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His Angel

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Summary: While in Rome, Buffy finds herself being followed. (A Da Vinci Code xover)

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Literature > Religious > da Vinci Code, TheCousinMaryFR18915,45166514,6704 Jun 0623 May 07No

His Angel

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Usual disclaimers apply. I am not of the owning of Buffy or the Da Vinci Code, but if I did the action figures would rock!

His Angel
By: Cousin Mary

Buffy walked down the street slow enough that he could follow. Not that she didn't think he'd be able to follow her even if she were running, but she was starting to like the idea that he was there.

She scrunched her nose, absently swinging her new Gucci bag off freshly manicured fingertips. It wasn't even that he reminded her of Spike, though the stalker-boy qualities were notable, there was something else about him. Probably something that would ultimately lead to badness, but it didn't really change anything at the moment.

She swung her bag to her left hand as she strolled into an alley, freeing up her right for a stake. It was dusk and there'd be things to slay soon. She had picked up her tag-along about a month after they'd arrived in Rome. Dawn had quickly been enrolled in a local school, which she'd complained about to no end, until that is, she met Antonio who was sixteen and had a scooter. Buffy had wanted to dislike him, he was dating her little sister! But it was hard to hate a boy with dimples and a slight stutter, even if he was like a gazillion feet tall and star of the soccer team. And Dawn was happy and that's what mattered.

Sighing, Buffy considered her own lonely state of being. Sure there was the Immortal, but doing anything other than flirting with 'The Immortal' was out of the question. He wouldn't even tell her his real name! In her head she called him 'Otis'… sometimes, 'The Otis.'

Buffy perked up when she heard footsteps behind her, hoping it would be her first of many slays of the night. But no, there was a heartbeat. She turned casually, trying to look like she'd taken a wrong turn and was just about to wander back out into well-lit propriety. She gasped, it was him. She stared, not at all sure what to say.

It'd been three months since she'd followed that Carrot, or Ka'root whatever, Demon into that tiny church well off the tourist track. She could still remember the place, dimly lit like a crypt, it smelled like beeswax candles and dampness. The pews had been falling apart and it was obvious that no congregation met there, but the altar was festooned with lilies and roses like it was ready for Easter Mass. She'd only had a moment to take in her surroundings before the demon had attacked.

There'd been a lot of blood. A lot. Hers and the demon's. The only way to take out a Ka'root was the ol' slice and dice, add that it had twelve inch claws of its own and that added up to blood splatters on the walls, floors and a disturbing amount splashed over the flowers.

In the end she'd won, of course. She'd fallen into the last, unbroken pew and just looked up at all the flowers she'd ruined. Her slayer healing had kicked in, but she was still feeling kind of woozy. After a few minutes she felt strong enough to stand and knowing she had hauling off demon bits to look forward to, she slowly climbed to her feet with a slight groan. She was getting too old for this, and her pumps were ruined!

She was still scowling at her ruined footwear when she noticed him. She bit back a curse as she realized someone had caught the show. Of course, being in the Eternal City meant there were plenty of people running around who already knew about vampires, demons and what went bump in the night, but still most didn’t and she was hoping who ever was there would just faint or something so she could go home and wash all the blood off.

She turned toward the slight movement in the shadows and could just barely make out the rough robes of a monk. He had his hood pulled up so she couldn't make out his face, but there was something about the way he stood there. He wasn't afraid exactly, but… Well, she didn't know what to make of him.

"Hi!" He felt human, so Buffy let her face go into her best non-threatening, gee-what-just-happened?, smile. "Uh, you don't happen to speak English maybe?"

"I will take care of the corpse for you," He took a step forward, but didn't lower the hood.

His accent was thick, his voice low and raspy. Buffy felt a trill of something shoot down her spine, almost like her spidey sense, but not. "Who are you?" Buffy called back, biting her lip for a moment, wondering if this was a good idea, "Show me your face."

"They call me," He hesitated. She didn't think he was considering running, but he paused a lot longer than she would think someone would. He took a step closer to her, he was still a good ten feet away, but it was close enough for the Slayer to know there wasn't anything supernatural about him. She watched in a sort of fascination as pale, really pale, hands rose to push back the hood. He stared at her through pale eyes, his expression perfectly blank. "Silas."

Buffy's eyes widened and she had to actually consciously re-check with the Slayer before admitting that this man was 100% human. He was super pale, paler than any vampire she'd ever seen. She'd seen albino demons before, with pale moon eyes that would catch the light red, but without the demonic presence, she felt a little at a loss. Of course, intellectually she knew there were plenty of people with this condition out there, tons of perfectly normal, everyday, shop at the Mall people who lived totally normal lives. Silas didn't seem normal, and that didn't have much to do with the paleness.

She found herself fidgeting from one foot to the other. The blood on her skin was starting to dry and it itched and pulled. She looked down at the demon… parts, "So you can take these? They need to be burned."

He nodded solemnly.

"Um, okay, thanks," She bit back a nervous laugh, this guy was freaking her out and she killed vampires for a living! "So you already know about," She gestured vaguely at what was probably half a leg.

He hesitated again, but nodded slowly.

Buffy didn't quite believe him, but she just wanted to get out of there. "Okay, well, great. Thanks for, uh, dealing with that." She walked quickly out of the blood drenched church, taking the back alleys home so no one would see her Carrie look.

A week had past before she saw Silas again, corner of her eye at one of the farmer market type places that would shoot up on weekends. She'd been with Dawn, so she hadn't confronted him or anything, just nodded in his direction. After a while she'd known he was following her, mostly on patrols but occasionally on her normal sight-seeing and shopping type outings. He'd never approached her and she'd just grown used to having him there, weird as it was.

But now he was here, standing right in front of her, in an alleyway in a bad part of town. Buffy fought against stepping into a defensive stance, he was human, there'd be plenty of time for that if he tried anything.

"Silas," She smiled in greeting like this was a completely normal situation and she wasn't the least bit freaked.

"Signorina Buffy."

Her eyes narrowed a bit. She'd never told him her name, of course she'd let him follow her for way too long for him not to have picked it up. He'd better not know Dawn's name. "What brings you out tonight, Silas?"

He looked away at the outline of some bricked up door before bringing his strange eyes back up to meet hers, then dropping them in what was maybe supposed to be respect to the ground, "There is a house."

She frowned. A house? "Something happening there?"

He nodded.

"Uh, should we go now?" Buffy was at a loss. Maybe there was demon activity there? Maybe he was looking for a place to put his low interest rate loan to work?

He walked off, apparently she was supposed to follow. She did, thinking about what a bad idea this was the entire way. They ended up in a dingy block of houses converted into tiny apartments. She could feel the nest before he pointed out the building with the faded white trim. Crouching down, she circled it, trying to peer in the grimy windows, quietly checking for a way in. Silas followed, eyes more on her than the building.

"I'm going in, stay here." She handed him a spare stake out of her designer bag, then as an afterthought, stashed the bag behind a stack of wood by a wall. She wasn't letting anything happen to her favorite new accessory. "I feel weird saying this since I don't know you at all, but if any get past me…"

"Through the heart, yes?" He was looking at the ground again.

"You can handle that? 'Cause if not I can go get back up," Buffy’s mind was already on the nest, it'd been awhile since she'd had one to herself.

He nodded and took a reasonably thought out position by the back entrance. Seconds later she had the door down and the screams poured out into the street as she worked.

Silas’s eyes shone in the dark and he whispered reverently, "A true angel."

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