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Wishing just makes trouble

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Summary: DOOM the movie. Xander goes to Willy’s bar after the wedding that wasn’t. He makes a new friend and says something he shouldn’t. Now Xander has to adapt to his new surroundings as a soldier of a different world. Slash.

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Games > Horror > Doom / QuakeMerKatFR151933,5132120773,83630 May 0611 Feb 08Yes

New fight

Title: New fight
Author: Merkat
Fandom: Doom/Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Xander/Reaper
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Nothing at all! All characters belong to their respective owners. I own nothing. Noooooothinnnnnnggg! Nada.


Xander looked at the large wooden door before him. Inside the large farm house was his family, the family he got from his wish. Xander rubbed his sweaty brow, he felt a nervous tightness in his belly, he almost felt sick. Nauseous. He’d probably run away if it wasn’t for the reassuring hand against his lower back. Turning to the man standing by his side Xander leaned against Reaper. The man had took his weird news better then expected . . . He only freaked out a little and left to think for a day and a half . . . But it was the longest day and a half Xander had ever suffered. Thinking back on that conversation and his alone time away from John . . .Xander frowned and had to resist the urge to hit the man now playing the supportive boy-er-guy-friend-lover.

~~~~ a few days before ~~~~~~~~~

Reaper grabbed up both hands in his. “Xander are you ok?”

Xander nodded. “Yeah. But I have things to tell you. You might not believe me, might even think I’m crazy, but I have to tell you. You see I made this wish . . .”

Reaper raised a brow. “A wish? Like on a star, with that Disney cricket?”

“Umm . . . no more like with withered faced demons. Vengeance demons. Well a vengeance demon that use to be a soldier . . .”

Reaper sat up in bed and looked at Xander with a little concern in his eyes. “Are . . . are you feeling . . . normal?”

A little smile twitched at the corner of Xander’s mouth, he’s making his tough warrior soldier uncomfortable! “As normal as a super-soldier/part-alien-thing can be after surviving a suicidal mission. That and being a traveler from another dimension sent here because of a drunken wish . . . I’m fine, and dandy even! I’d do a back flip but I’m subconsciously sore from the needles and stuff I had poked at me.” *Glare*

A sheepish look crossed Reaper’s face. “Sorry.” He mumbled. “Should have warned you about that.”

“Yeah, you should have! But were changing the subject! A friend of mine who is a witch has been calling me, I think mentally, since you didn’t hear anything. Splitting headaches and dizziness follow the message, so it must take a lot of power to call me. I was wondering when or if anyone from home would try and connect me. Wonder if they’ll try and get me home?”

Reaper frowned. His lover believed what he is saying as truth not a joke on him?! Is Xander sick? For how long? How did he get past the doctors that assess the soldiers health? I should get Sam, Reaper mentally told himself.

“Look, I know that look your wearing Reaper, you think I’m two twinkies short of a box! I’d think the seam if I was in your place but give me the benefit of the doubt! Please . . .” Xander looked at Reaper with puppy eyes.

Their was a pregnant silence then Reaper sagged and nodded. “Alright.”

Xander smiled. “I should tell you a little about myself. You know about Alexander Leo Harrington the soldier but you never met Alexander LaVelle Harris. You see he was a silly little geek living in a small town with a normal life until he met a beautiful blond named Buffy when he was in high school. You see she was the slayer . . . of vampires. Her watcher the man who helped her with her calling told me and a friend that we lived on a hellmouth. The year I met Buffy and Giles changed my life forever . . .”


Listening to Xander with the attentiveness he would show a briefing for a mission Reaper took in every word. He wasn’t sure if he should stop Xander and ask questions, maybe ask if he seen the medics lately. Maybe ask about a CAT-scan? But he kept his mouth shut and waited till the end, even if he was a little uncomfortable.

The stuff coming from Xander’s mouth was stuff from tv or fantasy books, just unbelievable! But then again so is a portal to mars built by alien ancestors and a monster/super soldier booster shot that tells you if a person is a good soul or not. Crazy, just plain crazy. Vampires, bloodsuckers, that Dracula guy in the black suit and red cape? Or was it a red suit and a black cape? Demons? Well, demon he might understand, after all the creatures that the men from Olduvai turned into did look like demons. They rose from the dead and ate the flesh of men, killed and acted without soul. Demons, yeah he could believe there are demons around. But as Xander’s story went on and he told Reaper about the last big bad villain, a hell goddess, he shook his head. Then he told about the many that came after that, all as unnerving as the last. John had never been an imaginative person, and this conversation is beyond his comfort zone.

But what worried Reaper a bit more was this Hyena and Soldier Xander kept mentioning. Separate personalities were not a good thing for a soldier to tell another or to talk about at all. That kind of thing got you put into the care of the doctors. Not that Reaper would ever let that happen!

When things got silent, the two young men just sat on the bed not looking at each other. What do you say after such a tale? John opened his mouth then closed it again only to reopen it. He frowned. He had questions for Xander or he did when Xander was talking, but now his mind was a blank. John opened his mouth again. “I need to take a walk.”

