I'll be gone."

The young woman nodded and watched as he went into the bedroom and returned a minute later. Slipping into his coat, Spike stopped in front of Dawn. They looked silently at each other for a moment, then kissed deeply. Reluctantly they parted, the vampire gently brushing a strand of hair out of his wife's face and behind one ear. A faint rakish grin crossed Spike's face as he squeezed Dawn's hand for a moment, then turned, went over to the door leading to the stairs beside the elevator, opened said door, and went down the stairs quickly.

As the door slowly slid shut on its own, Dawn wrapped her arms around herself in a gesture of comfort, and sat down heavily on the couch. Her gaze distant and unfocused, she thought somberly, I really didn't want to deceive him like that, but what choice did I have? I needed to make sure he wouldn't follow me when I go face Cassandra.... Please, let him be alright in this storm!

Spike entered the two-car garage that had been added in the recent past to the dojo, and paused as he gazed at the two vehicles in the building uncertainly. One was Duncan MacLeod's black convertible. The other was the vampire's bike that he had had to leave behind when he and Dawn needed to make an emergency trip back to LA awhile ago. Spike took a step towards the convertible, then stopped, frowning.

Why does it feel like I should take my bike?

He took another step, and again stopped as his stomach clenched and a feeling of wrongness came over him. He cursed.

Bloody Hell! I hate it when I have these feelings.

He attempted to take one more step, and found he could not as he felt bile starting to rise from his stomach. The vampire quickly moved away from the car.

Blast! Fine, I'll take the bloody bike.

Snarling, Spike strode swiftly over to his bike and mounted the vehicle, settling easily into the seat. It started effortlessly with a roar, before becoming a smooth rumbling purr. A satisfied grin spread across his face as he sat back in his seat and punched the button to open the garage door, his mood lifting. His grin left quickly as he was drenched with the water that came inside with the thunderous wind, his emotions turning dark again. Kicking the bike stand up, Spike roared out into the torrential rain in a shrieking of wheels and burnt rubber, and headed towards Methos' apartment.

Soaked to the bone, and absolutely miserable, Spike muttered curses as he pounded ruthlessly on Methos' door for the fifth time in as many minutes. An overzealous gust of wind poured more water onto the vampire while he stood under the overhang of the apartment building. After the sixth minute had passed, he dug into his pocket to pull out the key he had been given to the Ancient Immortal's home, and griped darkly, "You'd better be alright, mate, 'cause if you aren''ll be worse off when I'm through with you."

Spike opened the door after unlocking it, and entered the building. All the lights were off, except for the small lamp in the middle of the hallway right next to the phone. After a pause to listen to the silence in the building, the vampire flicked on the overhead lights while frowning.

I don't hear a heartbeat anywhere, nor breathing, and the place is quieter than a tomb if you ignore the weather. What's goin' on 'ere? I raised enough ruckus to wake the dead, and 'e didn't answer.

The vampire moved cautiously towards the Ancient Immortal's bedroom, and looked inside. No one was there. Confusion and some concern were starting to show themselves on Spike's face.

Where the 'Ell is the bugger? I'd better check all the rooms...just to be sure.

After twenty minutes of a quick and thorough search turned up nothing, Spike stood in the middle of the now well lit living room with a worried yet furious expression, barrowed his wife's favorite English language curse and voiced it forcefully...before using his own.

"CRAP! Bloody 'Ell!"

Striding quickly over to the hall phone, Spike dialed Joe's number. He waited impatiently as the call went through. Upon hearing a familiar rough voice answer, the vampire said angrily and impatiently, "Where's the bastard?"

"Spike? Who're you talking about," came the confused response from Joe Dawson.

“That bloody Immortal friend of yours that Dawn calls Uncle, that’s who!”

There was a momentary pause, then Joe asked tensely, “Where are you?”

“At ‘is bloody apartment,” the vampire snarled as he paced up and down the hall. “Dawn couldn’t get ‘im on the phone, and asked me to check on the bastard for ‘er.”

There was a moment of uneasy silence on Joe's end of the line. The Watcher said darkly, "I'm going to kill him." He then exclaimed crossly, "He told me he'd stay home and read a book tonight!"

"And you believed 'im," Spike commented with a disbelieving snort as he stopped pacing.


"Yeah, yeah," Spike said dismissively as he sat down in the hall chair. "Don't get your knickers in a twist, Watcher. What we need to do is figure out where the bastard's hightailed it to."

"That's easily done." As if sensing Spike's look of disbelief, Joe explained, "I'll call his current Watcher, and ask him."

Spike laughed in outright surprise, then said, "You actually 'ave someone on the bugger? The bloke must be pretty good to keep up with 'im."

"He should be," Joe commented in ironic humor. "Adam's the one who unknowingly trained the guy. Anyway, him having a field Watcher is only temporary. The guy will stay on Adam until this whole thing with Cassandra's taken care of."

Spike nodded in understanding, his smile a weary grin as his eyes danced with laughter, then said seriously, "Alright. You give this fellow a call, and I'll ring Dawn and let 'er know what's goin' on."

