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Gotta Catch 'Em All

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Summary: Xander couldn't go as a soldier so he finds red and white balls and decides to go as a certain pokemon trainer, Willow also dresses up as a certain pokemon trainer, and Buffy decides to join in on the fun and so does Dawn. On Hold.

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple PairingsDragoonFR2149,774124,24123 May 0625 May 06No

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Chapter One

Gotta Catch 'Em All

Disclaimer: I don't own BTVS, Pokemon, Charmed, Gilmore Girls, 8 Simple Rules. Joss Whedon, Aaron Spelling, who ever started Gilmore girls, who ever started 8 Simple Rules, and who ever made Pokemon do, I only own the plot.
Setting: Post-Halloween. Post season eight of Pokemon. Charmed AU entirely. After Paul dies. AU before Rory graduates Chilton.
Summary: Xander couldn't go as a soldier so he finds red and white balls and decides to go as a certain pokemon trainer, Willow also dresses up as a certain pokemon trainer, and Buffy decides to join in on the fun and so does Dawn. After Halloween strange things start to appear, since being on the Hellmouth and all.
Pairings: Not yet.
Rating: FR-21
AN: Sorry for chaning the rating again but I decided to go with the eighteenth birthday sex scenes.
AN2: Kerry is sixteen and Bridget is seventeen.

Chapter One

Xander walked around the shop looking for a good costume, he was going to go as a soldier but the last gun was all ready gone, so he had to find something else.

"So, you aren't going as a soldier?" Buffy asked as she walked up behind her Xander-shaped friend.

"Nope, the last gun was gone so I have to go as something else." Xander said as he looked around the kids area. He was about to leave when he spotted a few bags that contained red and white balls. "I know what I can go as."

"What Xand?" Willow asked as she came up holding a ghost costume.

"You'll see, and you might want go as something other than a ghost again Wills." Xander said as he grabbed four bags, two for Willow and two for himself.

"Like what Xand?" Willow said as Xander grabbed the ghost costume from her hands and put it on the shelf.

"You remember that one time when me and Jessie where at your house that saturday a few months before Buffy moved here, and we stumbled on that anime cartoon Pokemon?" Xander asked as he started looking for some other stuff.

"Yeah." Willow said as she furrowed her forhead trying to remember.

"Where Jessie said that he was going to dress up as that guy Brock, and I said that I would dress up as the other guy Ash, and where you said you would have dress up as Misty just to keep us out of trouble?"

Willow's eyes widened in shock, "But Xander I couldn't wear that in public."

"Wear what in public?" Buffy said as she cut into the conversation.

"Misty wear blue short-shorts, a yellow belly shirt and red suspenders, she also has a ponytail and carries a small red kind of backpack. Oh and she has short orange hair." Xander said as he found what he was looking for, a red looking thing that opened up to show a picture of a yellow mouse with a a tail that looked like a lighting bolt, a belt that had things that looked that they could hold six small round objects, a stuffed yellow mouse, and a hat that was red, white and had a little green then headed up to pay for the items.

"Oh, I like it all ready." Buffy said as she glanced at Willow with a sly grin on her face, she then turned to look at Xander, "Where is she going to get the shorts and the shirt?"

Xander turn to face the girls, "That's why I was wondering if you could help her with that." he exclaimed as he turned back and hand over the correct amount of money.

"Sounds fun, is there in more girls in this cartoon?" Buffy asked as she looked from a excited Xander to a horrified Willow.

Xander thought about it awhile, "Um, well there's Jessie but she's a bad guy, there's also Cassidy but she is also a bad guy, wait a minute," Xander said as he snapped his fingers, "There's Melody, she has red hair, she wears sunglasses, blue jeans, and a pink tank top, and has her hair in pigtails in her long red hair and also carries a big purse-like backpack." he said as he turned to face Buffy.

Buffy shrugged her shoulders, "Sounds like fun, looks like I'm going to have buy two of those packages." she said as she turned to grab a couple packages of pokeballs.

Willow looked at Xander. "I can't do this Xand." Willow said as she slowly backed away. Xander quickly grabbed a hold of her hand.

"Don't worry Will, what could happen." Xander said as Buffy came up to buy the pokeballs.


Ethan watched as the three teenagers left the shop, Damnit the bloody slayer was supposed to see that damn dress, so she would be a helpless victim. Ethan thought as he watched other teenagers come in to buy costumes.