With that said Reaper put pants on grabbed his shirt and shoes then left. Heading down to the lab, Reaper flagged down Samantha. He told her a bit about what he and Xander talked about, told her he would be back and to check on Xander. Reaper headed for the back of the mansion to the garage and grabbed one of his grand-da Al’s bikes. He needed to think for a bit.


Xander bit his lip till it almost bled. He was upset and angry. He had seen the confused and concerned look in Reaper’s hazel eyes, the brightness in them that didn’t believe him. It hurt that Reaper didn’t believe him. It hurt that the older man had left.

Getting out of bed Xander got dressed and headed for the kitchen, when you have a case of the blues go for the ice cream. Opening the triple chocolate fudge ice cream Xander made himself a bowl, adding milk to it Xander turned it into a chocolate shake. Scooping up some of the creamy mess Xander sat in one of the backless stools.

Sam walked into the room worry in her blue eyes. “Xander? Are you ok?”

He shrugged not in the mood to talk, after all he talked quite a bit already with Reaper.

Sam stepped closer. “I’d like you to come with me to the infirmary. John said he was concerned for you and I think I am now too. Will you come?”

Xander shrugged and nodded. “Nothing better to do.” Xander needed to prove to Reaper that he is telling the truth, prove his story. Somehow . . . He wished he knew how.


Throwing another rock over the side of the slopped hill Reaper sat quietly. He is about a mile form the house, he didn’t want to go far he just needed to think. But a little distance didn’t seam to help him believe what the other soldier was saying. Reaper shook his head, there had to be a reason why such a level headed smart soldier would say and believe the crazy things he said!? If Xander was sick there had to be signs to show it!

Getting on the motorcycle Reaper made up his mind, he would head to the base and look at Xander’s file. In his memory Reaper could find nothing unstable about his lover, nothing to doubt the young man as a soldier. Maybe there would be something in his medical files, his history, or service record?

Zooming off Reaper hope and hope not. If there was something wrong with Xander like a tumor or a mental illness then they would have to deal with it, but there is always a possibility that something like that could be un-fixable. And if Xander was really sick and C24 couldn’t fix it could anyone fix it?!! But if everything that Xander said was true then Xander might be leaving him to head into a very dangerous world!! Reaper felt selfish, Xander is his and he wasn’t giving him up to anyone or anything!! Even another world!

Gunning the bike Reaper pulled into the base’s parking lot. Flashing his id badge Reaper headed right to the filing room, technically Reaper wasn’t aloud to sneak his soldiers med. files but even the greenest RRTS soldier could pick a lock. Pulling both his record and medical file Reaper started going though it.

Leafing through each page Reaper found nothing he would call erratic behavior, nothing at all! As far as the marine core was concerned Xander is a hard working top shot soldier, level headed and talented. A valued member of RRTS. Reaper bit at his lip, no one had caught any odd behavior. Reaper did. As the new leader of his team he should report Xander and have him evaluated. If he did that Xander might never be an active soldier again! Reaper knew all that and as far as he was concerned Xander could think he was a reincarnated Nubian princess sent to earth to save it from rabid golden retrieve puppies, Xander is his lover and his soldier!! He would not kick him off RRTS! Be belonged.

Putting the useless files back Reaper was about to go back to the mansion when he ran into someone he really didn’t want to see. That prick Commander Falcare stood in front of him with his little arms crossed and a frown on his face. “Well, well, well, what do we have here? Sargent Grimm, is it?”

Reaper blanked his face and stood at attention. “Sir!”

“What were you doing in the old filing room soldier?!” Falcare sneered.

“Checking a few of my personal files sir.”

“Hmm.” Falcare raised a bushy brow. “No matter. Follow me, I have many question for you soldier.”

Reaper mentally groaned. Another round of the same old questions over and over! This could take hours! Maybe even a whole day and he had places to go and lovers to apologize too!! In his head Reaper was killing Falcare in every bloody and painful way he could think of and he could think of a lot!!


Xander sat unhappily on the labs examining table. He hated hospitals of any kind and hated being prodded by doctors. Even if they were Dr. Samantha and Dr. Willits. Sam came up to Xander with a chart. “I can’t find anything wrong with you physical. Your fine! I can’t figure out what would freak John out so bad!”

Xander sagged in his seat. “He was really freaked? How bad?”

“Real bad. Pale as a ghost and wide eyed The way he looked reminded me of the day we lost our parents . . . I was sure there was something really wrong with you. He said you had headaches and collapsed at the end of the mission and today. There’s nothing wrong with your brain, your healthy, in fact healthier then most could ever hope to be!”

“I’ll just go to my room and wait for Reaper. Hopefully he won’t send me off to a padded white room with a new white jacket so I can hug myself all day.” Xander slunk away.

Sam frowned, her brother would never do that! “Why would he do that?” But Xander couldn’t answer because he was already gone.

Noon the next day

In a grumpy mood Xander stomped into the dinning room to eat lunch with the others, why should he skip meals because of Reaper! If Reaper didn’t want to believe him or trust him then fine! Xander didn’t n-need him! Plopping down into his chair Xander piled fries and chicken fingers onto his plate and dug in. He didn’t need anyone! He could find a way to the scoobies himself! He didn’t need John Grimm-shaped-people!

