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The British Are Coming!

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Summary: Jenny Calendar always was a sucker for accents, British ones at that

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Harry Potter > GeneralfayetonicFR131484011,1314 Jun 064 Jun 06Yes
Title: The British Are Coming

Author: fayetonic

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy or Harry Potter. I just write because it’s fun. No money is being made, I’m just a poor young woman.

Pairings: Jenny/Giles, hint at Jenny/Sirius

Crossover: BtVS/HP

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Jenny Calendar always was a sucker for accents, British ones at that.

Authors Note: I haven’t written in a long time fanfic-wise. I’m sure there are mistakes but they’re all mine and mine alone. Reviews are welcome.






Jenny Calendar was a sucker for British accents.


That was particularly one of the reasons why she was attracted to Rupert Giles in the first place. He was quite intelligent, and had a rugged sort of handsomeness behind all that tweed, but it was his accent that had struck her like a slap to the face.


She and Rupert had begun a romance, something she never experienced before. Sure, she had dated, but her duty to her tribe was always there first and foremost. Yet with Giles, she could forget even for a little bit of her obligation, of watching the vampire Angelus. Jenny didn’t regret her time with Rupert but she wondered what would happen if they hadn’t gotten too serious.


She remembered her death; running from Angelus, running to safety, running to Rupert. She was too slow, or he was too fast but then and there her neck was snapped and all she could see was white.


She was in Heaven or a heavenly dimension. She watched through the window and looked down on Earth. She saw the “Scooby Gang” as they christened themselves remain strong throughout the pain and death. She never left the window, afraid if she mingled with the rest of the other dead, then she would miss something important. Then Buffy’s mother appeared and soon after came Buffy herself. They kept her company most of the time but soon went their separate ways. Still she watched, watched as Giles went to England, Buffy coming back from the dead, Willow turning to dark magics.


Then, he appeared. His name was Sirius and he was a wizard who had been killed by his cousin. He stayed for a while, watched as his godson grieved while she watched as the First appeared.


When they were done watching he stood and spoke.


“Come on Jenny, we’ve both watched enough,” he said, holding out a hand.


“What if I’m not done watching?” she replied, turning back to the window.


She saw Rupert and that principal fighting the uber-vamps.


“You’ve been watching for five years. You’re bloody well done I’d say,” he answered, still holding out his hand.


She hesitated but accepted his hand.


“My friends Lily and James, Harry’s parents, would like to meet you.” he murmured one she was standing.


“I’d like that,” she smiled, for what seemed like the first time in five years.


Jenny Calendar always was a sucker for British accents.

The End

You have reached the end of "The British Are Coming!". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking