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Summary: Lorelai takes a blonde drunk home.

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Television > Gilmore GirlsbelginteiFR18438,51365515,3707 Jun 068 Oct 07No

Chapter 4

Broken 4/5

Rating: 15

Summery: Repercussions and Reconciling.

Notes: Most of what is left of this tale is totally AU with occasional reference to some season two storylines. With some digging, I found the listed name for the Principle of Stars Hollow high school was Merton.


“Lorelai, what’s going on?” Max asked stepping inside just as Lorelai’s houseguest came running down the stairs.

A look of sheer terror appeared on Lorelai’s face as she looked towards Buffy, who had sat on the bottom of the stairs to put her shoes on. “Buffy, where are you going,” she asked with more than a little panic.

“Going after Rory,” Buffy replied standing. “Don’t worry. I’ll be back as soon as I can. We’ll talk when I bring her back, okay?” she said placing a gentle hand on the older woman’s arm and glancing meaningfully at Max.

“Okay,” sniffed Lorelai as Buffy headed out the door. She looked back to a confused Max, “We need to talk,” she said leading the way to the kitchen.


Buffy’s Slayer senses had no trouble tracking the teenager, and although she could have easily caught her in minutes, she was not prepared to answer questions on how she was capable of running at forty miles an hour! Therefore, it was with frustration that she did not catch Rory before she had boarded the bus for Hartford.

The teenager refused to look in her direction as she tried getting her attention by running alongside the bus. Cursing under her breath, she watched as the bus disappeared around a corner. With no alternative, she turned around and with tears standing in her eyes; she began making her way back home.


“So what’s this all about Lorelai?” asked Max as he accepted a coffee from his fiancée. “Did you and Rory have a fight?”

Lorelai sighed as she sat opposite looking at her hands, “Rory wasn’t here long enough for us to fight,” she mumbled.

“Okay, so what happened? The last time I saw Rory so upset was when she missed her first test last year.”

“Yeah, I know,” agreed Lorelai quietly still not looking at him.

“So what is it? Lorelai, talk to me.”

“I’m not sure how to tell you,” she whispered.

“Tell me what...? Lorelai, have you changed your mind about marrying me?” he asked a little catch in his voice. “Is that what’s upset her?” he wondered. On several occasions at school, Rory had spoken to him about how happy she was that he was going to be her stepfather.

“Sort of...” she mumbled.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” he snapped.

“I was scared!” she confessed, “I never wanted you to get hurt. I never meant anyone to...”

“But,” prompted Max.

“But,” she now looked at him through tear stained eyes as she sighed, “I agreed to marry you because I was frightened about my growing feelings for someone else.”

“Luke,” surmised Max.

“God that would make my life so much easier,” Lorelai laughed a little hysterically.

“What?” frowned Max as they heard the front door open.

“Rory?” Lorelai called out jumping up and hurrying towards the hall, Max forgotten for the moment.

“No Lorelai,” sniffed Buffy hugging the other woman, tears still in her eyes. “She took the bus to Hartford. Lorelai, I never should’ve let last night happen. I’m so sorry, I should go...”

“Go!” cried Lorelai. “Please. You can’t leave me. We’ll work things out. I’ll make Rory understand...” she trailed off as she realised that Max was standing next to them. “Oh god, Max.”

“I see,” he said a little anger in his voice. “I think I better leave. Thanks for the coffee,” he said and headed for the door.

“Please Max...”

“Please what Lorelai? Forgive you for making a fool of me. I don’t think I can!” Max shook his head, tears standing in his own eyes as he opened the door. “Goodbye Lorelai.”

Both women stood there for a few moments lost in their own thoughts.

“God, this is a mess,” cried Lorelai as Buffy pulled her lover back into the hug. “If I’d only been honest with you over my feelings, or not tried running away from them by agreeing to marry him.” She said absently caressing her hands up and down the blonde’s curves.

“Hey you didn’t screw up here. If I hadn’t come to town, none of this would have happened. You’d still be with Max and Rory wouldn’t have run away,” beginning to rub her cheek on the taller woman’s shoulder and gently kissed her neck.

