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Goodbye and Hello

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Summary: What if Liz and crew didn't get to the podchamber in time? What if Xander's road trip went further than Oxnard?

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Television > Roswell > Xander-CenteredDuchessFR182030,681211171,41028 May 0610 Jun 13No

Chapter 1: Roswell or Bust

Title: Goodbye and Hello

Roswell/Buffy tVS Crossover (I reserve the right to throw other shows in along the way, but not any time soon. I’ll warn you.)

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters from either of the shows, only want to borrow them for a little while. Please don't sue me, I have no money and nothing of significant value.

Spoilers: Well, none really as both the shows’ seasons I’m using are long gone anyway.

A/N: I realize the timelines don’t really mesh, but I’m just doing this for fun and I hope you’re reading it for the same reason. Hope I don’t disappoint you too much. This story picks up after the Mayor has been turned into a crispy critter and Xander has started his summer road trip in the Buffyverse. In Roswell-land it is the time of final events in Departure, with a twist. What if Liz and crew hadn’t made it to the pod chamber in time?
Just wanted to warn you, I've also taken a little literary license with things in canon, so please don't shoot me?

Dialogue in { } means thoughts.


Chapter 1: Roswell or Bust

Xander’s eyes are starting to cross at all the open desert and the long straight line of pavement stretching out before him, heat waves dancing and shimmering over it. He thinks to himself, {Sure is a whole lot of nothing out here.}

As soon as he finished that thought, a figure stepped up to the side of the road and stuck out a thumb. “Where did he come from?” Looking around and seeing nothing for miles, Xander decides to play Good Samaritan. “What the hell, at least I know he’s not a vamp.” Slowing down, he manages to stop only a little way beyond the hitchhiker who runs to catch up to the car.

A little out of breath from running in this heat, “Thanks man!” The longhaired young man gets into the car and shuts the door. “I just need a lift back into Roswell.”

“I can handle that. I’ve wanted to check that place out for a while now. Is it as cheesy as the Travel Agencies make it look?” He asks as he pulls out onto the road again.

“Cheesier.” The stranger says with a smirk.

Xander grins from ear to ear, “Cool. My name’s Xander,” he sticks out his hand.

Laughing as he reaches across himself and takes the proffered hand, “Michael.”

“So, Roswell is home for you?” Xander asks, trying to be sociable.

Michael blinks and thinks, {That’s where Maria is, so…} “Yeah, Roswell is home.”

Glancing at his passenger and nodding his head sagely, “Uh huh, I know that expression. I’ve seen it in the mirror. What’s her name?” then grins ingratiatingly.

Michael is surprised to find himself answering this question, “Maria.”

"That's a very pretty na- What's going on up here?" Xander slows at the sight of a Sheriff's vehicle, stopped on the road ahead, lights flashing. A Deputy is out beside the car, waving them on. As they get closer they see a wrecked car just beyond it, "Hope nobody's hurt," Xander mumbles as they go slowly past.

In the passenger seat, Michael is rigid with tension at sight of the officer. {That's not any Roswell Deputy I've ever seen. What's going on?} Then he sees the wrecked vehicle as they drive past. "Maria!" He gasps in shock at sight of the totalled Jetta. "Stop the car!"

Xander slams on the brakes.

Michael is out of the car before it can come to a complete stop. Turning back toward the fake deputy he raises his hand and a flash of light emanates from it, sending the man flying backward over thirty feet along the highway.

Seeing this in the rearview mirror, Xander's mouth drops open in shock. It drops open even further when he sees the "man" start to get up from the pavement.

Michael is down on his knees beside the overturned car, checking to make sure that his three friends inside it are all right.

Opening the door of his car, Xander steps out and stares in shock as the "deputy" gets up, looking very angry and starts running, straight toward Michael, very fast. "Uh oh."

Michael is working on trying to get the door open so he can get a better look at the people inside when he hears a warning shout from the guy who picked him up. Since he didn't look up immediately, he got slammed into by the enraged man who had been impersonating a Sheriff's deputy and found himself pinned while the life is being throttled out of him. He can do nothing as his hands are being held down by his sides by the enemy's knees.

Seeing the so called law officer trying to choke his new friend, Xander reaches inside his car, underneath the front seat and pulls out the tire iron he had hidden there. Taking it, he hurries to the struggling pair and slams it into the "man's" small of his back. The resulting puff of air and floating debris startles him into backing up and looking at the sun again, then down at the tire iron in his hand.

Michael, still on the ground and grateful to finally be able to breathe again, lays there and watches the perplexed young man, wondering how to explain what just happened. Xander took him by surprise with his first question though.

Tossing the tire iron to one side and reaching a hand down to help his new friend up, "Why is it when the bad guys go [i]poof[/i] their clothes do too? I've never understood that."
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