Xander came up to the door and knocked on the door of 1630 Revello Drive. When it was opened he saw Buffy's little sister. "Hey DawnPatrol."

Dawn giggled, "Hi Xander, come on in, Buffy and Willow are almost ready." Dawn said as Xander came in.

"So DawnPatrol who are you supposed to be?" Xander asked as he looked Dawn up and down, from her yellow and black striped baseball hat to her yellow and black striped flannel shirt to her sneakers.

"I'm Casey from the Johto Journeys." Dawn said as she raised her head, closed her eyes and sniffed in joking distain, like Xander was supposed to know that.

"Cool, know we'll all match." Xander said as he looked up and watched as Willow and Buffy came down the stairs.

"Hey, Xand, nice clothes and mouse." Buffy said as she adjusted her backpacks strap.

"You to Buffy, I know renounce spandex." Xander said and got swatted by the three girls, "Hey."

"We better go, we don't want to be late and make Snyder mad at us." Willow said as she, Buffy, Xander, and Dawn headed out.

"Be careful!" Joyce called out to her daughters. She got four okays from the teens and pre-teen, Joyce just smiled and went back to her book.


Ethan Rayne was ready to start the ritual to turn the people into their costumes. He had set all the ingredients that he would need for the ritual, and chuckled to himself for the chaos he was going to create in this rink-a-dink town on a Hellmouth.


Willow was walking around town with her pack of pre-teenage kids hoping to get Halloween candy. Behind her was Buffys group collecting toothbrushs from the dentists old wife, and up ahead was Xanders group, and they all where paying attention to what he had to say, especially Dawn. Willow chuckled as Xander had taught a new generation of kids how to trick-or-treat.


"- Janus, Carpe Noctem!" The room shook and a cold gust of wind swept through drying the sweat standing on his forhead, and the blood on his eyelids and hands burned as if they were on fire for a few seconds. He had cauth the God's attention finally. "Showtime," he muttered as he couldn't wait for the choas to begin.


As plastic became metal, as masks became faces, as fake blood became real, as fake stitches became real, as rotting teeth and missing limbs and eyes became real, the spirits of the costumes possied the person who wore the costume.


Xander bent over as he became disoreinted for a few seconds, he then stood back up and shook his head to clear away his confusion.


"Ash?" a worried voice asked from behind him.

Ash turned around ready for anything when he noticed who the person was, "Casey?"

"Yeah, do you know where we are?" Casey asked as she edged closer to her taller friend.

"I have no idea Casey." Ash said as looked around, "This doesn't look familair does it Pikachu?"


"Lets try to find Misty if we can." Ash said as he and Casey headed off.


Misty sat up and waited for the dizzyness to go away.


Misty turned and saw an old friend, "Hey Melody what are you doing here?" she called back.

"I don't know, I was on Shamouti Island and the next thing I know I'm here. Where is here anyway?"

"I don't know, I wonder if we're still in the Johto Region." Misty said as she got up.

"I don't think so Misty, look." Melody said as she pointed to the side of them. When Misty turned she saw a bunch of kids running around a strange town.

"We need to find out where we are." Misty sid as she and Melody turned around at the sound of a scream, and saw a brunette haired girl, in a cat suit, running away from a large hairy beast. Misty and Melody glanced at each other, "I'll do it." Misty said as she grabbed a pokeball from her pack and tossed it in the air, calling out, "Staryu, I choose you!"


Now originally the spell was not meant for the pokemon creatures to come alive, except for the stuffed Pikachu, but when Misty/Willow called out for Staryu, the spell changed for the three teens and the pre-teen, making it so that they could call on the pokemon, and they would come out of their balls to help their trainers.


The red and white ball opened and a bright white flash came out shaping into a yellow-brownish starfish, with a shining jewel in the middle, that stood about 2'7" whenit landed on the ground.

"Staryu, Water Gun attack on that hairy pokemon!" Misty called out to her water pokemon.

'Hyah!' Staryu said as it pointed the limb that would have been it's head towards the beast and then squirted water, like a fire house at it, sending it careening away from the girl in the cat suit and into a bush.

The girl came running up, "What the hell is going on around here, first I was on a date, then he turns into JO-JO the dog faced boy, then I run into you two losers and then Willow throws a ball and a starfish comes out blasting my date into a bush. WHAT. THE. HELL. IS. GOING. ON!"

Misty and Melody glance at each other, "Who's Willow?" They ask as they turn to the girl.