Lorelai shook her head slightly, “If I hadn’t been scared of my feelings for you, I don’t think I would’ve ever agreed to marry Max,” she moaned quietly as she moved one hand up to hold the back of Buffy’s head and the other down to gently knead the blonde’s backside.

“Maybe, but Rory wouldn’t have run away,” groaned Buffy as her own hands began gathering the back of Lorelai’s robe in an attempt to get at the flesh underneath.

“That wasn’t how I wanted her to find out... I had it all planned out in my head. The three of us would sit down after a nice lunch and...”

“Which I’d cook,” interrupted Buffy with a little chuckle into Lorelai’s neck, finally getting the robe bunched up at Lorelai’s waist and started caressing the brunette’s derriere.

“Of course,” smiled Lorelai. “And explain things calmly to her. God why do these things always happen to me?”

“So you’ve been caught in bed with other women before?” smirked Buffy beginning to suck on Lorelai’s pulse point.

Lorelai moaned, “We can’t... We hafta go get Rory,” with some effort she pulled out of the embrace. “I’ll get dressed and we’ll go get her back from my parents,” she declared having guessed where her daughter was heading.


“Lorelai, what are you doing?” cried Buffy her eyes going wide as the brunette dug through her purse while only occasionally glancing at the road they were travelling on, the steering wheel held lightly by one hand.

Lorelai pulled her phone out with a triumphant smile and expertly flipped it open and pressed several buttons with one hand, “Calling Sookie.”

“Now?” asked Buffy, finally realising why her friends back in Sunnydale had been so nervous whenever she had been behind the wheel, but at least she had the knowledge that she possessed Slayer reflexes.

“Uh, well, I didn't get a chance to call her before we left so she doesn't know about the...”

“Oh,” nodded Buffy.


“Are you going to tell her about us?” asked Buffy nervously.

“I will. It's just, um...Hi Sookie, it's me,” Lorelai said into the phone.

“Hi Sweetie, you on your way in?” asked Sookie.

“Um, no, not yet. Actually, I'm um, I'm gonna be taking a couple of days off.”

“What’s wrong?” cried Sookie.

“Ah nothing’s wrong. Just some things happened last night and this morning that I need to sort out. I’m taking a trip out of town...”

“With Max. That’s so romantic...”

“The engagement’s off, Sookie,” explained Lorelai, strangely feeling lighter for actually saying it aloud.

“What? What happened?” pushed Sookie.

“Well, it's a long story. I don't really wanna go into all the whats and whys and gory details right now, but you should know we all still like Max, and that nothing that’s happened is in any way his fault,” sighed Lorelai.

“Aww, honey, I'm so sorry.”

“Thanks. So I hope you didn't get too far on that cake but if you have, don’t trash it ‘cause we just might want it to pig out on later.”

“Okay I’ll put it by for the pig out,” chuckled Sookie.

“Listen, do me a favour. Mention cancelling the engagement to Miss Patty, will you? That way, by the time Buffy, Rory and I get back from Hartford...”

“The whole town will know within the hour,” confirmed Sookie. “Consider it done.”

“Thanks. I'll talk to you later. Just call the cell if you need anything.”

“Okie dokie. Bye hon.”

“Bye,” said Lorelai closing her phone. She glanced over at Buffy, “Well that’s one problem solved, the town’ll know before we get back.”

“So that just leaves us with getting Rory back and coming out to the whole town.”

“Hence the cake,” nodded Lorelai worry on her face as tears stood in her eyes.

“Rory loves you. It might take a little while to persuade her we’re serious about each other, but she’ll come around,” whispered Buffy her own eyes misting up as she squeezed the other woman’s forearm gently. “She has to.”


Lorelai rang the doorbell then took a step back to stand next to Buffy who looked at her, “Everything’s going to be okay,” she tried reassuring the older woman.

“I hope so,” replied Lorelai quietly as Emily opened the door. “Mum, is Rory here?” she asked stepping towards her mother.

“Lorelai. What’s going on?” asked Emily letting them in. “Rory arrived here fifteen minutes ago in tears.”

“We really need to talk to her,” pleaded Lorelai.

“We?” said Emily arching her eyebrow at Buffy.

“Oh ah mum, this is Buffy Summers. We told you about her last night at dinner. Buffy, my mother, Emily,” Lorelai introduced the two.

“Pleased to meet you, Mrs Gilmore,” greeted Buffy.

“Yes, a pleasure to meet you, Ms Summers,” replied Emily absently noting that both her daughter and her friend had been crying. She turned back to Lorelai. “Rory seems very upset at the moment. She won’t tell me what’s wrong but I don’t think it would be a good idea for you to see her at the moment. Why don’t you leave it until tomorrow?”

“No. I need to talk to her today, this minute,” cried Lorelai.

“And what if I don’t want to talk to you?” came Rory’s voice from the stairs.

All eyes turned to the teenager. “Rory honey, I’m so sorry. You need to believe we didn’t plan for you to find out like that. We were all going to sit down and talk about it calmly,” sobbed Lorelai. “Please come home.”

“You lied to me,” retorted Rory sitting down on the stairs tears in her eyes.

“Not really...”

“You told everyone you were marrying Max. You lied,” interrupted Rory.

“I did,” admitted Lorelai sadly. “I would have never said yes if I’d had the courage to admit my feelings... I just didn’t want to admit that I had such strong feelings for Buffy,” she confessed, holding her head up at the shock on her mother’s face and sought the blonde’s hand, when she stepped to the brunette’s side.

“What?” cried Emily.

“Rory, I never looked for these feelings either,” declared Buffy as both women ignored Emily. “And if Lorelai hadn’t found me crying over the picture of my dead mother and sister it probably wouldn’t have happened,” she confessed.

“Oh god,” whimpered Rory too quiet for anyone but Buffy to hear.

“I don’t want to give up what I’ve found but if I have to, I will, if it means you’ll go home with your mother. Believe me; you don’t want to abandon your family... You don’t know how long you’ll have together. I’ll move out today...” Buffy trailed off, tears trickling down her cheeks.

With a cry of her own, Lorelai enveloped the smaller woman in her arms, her own tears joining those of her lover’s. “Please,” she pleaded putting everything she felt into that one word.

It was only moments before both women felt a second pair of arms envelop them. “Don’t leave. I’m sorry,” mumbled Rory also beginning to cry.

Emily just stood there in a stupor as the three continued to cry and hug each other. She cleared her throat, “I think it would be best if we sat down and sorted all this out.” Although she was not sure she liked, or even understood, her daughter’s latest situation. However, the way Lorelai was acting at that moment, she had the feeling that making her displeasure known could well have her daughter running away from her and Richard again. And more importantly, taking Rory with her.

Lorelai nodded mutely as she followed her mother into the living room, holding Buffy’s hand in her right and Rory’s in her left. All three seated themselves on one of the settees, Buffy enveloping her lover’s right hand in both of hers.

“Would you three care for a drink?” asked Emily nervously. Now that they were in the room, she was not sure what to say.

“Thanks mum. I’ll have a mineral water please,” sniffed Lorelai. “Buffy?”

“I’ll have the same please, Mrs Gilmore,” smiled Buffy glancing at Emily before absently handing a tissue to her lover.

“Soda for me, please grandma,” added Rory dabbing her own eyes.

Lorelai blew her nose before offering the used tissue back to the blonde who grimaces, “I love you Lorelai. But there’s no way I want your boogers,” Buffy smiled a little.

Rory giggled as her mother put the tissue into her pocket before leaning over and kissing her lover.

The two separated when Emily cleared her throat. Both women blushed as they accepted their drinks from the older woman standing in front of them. “Sorry,” apologised Lorelai.

Emily decided it would be better not to comment as she collected Rory’s and her own drink, and after handing her granddaughter hers, she sat on the settee opposite. “So how long has this hmm... relationship been going on?”

“Last night,” answered Lorelai. “I’m a lesbian,” she declared a little bemused.

“Actually I think we’re probably both Bi,” amended Buffy. “I mean I think I still like boys... well I know I still like boys. I just don’t want them anymore...I mean...” she trailed off as Emily turned her full attention to her. “Ah being quiet now.”

Lorelai smiled at her lover for a moment before looking back to her mother. “I’m a lesbian or bisexual. But whatever, the only person I want to be with, is Buffy. She completes me... she’s my soulmate,” she finished with a passion.

