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Summary: Xander walks in different shoes after Anya gets upset and says the W-word. Now Xan’s in a new place with a new name, a new life, and a new . . .body? What will he do now? Slash.

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So tired


Title: So tired

Summary: Xander walks in different shoes after Anya gets upset and says the W-word. Now Xan’s in a new place with a new name, a new life, and a new . . . body? What will he do now? Slash.

Disclaimer: I own nothing except the craziness that spews out of my head. All characters belong to their respective owners.
Author notes & Warnings: M/M fanfic. No Beta. Be afraid. My mood affects my writing.



Blinking his eyes Shini Xander stretched then clumsily made the journey to the edge of the bed. Walking over Duo’s naked back he slowly slid off him then tumbled to the floor with a plop. Shaking his head Xander looked up at Duo who was sleeping peacefully, didn’t stir at all, Xander smiles a puppy like grin. Duo had been busy last night. Hot steamy bath, spiked cocoa, and a relaxing hot oil massage. Duo had magic fingers. Shame they didn’t get to anything really hot, just kissing and groping. Everyone had been unexplainably extra tired. So tired that some didn’t reach their beds. So tired and weak. It was really weird.

Even now as Xander scampered down the hall, he could feel an unexplained weakness. Clack. Clack. Clack. Xander’s little puppy claws sounded as he made his way across the hard wood floor. Stopping at the stairs Xander slowly climbed down one at a time, he didn’t really want to tumble. Jumping over the last two steps, Xander made his way toward the kitchen.

Passing the couch Xander had to snicker. Wufei and Zechs were snuggled together, half dressed and in each other’s arms. They looked cute. Wufei was even lightly snoring. Kind of like a purr. Licking Wufei’s dangling hand as he passing, Xander nearly fell over laughing. Or yipping since puppies can’t really laugh like a human. He didn’t know Wufei could make that kind of noise.

“EEEEEEHHHH! Wha? The hell!” Yelped Wufei as he jumped off the couch and out of Zechs’ arms. Shini Xander disappeared into the kitchen, let Zechs listen to Wufei’s justice speech. Even though sometimes the smaller Chinese boy looked cute red and annoyed. “It’s 11:30am! We’ve slept in! Of all the times--”

In the kitchen Quatre was lazily mixing pancake batter, Trowa was snoozing into his arms, and Heero was drinking very, very black coffee. It was almost sludge from what Shini Xander could see. All three of them looked very tired. Like they hadn’t slept at all. Running up to Heero, Xander pawed at his leg and waited for the messy haired boy to pick him up.

Heero gave Shini a small but happy smile as he complied. Licking the tired Perfect Soldier’s face, Shini Xander wagged his tail. “Shini.” Scratching behind Xander’s ears, Heero went back to drinking his coffee-like putty.

Placing a plate of food in font of Heero and Trowa, Quatre yawned. “Pancakes, eggs, and ba-*yawn* bacon. Hope you guys like it. I better get the other’s *yawn* down here.” Shuffling along the small blond went to get his wayward friends for brunch. Xander blinked. He felt tired but the others obviously felt exhausted! Jumping down from Heero’s lap, Xander went and followed his blond friend. Maybe even help him wake up Duo.


Duo was a hard sleeper. Dead to the world type right now. Shini Xander sat on the unmoving young man’s chest and blinked. He had done everything he knew how to do to get the braided boy out of bed. Jumped on him. Pulled at his hair. Licked his face. Even barked loudly. Duo hadn’t moved. Quatre shook Duo again.

“This is not like Duo at all?” He mumbled.

Quatre shook his head. He really wanted to go back to sleep. He was tired and kind of cold. It was like his blood was moving far too slow. Giving up on shaking the Shinigami pilot awake Quatre stumbled into the bathroom for a cup of water. Quatre bit his lip as he looked from the cool glass of water in his hand to Duo sleeping peacefully. Stepping a good distance back Quatre tipped the cup.

“WWUHHHHEEEE!!!” Shini Xander tipped his head to the side. *Huh? Duo can make that weird sound too.*



Heero, Trowa, Zechs, and Wufei, just started eating when a howl sounded. They all got up and ran, slower then normally, up the stairs to the master bedroom. As they opened the door they found a half-dressed wet angry Duo, a blushing apologizing Quatre, and an amused looking puppy. Everyone looked at the scene and relaxed. Wufei and Zechs left, going back to their meal, too lethargic to wait for explanations.

