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His Angel

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Summary: While in Rome, Buffy finds herself being followed. (A Da Vinci Code xover)

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Literature > Religious > da Vinci Code, TheCousinMaryFR18915,45166514,6704 Jun 0623 May 07No

Forgive me

I just wanted to keep going with this. What can I say? I dug Silas ;-)
Disclaimers: Don’t own BTVS, don’t own the DVC

His Angel
By: Cousin Mary

It was late when Buffy finally left the nest. There had been a large number of vamps and some had tried to hide in crawl spaces and the basement. She was covered in dust, cobwebs and who knew what else. Her pumps were a lost cause, again.

She’d almost forgotten about Silas until she nearly tripped over him. He’d been on his knees, praying or something. There were at least two piles of vamp dust around him, so some had gotten past her. He caught her as she stumbled and she found herself tucked neatly in his lap as he sat back.

He was warm and his breath hot against her cheek. His hands weren’t anywhere inappropriate, but he didn’t seem in a hurry to let her up either.

“Are you well?” He asked in a breath.

“Nifty keen,” She smiled and awkwardly climbed to her feet. She fetched her purse from where she’d stashed it, the pretty little bag making her feel instantly better. She should go back and buy it in taupe too.

He rose in one easy movement to his sandaled feet. His coarse brown robes looked none the worse for wear and his large wooden crucifix bumped and swayed with his movements.

“I will walk you back to your home,” He tilted his head in an oddly formal manner, his strange eyes were fixed and unblinking on her.

“Uh, that’s okay,” Buffy rocked back on her heels and fussed a bit with her skirt, “Let’s walk back downtown and I’ll go from there.”

He just looked at her with no real expression on his pale face and finally nodded once. He followed barely half a step behind, which was much closer than he’d ever been before, minus the lap thing. But she'd tripped!

She could hear him breathing behind her. Shallow little breaths that spoke of high emotions. She wasn’t sure what to make of her pale shadow, he made her uneasy but for some reason she didn’t want to just leave him, “Tell me about yourself Silas.” His breath hitched a bit, and belatedly she realized he was just as uncomfortable with her as she was with him, “Unless you really don’t want to, which is totally understandable.”

“Thank-you,” He was doing that breath talk again. Not really a whisper, that would have been louder. It was more like, well, like he was just mouthing the words with little behind them. If she hadn’t been a slayer she might not have heard him at all.

As they came to a large intersection he moved up to take her arm. It was a formal, old-timey good manners thing that Riley had pulled every once in awhile, but on Silas it came across as something he wasn’t sure if he should be doing. She let her hand linger on his bicep a little longer than necessary, just to see what he’d do. He left it there, but his back stiffened.

It wasn’t a long walk. The sun was just starting to lighten the sky in the east and the air was pleasantly cool before what promised to be another hot day. Somewhere church bells began to ring, which seemed to set off a series of sights and smells. People hurrying out the door, the scent of strong coffee and baking bread.

Silas moved ever so slightly closer to her when anyone passed them as they walked. His head was down and every once in awhile his hand would raise to his hood, though he hadn’t pulled it up yet.

At last they came to the cobble-stoned side street that led to the tiny church she’d first met him in. He paused on the corner, looking at her with unreadable pale eyes that flashed red in the dawning light. His stillness was probably the most startling thing about him. You’d think it would be the paleness, but that was easy to look past. The way he stood there, completely unmoving, unblinking, barely breathing took Buffy a step away from herself. He was human, but there was something that made her take special notice of him anyway.

"Signorina Buffy,” He inclined his head and slowly faded away down the still dark street.

Something took her over, something mischievous and a little naughty. She ran the few steps after her pale shadow and popped in front of him. He was obviously startled, but didn’t step back. Points for him. She smiled up at him and then rose to tip-toes to kiss his cheek with a loud smacking noise, “Have a good morning Silas.”

And with that she skipped away, leaving mister tall, pale and silent staring after her.


Two days passed and Dawn was away for the weekend with Antonio’s family. Buffy was a little freaked, but really if anything Antonio’s extremely formidable Catholic mother and grandmother were much better chaperons that the slayer could ever hope to be. Dawn probably wouldn’t even get to hold hands with her boyfriend the entire time she was gone.