“I’m sorry I ran away mum,” sniffed Rory dabbing her eyes again. “I guess I freaked when I found you in bed together...”

“What?” exploded Emily. “You exposed Rory to your depraved feelings for this... this woman?” she stood up angrily.

“The word I think you’re looking for grandma is dyke,” snapped Rory placing her untouched drink on the table and standing up. “Mum, I’d like to go home now please,” she stated firmly looking down at Lorelai and Buffy.

“Okay honey,” nodded Lorelai the pride for her daughter evident on her face as she and Buffy joined her. “We’ll be going now, mum,” she declared beginning to lead her daughter and her lover out the door.

“No, Lorelai. Please stay,” cried Emily.

Lorelai stopped by the door, “I don’t think so mother. I think we should go before you manage to completely destroy your relationship with Rory.”

“Alright,” agreed Emily defeated. “I’ll see you both Friday, Lorelai.”

“I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make it,” replied Lorelai.

“We’ll be here grandma,” amended Rory.

“Alright Rory,” nodded Emily a little happier as she watched two of the most important people in her life leave.


Rory could not help a small smile coming to her face as she followed her mother and Buffy walking hand-in-hand up onto the porch and into the house. She had never seen her mother so tactile with anyone but herself not even her father, Christopher. “God. Dad,” she suddenly cried getting a confused look from the others. “I mean, what are we going to tell him and-and everyone here in town?”

Lorelai took Rory’s hands in her own and smiled, “The truth honey, I have no idea how they’re gonna react but there’s no way I’ll be able to hide my feelings for Buffy from them.” She glanced over her shoulder at her lover, “And I have no intention of trying.”

“Okay,” nodded Rory. “I’m really sorry about running away like that,” she hung her head.

“Hey you’ve already apologised, And hey, I probably would’ve freaked if I’d walked in on your grandmother in bed with another woman,” chuckled Lorelai.

“Yeah,” smiled Rory. “And grandpa wouldn’t be happy either.”

“Well considering how she reacted earlier, I don’t think he’ll have any worries on that score,” sighed Lorelai.

“I can’t believe grandma would be so homophobic,” said Rory shaking her head. “So what now?” she asked looking between her mother and her what! “I’m not calling you mum,” she declared to Buffy.

“Hey as long as you don’t start calling me dad or daddy,” laughed Buffy as she placed her arm around Lorelai’s waist and the older woman released her daughter’s hand and placed it on her lover’s shoulder. “I do need to explain some things to both of you before we make any lasting commitments to each other though Lorelai,” she sighed as the light and smile left her face.

“What do you mean?” asked Lorelai nervously. “Is this something to do with last night, before we went to bed,” she clarified.

“Yes. I think you better sit for this,” replied Buffy guiding the taller woman towards the couch. “You too Rory,” she added when she realised the teenager had not moved from the hallway.

“Please don’t tell me you’re leaving. After everything that’s happened this morning and... last night, I don’t think I could live without you in my life now,” whispered Lorelai with tears in her eyes as Rory sat down next to her and took her hand.

Buffy fell to her knees in front of the older woman and took the two Gilmores joined hands in hers. “I hope you’ll still want me after I’ve told you everything but if not, you should know that I’ll always love you, Lorelai.”

“I can’t think of anything you could ever tell me that would make me not love you... You’re not really a serial killer are you?” exclaimed Lorelai.

Buffy smiled sadly up at her lover, “Not what I’d ever call myself but I was once called a killer. A quite famous one according to Dracula...”

“Buffy. Dracula’s a fictional character,” interrupted Rory with a frown.

“I thought so to until I met him last year,” smiled Buffy knowing how she sounded.

“What are you talking about Buffy?” asked Lorelai in confusion.

“God. Where to begin? Let’s see... I need you to promise me a couple of things. First, you hafta promise not to tell anyone else, unless I say it’s okay.” The Gilmores both nodded mutely if somewhat hesitantly. Buffy looked around for a moment, her eyes falling on the poker resting against the side of the fireplace, “I’m talking about this,” she stated taking it and easily bending it until the ends met.

Lorelai’s eyes went wide as she took the poker from Buffy and half-heartedly attempted to straighten it. She looked at her lover, “H-how did you do that?”

