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Summary: Xander walks in different shoes after Anya gets upset and says the W-word. Now Xan’s in a new place with a new name, a new life, and a new . . .body? What will he do now? Slash.

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The cabin

Title: The cabin
Author: Merkat
Fandom: Buffy/Gundam
Pairing: Xander/? Heero/Duo Wufei/Zechs Trowa/Quatre
Summary: Xander walks in different shoes after Anya gets upset and says the W-word. Now Xan’s in a new place with a new name, a new life, and a new . . . body? What will he do now? Slash.
Archive: Slash. AU
Rating: PG-13 . . . NC17
Parts: many if I don’t get a road block.
Status: Finished? No.
Series/Sequel: Nope? No idea
Disclaimer: I own nothing except the craziness that spews out of my head. All characters belong to their respective owners.
Author notes & Warnings: M/M fanfic. No Beta. Be afraid. My mood affects my writing.

Airport in Juneau

Heero watched with Duo as the small jet landed in Juneau’s little airport. They couldn’t wait to land. They were promised a vacation totally free of anything Gundam/Preventer-ish, zero contact for six wonderful days. Sighing Duo snuggled into Heero’s arms as the intercom went off. “Welcome of Juneau Alaska. Thank You for flying Alaska airlines!” Said the female pilot as the jet stopped. Grabbing their bags, both boys shuffled out of the plane.


Xander had been watching the time and the sky since he turned human. He wasn’t going to say normal, because he wasn’t! Nope, normal him was at least five years older. Normal him ‘had’ facial hair! No the image that stared at him in the mirror a while ago was at least sixteen or seventeen, no the last time he looked at the mirror he was twenty-two.

Sighing Xander shook his head and got off the jet with everyone else. He had only a few precious moments to get out of the plane and back . . . into his dog kennel. Getting off the ramp, he went out the door and down the escalator. Going to a dark corner, Xander waited for himself to change again.


Xander wouldn’t say he jumped, but other’s if they had seen would have said differently. Turning around to yell at whoever thought sneaking up on a Sunnyhell regular was smart, Xander halted. Jayc’Nah Stood before him in all his blond glory. “Hi Sweetheart! So have you made your move yet on your future honey bunnies?” Asked the blond as he flipped through a magazine. Xander blushed.

“No . . . and they’re NOT my honey bunnies.” He muttered as he avoided the demons twinkling eyes.

Floating in the air Jayc’Nah smirked. “Sure Sweetness, I believe you . . .” For a second they were silent then the wish demon smiled sweetly.

“By the way Anyanka took her wish back . . .” Xander’s eyes brightened and he spoke in a babble, interrupting Jayce.

“Reallyshedid!You’lltakethewishbacknowwon’tyou!Thatwouldbesogreat!ImeanIhatethispuppything!Canwe!” Covering Xander’s mouth with his hand Jayce smiled sadly.

“Yes, Anyanka did take the wish back. But no Xander, I can’t undue the wish. It would have been easy to do . . . If I hadn’t put you in a different dimension with your soul’s mates’. I made this wish about love. I can’t undue love. If I had just made you fall in lust with whoever, I could have undone it easily! I could have made you a slime demon’s bitch! But I . . . I’m a romantic at heart Xander. Sorry.” Said Jayce as he now stood by the boy’s side.

Xander sighed. “Well . . . at least you didn’t make me a slime demon’s bitch. That would have been icky.” Said Xander as he sat down on the floor.

“On the bright side I can now help you every now and then. Just call me when it’s an emergency and I’ll be here. I like you Sweetness . . . and I think they will too.” Said Jayce as he pointed at the panicked young men looking for their puppy.

“You know sending you here wasn’t just a whim of a silly demon right?” He said as he faced the now black puppy. “Hurry up and go to your honey bunnies before they ripe the airport apart. Believe me. They can do it no sweat.” With that said Jayc’Nah popped away.

The black pup that was Xander tipped his little head to the side and growled. * They’re NOT my honey bunnies! *

Getting up Xander turned to where his ‘owners’ were and was quite impressed with the threats they were dishing out.

* I’d pay to watch Duo choke someone with that braid. Can Heero really pull a man’s spine out of his ass? What is a gundam anyway? * Thought Xander as he watched the two young men have a yelling match with a burly security guard. Giving a little bark and shuffle Xander locked eyes with the two worried youths. Xander blinked, dazed. One second he was on the floor eyeing his ‘owners’ the next he was in Duo’s arms getting the stuffing squeezed out of him.


“Were you really going to call S.W.A.T. for Shini, Heero?” Asked Duo as he petted the sleeping pup. “They owe me a favor . . .” He growled as he road into the woods. Now they needed to head to the dock to their rented boat, it was only fifteen miles out the road.

“Heero . . .”

“What?” He said with a groan. Duo reached over his seat and kissed Heero on the lips softly.

“Love you.” Smiling, Heero said them back. “Yeah . . . love you too.”


Leaving the car at the dock they boarded the ‘Dandelion’ and set out for their cabin hideaway. It took no more then an hour to reach their private island. When they got to their cabin, they just had to stare for a moment. It was large! Six doors sized windows in-front with a skylight surrounded by a big deck. The grounds were lush, green trees’ and plant life growing in abundant. To the side of the large home was an artificial pool with a tire swing.

