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Summary: Xander walks in different shoes after Anya gets upset and says the W-word. Now Xan’s in a new place with a new name, a new life, and a new . . .body? What will he do now? Slash.

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Anime > Gundam WingMerKatFR181425,5071710349,75931 May 0630 Jul 07No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13



Title: HER!
Summary: Xander walks in different shoes after Anya gets upset and says the W-word. Now Xan’s in a new place with a new name, a new life, and a new . . . body? What will he do now? Slash.
Disclaimer: I own nothing except the craziness that spews out of my head. All characters belong to their respective owners.
Author notes & Warnings: M/M fanfic. No Beta. Be afraid. My mood affects my writing.


A gust of wind went by him and Xander blinked. Heero had disappeared from between them, and Zechs went running with Wufei to the back of the bar. Duo was glaring death at someone to his left, his white teeth bared out in threat. Turning his head toward whatever it was that Duo was practically hissing at, Xander didn’t expect the cute little blond girl. She was nice looking with her heart-shaped face, big blue eyes, and plush pouty lips. But what really made Xander pause and take a good look at her was the odd look in her light blue eyes. Black shadows flashed across them, followed by deadly obsession.

“What is it, Duo?” Asked Xander.

Duo growled then pulled Xander in the direction Heero possibly went. “It’s HER!!”


The HER turned out to be Zechs little sister, or Milliardo as Miss Pouty called him. Xander found it kind of funny. Every time she said Zechs birth name the man would flinch then calmly tell Relena to call him Zechs. The blond would sniff like a prude then call him Milly, which then made the white blond haired man snarl ‘Only my Fei can call me that! And only in the bedroom!!!’. That out burst made Wufei blush brightly then mumble things about ‘justice’, ‘not right’ and ‘put a muzzle on her’.

Duo had disappeared into the mens bathroom. He was trying to get Heero to come out. Xander was more or less guarding the bathroom door. Relena didn’t seam to care to much about the bathroom signs or personal space. Xander sighed. He wouldn’t be surprised if Duo and Heero split, leaving him and the other’s to fend for themselves.

“Move!” Said Relena. “I need to speak with Heero. It’s important.”

“Um . . . No?” Xander watched warily as the girls face started turning a bright shade of pink. Backing up a step Xander wondered if she was going to explode. He didn’t hear any ticking.

“I’m Relena Peacecraft! Ruler a Sanq! Official of the free Nations! I’m a powerful diplomat!! I demand to speak with Heero!!”

“Um . . . No.” Xander winced when Relena’s screech hurt his sensitive puppy hearing. Distantly Xander could hear dogs howling in pain. He checked his ears just to make sure they weren’t bleeding.

“NOW!!!” Relena tried to push Xander out of the way. Either she wasn’t that strong or the muscle Xander earned from his days as a slayerett stayed with his younger looking body. It was kind of embarrassing watching the short blond beat at his chest and ‘try’ to push him out of the way.

“Relena! Calm down. We’ll talk to the pilots all together. It’s not just Heero we need to speak with. Une only told us where they were because they are all needed. You know she never would have told you for any other reason. ” Growled Dorothy. Everyone but the pink wearing blonde girl could see the jealous glint in Dorothy’s eyes.

Relena pouted then nodded but she still looked at the men’s bathroom longingly. After a minute of quiet a sulky Duo and an emotionless Heero came out of the bathroom.

“Millions of people better be dying for Une to send YOU to bug us! If not then I’m going to blow something up!” Duo growled. Heero had been loose, smiling, and HAPPY. Now he was tense, like how he was in the war. Cold, uncaring, and to the point. Relena brought that side of Heero out and Duo didn’t like it! Not at all!!

Xander frowned as he sat down by Heero at the table, he made sure he sat between him and the blonde girl. Relena’s eyes were practically spiting fire at Xander and Duo as the two young men blocked her access to Heero. Pulling Relena down to sit by her Dorothy spoke. “Mostly we have info for your group . . . Should this boy be here?”

Dorothy gestured for Xander to go, but Heero put his hand on Xander’s shoulder forcing him to sit back down. “He stays.”