Buffy took back the poker and re-straightened it before returning it to its place by the fireplace. “Before I tell you anything else, the second thing I need you both to promise me, is you won’t try to get involved with my world if I ever hafta go back to it. Please,” she pleaded, “I couldn’t survive if anything happened to you, Lorelai. Or you Rory. Promise me.”

“Is your world that dangerous?” whispered Lorelai.

“Girls and young women like me last maybe two years before they die, if they’re lucky... I’ve survived six.”

Both Gilmores gasped. “But that... that would mean you’ve been doing whatever it is since you were in high school,” swallowed Rory.

“Just after I turned fifteen,” confirmed Buffy sadly. “You should know I’m not planning on doing it any longer. That part of my life is over as far as I’m concerned but that may not stop it from finding me!” she hung her head, the tears dripping from her eyes onto the floor.

Her hand shaking, Lorelai reached out and gently forced the blonde to look up into her eyes. “I promise... Is that how your mother and sister died?”

“Mum, no. She knew about it but didn’t get involved. She died because of the brain tumour, I told you about last night. Something even with all my power I couldn’t defeat,” Buffy cried as she laid her head on her lover’s lap.

“A-and Dawnie?” asked Lorelai absently caressing the side of Buffy’s head.

“She was taken by a creature called Glory. Our blood, Dawn’s and mine that is, could open a portal to her dimension. You know that rumour about me knowing about the so called strange weather over Southern California back in April?” she glanced up leaning into the light caresses.

Lorelai and Rory both nodded again neither trusting themselves to speak.

“That was the portal opening. Anyway, I defeated her but it was already too late, someone else had already started the ritual... The only way to close it was for one of us to jump into it... I had just said my goodbyes to her but as I turned to jump, I fell and Dawn sidestepped my hand and jumped instead,” whimpered Buffy looking up into Lorelai’s blue eyes. “I tried so hard to save her but-but she died.”

Both Gilmores slipped to the floor with Buffy their own tears joining those of the blonde’s as they hugged her.

It was maybe five minutes before they separated again. “Promise,” repeated Buffy sniffing.

“I’ll promise as long as you promise to always come back to me,” replied Lorelai kissing her lover on the lips and using her thumbs to wipe away the tears.

“Lorelai, if I could I would, but it doesn’t work that way. Please promise.”

“Okay, I promise,” cried Lorelai hugging the blonde again. “I don’t know what I’ll do if something does happen to you though.”

“I know baby, I know. But hey, may never happen. The nearest vampires are in New York.”

“Vampires,” exclaimed Rory drawing her knees up under her chin as she climbed back onto the couch.

Buffy gave the teenager a sad look, “Are real. Like I said I met Dracula last year,” she reminded them. “So are werewolves, although most of those are just your average person that was unlucky and got bitten. Demons and witches are also real, both good and bad. My best friend back in Sunnydale is a witch, so’s her girlfriend.”

“What with broomsticks and black cats,” Lorelai smiled lightly.

“No. Willow has always hated that stereotype. But they do have a cat, Miss Kitty Fantastico but she’s not completely black,” said Buffy. “Okay let me see if I can remember this...? Into every generation...”


The Gilmores sat in stunned silence as Buffy recounted much of her life. She left nothing out; she told both the good and the bad.

Lorelai glanced at the clock, surprised that they had been listening for over four hours, “Wow look at the time,” she said just as her stomach gave a growl.

Rory giggled, “It must be dinner time.”

“Little early for dinner,” smiled Buffy. “But I think the beast wants feeding. I better find something to appease it,” she began to rise from the couch.

“Why don’t we go to Luke’s?” suggested Rory.

“Not just now hon. I’m sure Buffy doesn’t feel up to it and I know I don’t,” Lorelai smiled sadly at her daughter. “But maybe if you want, you could go grab some take out and save Buffy from cooking?”

“Okay mum,” nodded Rory jumping up.

“My purse is by the door,” Lorelai pointed out.

“Are you sure, Lorelai? I don’t mind cooking something,” asked Buffy looking down at her lover.

“I’m sure,” smiled Lorelai as she heard the door shut behind her daughter. She reached up and grabbed the blonde’s hand and pulled her down onto her lap, “She’ll be gone at least half an hour,” she smirked before pressing her lips to Buffy’s.

