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Summary: Xander walks in different shoes after Anya gets upset and says the W-word. Now Xan’s in a new place with a new name, a new life, and a new . . .body? What will he do now? Slash.

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New owners



Title: New owners
Author: Merkat
Fandom: Buffy/Gundam
Pairing: Xander/? Heero/Duo Wufei/Zechs Trowa/Quatre
Summary: Xander walks in different shoes after Anya gets upset and says the W-word. Now Xan’s in a new place with a new name, a new life, and a new . . . body? What will he do now? Slash.
Archive: Slash. AU
Rating: PG-13 . . . NC17
Parts: many if I don’t get a road block.
Status: Finished? No.
Series/Sequel: Nope? No idea
Disclaimer: I own nothing except the craziness that spews out of my head. All characters belong to their respective owners.
Author notes & Warnings: M/M fanfic. No Beta. Be afraid. My mood affects my writing.


Duo was bouncing with excitement as he and Heero entered the vet’s office, they were going to the back kennels to pick a puppy! Heero smiled slightly as he watched his hipper mate, they had barely had any sleep because of Duo’s . . . endless energy.

Walking into the back room they saw the puppies running around in a play pen, the mother was laying on a bed wagging her tail.

“Hey Sasha! How’s Missy?”

“She’s great thanks to you! Here for one of these wigglers?” Heero walked up to the pen and picked up one of the white pups jumping at the fence in-front of him. They were cute . . . and soft. Letting the pup lick his fingers Heero let Duo pick the pup they would be taking home.

Duo was leaning over the pen petting all the pups and smiling like a loon. They were all so cute he just wanted to take them all home.


Xander let out a puppy sigh. He had been hiding in the blanket they put out for the pups since they were brought out for adoption. Xander was happy for his siblings, they deserved happy homes, but Xander needed to find a ‘certain’ home.

Crawling out from under the blanket Xander made a break for it. He scampered to the small opening of the pen and ran. He was almost out the door when a swift hand pick him up. *Hey put me down! * Xander growled.

A smirking young man came into view, he had clear sky blue eyes and dark messy brown hair. Xander was going to bite the smirking boy’s fingers till he felt the same comforting warmth. Xander yelped as the braided boy came into view behind the messy haired one.

“I was looking for him! I was afraid someone snatched him up already! Isn't he gorgeous!” Said Duo as he scratched the black pup behind the ear.

Xander stilled as he looked at the two men before him. He could feel the fluttery energy within his body warming him. Xander gave a puppy like sigh. *Damn I’m gay . . . * He thought without much surprise.

Looking at the two men Xander decided he might as well turn on the charm. Barking excitedly Xander licked the fingers petting him instead of bitting them.


“Wow. You guys’ must be made for Tuffy there. He bit and clawed at everyone else that handled him!” Said Sasha.

“Really now.”Said Heero with a raised eyebrow.

“Yep. So what are you guy’s going to call him?” Heero looked at Duo with a questioning look in his eyes. Duo smiled brightly.

“Well he’s mostly black . . . How about Shinigami and Shini for short?” Duo asked in a self-conscious voice as if he expected Heero to say no. Looking the brown eyed black pup over, Heero nodded.

“Shini’s good.”


Xander thought he was going to be sick. They had put him in the box with holes, now this box was Xander personal roller-coaster. He was quite sure he was turning green under his fur.

When the ride finally stopped Xander was thankful. Of course being blinded by light and lifted out of the box like a rocket didn’t help his stomach any at all! So when Xander was put down by his ‘owner’ he went to the nearest corner to puke. Sitting down Xander prayed that the world would stop spinning. He gave a puppy like groan as the braided one picked him up.


“Heero, he got sick! What’s wrong with him?! Should we take him back to the vet?!” Duo nearly yelled as he petted the pup. Heero just smiled as his lover cradled the puppy who seamed to be scowling at him.

“He’s fine Duo. Your new friend wouldn’t let you take home a sick dog. The trip here must have been rough on him.” Nodding Duo put a little red bandana around his new pup’s neck.

“Heero, lets go to Petco! He needs toy and shit!” Nodding Heero took Shini from Duo.

“You drive.”


Xander was not scared.