Dorothy shrugged. “It’s your secrets not mine . . . There’s a new terrorist group called the White Snake Eye, stupid name, but they’re here. And they are after the Gundam pilots. Our intelligents say this groups been around for a long while. They have a hand in everything from prostitution to drugs. But now they want to go public. They want to make a real name for their group.”

Quatre frowned. “Ok. So why didn’t Une send one of her men? Or contact us herself?”

Dorothy frowned and Relena blushed. “As it turns out, we were in the neighborhood . . . ”Dorothy growled as she looked at Relena. “And Relena felt it was safer to deliver the info ourselves.”

“Well this was fun! We should do it again sometime! We have to go now. Bye.” Said Duo as he gathered everyones jackets and shuffled them out the door before the girls could blink.

“Wait! Hhhhheeeerrrrrooooo! We have more to tell you!!” Yelled Relena as the pilots disappeared in the crowd.

Duo glared behind him as he pushed Heero and Xander along. Everyone was almost running to get away from the bar. Xander would have found it pretty funny if he didn’t want to get away just as bad. When they all got close to the docks, they slowed down to a calm stroll. The farther they got from the bar the looser Heero’s emotional mask became till it slid off fully. Heero let out a sigh of relief when the docks came into view.

“So . . . I’m guessing you guy’s don’t like this Relena girl and her friend. She did seam kinda stalker-ish.” Xander said as he looked from one couple to the next.

Zechs snorted. “Kinda! She’s a blood hound! Where Heero is, she is! I know she’s my sister but really.”

“Oh.” Scuffing his shoes Xander watched Heero and Duo whisper to each other. Whatever Duo was saying it was obviously helping Heero.


Duo put his arm around Heero and cooed into his ear. “When we get home, we’ll set up the hot tub. You, me, and our lovely puppy, naked in the tub . . . ” Duo purred as he gently rubbed Heero’s neck and petted the soft short hair at his nape. “It will relax you. And I’ll make Xan wear that one pair of white shorts you got me. He’d look hot in it. All blushing and wet.”

Heero groaned. Slipping his arm around Duo Heero smiled. “How do you do that?” He asked softly.

Duo looked confused. “What?”

“Make me happy? How?”

Duo snorted. “You’re my Hee-baby. I love to make you happy. In-fact tonight I’m going to make you and our new Koi veeeerrrrry happy.” He said as he wiggled his eyebrows. That startled a laugh out of Heero. Heero was about to say something along the lines of making Duo just as happy when he spotted something out of the corner of his eye.

They were being followed.


All the pilots noticed when Heero went from relaxed and laughing to the perfect soldier. He was stiff, deadly, and seamed taller then he did seconds ago. All of them, even Xander took that as a sign of danger.


The hair on the back of Xander’s neck stood on end when Heero stilled. The night no longer felt as safe. Xander expected vamps, demons, hell gods, or wizards, he didn’t expect to be facing human’s in uniform. Many young men in black and green jumped out the shadows carrying tranq guns.

Xander watched with a touch of awe as Heero flipped a man twice his weight over his should, then toss him aside like he weight nothing. Xander’s inner soldier was admiring Heero and his superior skill. Heero as strength, strength that the fragments of hyena purring with want.

Duo was dodging and kicking out at the two men he was fight. He was fighting with clear enjoyment, a predator that knew he was good at the killing. Clearing Duo was a wonderful provider of skill. He attacks with the vicious grace of a vampire. The faint purring in Xander’s head was getting louder.

The way Wufei fought reminded Xander of fire blazing over a dry forest. He showed no mercy as he disabled his enemies.

Zechs was clearly dancing around the soldier trying to tranq him. A graceful kick and the gun was out of the man’s hands and across the street.

Quatre and Trowa were working together. They were surrounded by four soldiers but that mattered little, they clearly had the advantage. Trowa did a agile flip and clipped a soldier under the chin. Then grabbed Quatre into his arms, tossing the blond up into the air, said blond kick two men in the face as he landed. They were flipping around like a pair of circus cats.

