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Summary: Xander walks in different shoes after Anya gets upset and says the W-word. Now Xan’s in a new place with a new name, a new life, and a new . . .body? What will he do now? Slash.

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Don’t be so stubborn!


Title: Don’t be so stubborn!
Summary: Xander walks in different shoes after Anya gets upset and says the W-word. Now Xan’s in a new place with a new name, a new life, and a new . . . body? What will he do now? Slash.
Disclaimer: I own nothing except the craziness that spews out of my head. All characters belong to their respective owners.
Author notes & Warnings: M/M fanfic. No Beta. Be afraid. My mood affects my writing.


Heero and Duo stared into the others eye’s for a moment then ran to the door. Though both of them managed to put on an artical of clothing. Duo was wearing Heero’s boxers and Heero was wearing the bed sheet toga style.

“Xander?” Heero tapped on the door while Duo dug in his hair for a lock pick. Finding the slender piece of black metal Duo knelt down in-front of the standard home lock and started working on it.

“Xander . . .Can we talk?”


Taking deep breaths, Xander tried to calm his beating heart. He was confused. Hell, he was in a large confusion filled ocean! Xander had never had his emotions so scattered and rebellious! Not even during the night of the wedding that wasn’t! Panic, longing, and an emotion Xander was trying not to name, warred in him. It was way too soon to think about the L word.

Xander sighed. He was probably thinking too hard. It was just s-sex. What in the hell was he doing? He should just be enjoying himself!! Anyone else would kill for the chance Xander was getting! It would only be him ‘Mr. Too emotional’ who cared about how the two fey-like youths felt, and wished to ask the ‘why’ on sex!

But was this thing real? Could it be? Magic could do a lot of things. Could make it seam-

“Course it’s real!!!!” Yelled a familiar voice. But the voice was oddly high pitched. Xander looked around him in confusion, he followed were the sound came from. To the sink counter. And there sitting with a dark haired man was Jayce. He had popcorn, soda, and candy, everything one would need for a movie. They were also only six inches tall and sitting in those god awful folding movie chairs.

Letting out a little shriek Xander gabbed a towel and covered himself up. “What the hell are you doing here?!!!!”

Handing the popcorn to his quiet long-haired friend Jayce stood up his hands on his hips. With a pout on his face Jayc`Nah spoke. “Why can’t I be here? There’s no sign saying I can’t use this bathroom. So . . . How ya doing?”

With his arms behind his back and a curved sandy brow raised, he was giving Xander an ‘I already know but I want you to tell me’ look. When Xander didn’t answer, Jayc`Nah started tapping his foot like a mother waiting for the kid to confess something. Finally after a couple more seconds Xander cracked.“This is not real. It’s all just your magic. They don’t like me! It’s not real!”

Jayce rolled his eyes and gave a put out sigh while his long-haired friend just sent Xander an understanding look. “Of course they do Xander! Don’t abandon them. They need you. You’re their puppy . . .”

Xander bit his lip as he focused his watery eyes onto the long-haired man standing next to Jayce. “H-how do you know that they l-like me? And who a-are you?”

The brown haired demon smiled and gave a little elegant bow. “My name is Tallos`Shal. I’m the demon of wronged or wearied hero’s. I’m more or less a hero’s best friend, I also freelance as a demon for scorned men. You can call me Tallos though, cutie.”

Xander blinked.

“Now we have a minute or two before your scrumptious to be lovers bust into the door. Lets have a little chat.” Tallos said as he and Jayce sat down in front of Xander.

“So what is this silliness about! How is your budding relationship fake! What does your inner child say about this matter?” Jayce zapped his casual cloths away and was now in a grey suit, with glass’ that kept slipping off the bridge of his nose they made his eyes look enormous, almost bug eyed. With a pen and pad in hand he gave Xander a serious look even though their was humor in his eyes. Xander sighed and gave the two demons a wary glare.


Xander had barely gotten to his feet before the door was opened and the two men on his mind spilled into the bathroom. Amethyst eyes locked with his and a smile split the impish face. “Well hello there! Is it ok if Hee-chan and I drop in?”

Xander let a wobbly smile grace his face. Both men were looking at him with worry and determination shining bright in their eyes. Heero, in a white bed sheet toga crouched in front of him, his intense indigo eyes pinned Xander where he stood. “Need to talk. Now.”