Buffy strolled down the street towards the market, swinging an empty canvas bag she planned to fill with flowers and maybe some wine. Nothing useful and all girly, she was alone in one of the world’s most romantic cities and she deserved something pretty to put on her empty, lonely table.

She had dressed in a back and white striped sundress and braided straw high-heeled sandals. Huge over-sized sun-glasses were perched on top her head and her hair was in a tight bun. She was having an Audrey Hepburn kind of day.

She should have borrowed her sister’s boyfriend’s scooter. Then she could have Roman Holiday’d about, just yelling ‘Ciao!’ at all the cute boys. The slayer smiled at her silly thoughts. Sometimes all it took was sunshine and the promise of a day of shopping to turn her back into the California cheerleader she’d been a lifetime ago.

Silas came out of no where. One minute she’d been trying to master that prim little gait of Ms. Hepburn’s and the next thing she knew she was getting pulled in through a side door she hadn’t even realized was there for anything other than decoration. Strangely enough the first thing she did wasn’t deck the albino for grabbing her. No, she saw it was Silas and pulled back her fist just shy of his face. He barely flinched, just pulled her away from the door and shut it quickly.

“You are in grave danger,” His eyes were on the floor, not her.

“That’s no surprise,” Buffy wrinkled her nose, then took the opportunity to glance around the neat and tidy living room they were standing in. Ten to one this was someone’s grandmother’s place. She could tell by the lace doilies covering ever surface, “Why with the grabby? Couldn’t you just have said ‘Hey Buffy! Over here?”

Silas looked horrified, “I would never speak to you in such a disrespectful way Signorina Buffy."

“But the grabbing is fine?” She arched a brow.

“My apologies,” His eyes raised to hers for a moment and she could easily see that he was truly upset for offending her. Though he really hadn’t, she wasn’t upset, just surprised. She’d been looking forward to some quality shopping time and now she had to worry about ‘grave danger.’ Oh well, nothing new there.

“No big,” She shrugged, “So what bad guy is after me now? And I hope you aren’t going to go all cryptic on me, ‘cause that so wastes time.”

He was back to staring at the floor, which was getting old. Buffy put her hand on his chin, about to make him look her when he fell. No, not fell, just went to his knees. Buffy started to jump back, but he grasped her hand to his face and kissed her knuckles almost reverently.

“I have betrayed you Signorina,” His words were husky and deep, like he was getting ready for a good crying jag, “I spoke and the wrong ears took notice.”

“Huh?” Buffy was stunned, too shocked to move. Silas seemed to have the effect on her more and more. She watched as he pressed his lips to the back of her hand, then rolled it over and placed too pale lips to her palm. He was breathing/whispering little words in Latin but she couldn’t quite make them out. She got that he was trying to apologize for something though, “Wait, tell me what happened.”

His eyes lifted to hers again and they shone with tears. He stayed on his knees and kept her hand trapped in his large, surprisingly strong grasp, “I went to confess my sins…”

“Priests usually don’t mind if you dust vamps,” Buffy told him, “You know, as long as they actually know about them. Did this guy think you were killing humans?”

His eyes dropped, “The priest wasn’t.”

“Wasn’t…” Buffy trailed off just like he did, before realizing what he meant, “Oh! You mean it wasn’t really a priest in the confessional and you- Oh, you told him about me?”

Silas nodded, one lone sob escaping his lips but the tears weren’t falling, “Forgive me, please. Please.”

This was getting to be a little more than Buffy was comfortable with. Hell, who was she kidding? This was -way- past her comfort zone. Suddenly something awful occurred to her, “Silas? What do you think I am?”

His eyes were on her mouth, as if he could understand the question better if he watched it form. When he didn’t answer she asked again. Finally his eyes slipped closed and he released her hand. His fingertips grazed the floor as his head tipped back, “An angel, you are God’s angel.”

Buffy frowned and back away a step, then another. His eyes opened, staring at her questioningly. “Silas, I’m not…”

“You were chosen by God,” Silas stayed on his knees but his expression was once again unreadable, “This I know without doubt.”

“I- maybe chosen,” Buffy nodded a bit, too many priests, rabbis and other churchy-types had called her such for her to really argue, “But not so much with the angel-ness.”

He didn’t look convinced. But suddenly it didn’t matter as the building was rocked by a huge explosion that threw them both hard against the far wall.

The last thing Buffy thought before unconsciousness took her was that she really wasn’t explaining this right.

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