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Real rat, wererat

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Summary: Anita sees Rafael bring in a date. A weird young woman who apparently has no problem relating to being a rat.

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Anita Blake > Amy-CenteredLunasFR1311,451182,98328 May 0628 May 06Yes
Anita looked up from the both in Lunatic Café as the door opened. Rafael was entering with a girl who looked and felt human. Did the Rat King have a date? She wondered. The shifters looked over towards the girl. By their reactions, she was certain she was human.

Rafael held a bright smile on his face as they were led to a table. Anita listened in out of curiosity as the waited for their food.

“So how did you enjoy the movie?” Rafael asked.

The girl smiled, dark hair escaping the clip that held it to her face. “Yeah. Usually I’m not the type for so much action but that one was worth seeing it, especially with worthy people.” She replied. The response pleased Rafael. She heard them chat about the movie until their meal came. The girl had a hamburger and fries.

It was in an attempt to get the ketchup out of its bottle did things seem to go wrong. The girl, who Anita had heard was called Amy in her eavesdropping, lost her knife in a vain attempt to pull the ketchup from the bottle. It fell unto the table both Rafael and she reached for it. Rafael brushed her bracelet. From his quick reaction, it had to be silver and something else. Rafael was King; he would not react like that to a brief touch of silver.

Anita felt herself shift for easier access for her gun. Magic now settled in the air. Amy was no mere human. She was a witch.

The café was silent and all the shifters’ attention was on the two. “That was not normal.” Suddenly recognition dawned on the girl’s face. “You’re not human.” She stated dumbly at Rafael before looking around. Rafael’s smiling; happy face was now set in stone. “How could I be so stupid?” He frowned.

Sighing the girl stared at him. “So what are you?” She asked with curiosity. There was no hostility despite her earlier, questionable actions.

“I’m a wererat.” Those words caused Amy to burst out laughing. Now Anita worried about the girl’s sanity. Most people did not act like that to such news. But she was not an ordinary person; she was witch.

Amy smiled picked up her knife and tried to get more ketchup out, with success. She popped a French fry in her mouth before speaking. “Sorry. It’s just that somehow I’m certain something wants me to be with rats one way or another.” Her smile grew as she finished chewing. “So what’s it like being a wererat? Is it anything like being a normal rat?”

Anita looked on stunned. There was no fear or denial. There was just curiosity. This was one weird witch.

“I do not know what it is like to be a normal rat.” Rafael responded still keeping tense. Amy smiled at him.

“I knew I liked you for right away for some reason.” She fumbled with her bracelets, taking the silver ones off. She slipped them into her bag and looked Rafael in the eye. “I spent years as a rat myself. Do you like cheese? I find despite wanting it, years of it being given to me as a pet has made me hate it. Is it a true stereotype? Rats liking cheese I mean, or was it just me?”

Rafael blinked stuttering out. “You were a rat? How?”

Amy munched on another fry as she answered. “Well, my mom was a witch. Switched bodies with me because she wanted her old glory days as a teenager. I do not have the body of a cheerleader so she was less than happy. Well, I ended back in my body, I don’t know where mom went, and she was hit by her own spell.

I took up witchcraft; my dad wasn’t all that happy but knew I couldn’t try to deny it. Oh, and I got back into my body because of this girl called Buffy, yeah I know. Well, her friend was started studying witchcraft too and Buffy kept the jocks from beating on little ol’ me and my friends who were more magically inclined.

There is this big scandal, the two bodies of children are found in a park. Symbols of witchcraft on them. Why this is any different from anything else was odd because people died everyday where I’m from by preternatural things. MOO gets started and me, Buffy and her witch friend get kidnapped at different times. I wake up and I’m surrounded by the occult books they took from our library while being tied up to a stake.” She took a breath here and reached for her soda. She took a sip.

During all this time the entire room’s focus had shifted to her.
Anita found herself wondering why the girl could speak so casually about such things. She could guess what this MOO wanted to do as from her claiming being tied to a stake. She shivered. She was sure the girl didn’t mind saying all this in a room full of shifters as she had declared she had been a rat and was answering Rafael truthfully as she could.

“Well, they set the books on fire. Willow, that’s the other witch by the way, starts to catch on fire and I freak out as I feel the flames on my legs. I said I was a witch and I still sort of am. Well I started to chant, I had used this spell once before while under the influence of a failed love spell. I turned Buffy into a rat, but I turned her back and you can’t blame me for it either, its not my fault the spell backfired. So I turn myself into a rat. The two children turn out to be a demon; Buffy impales it on her stake. Day saved.

Willow finds me. She and Buffy try to turn me back but Willow doesn’t know the spell. This was around junior year. I get turned back during sometime in their college years after Willow is more competent.”

“You were a real rat?” She heard one of the others in the room spoke in amazement and disbelief.

Amy turned to him looking exasperated. “Yes. I had a cage and everything. You know those little wheels? I had one.”

Rafael was smiling now. “You were a rat once. That means you are mine.”

Amy turns to him looking baffled. “What?”

“I am not just a wererat, Amy. I am their king.”

Anita felt herself smiling. She could tell Rafael was in love and looked rather happy at this claim. Amy was not looking like she would be leaving any time soon. She only had to inform Jean-Claude of this development. Amy was not a powerful witch but she had some power. Years as the rat must have prevented her growth. Rafael now had a witch and possibly a mate.

Amy looked at him. “I’ve been dating a King? Cool.” She responded. The magic in the room had faded long ago at the start of Amy’s story but Anita had sensed something dark. Amy may look innocent but she had experience with darker powers. Looking her over, Anita thought that maybe she had passed that phase, and hopefully had because she did not want to possibly kill the wererat King’s girlfriend.

Seeing her mug empty, Anita rose up and started to leave. The room had become normal once again and Raphael and Amy were chatting about their experiences as rats.

Thinking on it, Amy had a normal relation compared to her. Maybe it would stay that way.

Anita looked at her mail. In it was an invitation from Rafael and Amy Madison. Opening it she smiled. She had been right. Amy had been allowed to stay. She was a witch but according to her own words, a “lapsed witch.” Just doing magic every once in a while. Mostly protection charms, it seemed. That is how Amy had made a living.

Looking it over she raised a brow. She was invited to their wedding. From the photograph on the invitation she could see why they were now getting married. From the looks of it, Amy was in the early stages of pregnancy. The only good thing was that Amy was now human, for the most part so she would hopefully not lose the baby. Now all she had to figure out was who to take and what to wear.

If I own BtvS and AB then I am not myself. That being not true, I own nothing. Please review. If you want to add on to the story please do as well. This was just a drabble that grew.

The End

You have reached the end of "Real rat, wererat". This story is complete.

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