With his towel wrapped around him like a life line Xander left the bathroom like a prisoner heading for the executioners block. Duo and Heero exchanged looks. Xander looked worried. But worried was better then panicked. They sat on the bed like before, only this time passion was the last thing on their minds.

Like always Duo couldn’t handle silence for very long. “You know we wouldn’t hurt you, right?”

Xander shrugged. “Yeah. I know. I was your dog and I’ve seen how you two act. With and without people around. You're both great.”

“And we never got mad when you made a mess.” Said Heero with a humorous glint in his eyes. “It took me a while to find all that kibble you hid around the house.”

Xander blushed.

“I don’t know about you Xander . . .But me and Heero really like you. We thought you were beautiful the first time we’d seen you. We would like to get to know you. Be with you. Even if it’s only as friends. We want you around us Xander. Like you.” Then Duo leaned forward and gently pressed his lips to Xander’s. Xander sighed into the kiss, something just felt different about this one. It was slow, soft, and loving. Duo ended the simple kiss with a small peck then Heero replaced him. His kiss was a bit harder but just as sweet as Duo’s. Heero drew his hand up into Xander’s hair then down to his slender neck till his arm was around the younger boy. Heero ended the kiss with a lick to the slightly swollen bottom lip.

“I-I don’t really know . . .I um would like to try . . .I kinda like you guy’s too.” Blush.

“We’ll give you time to think. No rush.” Said Heero as he slid out of the bed.

“W-we could try this ( waves hand between them) thing out. See if it c-could work?” Xander said with wide eyes.

Heero nodded. “Good. Let’s go. You two need to dance.”

Duo gave Xander’s cheek a light caress before bouncing off the bed. “Oh no you don’t Hee-man! You're dancing too! I did not come on vacation with a wallflower!! Think of tonight as a mission you need to complete!! Cuz your dancing buster!!!!!” Said Duo as he waved his finger in Heero’s face.

With no expression on his face Heero spoke. “Mission *NOT* excepted.” With that said Heero darted for the bathroom and locked the door on Duo.

“Heero Yuy!!! You get those buns out here!!”

“Negative. I see no buns in here?” Came muffled through the door.

Xander’s lips twitched at the scene playing out before him. He knew what they were doing. Trying to brighten him up and get his mind off of his confusion. He had seen the look Heero and Duo shared before Heero had spoken. Though it didn’t help much with Xander’s confusion it did lighten the tension that had been building.


Walking down the side walked Xander alternately looked from one boy to the next, would blush when one of them met his eyes, then look down at the ground before him. This cycle went on all the way to the bar, he only halted in this stunned routine when some rude guy pushed past him to get into the Red Dog bar. So he was standing in front of the door! So. He wasn’t fat. The guy could have went around him. The doors were huge and wide open. Stupid red-haired, bandana wearing, asshol-

“Don’t mind that jerk, Xan! Those green leather pants are probably cutting off his circulation.” Said Duo as he wrapped an arm around Xander’s thin waist.

“Yes. Lets go have fun and get a drink.” Said Heero as he pulled the two black clothed men into the smoky music fulled atmosphere.


Duo grinned like a fool as he made a beeline for his friends. He blinked as he got a good look at them. Quatre was glowing, a just been fucked into the mattress glow. He had a dreamy smile on his face and seamed to give off a calming sweet vibe to everyone around him. Everyone around Q was smiling, it was like Quatre was everyones personal drug. Q looked angelic in his tight cream colored sweater and dark tanned slacks.

Trowa was next to the blond. His hair was must up more then normal, his lips were kiss bruised, and his one visible eye shined like an emerald. His lean body was propped against the bar counter like a big cat that couldn’t be bothered to move. He had a slight smile on his face, anyone that passed by could tell Trowa was a very content pussycat.

Duo looked at Heero then at his fellow pilots. ‘Seams they had some fun.’

Duo opened his mouth to ask where Wu-man and Sexy were only to have both slink out of a dark corner of the bar. Fei neck was covered in hickey’s but he didn’t seam to care. His hair was down in a silky waterfall down around his shoulders and his clothes were rumpled. He didn’t seam to mind at all, not with his hand busy trying to cop a better hold of Zechs leather covered rear.

Zechs was also rumpled. His red poet shirt was missing buttons all the way down his chest just above his navel, and the dark sun glasses he had taken to wearing instead to his mask were lope-sided. “ Well hello. Your finally here.” Said Zechs with a dreamy tilt to his deep voice.