Duke shifted in his seat, he could tell his buddy was major pissed. “Damn Xanny!! What crawled up your butt and left a dead rat? You look more sour faced then Destroyer when I forgot the sugar for the lemonade!”

Destroyer glared. “Forgot! You did it on purpose!!” He said from the other side of the table.

Duke smirked. “Not the first time!!” Duke let out a laugh. “Only the third and fourth time!”

Kid chuckled with Duke so Destroyer threw chicken fingers at them both hitting them in the faces. “You know I love lemonade!”

“I do!” A sly look crossed Duke’s face. “I also know you slept with a stuff bear named Mr.Wuggle-Grrr till you were fourteen and that you still have it in your suitcase!”

Kid snickered. “Mr.Wuggle-Grrr!?”

This time Destroyer threw an unopened soda but Duke caught that. “Give a guy a break! I was three when I named it! He chased the shadows away! He glowed when you hugged him!”

“Yeah, like a flash bomb! Thought it was WWIII every time you hugged it!”

“Why you!!”

Everyone chuckled even Destroyer grinned. A smile twitched onto Xander’s face. He knew what the others were doing. They were trying to lighten his mood and it’s working just a bit. Now instead of being completely angry with Reaper, Xander is now worried and angry. Why didn’t the brown haired man come home last night?

Just as he was about to ask that question aloud Reaper walked into the kitchen. Though he did not look too healthy or chipper. The man had bags under his eyes, he’s a bit pale, and his face is tight with both anger and worry.

Ignoring the food Reaper walked right up to Xander. “We need to talk Xander.”

The dinning hall was silent.


“So talk.” Xander crossed his arms.

Reaper looked around at all the people in the room. Sam, Ann, and her kid Victoria at the right end of the table, grand-da, Kid, Duke, and Destroyer sitting in the center area of the large table. They would all hear it he and Xander spoke and possibly fought. They didn’t need that kind of headache. “Alone. In private.”

Xander scuffed. “Fine.” Getting up Xander lead the way back to their room. As they left the dinning hall they could hear conversation start up again.

“One day together and already at each others throats! That’s what I call a hook up!” Said Duke. “What about you Sammy-girl? Want to test the springs?!”

Snort. “Only you would think that’s a good line. Rusty, real rusty.” Said Sam.

Entering their room Reaper closed the door. He opened his mouth to speak only to have Xander start to babble. “LookIknowwhatyourgoingtosayIknowthatlookonyourface,youthinkI’mnuts!Fine,thinkthatgoahead! Idon’tneedyourhelpandIdon’tneedyoutobelieveme,I’mresourcefulIcanfindmyownwaytomyfriends! Ibettheyarealreadythinkupaspelltobringmethere-“

Xander angry babble was stopped by Reaper’s lips smashing against his. The kiss lasted a few minutes as Reaper pressed their bodies together. Pushing his tongue against soft lips Reaper tasted salt and the food Xander had eaten, making him hungry for more then one thing. Roaming hands squeezed Xander’s bottom then released him to breath and considering how long a superhuman can hold his breath . . . One damn fine kiss.

Xander’s cheeks were flush and lips tingled. But most important he was silent. Reaper spoke. “I’m sorry I left. Shouldn’t have. Was worried about you, worried that you had something I couldn’t fight or help with. I don’t care what is wrong. We’re together . . . and I’m willing to try.” Reaper paused for a moment then a worried look crossed his face. “But I need proof. You can’t throw this shit at me like this. Give me something besides words.”

Xander nods. He was still a little wired from the kiss. He could live with that, he had a vamp try to take his throat out before he was given the mystical slayer talk. He needed proof for his Reaper. Xander knitted his brow, what could he use as proof. He had nothing! If only-

Xander’s luck held true because an unnatural wind started blowing in their room and a tiny little hole in the air started to form. Xander wanted to grin and frown at the same time. Both men jumped away from it and had a sidearm pointed at it.

“What the fuck!” Reaper said as the hole slowly got bigger.

“That proof enough for you?” Xander asked. Soon the hole in the air was the size of a dish the a floating head could be seen. It was Willow! She looked tired and on the right side of her face was a white scar going from her ear to the tip of her chin. And her red hair wasn’t as bright as it used to and there were strips of pure black slashes in it. “Willow!”

Willow brightened at the sight of Xander, she seemed to gain a new spark of life. “Xander oh thank the goddess! I can’t believe the spell worked! Your ok! Your ok, right?”

Xander nods. “I’m fine.”

“Xander we need you home! You disappeared before the new evil came but we need you here! We need the One-Who-See’s. that’s you! The new big bad Caleb, he’s releasing demons on earth, killing slayers left and right!”

Xander’s eyes widened. “Did Buffy or Faith die?”

Willow looked confused for a moment. “What? No, no. I called the potentials. There are many slayers now. But things are going wrong, demons are everywhere and now humans have to hide! There is a prophecy about you . . . if it wasn’t for that I would have left you in peace . . . but we need you Xander! Please come home!”

Xander looked at Reaper then at Willow. He wasn’t ready to leave his home, hell he hasn’t even met his parents of this reality! Well he has and hasn’t! He couldn’t just leave, but he couldn’t just say no to Willow. Not when she looked so desperate for help. Xander sighed and nodded. Willow brightened even more. She tossed a bag through the portal, it landed at Reaper’s feet. “In the bag is a ring! It will open a gate on the full moon in twenty days! We’ll all be waiting Xander! We love you!” Said Willow as the portal started getting smaller and smaller finally it bleeped out.

Xander and Reaper stood together with the bag still at their feet. Reaper glared at the small green bag. “You’re not going anywhere without me.”

Xander nodded. They still had time to talk about it. “I need to visit my family.”

