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Summary: Xander walks in different shoes after Anya gets upset and says the W-word. Now Xan’s in a new place with a new name, a new life, and a new . . .body? What will he do now? Slash.

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Anime > Gundam WingMerKatFR181425,5071710349,74531 May 0630 Jul 07No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

Chapter One


Title: Drink stupid
Author: Merkat
Fandom: Buffy/Gundam
Pairing: Xander/? Heero/Duo Wufei/Zechs Trowa/Quatre
Summary: Xander walks in different shoes after Anya gets upset and says the W-word. Now Xan’s in a new place with a new name, a new life, and a new . . .body? What will he do now? Slash.
Archive: Slash. AU
Rating: PG-13 . . . NC17
Parts: many if I don’t get a road block.
Status: Finished? No.
Series/Sequel: Nope? No idea
Disclaimer: I own nothing except the craziness that spews out of my head. All characters belong to their respective owners.
Author notes & Warnings: M/M fanfic. No Beta. Be afraid. My mood affects my writing.


Anya hated human emotions. They made her cry. She looked frumpy when she cried. Her eyes would puff up, and get all red and junky, her skin would turn pink in an unattractive way. When she was a demon, she never cried. There was no reason for her to cry when she was one. She was at the peek of her demon life, the best in her field. But now that she was human, she was emotional. Too emotional. And crying over a silly little mortal man.

Growling Anya took her bottle of after wedding sex champagne and took a big gulp from the bottle. Sitting on her bed Anya looked at her room. She had decorated it for the wedding night. The floor was covered in white flower petals, scented rose shaped candles, and money. Laying down on the flower-covered bed Anya grunted as her head hit the empty bottle of whiskey a friend gave her. D’Hoffryn said him standing her up was for the best and that someday she would see that. Anya didn’t believe that to be so. She felt like a bunny was eating her heart, like it was a big carrot the bunny was chewing slowly.
Letting another sob leave her lips Anya stood and walked toward her mirror. She looked at herself, her body. She was thin, she had muscle, and her breasts were perky and big. What was wrong with her? Why didn’t Xander want to merry her?

Growling out Anya threw a vase, she had gotten from Hallie the justice demon, at the wall. There was nothing wrong with her! Xander was just stupid! * Yep! He was stupid, not rich, a Viking in the sack, and had the cutest puppy dog brown eyes Anya had ever seen. But he was still STUPID! * She thought forcefully. Nodding at that, Anya the amazing swaying drunk slurred.
“Wish Ee’d go ‘way an’ becommmme someone else’s puppy . . .” She said as she passed out on the couch.

The demon friend Jayc'Nah, the demon of heartache, who had been waiting for Anya to say ‘I wish’ smiled as his young face distorted. “Done.” He whispered as he faded into nothingness to find another with the same ache.

The park

Jayc'Nah found Xander on a swing his shoulders slumped and his very being radiating pain. He looked so sad. Jayc'Nah was now glad D’Hoffryn chose him as the one to give Anyanka vengeance. Xander didn’t really deserve the pain the others would have conflicted on him. Some of the demons were just to out of touch with their once human sides, all they saw was their jobs. Jayc'Nah knew Anya wasn’t perfect, she was a money hoarding, sex crazed, unashamed female. Looking at the crying boy before him Jayc'Nah just hoped his curse would be Xander’s gift. Making himself visible Jayce smiled at the now startled boy.

“Who are you?” Whispered Xander.


Xander looked wide eyed at the young man that appeared before him. He was tall with long blond hair and a body of a runner. His smile was kind but held a predatory edge.

“ I was sent to give Anyanka vengeance.” He said with a shrug. Xander sighed. He figured this would happen so he made sure his will was written out and updated the way he wanted. Closing his eyes tight, Xander breathed in deeply preparing for the worst.

“Go ahead. I’m ready.” He said in a soft voice.

Jayc'Nah blinked. Well if he was getting permission . . . Shrugging he reached down and grasped Xander’s head and . . . smashed their lips together in a passion-filled kiss. Pulling away from the soft lips Jayce let his magic take effect.

“Good-bye cutie.” With that Xander disappeared from the slayer world.

Jayce sighed. All that time Anyanka had that boy to herself . . . Shaking his head Jayce tried to banish the thoughts of the young brunet naked . . . under him . . . and tied to a bed *What a waste, now I’ll never see him again . . . *

Some place far away

It was dark in here . . . But oh so warm. He could feel the presence of others. Siblings, family. Opening his little eyes Xander saw a world of warm comfortable darkness. He was safe here. So safe . . .

Suddenly his home jolted. He and the others were being pushed somewhere else. An opening formed and he was pushed out into a cold place. A cold place and a warm tongue that was cleaning him lovingly?
Xander lifted his weak head up and looked at her, his mother. A big black and white dog with kind love filled eyes.

~Where am I? ~ Xander tried to say. But all that came out was a tiny puppy whimper. The big mother dog immediately pushed Xander’s small body toward her teat to suckle. Which Xander did instinctively. Falling to sleep Xander’s mind whirled with questions.


Not far from where the new mother dog slept on the street the news was playing in a shop window. “The Preventers, a group formed to protect the people of earth and space, have just stopped a local terrorist called the Crazer from bombing a hospital on L4 today. The head of the Preventers Lady Une said her top teams were on the case. It is said that . . .” The reporter went on about the bomber, the growth of violence after the war had ended, and the things the Preventers have already done. Mostly her words started to blur.

Duo snorted as he pulled Heero away from the boring news. “Heero?”

“Yes, Duo?” Said Heero with a soft voice.

“Where do you want to go for our vacation?”

Shrugging, Heero pulled his braided baka closer to him. “Don’t matter. As long as it’s where you want to go. I’ll follow.” Heero said simply as he buried his nose in his love’s hair.

Duo smiled at his lover. “How about a quiet cabin? In Alaska or something? Or a private beach in Hawaii?”

Heero nodded. “They both sound wonderful. Come, lets go home and plan.” Duo smiled as his lover was now pulling him along. Heero had started opening up more and more as time passed. With enough time Duo would have his Heero chatting and laughing with the world.

“Hey Heero?”


“How do you feel about pets?”


I don’t own anything. ^_^
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