“Well you wouldn’t wake up. I know you hate cold eggs and pancakes. Water was a better idea then shooting my gun off.” Quatre said softly.

“For whom? For a second there I thought I was on a pond of something. Besides it can’t be noon. I feel like I’ve only slept for minutes not hours.” Duo said as he rung his hair out on the rug.

Heero nodded at that. “Everyone feels that way Duo. I think we should bring out some of the equipment Une said was on the property. Check our blood.”

Trowa nodded. “I’ll get on it.”

The other’s nodded. Putting a shirt on Duo picked up the black pup and looked him over. “Even Shini is not himself today. You think we got slipped something don’t you, Hee-koi.”

Heero just nodded. His face was expressionless but his blue eyes were storming.


“Sir. There is movement on the property. Should we move in?”

“Has the drug taken effect? I want them alive and undamaged. I’ve decided I would like to meet them before I kill them.”

“ Yes, Sir. I think so sir. Their movement has slowed. Should we deploy the second chemical agent?”

“Yes. Oh, and don’t mess up this time, Paul. I would hate to have to kill a friend because of incompetence. White Snake out.”

The dark man in camouflage green and purple looked at the men around him and gave a shaky sigh. “Ok men. You heard our leader. Bring down the pilots but don’t harm them.” The man grinned just a little. “At least not too badly.”

The mercenaries around Paul all grinned. They had some pay back to dish out.


Trowa opened the door to a small but clean lab. He was not surprised at all when he had seen it in Une’s vacationing cabin. The woman was a workaholic after all. Carrying a tray of seven vials of blood Trowa placed them down on the counter. Though he and the other pilots were no where as good as Doctor Po when it came to medical things they could do basic’s.

Pulled a vial from the tray Trowa got to work.

15 minutes later

Trowa walked into the livingroom with a frown on his face. “Found something.”

Duo laying across the couch on his stomach gestured with his hand for info. “Out with it.”

“A drug unlike any I’ve ever seen. It’s dormant in our blood but it’s still affecting us. I think we need to contact Po.” Trowa handed Heero a sheet of paper with the formula compounds on it.

“I’ll get on it. I’ll go and contact the office” Said Quatre leaving the room for the hallway phone.

“From everything here, it should be out of our system within eight hours.” Heero frowned.

Trowa nodded. “As long as the components aren’t activated. Yeah. This stuff is even in Xander, but in a much weaker dose. This stuff won’t kill us but someone still went to a lot of trouble to get us with it.”

“Hn.” Heero agreed.


Quatre walked back into the room a small frown on his face. “Une said her jet will be here in four hours. Po will be on it with her medical staff. We need to meet them at the airport at gate seven.”

Heero nodded. The others were sitting on their chairs in sluggish unease. Heero was forcing himself to move, so were the others, but Heero was determined to act as much like himself as he could. Collapsing on the couch next to Trowa, Quatre groaned, he had a pounding headache. “I want to go back to sleep.”

Wufei rolled over on the shagged carpet. “Not a good idea.”

Duo sighed as he waved his hand Wufei’s way. “Don’t care. *groan* Tired.”

Shini Xander was sitting on top of Duo. Well more like laying on top of him. His eyes felt kinda heavy. Shini Xander let out a yawn then nuzzled his nose against Duo’s neck. Duo didn’t even twitch as Xander’s cold nose rubbed against his skin. He was asleep.

Heero crouched down in front of Duo and put a hand on his forehead. Duo was warm. “Duo?”

Duo opened an eye then was about to say something when all the glass windows in the living room exploded. Everyone was on their feet, much slower then normal, with weapons ready. Containers of something purple was thrown into the room as they started to make a run for it. But the clouds of purple gas filled the hallways and they inhaled. Dizziness followed.



All the G-boys lay crumpled on the floor. Wufei and Quatre in the hall, Zechs and Duo just in front of them. Heero with Shini in his arms was laying in front of the open door, Trowa lay crumpled by his legs. All of them were out cold.

At the door a man stepped in. He smiled at the sight before him. He lifted a walky-talky to his lips. “Tell the boss we got them.”


I'm happy! The Colts won! yay! *sigh* Was a good game. Hope you all like this chapter. ^_^
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