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Summary: Xander walks in different shoes after Anya gets upset and says the W-word. Now Xan’s in a new place with a new name, a new life, and a new . . .body? What will he do now? Slash.

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Anime > Gundam WingMerKatFR181425,5071710349,74531 May 0630 Jul 07No

Puppy life



Title: Puppy life
Author: Merkat
Fandom: Buffy/Gundam
Pairing: Xander/? Heero/Duo Wufei/Zechs Trowa/Quatre
Summary: Xander walks in different shoes after Anya gets upset and says the W-word. Now Xan’s in a new place with a new name, a new life, and a new . . . body? What will he do now? Slash.
Archive: Slash. AU
Rating: PG-13 . . . NC17
Parts: many if I don’t get a road block.
Status: Finished? No.
Series/Sequel: Nope? No idea
Disclaimer: I own nothing except the craziness that spews out of my head. All characters belong to their respective owners.
Author notes & Warnings: M/M fanfic. No Beta. Be afraid. My mood affects my writing.


Xander was curled up with his brother’s and sister’s in the box their mother had left them in. It was cold out, winter was coming because even with his new unused eyes Xander could see the brown leaves. Letting out a little hungry whimper Xander peeked his little head out of the torn box. Mother had been gone longer then normal and he was hungry. Very hungry!

Though Xander needed to figure out a way to get back to Sunnyhell and get someone to change him back to normal, he figured he wouldn’t get far on legs that could hardly support his weight. Laying back down the small fuzzy black pup that was Xander Harris cuddled next to his brown, grey and white brothers and sisters.


Not far from the ally Xander’s very devoted mother was running back to her little ones. There was a dog catcher about so she had to be careful. Coming to a busy road the large black dog with white leggings sniffed the air.

She was nervous and needed to return to her pups. Yelping as something hit her head she ran down the road, past cars and buildings, and barely heard the human curse her as she disappeared. Too jumpy to wait for traffic to clear the black dog rushed to cross the street. She didn’t see the car . . .


Duo was driving home. It was his turn to get dinner so he decided to drop by the pizza parlor on his way home. The pizza was piping hot and the smell filled the car as he drove. Humming to the radio music Duo called Heero at home. Tomorrow was officially their vacation and in five days they would be at their private cabin deep in the Alaskan southeast forest.


“Hi, Babe! I’m almost home. I got us a pizza!”

“Ok. And don’t eat in the car.”

Sighing Duo pulled his hand out of the pizza box and put it back on the wheel where it belonged. “Ok, luv. Be home in a bit.” Hanging up Duo pulled out a slice of pizza and took a bite. As he was making a turn, a dog came out of nowhere. Slamming on the breaks Duo sighed as the dog ran past unhurt. But as he watched he winced. A big blue truck came zooming by, going at least twenty miles over the speed limit, and hit the animal. Duo watched as the dog became airborne and flew into a dirt ridden ally. Watching in disbelief as the truck just kept going Duo pulled over. The dog needed a vet and Duo wasn’t the kind of guy to leave a poor puppy hurting.

Finding the dog dragging itself into an ally, Duo followed. The dog was bleeding and looked to be in a lot of pain. Stopping next to the frightened animal Duo tried to make himself look harmless to the downed growling beast. Holding his hand out to the black dog Duo smiled as she sniffed his fingers. Petting her behind the ears Duo was about to pick her up and take her to his car when he saw movement farther down the ally.


Xander awoke when he heard a thump sound. He would be up with a stake in his hands, but the lack of thumbs would make that a difficult task. Hopping up onto his hind legs, he tried to get out of the sagging torn cardboard box. Standing on one of his brothers Xander managed to plop out of the box and onto the dirt ground. Giving a little puppy yelp as he landed on his rump Xander stood on his shaky legs. Perking his triangle ears up Xander left his siblings to their puppy fighting and snoozing. He needed to find out what made that sound.