Cordelia let out an aggravated huff, "She is." she said pointing to the orange haired girl.

Misty and Melody again glance at each other, "My name isn't Willow, it's Misty."

Cordelia let out a small scream, "Your name is not Misty, I should know I've known you since kindergarten, you're friends with loser Harris and with Ms. Freaky right there." she said as she pointed to to Melody.

"Ms. Freaky?" Melody asked as she looked over the tops of her sunglasses at the girl.

"Fine Buffy Summers." Cordelia said.


"Oh, I almost forgot, Staryu return." Misty said as she held out its' pokeball. A thin red line shot out of the a round button, on the front of the ball, and engulfed Staryu, it then went back into the ball taking Staryu with it, Misty then put the ball back in her pack. Cordelia just looked on stunned.

"And you are?" Misty asked.

"My name is Cordelia Chase." Cordy said, "Listen at least come with me to the school, please?" Cordelia suggested.

"Okay." Melody said as made the gesture for Codelia to lead the way.


Ash was having a hard time trying to find his way in this town, For one thing Casey and Himself were being attacked every five minutes and it was starting to take its toll on Pikachu. For another they had bumped into a guy claiming to be a friend saying that they weren't exactly who they thought they were, so they were following him to a safe place.

"How far now?" Casey asked as she stared up at the hot looking adult leading them to safety.

"About a hundred yards." Angel said as he looked back at Dawn.

Ash was about to say something when a guy with bleached hair and a lady with black wearing an out of date dress stepped in front of them.

"Well, look at this the bloody poof has brought us a snack." Spike said as he stared at the tiny morsel by Angelus's side.

"I don't think so." Ash said as he stepped in front of Casey.

"Ah, if it isn't the Whelp." Spike snarled as his face changed.

"Woah, you should see someone about that birth defect." Casey said as she hid behind Angel and Ash. Angel and Ash laughed while Spike just snarled at Casey.

"Spikey I can't hear the stars." Drusille wimpered as she stared at Ash and Casey, "Their the ones that are causing it."

"Don't worry Dru, after I get rid of the poof, we'll have a nice snack out of them." Spike said as he glanced at Dru then back at the trio.

"I don't think so Spikey." Ash said as he stepped forward and unclipped a pokeball from his belt and tossing it up into the air, calling out, "I choose you Charmander."

The red and white ball opened and a bright white flash came out shaping into a 2'0" orange lizard, with a flame on it's tail, when it landed.


"Charmander, Ember attach on those two!" Ash called out as he pointed to Spike and Dru.

'Char.' he said as he started to swing his tail at the two Vamps. Some sparks came off his tail and flew towards Spike and Dru.

When they landed on them, SPike and Dru tried in vain tow put the flames out without success, so Spike ran over to a manhole and ripped the cover off, he then pushed Dru in then he jumped in.

Angel looked over at Xander, "Nice."

"I thought so." Ash said as Charmander came running up to him, "Thanks Charmander." Ash said as he bent down to scoop Charmander up, "Well, lets get going."

"Good idea." Angel said as they started off again.

"So, how old are you?" Casey asked as she looked up at Angel with doe eyes.

Angle looked down and was the victim of the doe eyes, he then started to stutter, ""

"He's way older then you Casey." Ash said as he tried to help out their new friend.

"Yes, exactly." Angel said as he looked back up.

"Darn!" Casey exclaimed.

Ash just smiled as he looked around them, "So, what's this town called?"


"Strange name." Ash commented.


"So where are we headed?"

"Sunnydale High School, I know someone who could help."


Ash put down Charmander and unclipped his ball, "Charmander return." A red beam shot out of the round button and engulfed Charmander, it then went back into the ball taking Charmander with it, Ash then clipped it back on his belt.


Cordelia, Melody, and Misty where just entering the high school.

"So what are we doing here again?" Melody asked as she looked around.

"A friend who can hopefully tell us what's going on."Cordy said as she headed for the library, where she hoped the librarian was still there.

"So what's his/her name?" Misty asked as she shivered in the dark.

"Rupert Giles, or Giles." Cordy said as she pushed open the door, "GILES!"

"Aaaahhhh!" a voice exclaimed from with in the office.

"Come on." Cordy said as she headed for the office, when a man about late thirties early forties came running out with a battle ax, which he put down as soon as he saw that it was Buffy, Willow and Cordelia.

