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Doomed and loving it

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Summary: Xander’s friends are being overprotective again and are pushing him aside. Instead of pushing back Xander leaves and meets someone new. Who is John Grimm? Slash

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Games > Horror > Doom / QuakeMerKatFR181624,3311818571,21827 May 0627 Jan 07No

The Bar

Doomed and loving it

Chapter 1

Title: Meeting
Author: Merkat
Fandom: Buffy/Doom
Pairing: Xander/Reaper
Summary: Xander’s friends are being overprotective again and are pushing him aside. Instead of pushing back Xander leaves and meets someone new.
Archive: Slash. Mpreg?
Rating: PG-13 . . . NC17
Parts: many if I don’t get a road block.
Status: Finished? No.
Series/Sequel: Nope? No idea
Disclaimer: I own nothing except the craziness that spews out of my head. All characters belong to their respective owners.
Author notes & Warnings: M/M fanfic. No Beta. Be afraid. My mood affects my writing.




Seedy bar 3:50 a.m..


The bar was nearly empty just the few drunk stragglers left to reminisce about old times and what not. John Grimm took a healthy swig of his beer and watched the people around him through hooded eyes. Chugging his beer Reaper ordered another, ever since the shit hit the fan at The Ark he had been having one hell of a time trying to get drunk. He could drink all day and only keep a buzz for a few precious moments. It sucked.

Nursing his beer he watched as a new face entered the bar. A boy. Brunet. Young about the same age as The Kid was. Reaper frowned. The Kid and the rest of the team shouldn’t have died. At least not yet. They should never have gone through the bloody Ark!

Reaper watched the black-haired boy stagger to a stool two chairs from his own. The kid was already drunk. “Can I get a shot of Jack please?” Said the boy, and Reaper had to complement the boy on keeping most of the drunk slur out of his voice.

“Coming right up, kid.” Grunted the barkeep as he pulled out a bottle and shot glass. Reaper raised a brow as the boy downed his drink in one go. The kid winced and asked for another. Lifting his beer to his lips, Reaper made a disgusted noise. The bottle was empty and he was as sober as a bloody nun. Placing the empty with his collection Reaper noticed it was almost 4:00 a.m., his sister was going to blow a gasket when he got home.

Shrugging Reaper ordering something with kick, if he had to deal with an over protective Sam he might as well make the most of it. Reaper looked toward the young man, off and on the kid was mumbling some interesting stuff. Vampires? Slayers? Hell gods?! Sunnyhell?! What was this kid on?

“Get me an’ me buddy ‘ere w’ot ever he’s drinkin!” Said the boy as he gestures toward Reaper. Nodding at the boy Reaper accepted the vodka shot and watched as the boy downed his without even seeing what it was.

“ I’m Xander by da way!” The boy smiled and held a hand out to Reaper. “John Grimm.” He shook the boy’s hand wondering how the kid could balance across two stools and still shake his hand properly. Xander righted himself and gave Reaper a goofy grin, ordered another drink and tried to stand. The kid barely made it out of his seat before he started to fall drink and all.

Without thought Reaper caught the kid and drink mid fall, the kid was in his lap before Reaper realized he even did something. Samantha said his reflexes were becoming so honed he could preform simple tasks without thought.

Xander looked at Reaper with a dazed expression. “ ‘owed I get ‘ere?” Clearing his throat Reaper handed the boy his drink.

“You slipped.”

“Oh.” Xander took his drink from Reaper and took a big swig seaming not to mind sitting on a stranger’s lap while drinking. Shifting slightly Reaper slid the kid into the seat next to him.

“Have you been drinking all night, Xander?” Asked Reaper curious though he could not say why.

“Yeah! Me girls er kickin me outs of de loop ‘gain! Day tink I don’ sees it! Day tink I’m weak an stoooopid! Day doing it cuse aaa I’m Mr. Normal guy! Have to p’otect pooor ol’ Xander!” Said the kid before he promptly banged his head on the bar out cold.

“ That’s really interesting. Can I get another shot here?”

The bartender gave Reaper a refill then looked at the boy next to him.

“He ok?”

“He’s fine, just out cold.”

The barkeep sighed. “He can’t stay here, going to close. Hey Vic, put his one outside!” Said the barkeep as he yelled to the back room while pointing at a snoozing Xander. Out came a tall blond man who seamed entirely too pleased to do his job. Reaper knew this because he could smell the scent of lust wafting off the man. Before the man could lay a hand on the boy Reaper stood up, and lifted the sleeping Xander into his arms with ease.

“I’ll take care off him.”

Reaper walked by the tall blond who seamed quit disappointed. The kid was light and far too easy to carry. Having no idea ware the kid lived Reaper carried him home to his hotel. “Won’t Sam be surprised? Wonder if she’s waiting up for me?”


I own nothing. Please review.
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