~~~~ Now ~~~~~

Knocking on the door Xander held his breath. “Coming! Coming! Just one moment!” Said a female voice. Excited dog barking and thumping footsteps could be heard then the wooden door opened. “Hello what can I do fr- Lexy!! Oh, my Shaggy-muffin’s home!!!”

A slightly plump woman with rosy cheeks, long brown hair, and lovely green eyes jumped at Xander and hugged him. And in that hug Xander relaxed, the love he soaked up leaving him happy and warm. Behind the short but lovely forty-something woman was a tall man with graying brown hair and earthen brown eyes, he smiled at Xander as well. “Boy! Your home! It’s been seven mouths, damn I’m so happy you’re here! Didn't get shot, did you?” the man said as he looked Xander up and down.

Xander’s mother swatted at his father. “You hush up! My boy is too smart to get all busted up! Though I still wish you chose something else to be good at! A teacher or a doctor would have been much safer!”

Xander rolled his eyes. In his memory this conversation is an old one. Mother’s worrying. It made Xander warm, body and soul. His parents are wonderful. Just like his memory had been telling him. Xander smiled as he and Reaper entered the house that smelled like cedar wood, sheep dogs, and home cooking. Could he really leave what he always wanted?

Sorry everyone. I felt kind of bad leaving everyone hanging for so long. I sat down at my desk and kept writing till this was done! Had to beat it out of my stubborn muse but here it is! Not what I had hoped for but good. Now on to the next one!

The End

You have reached the end of "Wishing just makes trouble". This story is complete.

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