Not him.

He was just a little nervous. Yeah!

Then again who wouldn’t be from the way Duo drove! So Xander shouldn’t feel embarrassed about the fact that he had buried his face under Heero’s shirt. On the bright side he learned the messy haired man was very ticklish. Yelping Xander dug deeper into Heero’s shirt as the car made a sharp wheel screeching turn. He was not scared!


They arrived at the pet shop in record time, shutting down the car they went in. Giving Duo the pup Heero went to look at the training books while Duo went off to find toys. Grabbing a cart Duo placed Shini in the baby seat and headed down the dog area.

“Ok Shini what shell we get ya?” Putting random squeaky toys into the cart Duo flashed one in Shini’s face. It was a black squeaky dog that looked a lot like the pup in the cart.

“Isn’t it cute Shini?! You’ll chew on this and not my boots right baby!” Said Duo as he petted the little pup’s head. The pup gave him a narrow eyed look then sniffed the room with interest. Duo watched as the pups interest was captured.

A food stand was just ahead and the food smelled great. Pulling the cart up to the small stand Duo smiled at the blond man running it. “Hi, what's this stuff here?” The blond looked down up and down then gave a smile Duo could only describe as predatory.


Xander was board. He was a twenty-year-old man in a puppy’s body being babied by two young teenage men. Sighing Xander scowled as the braided man shoved a black squeaky toy in his face.

Snorting Xander was about to chew the hell out of the rubber dog that invaded his space when the scent of barbecued beef hit his nose.

Putting his front paws on the bar of the cart Xander whined. As a dog food smelled a thousand times better. He was about to jump out of the cart and pig out but the braided youth picked him up and held him to his chest. *Darn! *


“Well Hell-o. How can ‘I’ help ‘you’?” Said the stocky blond man as he walked around the small stand, his voice deep and suggestive. Duo raised a brow at the man. The guy was barking up the wrong tree if he thought Duo was interested in his company.

“What a lovely dog you have? What breed?” Asked the blond as he petted the pup’s muzzle. Duo looked at his little Shini and smiled. “He’s a highbreed. His mother was a Gollie. You know a golden retriever collie mix. Shini here is going to be a big dog when he grows up.” Said Duo as he tickled the pup’s belly.

“Really? I heard that breed only grow to the normal retriever size.” Said the blond as he got into Duo’s personal space and squashed the pup in-between them. Duo scowled and was about to set the guy straight then the blond yelp and jumped away.

“What the hell!!” Said the stocky stand worker as he put his bleeding finger in his mouth.


The moment Xander saw the blond he disliked him. He smelled off. He gave off a scent that Heero and Duo make when together. But this guy’s scent smelled . . . dirty.

Xander’s patience was already worn when the guy touched him, but then he had to get his flirt on that made Xander angry for a reason he couldn’t name. He felt almost possessive of the two youths that adopted him. So when grabby hands got close enough Xander was delighted to show him how he felt about the guy.

Using his needle sharp teeth he bit into the guy’s plump finger till he was sure his teeth met bone. Giving a growl and a bark Xander sat satisfied in his ‘owners’ arms.


Heero had five of the best and detailed dog training books he could find. The shop offered training but he wasn’t going to trust Shini’s education to them. No. Heero’s dog was going to get trained right the first time. Finding his lover by a treat stand with a cursing and bleeding blond Heero mentally add attack control to the scowling pup's training-to-be. Heero had no doubt in his mind that the blond deserved what he got though. Not giving the man a thought Heero gestured for his lover to follow him. After-all they had things to buy.

Going to the bedding Heero and Duo were debating which would be best for their puppy. Heero thought a large pillow would be suitable after-all Shini was going to grow into a big dog. Duo on the other hand liked a black bed with white wings on his side, with the word angel printed on the inner pillow. Looking from the large sheep skin pillow to the medium size bed Duo liked Heero shrugged and grabbed both. Why shouldn’t ‘their’ dog be spoiled?


Getting the bedding and stuff set up they both watched their new pet explored the apartment. Duo had fallen in love with the pizza stealing puppy the moment he looked into the pups honey brown eyes, and from the way Heero was smiling Duo knew the other man had too. With a smile and a bounce to his step Duo went into the kitchen to make dinner.


