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Summary: Xander walks in different shoes after Anya gets upset and says the W-word. Now Xan’s in a new place with a new name, a new life, and a new . . .body? What will he do now? Slash.

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Wake up to . . .?

Title: Wake up to . . .?

Summary: Xander walks in different shoes after Anya gets upset and says the W-word. Now Xan’s in a new place with a new name, a new life, and a new . . . body? What will he do now? Slash.

Disclaimer: I own nothing except the craziness that spews out of my head. All characters belong to their respective owners.
Author notes & Warnings: M/M fanfic. No Beta. Be afraid. My mood affects my writing.



Opening his eyes were a hardship but slowly Heero managed. He was laying on his side, his hands and feet tied tight. The room he was in was dark and damp. As his vision started clearing Heero could see blond hair and a brown braid nearby. Bitting on the gag in his mouth Heero tried to vocalize in someway. Muffled little sounds came out. But that seemed to be enough to awake someone.

Trowa’s dazed green eyes came into Heero’s line of sight. His face was all bruised up and dried blood was caked around his nose and jaw. Heero felt like he had been mowed over by a car repeatedly and his chest ached. Most likely a cracked rib or severe bruising. Bitting his gag hard Heero forced his resisting body to rise. It was pathetic and slow moving. He felt as weakened as a new born kitten. As mortifying as it was Heero had to rock his body into a sitting position like a heavily fat or weak muscled person would do.

Finally sitting on his bum Heero watched Trowa try to do the same with little success. He was just to wobbly to stay in a sitting position. Another groan sounded and Duo moved. He rolled himself onto his back and stilled. His face was pinched up in pain. Blood was caked along his hairline and down his neck. Duo made eye contact with Heero then looked around as much as he could.

They were in a large room and laying on a hard floor, there were no windows from what he could see, and only one door. One route of possible escape. Wriggling around Duo tried to look all around him, but it was to dark to see anything of use. Bitting on his gag Duo growled in annoyance, the gag was rubbery and his teeth wouldn’t cut through. Nudging the person next to him Duo tried to smile around the gag when Wufei glared up at him. His gag looked painfully tight around his narrow face and the large dark bruise on Wufei’s cheek looked horrible. It was shaped like a foot print. As Wu moved around Duo could see Zechs by his side, Zechs hair was a mess and streaked with blood.

Duo tried to sit up, but it seemed an impossible task. Just when Duo thought he could swing himself into a sitting position the lights came on. Bright. Very bright and blinding! All of the gundam pilots blinked as their eye sight adjusted. In the middle of the room flanked by grunts, wearing a nice white suit, and holding Shini was the head honcho. He was smiling.

The man was petting the sleeping pup as he walked toward the bound G-boys, his shoes clacked with each step. He stopped just feet way from them, his icy eyes were as sharp as daggers and his hair silver and neatly pulled into a ponytail. “So you’re finally awake. Good. I wish to converse with you. Tell me pilots of the great gundam’s, when did you become weak and sentimental?”

The bound young men just glared.

The well aged silver haired man made a disappointed noise. “I expected more from you. You were considered to be legends, the symbol of power . . . The great foe . . . Your loss will make my people stronger . . .” The man said in a distant voice.

Hissing the man thrust Shini in front of the young men, he held the dazed pup by the neck. “This was found in your arms Pilot 01. *Raised brow* Only children value their mutts above their lives. You 01, could have escaped my lovely trap . . . No maybe not . . .*Sneer* You have loyalties to the other pilots. That is another weakness . . .”

Duo clinched his jaw as he listened to the asshole prattle on, and on, and on. The man was a classic bad guy . . .an idiot.


Shini Xander whimpered a bit. He was confused, his body hurt, and the fur on his neck was being pulled painfully. Xander’s eyes fluttered till he managed to open heavy as lead lids. When Xander grasped the situation he tensed, the others bound and bloody, the surroundings unrecognizable, and a stranger was holding him.

Curling up into himself Xander tried to think of something, anything to do. But he didn’t get a chance to follow any of his half made plans because the man holding him threw him without care across the room. Xander landed on the hard floor with a pained yelp he slid over to a dark corner. Xander tumbled then he slid and stopped at the bars of a metal cage. Xander still dazed and hurting only vaguely wondered why a cage was in the shadowy corner . . . that is till he heard the low growls coming from the other side. Xander looked in with wide eyes and met four sets of poisonous yellow orbs.

When one pair of those evil eyes lunged forward at him Xander yelped and jumped back from the cage as fast as he could. Big paws followed him, a large muzzle full of teeth tried to bite at him. Xander’s breath caught as sharp uneven claws scraped his back. At a good distance Xander got a look at his attacker. A Doberman, foaming at the mouth and completely insane.

Xander stared at the creature, his eyes wide. * That thing nearly took my face off!*


White Snake grinned at the angry young men bound before him. “I can see you care for your mutt very much. *Chuckle* It’s time we make my video. The gundam pilots are feared by many . . . Just imagine . . .Imagine the admirers my little group will get.”