"Sounds good. I'll do that, and get back to you with where Adam is."

Both hung up simultaneously, then Spike dialed the dojo's apartment phone number, and waited...and waited. After the tenth ring and no answer, the vampire turned off the phone, then called Dawn's cell. No answer. After leaving a voice message, he hung up. Quickly getting to his feet, Spike began to pace again, his expression gravely alarmed and extremely worried.

What the 'Ell's goin' on 'ere? First Adam, now Dawn. Somethin’s not right, and there're no messages on the answerin' machine from Nibblet to the ol' bastard like there should be. Let me see if I can get 'er again.

Just as the vampire was about to try calling his wife, the phone rang, startling him. Answering it, he heard Joe say, "Found him. He's on the road, heading towards Seacouver Park by the looks of it."

Spike's mind went blank for a moment, then he exclaimed incredulously, "What the 'Ell is 'e doin' goin' over there in this weather?! 'E's lost it!"

Joe chuckled humorlessly, then said, "Couldn't agree with you more, Spike. I tried to get his cell to ask him what he's doing, but apparently he turned it off."

"He's not the only one," Spike muttered darkly, then explained an asked, "Dawn's not answerin' the phone either...cell or home. You 'appen to have a Watcher on 'er?"

Dead silence, then Joe said heavily, a wince obvious in his voice, "No."

"WHAT? Why?"

"Fred's her official Watcher, and I'm currently doing double-duty as long as Dawn's here. I'm normally just Adam's Watcher...and only because he allows me to be," Joe explained wearily.

Spike rolled his eyes, then said sarcastically, "Great, Watcher, jus’ great! How're we supposed to find Dawn then? 'Cause I know she can't be at the apartment right now, and my bond with 'er doesn't allow me to track 'er!"

Joe sighed heavily, then said, “I’ll put out a notice to the other Watchers in the city to keep an eye out for your wife, and to call me immediately if they spot her.”

"She's a new Immoral, how the 'Ell are they supposed to know what she looks like," Spike snarled.

In a tone of voice that belied his growing irritation with the vampire, Joe said, "They've seen her. I'm not the Head of the North American Watchers for nothing, Spike!"

Calming somewhat, the vampire nodded curtly, then said, "Alright, so they know what she looks like. That 'elps. Now what do you want me to do while you're talking to your people?"

Joe laughed quietly and mirthlessly, before saying in all seriousness, "I'm giving you the tougher job: go after Adam, find out what the Hell he's doing, then get his ass back to his apartment. Or better yet: bring him to me, and I'll chew him out for pulling this stunt. He knows the Tribunal is keeping a close watch on him at the moment, and with Cassandra bent on finishing her vendetta, they don't want him wandering loose."

A gleam of wicked humor in his eyes, Spike replied blithely, "I 'ear ya. O' course, when you get to 'im, 'e's goin' to be doubly chewed over, 'cause I'll 'ave given 'im an earful already."

The watcher laughed outright at that, then commented, "His ears will be ringing by the time we're done with him!" He then added in a business-like tone, "We need to get busy. You go and track down the old man, and I'll make that phone call."

"Right," Spike said, "Jus' tell me the number of the fellow watching Adam, and I'll be gone." The cell phone number was quickly given, with the vampire saying in promise before hanging up, "I'll see you with the bastard in tow soon, Joe."

Spike's bike skidded and swerved dangerously as a voracious gust of wind slammed into him as he turned a corner. Cursing savagely, the vampire righted the bike and kept going, keeping his eyes on his surroundings with grim determination, and saw what he was looking for ahead.

The bloke's not even botherin' with 'iding the fact that 'e's watchin' the bastard!

Two vehicles were parked on the side of the road, one behind the other. One was a black jeep, the other a nondescript car with muted coloring of not any particular shade. Spike pulled up to the second vehicle and knocked on the front passenger window, startling the man inside. The vampire gestured for the Watcher to lower the window. In a moment, he was leaning forward and asking the man over the pounding of the rain on the car's roof, "Where is 'e?"

Gesturing towards the park to his left, the Watcher answered, his words nearly drowned out by a forceful rumble of thunder overhead, "He's in the amphitheater in the center of the park, watching the rain as far as I can tell."

Spike nodded his thanks, moved the bike in front of Methos' jeep, and turned the vehicle off. He was soon moving swiftly yet cautiously towards the half-domed theater. Halfway there, he saw something that made him freeze in shock.

Dru? What the 'Ell is she doin' 'ere?

Even more wary than before, he followed the vampiress, making sure to keep out of her sensing range. He saw as she entered the amphitheater, and felt alarmed.

Oh, 'Ell no! Adam's in there!

Sprinting forward and into the building, Spike was just in time to watch as Drusilla stalked up behind the oblivious Immortal, wrap her deceptively frail hands around the ancient's throat, and question Adam about his location. His expression grim, he ran full force towards the two as he thought, I'm sorry, Dru, but you aren't goin' to be hurtin' 'im because of me.

The End
P.S.: If you want to know what happens next, read Part 26 of Heart's Desire!
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