“Ooh make out time,” smiled Buffy as they separated and she started unbuttoning the other woman’s shirt.

“Nice to see you finally mastered the shirt button, Buffy,” chuckled Lorelai as her hands went to the blonde’s own top.

Buffy stopped for a moment, “Sorry about that,” she blushed.

“That’s okay Buffy, we were sort of lost in the moment,” replied Lorelai as her lover returned to the buttons on her shirt.

“Such pretty boobies,” smirked Buffy as she leaned down and captured Lorelai’s left nipple between her lips.

“You seem to love them,” moaned Lorelai as she arched into the touch.


“Hey guys, I ran into Miss Patty and Babette on...” called Rory as she came through the front door juggling several bags from Luke’s. Her eyes went wide as she blushed a deep red and spun around to face the wall, “Am I going to find you naked every time I walk into the house?” she asked.

“Hey at least you didn’t run away this time, that’s an improvement,” Lorelai pointed out as she re-buttoned her shirt and Buffy grabbed her top from the floor.

“Sorry Rory,” apologised Buffy. “We must’ve lost track of the time.”

“Right,” nodded Rory. “So maybe we need to come up with a signal,” she mused.

“What like a sock on the door handle?” smirked Buffy.

“No, too cliché. How about a bra?” laughed Lorelai.

“Eew mum,” cried Rory.

“You ran into Miss Patty and Babette,” prompted Lorelai changing the subject.

“Right. They wanted to know why the wedding was off... I just told them that you changed your mind ‘cause you realised you’re not compatible,” giggled Rory heading towards the kitchen.

“Couldn’t put it better myself,” smiled Lorelai as she grabbed Buffy’s hand and pulled insistently towards the smell of food.


They sat around the kitchen table, the food spread before them. “So what’s gonna happen now?” asked Rory looking at Buffy, “I mean now you told us about being the Slayer.”

“Hopefully nothing,” mused Buffy. “I’ll keep an eye out for any trouble but other than that, nothing will change... Well except me being with your mum,” she smirked before leaning over and exchanging a kiss with Lorelai.

“Hey get a room you two,” cried Rory as the other two began to deepen the kiss. “You have an impressionable youth here,” she giggled.

“Sorry honey,” smirked Lorelai as she sat back. “But about the room, we’ll have to make some room in my closet for your clothes, Buffy. I don’t know how though?” she sighed.

“Well it’s about time you had a clear out anyway,” Rory pointed out.

“But I need all my stuff,” pouted Lorelai.

“Lorelai, have you ever considered boxing up your winter clothes in the summer and your summer clothes in the winter?” asked Buffy. “My granny only had a small apartment and she had about three times the clothes you do.”

Lorelai exchanged a look with her daughter, “Why didn’t we think of that?”

“‘Cause you’re so unorganised,” offered Rory smirking.

“I love you Buffy. This means we can go shopping next weekend.”

“And I love you too but if you fill up the space we make with more clothes, how are we going to fit in mine?”

“But... Rats,” sighed Lorelai allowing her shoulders to slump.

Buffy caressed the older woman’s cheek, “Maybe we could get you a couple of outfits... from Victoria Secrets,” she smirked.

“Yeah,” agreed Lorelai her eyes dancing.

“And I think this conversation is moving into areas I don’t want to hear about,” said Rory.

“Sorry, Rory,” smiled Buffy.

“Ohh and I’ll need new outfits for the gay pride marches,” smiled Lorelai.

“Of course,” laughed Buffy. “One thing though, Lorelai. I think I should stop working at the Inn, it could get awkward for us.”

“What do you mean?” asked Lorelai in confusion.

“I mean this,” she smiled holding up their joined hands that Lorelai had not even realised they were doing.

“Oh,” cried Rory excitedly. “With everything that’s happened today, I forgot to tell you, Buffy. I found all the details you need to set up a Tai Chi/self-defence business in town. The only problem is that you need a vote at a town meeting before Harry, he’s the Mayor, can issue you with the proper licences. Taylor seems to have slipped that one into the town charter a couple of years ago when Wal-Mart wanted to build a store on the outskirts of town that would’ve put him out of business.”

