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Summary: Xander walks in different shoes after Anya gets upset and says the W-word. Now Xan’s in a new place with a new name, a new life, and a new . . .body? What will he do now? Slash.

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The Puppy Prince


Title: The Puppy Prince
Author: Merkat
Fandom: Buffy/Gundam
Pairing: Xander/? Heero/Duo Wufei/Zechs Trowa/Quatre
Summary: Xander walks in different shoes after Anya gets upset and says the W-word. Now Xan’s in a new place with a new name, a new life, and a new . . . body? What will he do now? Slash.
Archive: Slash. AU
Rating: PG-13 . . . NC17
Parts: many if I don’t get a road block.
Status: Finished? No.
Series/Sequel: Nope? No idea
Disclaimer: I own nothing except the craziness that spews out of my head. All characters belong to their respective owners.
Author notes & Warnings: M/M fanfic. No Beta. Be afraid. My mood affects my writing.


Xander smiled and waved away the worried questions that were being thrown at him. He was fine. Really. But every time his other form was mentioned it reminded Xander that he was under a curse. That he was a dog during the day. That he couldn’t get the collar off no matter how he tried . . . Sighing Xander sipped at his coke. He wasn’t going to brood now. He could do that later.

While Duo and Quatre played ping-pong Xander watched Heero and Trowa play pool. Xander was just an average player but Heero and Trowa . . . they made shots that Xander didn’t even think was possible.

He watched as Heero tapped the ball hard and made it hop onto the table rim till it got to the end of the table and hit the 3 and 5 ball into the hole. Their game wasn’t really a game. One would shoot till all the balls were gone then the other would do the exact same.

“That’s it! I’m never playing against you two.” Said Xander in an awed voice as Trowa made five balls go in on his first shot.

“Or bet against you for that matter . . .” He mumbled as Trowa sunk the rest clean.

Sitting by Duo and Quatre he watched as the pin-pong ball bounced back and forth.

“So where are you from, Xander? How did you meet Heero and Duo?” Asked Quatre as he easily batted the ball back to Duo while looking at Xander.

“Well um . . .we met at the vet office. You know when they were buying their p-puppy.” Heero looked up from his game and Duo missed his next shot. Did Xander want to tell them now?

“Oh. Were you getting a puppy too?” Quatre smiled but secretly he was feeling out Xander with his empathy. With every question Quatre asked Xander he could feel the boy panic. It was like he didn’t know the answers to the questions.

“No . . . Was just volunteering. Y-you know hanging with the dogs and cats.” He said as he shifted from one foot to the next. Quatre was going to ask another question when the pin-pong ball hit him in the head.

“Ow! Duo!” Said Quatre as he started chasing the braided boy around. Xander sat on his stool and watched as both young men ran back and forth. Duo giggled as he ducked under the pool table, then ran around the wet bar, till he hid behind a bemused Heero. Heero stood still like a statue and didn’t move a inch as the braided baka climbed onto his back. As Quatre ran past Trowa the tall man enveloped him in his arms and picked him up.

“Trowa! Put me down!” Quatre said as he giggled.

Xander smiled and was about to leave the lovebirds to themselves when a smug Zechs and a blushing Wufei walked up. “Hey is someone having a party without us?” Said Zechs as he and Wufei walked in hand in hand.

“Sexy! Fei! Finally! I was thinking you two were going to be in your room all night!” Wufei scowled.

“Shut up Maxwell!!” said a cherry red Wufei as he pulled out a katana that Xander hadn’t seen earlier. Deciding to take his leave before any blood shed happened Xander went down stairs and to the kitchen. Somebody needed to make dinner.


After an hour Duo realized they had lost their little brunet friend so he went down stairs. The smell of roast chicken, mash potatoes, and gravy made Duo’s mouth water. Sneaking up behind the shorter brunet he hugged him. “Oh, I think I’m in love! Did you cook all this for me?!” Xander blushed a bit as he got out of Duo’s embrace.

“I figured no one would want frozen pizza today. The chicken will be done in a few minutes. I hope you guy’s like it. My friend Cordelia had her chef teach me to cook after I almost killed her by food poisoning. She said I take lessons or she would sue me then dump me. So I did. I even wore an apron worse then this one.” Duo raised a brow. The apron was the one Duo had bought for Une as a gag. It was pink, frilly, and had big black bold writing on the front saying kiss the chief. Kiss the chief because Une was the leader of the Preventers.

“Well it barked and had long white sparkly frills. It looked like a dress with a puppy skewered through it. And every hour it would bark ‘Nothing but a hound dog’. Cordy thought it was cute and used it as blackmail to keep me quiet about the cooking thing. She didn’t want people to know she had a nice side. Even if that nice side is twisted.”

Duo nodded and in the back of his mind he wondered if he could find an apron like it. Fei’s birthday was coming up soon after-all.

“Hey, Duo. Can you put corn in the microwave?” Said Xander as he carried the gravy boat out to the table. Setting the table the others sat down making Xander embarrassed as they complimented his cooking skills. As everyone sat down Duo skipped into the room holding a bowl that was more butter then corn and plopped it in the middle of the table next to the mashed herb potatoes.

Sitting down Xander started to feel a bit nervous. This was the perfect moment to tell the others and from the looks Duo and Heero were giving him they thought so too. Clearing his throat Xander opened and closed his mouth then sighed.

“Ok . . . I have something I got to tell you guys before the sun comes up-” He looked at the clock. It was late, 1:30 in the morning. Damn! Four and a half hours till puppy time. “-in four hours I’m going to . . . change.”
“May I ask into what, Xander? Are you ok? You look tense.” Said Quatre in a soft worried voice.

Without pause Xander went into Xander babble mode. He started with highschool and meeting Buffy, then fighting vamps, dating Cordy, then their unfortunate break up and his first meeting with Anya. Then he shifted around as he explained the wedding that wasn’t and the wish Anya made.

“SonowI’mhereandturnintoadogwhenthesungoesup. It’sreallyweirdIgetallblackandfurry. Andyouknowthefourpawsandatailthing!! SonowtobreakthespellIneedtofindloveorsomething.” He said with a gasp as the blue ting left his cheeks.

All the pilots blinked each wondering how Xander did that without breathing. Heero frowned and wondered if Xander’s ability to talk like that could be taught and used in interrogations. Wufei looked from Xander to Heero to Duo then back at Xander.

“Yuy I knew you would find someone as nuts as Maxwell, just didn’t know you’d find him so soon. Or have him be madder then Maxwell.” Said Wufei with a dazed and slightly frightened look on his face. Zechs nodded his expression matching his lovers.

Quatre had a serious look on his face. “He’s telling the truth. I can feel it.” Then the blond brightened like sunshine through the clouds. “So you’re like that sweet little story ‘The Swan Princess’. So that must make you the Puppy Prince!”

Trowa didn’t even bat a lash, if Quatre said the small brunet was telling the truth then he was. Wufei and Zechs would need proof but would go along with the flow for now.

“Will you tell us more about your life? How can we help you break your curse? Do we need to help you find a princess or maybe a prince? What kind of dog do you turn into?”

Heero and Duo frowned at that thought so they changed the subject. “Why don’t we eat in the livingroom? We could kick back and watch the boob tub. Come on! Lets get!” Picking up his plat of food and Xanders he ran into the tv room.

“If I could have that much energy I could stay awake for a week.” Muttered Xander as he grabbed his drink and fallowed the braided man.

Wufei snorted. “If you were like Maxwell what little brain you have left would vaporize. The world can only stand one Duo Maxwell.” He said with a bit of fondness in his voice.


Review? Fishing and the bar next!!!
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