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The Meaning of Touch

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Summary: A 'Woke up in Vegas' story. Not sure where I'm going with it yet. ~minor edits to chapters 1-3~

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-CenteredDaevanusFR2144,51548424,1986 Jun 0620 Jun 06No

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Chapter One

TITLE: The Meaning of Touch
AUTHOR: Daevanus (name withheld to protect the guilty!)
FEEDBACK: Yes, please… especially correcting mistakes/inconsistencies.
DISTRIBUTION: Ask, please.
SUMMARY: Booze, Vegas, and… well, wedding rings
SPOILERS: All of BtVS, Xmen 2
CONTENT/WARNINGS: Profanity, violence, and smut
DISCLAIMER: Don’t own any of ‘em… just taking them for a bit of a romp!


Damn, my head hurts. Obviously, my little drinking binge worked out in that respect… I feel like a few trolls are pounding away at what remains of my brain right now. That, though, is the least of my worries right now.

First of, this isn’t my room. Once I was actually able to open my eye, the gaudy decorations and furnishings of the room aren’t something that I would take. This is definitely a marital suite. And, damn it, I’m talking like Giles. I took the job as field Watcher, yes, but that doesn’t mean I was getting fitted for tweed. That would be taking it way too far.

Moving slightly to stretch, you can imagine my surprise that I couldn’t really… not without waking the woman currently pressed against me, arm thrown across my chest and her legs entwined in mine. Unexpected, to say the least, given how I haven’t dated anyone since Anya… two years ago.

Taking the chance to look at my bed-partner, I’m not really surprised to find that she’s beautiful. After all, considering the company I keep, I kinda take beauty for granted at times. She was slender, with soft, generous curves in all the right places. Her hair, long and slightly wild, had a lock of strikingly white hair that gave her a strange, slightly exotic look. Brushing her hair away from her face slowly, I’m actually kinda struck by how relaxed and peaceful she looks when she’s sleeping.

Wait a sec… why the hell am I wearing a wedding band?

Warm. That’s the first thing that enters my mind when I finally start to wake up. That and the fact I drank entirely too much last night. Logan told me that I should slow down, but after an impressive snarl, he left me alone. I wonder, briefly, it that’s how I ended up in bed. He did promise, after all, that he’d take care of me.

Carefully pushing up off the bed, opening my eyes slowly, I find something I would have never expected. A man, in bed with me.

Alright, time to scream…

Anyone watching would have found the scene pretty damn amusing. The woman looking at the man, her eyes meeting his one. She screamed slightly, scrambling back as fast as she could, even as he winced at the sudden, loud noise. She didn’t realize that the bed only had so much room and she fell off, landing flat on her ass.

“Are you okay?” he asked, leaning over the bed to keep his gaze on hers.

“Y’ can’t touch me,” she said quietly, her eyes wide with fear.

“Umm… hate to tell you this, but we did a hell of a lot of touching last night,” the man said with a slight frown. “Or am just having a sudden bout of wishful thinking?”

She gave him the always dignified response of “Huh?”

He let his gaze roam over her body, slowly and with no small amount of heat, before he looked her in the eyes again. “Listen, I’m going to call some room service, because, let’s face it, I’m hungry. We’ll talk a bit, figure this out. Meanwhile, you can get back in the bed, and cover up before…”

Blushing heavily, she took his hand without thinking. She almost pulled away until she realized that he was somehow unaffected by her touch.

“What are you?” she asked quietly as he helped her stand. “Are y’ a mutant?”

Blinking slightly, the man looked at her for a moment before answering. “I’m assuming by how you asked, you are… and no, I’m not. Guess we’re gonna have a heavier talk than I anticipated. I’m Xander, by the way,” he added with a small smirk.

“Marie,” she replied. “And yes, ah am. My touch… hurts people.”

Xander nodded slowly, frowning slightly as he did so. He appeared deep in thought for a moment, giving her the chance to actually look at him. For one, he was tall, and well built. A lot of muscle, but not bulky, like a weight lifter. His skin was tanned, almost starting to fade now, and covered with odd scars here and there. The most shocking was the patch over his left eye. His shaggy, dark hair and that patch gave him a wild, dangerous look. Her gaze wandered lower, to his waist before snapping back to his face with a small gasp and a deep blush.

“Like what you see?” he asked with a small smirk. She nodded slowly in reply, licking her lips slightly. “Sit. I’ll order something from room service, which I’ve already said.”

Damn it, I knew I shouldn’t have left her alone. She was hurting from that popsicle, Bobby, leaving her like he did. I thought that letting her get away, and get a bit drunk, would help. I wasn’t supposed to lose her. Vegas was pretty open minded as a whole, but still… I promised her.

I got pretty lucky, picking up her scent like I did. I didn’t think about the mingling scents, or where I was really going. I just need to find her, make sure she was safe.

Looking at the door in front of me, I paused for just a moment, barely hearing voices behind the door. Lifting my hand to knock, I was interrupted by a woman’s voice.

“My friend’s in there… who are you?”

When we woke up in the morning, we realized right off that Xander wasn’t there. So, being such good friends, we decided to go look for him. Granted, Willow’s use of magic helped a lot. A quick locator spell pinpointed his hotel, and a quick question to the desk manager told us where he was. At least he was safe…

When I told Willow I was gonna go give him some hell for making us worry, she blushed slightly, and only said, “Knock first.” I’ve no idea what the hell she meant like that.

Walking from the elevator towards the room, first thing I saw was a guy, dark haired and looking dangerous, standing outside the door I was looking for. He wasn’t tall, more averaged height, but his steps were heavier than I’d expect from a guy his size. The worn leather jacket, slightly battered jeans, and sturdy boots immediately sent me on the def… who am I kidding. I went aggressive right away.

“My friend’s in there,” he turned towards me quickly, his eyebrow arching in surprise, “who are you?”

A/N : Replies and feedback are welcome… flames might even be listened to, if only to make improvements that I can agree too


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