For dinner Duo did something simple, he opened a can of soup. Simple, fast, and good. Handing a bowl to Heero, Duo put down a food bowl with chicken broth down for Shini, then sat down and inhaled his own. Duo sat behind Heero as the blue-eyed man searched the net for collars.

They had looked at many for Shini and finally decided on a black leather one with his name in silver letters, it would be adjustable and fit him for maybe a year or so. They ordered it and couldn’t wait for it to come in. Three to four days, hopefully it came before their vacation started.


That night Xander was ashamed to admit he was lonely and missed his siblings. He was in his new ‘owners’ bedroom laying on his new soft bed and just could not sleep. His ‘owners’ were snoring away peacefully in their big black bed, but he just couldn’t sleep tonight.

Rolling on his belly Xander looked around the apartment. It was clean and organized thanks to the messy haired one named Heero. The rooms were decorated in dark calming colors, in this room the color theme was dark blue with heavy black curtains. It was a nice room, it meant whoever Heero and Duo were . . . they weren’t poor. And that was something at least.

Getting out of his new bed Xander left the bedroom and went to the kitchen. Lapping at the water bowl Xander sighed. He had owners, he felt the connection to them, now he needed the curse to activate itself. Finding a basket in the living room full of stuffed animals Xander climbed in. It was a poor substitute for his siblings but it would do . . . for tonight.


Heero was sleeping well, he had no nightmare and felt like sleeping in . . . That was till Duo woke him up in a panic.

“HEERO! I can’t find Shini! I’ve looked all over the apartment. I just can’t find him! Come on get up and help me!” Duo said as he pulled his sleepy lover out of the comfortable warm bed. Rubbing his eyes Heero helped Duo look for their wayward pup.

Heero couldn’t understand it. They looked in the guestroom . . . the kitchen . . . bathrooms . . . bedroom and livingroom. So unless Shini opened a door or window, without waking the sound sensitive pilots, he wasn’t outside. Standing next to a worried Duo Heero scanned the room with his eyes again.

They couldn’t get a pet and lose it the first real day they had it, could they? Halting on the toy basket Heero smiled. “Duo what’s the best way to hide?” Asked Heero as he pointed at their sleeping pup in the basket, he blended in almost perfectly. Duo smiled as he took the sleepy animal into his arms. “In plain sight of course.” Nodding Heero did something he rarely ever does . . . went back to bed.

Four days later.

They were packed and ready to go. They had their tickets, their bags, and Shini. Heero and Duo were ready to go. A bag and Shini’s puppy carrier in hand Heero was out the door with an energized baka right behind him. Duo got in the car Shini in his lap. They had talked about putting their puppy in a shelter while they were gone but it didn’t appeal to either of them.

They were also going to ask one of the other pilots but they were busy. Missions for the Preventers and such. Trowa and Wufei were on a undercover mission and Quatre was on L4 handling family business. Heero didn’t really trust anyone else with their puppy anyway. Not that Duo minded, he liked the idea of having the cute pup with them.

Just as they were about to pull out of the drive way a mail truck arrived and stopped in-front of their home. A middle-aged woman with green eyes walked up their drive way with a package. Heero got out and met the unknown woman with a frown. The woman seamed unfazed.

“Hello sir, are you Hero Yuye?”

Heero frown deepened. “Heero Yuy.” He said plainly to the happy woman.

“Oh, sorry sir. I have trouble with names sometimes. Here you go. Sign here.” She handed him a brown box and a clip board to sign. Doing that Heero took the package without saying a good-bye. Getting in the car Heero handed Duo the package.

“What’s this?”

“Unknown.” Said Heero as he started driving to the airport. Opening the box Duo squealed. “It’s the collar for Shini!” Pulling it out Duo gently put the black leather around the pup’s neck.


Unseen by the happy pair of youths Xander’s eyes widened in panic and his heart raced. Xander knew what the collar meant. It was a requirement in the wish demon’s spell, tonight Xander would change.

As the collar was slipped over his neck Xander felt a heavy blanket of magic slip over him. Yes, tonight he would be human. Xander dreaded and awaited that moment.


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