Waving his hand toward the shadows White Snake had two lackeys set up a camera and another two set up a bomb on a digital timer. “Everyone in the world will watch your end . . . And it will be because of me . . . The White Snake Eye will go down in infamy!” White Snake smiled crookedly.

Heero wasn’t really listening, he was watching the men assemble the bomb. It was simple. Easy to deactivate. They just had to get out of the ropes. Heero pulled at his. They would stretch, but the knots were done well. Heero sighed, he could easily slip out of the ropes with just a bit of moister. Testing the sharpness of his nails Heero was about to slice up his skin when he felt a cold nose and soft padded paws against his wrists. Heero stilled and let someone else do all the work for once.

His puppy was doing a very good job.


Shaking his dazed head Xander/Shini slowly got to his pawed feet and carefully shuffled over to his tied up friends and . . .er new b-boyfriends. Reaching Heero, Xander started nibbling at the ropes, it was tough but Xander was slowly making headway. When he bit into tender flesh Xander would lick it in apology, but Heero never moved or flinched. Loosening Heero’s ropes Xander started clawing at Trowa’s, he had just started shuffling toward Duo when someone picked him up!

Yelping Xander tried to wiggle away, only to be hugged close to a hard chest. Xander looked up to find he was being held by one of the grunt soldiers, one Xander had personally punched in the gut. “What are you doing with the gundam’s dog, Roy?”

“Gonna keep him, Paul! Bet I could get a lot of cash for it!”

Paul blinked then smirked. “Yeah.”

*Great! Just wonderful!* Thought Xander as he looked back at the others still bound up, but Xander could see them slowly wriggling out of their ties. Xander yipped, growled, and tried to squirm out of the hold he was in. But it was hard being small. Couldn’t do a damned thing. Then a horrible thought came to Xander . . . They had been out for a while, the sky was darkening. Xander would change soon . . . very soon.

With his heart in his throat Xander watched his new friends till the doors snapped closed.


White Snake watched the faces of the gundam boys crumble as they lost sight of their animal. The braided one was particularly amusing. “You should be pleased . . . The mongrel you hold so close to your hearts wont burn with you . . . “ Giving an amused snort White Snake launched a swift kick to pilot 01's exposed stomach, forcing the young man to crumble back onto the floor.

White Snake shook his head. “Such a shame . . . In another time . . . another place, I’d have an edible thing like you in my bed. Maybe in the next life . . .” He smiled at the braided one that was hissing at him.

“Good bye gundams.”

Pressing the red controller button White Snake walked out of the room, the delicious sound of the count down following him.

10:00 minutes. They would be out of range and the gundams will be dead. 10:00 minutes and the White Snake Eye will be a super power. He, White Snake, would have everything! Money, land, power, women, men . . . and Earth, the planet and all her pretty baubles would be his to toy with! All her secrets . . .


Duo shifted, pulled, and yanked at his wrists. Some asshole just took his dog, his baby Xan! And that piss-ant White-ass-hoe was hitting on his Heero!! No one touched what was his!! Duo was about to tug even harder, because hey, 9:12 seconds on the clock . . . Which means his pup has been in someone else’s arms for over fifty seconds!!!

Duo could feel his inner Shinigami trying to peek out. Duo let out a calming breath. Here was no place to lose control, inside the cockpit of his gundam when he’s surrounded by enemies yes, but not here . . . with nothing to take his anger out on . . . Duo groaned.

“Easy Duo . . .”Duo calmed instantly. His Heero was free. When his arms were free Duo grinned and helped Heero and Trowa untie the others.

Duo looked at the timer on the bomb and snickered. 8:06 Cracking his knuckles Duo started pulling wires. It was deactivated before the timer hit 8:00. Tossing the timer in the air Duo hooked up the bomb to go off in seconds when they needed it. “Lets get Xander . . . He’s gonna change around 9 o’clock.”

Heero nodded as he looked at his cracked watch, it was half past six. “Let’s get this done.”

Hefting the explosives carefully on his shoulder Duo smirked at his bruised lover. “Hey, Hee-chan, were going to need a vacation from our vacation soon! Maybe Hawaii?”

Wufei snorted. “No way Maxwell! You go there and something worse will happen!”

Finding a car Duo ducked down and started hot wiring it. “Really Fei? Like what?”

Wufei glared. “Knowing you and Yuy! A time portal will open up to Candy-land and we’ll have to fight and kill evil un-honorable gingerbread men!!”

Duo snorted. “You tried to eat one of the game pieces when you were a kid, didn’t you Wu-baby?”

A confused looked crossed Quatre’s angelic if battered face. “How would an un-honorable gingerbread man fight?”

Trowa shrugged.

When the car started Heero got into the drivers seat. “At least we won’t go hungry.” Heero dead-panned.


Review, please. I know its been forever . . .sorry. *Shrug*

The End?

You have reached the end of "Paws" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 30 Jul 07.

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