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Happy Halloween, Doctor

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Summary: Xander chosen a different outfit from Ethan, version 12,870.

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Xander-CenteredwinterdFR71445185,4873 Jun 063 Jun 06Yes
Title: Happy Halloween, Doctor
Rated: G
Summary: Xander chosen a different outfit from Ethan, version 12,870.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Joss owns all things Buffy. BBC owns all things Dr. Who.
AN: Just a little ficlet born out of boredom. Nothing much to it, really. Special thanks to my beta, Charlotte.


Well, wasn’t this fantastic. One moment he’s standing at the control console, explaining to Rose and Jack about the Amilize and their custom of forcible modesty - he had hoped the Captain would pick up on the warning. The next moment, he found himself here, standing in the middle of a street in what looked to be an American suburb in the late twentieth-century. Then again, he doesn’t remember any American suburbs in the late twentieth-century that had been invaded by a multitude of different aliens, especially on, from what he could tell, Halloween.

There was a scream from behind him and the Doctor whirled around. People were running in every direction, some from the aliens, others apparently to just find safety. What was going on?

And why did he have an unexplainable craving for Twinkies?

Well, never mind that. He needed to find the TARDIS and Rose and Jack and figure out exactly what was happening and how to stop it.


The Doctor turned back around and saw a redheaded girl running at him. She was dressed rather provocatively, maybe a bit like something Rose would wear - well, maybe not the leather skirt, but she might wear something like the top. He briefly wondered how she was able to run in those high-heeled boots across uneven grass, but shrugged it off. He never did understand the appeal of those type of shoes; really rather useless if you asked him.

“Hello,” he said with a bright smile that quickly turned to a frown. Was that his voice? Why did it sound so odd?

“Xander, it’s me, Willow,” the girl said, stopping a few feet from him.

“Pleased to met you Willow, but I’m not this Xander person. Sorry.” The Doctor frowned again and tried clearing his throat. Really, what was wrong with his voice? It was...wrong.

Oh, he didn’t regenerate again. Did he? No, he didn’t remember doing anything to cause a regeneration. He was just in the console room and

“Xander?” Willow asked again. A thick one wasn’t she?

“No, sorry. Not him. I’m the Doctor, by the way. Not that you asked, mind you,” he said with a shrug and cleared his throat again. “Must have caught something back on Valeenmoxapade. No matter. Things to do. Companions to find. World to save. So, Willow, why don’t you just run along and look for your - are you alright?”

The now very pale young girl just stared at him, opened mouthed, and then said, “Giles is so going to flip when he meets you.”



The End

You have reached the end of "Happy Halloween, Doctor". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking