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Summary: Sam/Oz... Sam's at college, but can't stop the urge to hunt. After tracking a werewolf, he attempts to stop it, but when he sees him changing back into his human form, he has a choice to make.

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Supernatural > Oz-CenteredsupercrossnaturalFR1516460242,58431 May 0631 May 06Yes

Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to Joss Whedon and Supernatural belongs to Eric Kripke.

Spoilers: Anytime past season 4 of Buffy and pre-Supernatural season 1.


What was that saying again? You can take the boy out of the hunt, but you can’t take the hunt out of the boy. Okay, so maybe that wasn’t what it originally was, but that was definitely how he felt as he chased after this werewolf.

And why exactly was a werewolf on campus, because Sam Winchester had no clue. He didn’t want to be doing this; he tried so desperately to escape this life, but things kept bringing him back into it.

Sam was supposed to be studying for a test the next morning, not trying to shoot someone with a gun full of silver bullets.

He wanted a normal life, away from hunting, away from his dad and his obsession with finding their mom’s killer. He just wanted it to end.

He thought it was over when he left for Stanford. Sam was given a chance to live his life, studying to be a lawyer and he was finally happy. Or at least, he thought he was.

When he saw the werewolf running by his dorm, he felt an excitement he never thought he’d feel again. He didn’t miss the hunting, the sleepless nights, the worries about whether or not he’d live through the night. But seeing the werewolf, it woke something inside him he thought he put to rest.

Sam had ran to his trunk under his bed, pulling out weapons he thought he’d never use again. He loaded up on silver bullets and whatever else he knew would seriously damage or kill a werewolf.

As he was running, he hadn’t realized how many trees surrounded the campus. The werewolf was easily running between the trees and Sam was tripping over any roots he stumbled upon.

He found an opportunity, raised his gun and took the shot. The bullet missed, but he was close. He was getting sloppy.

The wolf must have sensed what happened because it turned to look at Sam and howled.

“Shit,” Sam whispered as the wolf came running at him.

He ran as fast as his feet would allow. He looked over his shoulder and saw the wolf was getting closer. There was no way he could outrun it, and when he caught up to him, he was gone.

He spotted a bench a few feet ahead of him. If he could jump over that, then the werewolf would follow. It wouldn’t be smart enough to know that Sam would be waiting for him.

He never got the chance to make it as the wolf leapt for Sam. He went crashing to the ground, the werewolf on top of him. He struggled as the wolf growled. He only managed to turn on his back and face the wolf.

His breath was heavy as he watched the wolf stare at him. He didn’t do anything else.

Sam, though immensely frightened, was curious as to why the wolf just stared at him. After a few more seconds, the wolf howled and fell backward, curling up into a ball.

He rose to his feet and grabbed the gun. He had it aimed the wolf as it started convulsing. It was changing, the fur was disappearing, and its claws were returning to a human form.

Sam had never really thought about it before. Werewolves were once people, but he and his family were doing the world a good thing by getting rid of them, right?

The body of the werewolf got smaller, but the shaking continued. When the transformation was done, the werewolf now turned human looked up at Sam. He didn’t seem scared, even with the gun pointed at him.

“Hey,” he said in a raspy voice.

Sam lowered the gun since the guy didn’t look like he’d be moving anytime soon. “Hey.”




If I continue it, should I keep it like this or make it a slash fic?

The End

You have reached the end of "Decisions". This story is complete.

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