Taking one little step at a time Xander rounded a corner to find his mother struggling to walk. Standing with his little black head tipped to the side Xander watched as a tall braided man knelt beside her. Walking a little closer Xander sniffed, the guy smelled a little like pizza. Meeting the man’s purple eyes Xander felt a warmth flush through his body, like warm arms holding him tight. Yipping at the guy Xander tipped his head to the side.


Smiling as he carefully picked up the black and white dog he looked at the pup. “ Hey their cutie. Is this your mum?” Duo’s smile only widened as the pup yipped at him. Carrying the dog to the back of his car, Duo went back for the pup, only to frown when it wasn’t where he left it. Turning a corner Duo gasped as he found nine adorable puppies. Putting the little black one gently back in the box with his colorful family Duo placed them with the mother.

Making a U-turn Duo headed for the vets office. Taking his phone out Duo called Heero, only to get the message machine. “Hey Heero baby! Your probably outside doing those sexy shirt-less exercises that I love to watch, *Sigh*, Can’t believe I’m missing that! Well I’ll be home in a bit, K. I just have to make a little detour. Love you! Bye.” Pulling into the small vets, office Duo parked and turned off his car. Opening the back, he smiled at the ten eyes that focused on him.

“Hey, lets get you to the doc.”

Picking up the dog Duo closed the back and left the nine pups in their box. A bell rang as Duo entered the door.

“Hey anyone here?” A lovely woman with long dark hair came from the back of the office she had on a white coat and blue rubber gloves.

“Hello sir. Can I help you?”

Duo looked at the name tag on her jacket then gave her a little smile in greetings.

“Hi Sasha! I’m Duo. I found this pretty lady after she was hit by some asshole's truck. Can you help her?”

Giving the dog a look over Sasha lead Duo to a back room so he could put the dog on a table. Leaving the vet to her work Duo left to get the pups grabbing the box of snoozing pups, Duo took them over to ware the mother was.

“Cute.” Said a younger vet as she joined Sasha. She was short with shoulder length red hair. She started looking over the pups. Duo picked up one of the plump little butter balls and petted its head. Sasha came toward him with a smile.

“Missy there has a broken leg and a fractured hip. She has a lot of bruising and a couple cuts but will be ok. Thank you for bringing her. She’s a beautiful dog, so I’m certain someone will be looking for her.”

“Sasha all eight pups are in perfect health. All plump and zero fleas.”

Duo frowned, he was sure there were nine. Oh well. “Hey I think ones missing. I’ll be right back.”

Going out to his car Duo looked in the back, only to find the little black one eating Duo’s half eaten slice of pizza in the front seat. Picking up the little runner Duo held the wiggling pup close. He rubbed its little belly as it tried to nibble his jacket. For some reason this one was as sweet as sin to Duo.


Xander watched as the braided man left with his injured mother. He hoped she would be ok. After-all she was a better mother to him then his human mother ever would. Using a sibling as a stepping stool Xander rolled out of the box.

All he needed was someone to adopt him. Becoming someone’s pet could make getting home harder. Crawling under the seats, Xander sniffed for that pizza that had been teasing his senses. Giving a puppy grin Xander tried to hop up on the chair only to growl when his little self couldn’t reach. Looking at the black net pocket holders on the door’s Xander slowly climb it. Reaching the top, Xander did a puppy version of his snoopy dance.

Finding a slice already out of the box Xander laid down and started eating. He was hungry and was going to eat damn it! He had only began nibbling when the tall braided dude came back for his whining siblings, watching as they left him alone Xander perked up his black ears. * Well this maybe my last slice of gooey pizza goodness for a while! I should enjoy it! *
Taking big bites and licking at the sauce Xander wagged his tail. He had just started nibbling on the crust when a big hand lifted him.

* Hey! I’m not done! This is so kidnaping . . .er pup-naping! * Xander scowled as all that came out of his mouth was puppy growls and yelps. Opening his mouth to make more noise Xander suddenly went lax as the braided guy rubbed his belly.