Xander saw all this as he fought. Knocking a gun out of the burly soldier’s hand Xander kicked the feet out from under the man. Another soldier with more skill in fighting grabbed Xander’s wrist and twisted, trying to force him to the ground. Hissing in pain as the bones rubbing together, Xander balled up his fist and punched hard. Below the belt. The guy released him immediately, curled into a ball holding his um . . . parts. Grabbing the fallen tranq gun Xander got up and aimed it at the next soldier. Xander clearly didn’t have the refined trained the other had but he was good. Year’s of fighting under his belt and all. Aiming Xander hit one in the neck, then another soldier in the leg, chest, and back. When it was empty Xander threw it aside and punched a guy that just staggered to his feet.

Looking around Xander smiled. Everyone was no worse for wear, but their attackers were on the ground groaning. Heero, Trowa, and Wufei were searching the whimpering men. Duo came over to Xander and started checking him over. “Are you ok Xander? Sorry. Heero and I shouldn’t have let any of those bastards near you! You ok?” Worried Amethyst met amused brown.

“I’m fine Duo. Just a bruise to two. I didn’t really get hurt.” Xander said with a shrug as he watched Heero make his way toward them.

“Didn’t really? Where are you hurt?” Heero looked Xander over then notice he was holding his arm to his body. Heero gently snatched his hand up as he felt along the thin wrist. Xander’s wrist was clearly swollen, but from what Heero could feel it wasn’t broken. That was good, if it was Heero would have to break some attacker bones, just to even it out.

Heero sighed. “We’ll have to ice that wrist when we get home. Don’t want it to swell anymore then it has.”

“So who are they?” Duo asked Wufei as the others walked up.

“It appears these . . . men belong to the White Snake Eye. Each man here has a small white snake tattooed onto their necks. One of them had a list. It looks to be a list of explosive ingredients. Another had a folder.” Said Wufei as he handed it to Heero. It had pictures. Pictures of all of them, at their homes, at work, driving around town. They even had pictures of Duo and Heero holding their new puppy. Even had pictures just of their puppy. Heero scowled as he handed them back to Wufei.

“Lets gather these fools up--” Heero didn’t get any farther then that because a black van pulled up. It opened up revealing guns, guns, oh and more guns. Guns with men holding them. The boys looked at each other for a second then as one they ran for it. To the dock, in the boat, gone. Dodging bullets like pros as they went. Heero cursed as he sped away in the boat. It was covered in bullet holes and they didn’t get to interrogate the enemies! Damn! Damn! Damn!!


Everyone was in a foul mood as they got back to the cabin. Getting attacked then shot at could do that to a person. Xander expected everyone to head off to bed but everyone went around checking this or that, fortifying the house, setting up traps and alarms. Xander was impressed. This was paranoia at its best.

He was about to head to his room to change when Heero grabbed up his arm and pulled him into the kitchen. Heero pushed him into a chair then gathered the first aid kit. Gently Heero wrapped an ice pack around Xander wrist, then binding it with gauze. “There. In an hour I’ll wrap your wrist in with a hot pack. The swell was already better then it was the last I looked. It should be fine by morning.”

Giving Xander a soft kiss Heero stood up and went back to checking over every square inch of the house. He needed to keep everyone safe after-all.

Across town

“What is it? Do you have the Gundam pilots?!”

Wince. “No sir. We underestimated their hand to hand battle skills.”

“WHAT!!! Do you mean MY men were taken out by brats? Children?!!?”

“Y-yes. Yes sir . . .”

Sigh. “Did you at least get the boy with the pilots?!!? Char said he was a friend. He would hold value to them. We could use him as a bargaining chip. Did you?!!!?”

Wince. “N-no sir, White Snake, sir. It appears the boy has some military training as well. B-but they did flee when we pulled our guns on them!! R-ran like children sir!”

“All of you were taking out? Grrrr. Return to base. Char found out where they are. We’ll catch them at their cabin.”

“R-right sir.”

“Oh and Paul.”

“Yes sir?”

“If your team mess’ up again it will be your head. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes sir!”

“I want the pilots! Dead or live. I care not. White Snake out.”


Filling the hot tub with water Duo hummed. He had two candles lit, chocolate strawberries, and rich rum spiked hot coco already. As the hot tub started bubbling Duo went to go find his boys. After tonight they needed a little something-something to get the tension out.

“Hee-baby!!! Xan-pup!!!!”

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