Giving Heero a grin Duo grabbed the man’s hand and pulled him into the house. The place had three rooms and a huge master bedroom. Unpacking for the night Heero and Duo sat down in the chair swing on the deck to watch the sun light vanish from the sky. Stars were shining brightly and the sky was slowly turning an inky color. It was peaceful with the sound of eagles and rushing water near by.

They both watched as Shini explored, like all puppies he was curious.

“I don’t know Heero . . . What if an eagle drops down and tries to carry Shini away.” He said as he watched the pup sniff at rock and plant life around the house.

“If a bird is stupid enough to try . . . I’ll shoot it.”

Getting inside Duo put a pizza into the new oven to cook. Everything in the large cabin was new and shinny. This place looked like it should belong in a big city, it was a log mansion. “Hey Heero Une said this place was a peaceful ‘little’ cabin right?”

“Yes. But what Une thinks is small and what you think is small are very different.” Heero encircled Duo within his arms and kissed down the braided youths jaw.


Duo smiled at Heero. “What! I can’t cook. And you nearly killed us when you tried making something without directions! I looked. Une doesn’t have any cook books here.”
Nodding Heero picked up Shini as the pup ran by. They sat down in-front of the huge big screen tv and flipped through channels.


Xander liked the cabin. It was big, had air conditioning, and the whole place was decorated in earthly brown colors. * Some chick must own this place. * Xander thought as he sat between the two young men. Xander liked their company but he was really worried about tonight. Tonight he would try to make first contact with the couple, hopefully they won’t throw him into a nuthouse.

They had placed bedding for him in their bedroom and in the airy living room. Heero and Duo loved to coddle him, they were wonderful and should have many pets . . . not that Xander wanted to stay as their pet or anything.

Xander perked up as he smelled the sweet scent of pizza. Hot bobbling cheesy pepperoni pizza. He watched as Heero and Duo dug into their meal with gusto. Making a whimpering sound Xander tried to get their attention. “Oh, sorry Shini. Here you go.” Said Duo as he put a small slice of pizza in-front of the black pup.

“Duo . . . People food isn’t good for dogs.” Said Heero as he took Shini’s half eaten slice and replaced it with dry dog food. Xander blink and gave a puppy groan. * Oh well, now that we’re in this nice new house I have more places’ to hide this dry crud. *

Scooping it into his mouth Xander crawled behind the couch and stuffed it under the seat. Xander did that three times tell it was gone.

As the large grandfather clock went off Heero stretched and gave Duo a mischievous look. Letting a hand slid down his tone stomach Heero purred.

“Duo . . . we should ‘test’ our bed out. Don’t you think?”

Sliding off the coach with the grace of a wild cat Duo molded his body to the slightly taller boy’s side. Putting his hands on Heero’s hips, he guided the other boy to their bedroom.


A few minutes after the two young men left for their room Xander felt the tingling happen. Gentle waves of pleasure fluttered under his skin and a soft white glow radiated from his dark fur. With a gentle sigh Xander felt his body stretch. Sitting on the floor by the coffee table and pizza was a confused young man. Giving a put out sigh Xander grabbed a slice of cooling pizza.

“This is going to be a long night . . .”


Duo was fully enjoying the attention Heero’s mouth was giving his neck. Duo knew that tomorrow he would have a nice row of bite marks going down his throat. Burying his hand in messy chocolate hair, he let the other one run down Heero muscled back. Slowly as one they started thrusting against each other. They were just getting started when they heard an odd sound. They stilled. Both alert.

“Maybe it was the tv . . . or Shini?” Whispered Duo in such a soft barely heard voice.

They both tilted their heads to the side and listened. No what they were hearing were foot steps, foot steps of a person. Both got up silently and grabbed their guns. This was their vacation but they weren’t stupid enough to go ‘anywhere’ unarmed. Slowly they went down the stairs . . .


Eating the pizza Xander grabbed the blanket off the coach and tied it around his thin waist. Walking into the kitchen Xander grabbed a soda from the fridge. He was about to walk back into the living room when the sound of a gun cocking caught his attention.

“Don’t move.”

Xander panicked. So he moved. Throwing his open soda in the direction of the voice, he ran out of the back door and into the woods. The sound of a miss fired gun shot rang out after him.


Using stealth that came of endless hours of training they made their way to the kitchen. They both paused at the open door way. Both stunned at what they were seeing.

It was the boy . . . The one from the jet. Both stood in silence for a moment and just stared. The boy was lithe and well built his hair was messy and just about reached his skinny shoulder. He was quite an eye full especially with only a small blanket covering his nudity. Cocking his hand gun Duo cleared his suddenly dry throat as Heero spoke.

“Don’t move.”

Heero spoke in that obey me or else voice, most people don’t risk the or else, but they blinked in surprise as the boy reacted. Before either pilot could move, the boy reacted. His soda hit Heero’s gun making him fire by accident. The shot hit the ceiling. The boy was gone. And they were confused.



“Did you order a pretty boy?”

Heero only snorted at the poor joke and pulled Duo outside. They needed to find that boy.


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