"Ah, Miss Chase, what can I do for you?" Giles asked as he tried to catch his breath.

"For starters, everyone is turning into their costumes, including these two." Cordy said as she jerked her thumb towards Misty and Melody.

"Hi." they both said as they waved at him.

Giles was about to say something when the library doors opened letting in Angel and two others, soon recognized as Xander and Dawn.

"Ash, Pikachu!" Misty exclaimed as she rushed over to Ash and wrapped her arms around him and Pikachu, giving them the biggest hug ever.


"Misty, are you alright?" Ash asked as he returned the hug.

"Yeah, ran into Melody." Msity said as she pointed to Melody who was at the book cage looking at the weapons.

"Hey Melody." Ash said as Misty let him go so that he could wave.

"Hey Ash." Melody said as she turned from the book cage and walked over. "Whose this?"

"Oh, this is Casey." Ash said as he introduced Casey to Melody.



"Giles, could I talk to you and Cordelia."

"Ah, yes of course." Giles said as he set the battle ax on the table, as Angel, Cordelia, and Giles headedinto his office, "Ah, you four just stay in the library alright."

"Sure Mr. Giles." Misty said as they all sat down at the table.


"So, what do you need?" Giles asked as he shut the door.

"First we need to put those five to sleep some how and get them to Buffy's house." Angel said as he leaned against Giles' desk.

"Of course." Giles said as he went to his desk and opened the top drawer pulling out a bottle of fast acting sleeping pills, "Could you pour the tea please Angel.

"Sure." Angel said as he got some mugs out and poured the tea into the four mugs and one little dish that had held breath mints, while Giles put two pills in each mug and dish, then stirred until the were disolved.

"That should do it." Giles said as he grabbed to mugs, while Cordy got the other two and Angel got the dish.

Angel opened the door and all three of them came out to give them the mugs and dish, "Here you go drink up, you all must be thirst." Giles said as he handed Ash and Casey a mug each, while Angel gave Pikachu the dish and Cordy gave Misty and melody the other two mugs.

"We'll be right back in a few minutes." Angel said as they went back into the office.

When the door closed Giles turned to Cordelia, "So, Miss Chase why aren't you a cat right know?"

"Because I got my costume at PartyTown while the rest got their's at the new place called Ethan's."

Giles immedaitly looked up at Cordeila, "Are you sure that was what it was called?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Never mind, you and Angel take this five to Buffy's and put them in their proper beds, meaning that Xander goes on the sofa, and Willow and Buffy goes in Buffys' bed, then you two go home, I'll take care of Ethan." Giles said as he opened the door and left, while Angel and Cordy walked out and looke over at the already sleeping teens and mouse.

"Well, let's get them to Buffy's house." Angel said as he grabbed Buffy and Willow and put them on one shoulder while he put Xander on the other, while Cordelia picked up Dawn and carefully picked up the tiny yellow mouse, and put him on dawns stomach, and led Angel to her car, where they put them gently in. and where on their way to Buffy's house. When they got there they had to take three trips, putting Xander on the couch with Pikachu laying on the arm, Buffy and Willow in Buffys' bed, and Dawn in hers, they then left to go their seprate ways.


Giles got out of his car when he parked in front of Ethan's shop. He looked around and then headed in,when he closed the door he noticed costumes and other items and such that no one bought, He had walked furthor in when he noticed a pair of heavy curtains blocking something from view, he reached out and pulled them apart, inside was a double headed statue, "Janus, very clever Ethan, by the way you can come out."

"I could never fool y...." Ethan was interupted by Giles fist in his face, knocking him back against some shelves.

"You shouldn't have come here Ethan, this spell harms the inoccent." Giles said as Ethan wiped his hand acrossed his bloody mouth.

"Oh, but I missed dear old Ripper." Ethan said as he spat some blood onto the ground.

"Those days are over Ethan, I'm not that person anymore." Giles said, "Now how do I stop the spell?"

"Why should I tell you." Ethan said just before he got a fist in the face and a knee in the stomach, then fell to the floor.

"How do I break the spell Ethan?" Giles said as he took out a hankerchief and wiped his hands clear of blood

"Say pretty please." Ethan said just as he got a foot in a kidney for his trouble.

"How do I break the spell?"

"Janus, break the statue!" Ethan exclaimed.

Giles went over to the statue picked it up, brought it above his head and brought it down smashing it on the floor. When he turned back to Ethan, he was gone.

"Good bloody riddance."
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