*That’s so cheating . . .*


An hour had passed since Heero had heard Duo’s message, he’d called his baka but only got voice mail. Heero was just going to go out and look for Duo when he heard the front door open. Duo was carrying the pizza he was bouncy and had a beaming smile on his face. Taking the now cold pizza from Duo Heero got out two plats for them.

“What took you?”

“Some dog got hit by a car. I took it to the vet.” Duo smiled as Heero got that slightly concerned look on his face.

“Was it ok?”

“Yeah. Just a broken leg and stuff. No big.”

“Hmm.” Was all Heero said as he leaned against Duo. Putting his arms around the taller pilot Duo kissed Heero’s messy hair. Sitting on the coach Duo took a deep breath and breathed in Heero’s hot dark chocolate scent.



“Can we get a dog?”

Heero blinked for a second. He thought of the responsibilities of having such an animal. The pro’s and con’s of saying yes or no. If he said no Duo would mope, would be angry with him, and with hold sex. If he said yes, Duo would be happy, they would have an animal that depends on them. Sighing Heero nodded. Duo’s smile could light a city with how bright it was. Giving Heero a big kiss Duo bounced to the phone. “I’m going to tell Sasha will pick up one of those cute puppies tomorrow!”

Heero blinked then sighed again. *Guess will have to visit a pet shop for dog supplies. *


Xander was not happy. His mother was in surgery, his sister was laying on top of him, and their was a little boy trying to stick his finger up his nose. Growling Xander bit at the boy’s finger. *Go away! If you want to pick a nose pick yours! * The kid was finally taken away by his mother, now Xander just had to get his older sister off his back. Biting on the white pups ear Xander felt a thrill as she yelped and rolled away from him. *Ha! * Thought Xander as he stood.

“Hi Xander!”

Yelping Xander fell on his little furry face as a young blond man appeared in-front of the cage. It was the guy that turned his into a small and furry puppy. Growling Xander started to speak. * What are you doing here? Are you going to turn me back to normal? How are the others? Did Anya un-wish her wish? *

Jayc’Nah smiled at the little black pup that was yapping at him a mile a minute. The pup was all black with white toes and a tiny patch of white on his lip. The pup’s ears were perked and his little nose wrinkled into a frown. “Knew you’d make the cutest puppy, Bright Eyes! And before you get all growly with me I ‘had’ to do the wish. You should be thanking me Sweetheart! If I didn’t do the wish, some other demon would have made you someone’s bitch.”

Tilting his head Jayc’Nah smirked. “Though I wasn’t far off, was I?” Xander growled and showed his small needle like pup teeth. “Ok, ok! Shesh! You can become human again, Sweetness! Isn't that great!” Xander stopped growling and looked at Jayc’Nah with big brown eyes. Making a whimpering noise Xander shuffled his feet his tail waging slightly.

Sitting on the air Jayc’Nah tipped his head and gave Xander a kind look. “Well Sweetness, ever watch that one cute little movie about that princess that turns into a swan during the day?”

Xander tipped his head to the side, he had read something like that when he was a kid. * What does that have to do with anything?! * Xander yelped. Jayc’Nah smiled.

“Well cutie, you’re the princess and you need a prince to break it!” Xander groaned and plopped himself on his belly a small paw over his eyes. Jayc’Nah frowned.

“What I thought it was clever! I even found your soulmates in this dimension, do you know how difficult that is!! You’re lucky I like you! Now the moment someone puts a collar around your neck the curse will activate. You’ll be a cute widdle puppy during the day and at night you’ll be your sexy self. You’ll know your soulmates through a pull. It will feel like a butterfly in your belly, a lovely warmth. Bond with um I guarantee it will be the best thing next to a good orgasm you can feel. Your soul will meet its missing pieces, and you’ll be drawn to the person er persons. When you find um, seduce um and have fun! Bye-bye Sweetness!” Said Jayc’Nah as he disappeared in a puff of black dog shaped glitter.

Looking at the spot Jayce was just a moment ago Xander whimpered. How was he suppose to bond with his soul mates?


Don’t own anything! But review anyway! ^_^
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