“Yep! Here and accounted for! Now lets get us a table and drinks! THEN! We dance!” said Duo brightly as he pulled Heero and Xander along. If he wasn’t aloud to bang his two favorite boys into the mattress then he at least wanted to writhe against them on the dance floor.

After glaring three drunks away from the table they were heading to they flagged down a waitress. A waitress that began to shamelessly flirt with them. And when Duo thought 'them' he meant Xander. The busty blond was leaning against him and giggling while she wrote down whatever they wanted. Every time the girl leaned forward Duo would pull Xander back, the poor boy was almost in the braided boy’s lap by the time the waitress left.

Heero glared at the girl as she came back. She had finished their order fast. Normally he would have approved of such service and given a fat tip . . .But he *knew* there were at least some orders ahead of theirs. And their order was large. Normally bars do the smaller orders first and the hefty ones after.

“Ok. Three whiskey sours, one screwdriver, one rum and coke, one red wine, and one hot rum mocha.” She said as she placed each drink in front of the drinker. Then she left and came back with another tray. It had eight shot glasses with yellow liquid and a slice of lemon in it. Heero notice another shot glass of something they hadn’t ordered. “And here’s your eight lemon drops and a blow job for this cutie over here. I’m Charlotte by the way.” She said as she shook Xander’s hand and ignored the others.

Xander being ever so kind and unnoticing of the jealous glaze over Heero and Duo’s eyes smiled and shook the young ladies hand. Quatre nearly coughed up his drink when the strong dark emotions hit him.

“Xander. Nice to meet you and thanks for the drink.” With that said Xander downed the whip cream topped shot and handed it back to the smiling girl. Though after the girl left everything seamed fine, they were all relaxed and started talking about nothing and anything.

Holding up his shot glass in the middle of the round table Quatre spoke. “Here’s to a hopefully calm night.”

Everyone downed their shot.


Charlotte kept smiling till she reached the back room where no one could see her. She pulled out a tiny communicator from her bra. “ This is Char reporting in. I couldn’t get close enough to the boy to put a transmitter on him.” It had been figured that the untrained boy with the Gundam pilot would be less likely to notice a bug on his person. “ But I did slip the required drugs into their drinks, Corbin.”

~Do you know who the unknown boy is? Have they said where their location is?~

“Not really. I only got the boy’s first name. Xander, sir.”

A sigh came through the black object. ~Keep watching them and report anything that develops. Corbin out.~

Char stared at the transmitter for a moment then slipped it back into her bra.


“Ok! It’s time to dance! I want to dance!” Yelled Duo as he finished the last of his rum and coke.

Quatre and Zechs nodded in agreement. Both pulled their unresisting lovers onto the wooden dance floor, but Duo was having a bit of trouble. Heero had planted his feet to the floor like a stubborn mule, he was even hanging onto the table for good measure. Duo pouted, but Heero was being smart, he was looking at the far wall above Duo’s head. When his pout didn’t work on Heero, Duo turned to Xander who was standing next to him.

“Xan-puppy . . .Heero won’t come! Heeeeeelllllp meeeeeeeee . . .p’ease.” Xander rolled his eyes as Duo’s bottom lip quivered. Going for easy and attention grabbing Xander hopped over to Heero and gave his face a long lick on the side of his cheek just like a puppy would. Xander didn’t really feel embarrassed by doing that, it just felt like something natural he would do. *Looks like I’m going to have a licking fetish.* With a gasp Heero looked down into bottomless earthy brown and fire lit gem blue, both ever alight with mischief. But what really resigned him to the dance floor was puppy eyes times two.

“Dance with us.” More order then question.


For the first song Heero was tense. He was alert and super aware of every Tom, Dick, and Sally, around him and his. He didn’t truly get into the beat till Duo and Xander wedge him into the center and force him to get into it. They danced from one song to the next, soon all the G-boys became the center of attention. Dirty dancing had nothing on them. Xander was kind of surprised the bar manager didn’t kick them out.

Xander leaned into Heero, one of his arms around the messy hair boys neck and the other on his hip. Duo was at Heero back, his hips thrusting against Heero ass while one of his hands held Xander. Turning around Xander smiled into Heero’s dark blue eyes then rested his head on the young man’s strong shoulder. Duo had just latched his mouth onto Heero’s neck making a blissful expression cross his face when a hated call ran out through the air.


review. REVIEW!!!!!! Review! REVIEW!!! Oh and to those who did review thanks! And thank you those of you who threw ideas at me! Throw more! I might catch it! ^_-
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