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Dandelion Tales

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Summary: Willow and Kennedy investigate strange doings in a small Midwestern community (Willow/Kennedy)

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Comics > Comic StripsdragonseyFR1811,0850577928 May 0628 May 06No
Title: Dandelion Tales
Summary: Willow and Kennedy investigate strange doings in a small Midwestern community.
Author: dragonsey
Rated: FR18 (Just to be safe)
Pairing: Willow/Kennedy
Warnings: None (well, slash for Willow/Kennedy)
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all its characters are the property and copyright of Joss Whedon. Bloom County and all its characters are the property and copyright of Berkeley Breathed. None are mine in any way, shape or form.


Willow was just about to doze off after a very satisfying bout of lovemaking when she felt Kennedy suddenly go from sleepy and snuggly to tense and alert. Wiping the sleep from her eyes, she gathered her magic as she watched the young slayer roll out of bed, a stake appearing as if by magic in her hand.

Kennedy stood stock still for a moment, then turned to her lover.

“Vamp.” She mouthed.

Willow nodded. Just as quietly she asked “How many?”

Kennedy concentrated for a moment. Then, sporting a very predatory grin, she held up one finger.

Willow returned the grin and slid out of bed to follow the dark-haired slayer. Pausing only to pull on less clothes than was really decent, they drifted out the room and down the hall. Willow pondered the situation and realized that she should have anticipated this.

The destruction of Sunnydale had occurred only weeks ago. With money tight, the Scoobies and newbie-slayers had been forced to split up. Buffy had taken the new slayers off to Cleveland to check it out and see what they could organize there. Giles was off in England, tracking down old contacts and seeing what was left from the destruction of the Council. Xander and Faith had been given a locator charms and were now traveling the US, contacting new slayers. Robin would be joining them as soon as he was able to travel.

Willow had volunteered herself and Kennedy to check out other reported trouble spots. With the sudden influx of slayers, they now had the personnel to deal with more than just one Hellmouth. The paranormal forums Willow regularly visited in her research listed numerous locations of strange and odd occurrences. The problem was identifying which were false, which were harmless, and which needed slayer attention.

So she and Kennedy were crisscrossing North America, working odd jobs to pay expenses while checking out each suspect area. So far they hadn’t found anything apocalyptically bad, although they had identified several large cities with serious vampire problems that would need to be dealt with once the slayers got organized.

But this wasn’t a city. It was a small town in the rural Midwest. They were here not because of an abnormally high murder rate, or mysterious disappearances, but rather because of the large number of truly strange events that reportedly plagued the town. They had just arrived this morning and taken a room in this old boardinghouse near the edge of town. It had been highly recommended, and the price was well in line with their meager budget.

Of course a boarding house would be a choice feeding ground for a vampire. People were regularly invited in by the owners and the individual rooms would not need a separate invitation. Neither the old couple who had rented them their rooms, nor the boys that had helped haul up their luggage, had given any sign of being undead, but that didn’t mean much. They might be working for a vamp, or they might be the intended victims. Willow flexed her right hand as Kennedy halted in front of one of the doors and was rewarded with a sparkle of magic. They would find out soon enough, and Willow was prepared for the worst.

Kennedy threw open the door and moved in hard and fast, Willow trailing at her heels. Inside proved to be the room of one of the boys. He was currently gasping for breath and struggling futilely as the vampire bending over him prepared to feed.

It was pathetically easy. The vamp was so new he was still in his burial suit, and so intent on feeding that he never even heard them coming. Kennedy looked almost disappointed and she flowed across the room and drove her stake through his back.

The vampire exploded in dust, but now there was another problem. The boy, who Willow judged to be somewhere in his early teens, was now almost hyperventilating as his gaze darted back and forth from her to Kennedy.

“Shhh.” Willow smiled, moving over to the bedside, trying to calm him. “It’s ok now. What’s your name?”

“M-Michael.” he stuttered. “Michael Binkley.”

Willow had a lot of experience with vampire near-victims. Get them talking and soon they’ll calm down enough to repress the whole episode. It was as standard as one, two, three. Hopefully they could get some info on the vamp before the repressing started.

“Do you go by Mike or Michael?”

The boy shook his head. “M-Most people just call me Binkley.”

“Ok Binkley. Now, do you-”

Willow’s question was interrupted when a middle-aged man came charging in the door.

“WHAT”S GOING ON… in… here?”

Tom Binkley stared. Two nearly naked and thoroughly mussed young women. A messed up bed. His son, whose pajamas were also in disarray. Wait. His son and… and…

Mr. Binkley keeled backward in a dead faint.

Willow moved to help the man, but stopped as the boy on the bed gasped in fear, his eyes locked on the only other door in the room. An ordinary closet door from which Willow could now sense a building wave of power. Kennedy felt her reaction and they turned in unison to see a large shape emerging from the slowly opening closet door.

It was big. And purple. It looked like some kind of demented rhinoceros. And it was talking…

“Oh goodness me!” it said in a thoroughly inappropriate voice for such a large creature. “Oh my! How unexpected. Well, there goes the schedule.”

“Excuse me?” Willow nearly squeaked. She had seen a lot in her lifetime, but talking purple rhinoceroses were definitely new. At least it wasn’t a dinosaur.

“Oh yes. Hot lesbian sex dreams weren’t on the books for at least another two years.” The creature shook its head and started backing into the closet. “Now I have to go get the girls lined up ahead of schedule. After all this I’m sure we’ll need them immediately. Sheesh. I’ll probably have to pay overtime. AND keep them on call for weeks. Maybe months! Oh yes. Lots to do. Lots to do.”

Willow and Kennedy could only stare as the improbable creature pulled its bulk back into the closet and closed the door. The sense of power faded.

Binkley pulled his blanket over his head and whimpered.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Dandelion Tales" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 28 May 06.

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