“That’s great, Rory. But what about money?” asked Buffy.

“Well there are bank loans or grants available to help new businesses. You can get up to thirty thousand dollars from the Federal Government,” explained Rory.

“Okay, why not,” smiled Buffy.

“Great, I’ll print off all the details after lunch,” said Rory.


“Lorelai, what’s up?” asked Sookie as she took the kitchen phone from one of her helpers.

“Hey Sookie. Nothing’s wrong,” replied Lorelai. “I was just wondering if you could come over when you get off work. We have some things we want to tell you... Oh and bring some of the cake.”

“Yeah sure... So I told Miss Patty that the wedding is off.”

“Yeah I know, she ran into Rory earlier,” said Lorelai.

“How did Rory take the news? She really likes Max.”

“Not very well actually,” admitted Lorelai glancing over at her daughter curled up at the other end of the couch. “But we explained things to her and she’s fine now.” Rory smiled reassuringly at her mother.

“We?” queried Sookie.

“Hence the reason for you to come over,” answered Lorelai mysteriously.

“Oh...kay. So you’re hiding away at home?” surmised Sookie.

“Sort of,” smirked Lorelai as she caressed Buffy’s cheek with her other hand as the blonde smirked at her. “See you soon, Sookie. Bye.”

“Bye honey,” said Sookie hanging up.

Lorelai glanced at her lover, and her daughter. “She’ll be here later.”


Lorelai looked up as a knock came from the door as Buffy descended the stairs, “That must be Sookie!” she surmised rising and heading to the door. Opening it to see her friend standing holding a large round cake, “Hey Sookie,” she smiled stepping back to allow her friend to enter.

“Hi, Lorelai,” smiled Sookie as she headed towards the kitchen. “Hi Buffy. Where’s Rory?”

“Here,” replied Rory walking out of her room as Sookie placed the cake on the table.

“Oh hi sweetie. You okay?”

“Yeah I’m good,” Rory snapped off a piece of icing and popped it into her mouth, “So how many tiers?”

“Five,” smiled Sookie. “I cut up the largest one and gave it to the guests at the Inn.”

“That’s fine, Sook,” nodded Lorelai snagging some herself as she took a seat.

“So what did you wanna talk to me about?” asked Sookie sitting opposite her friend.

“I wanna explain exactly why Max and I broke up,” replied Lorelai. “Buffy, you gotta try some of this cake.”

“Okay,” agreed Buffy a little nervously as she joined the others at the table after grabbing some plates and a knife.

“So, you were going to tell me why you and Max broke up?” prompted Sookie after the silence had hung over them for a couple of minutes as she cut and handed the cake around.

“Yes,” sighed Lorelai glancing over at Buffy who gave her lover an encouraging smile. “Well you see Sookie. I should have never agreed to marry Max... I was just hiding behind it because of my growing feelings for someone else...”

“Luke,” interrupted Sookie.

“God. No,” cried Lorelai, “Why does everyone think it’s Luke?” she asked glancing at Rory.

“Because everyone knows about his thing for you,” Rory pointed out.

“I guess,” Lorelai sighed again before turning her attention back to Sookie. “No Sookie. At one point, yes, I might have had those sort of feelings for Luke. But not anymore... No I only have feelings for Buffy!” There she had said it; she smiled at Buffy and grabbed the blonde’s hand. “I love Buffy.”

“You love... Buffy?” squeaked Sookie her eyes going wide. “When...? I mean how...? I mean ah wow.”

“Yeah. Wow,” smirked Lorelai. “Are you okay with this sweetie?” she asked looking nervously at her friend.

“What?” frowned Sookie confused for a moment. “Yeah of course. I mean I can’t say I’m not surprised or anything but you’re obviously serious about this, so I guess I’ll get use to it.”

“Thanks hon. you don’t know how happy that makes me feel.”

“So have you told anyone else? Are you going to tell everyone?”

“Other than the four of us, the only other person that knows at the moment is my mother... and probably my dad!” answered Lorelai a little sadly. “And yes we are telling everyone.”

“Wow,” whispered Sookie. “I never saw this coming. I always figured you’d eventually get married and maybe have some more kids.”

“We both still like boys,” pointed out Buffy. “Only we bat for the other team as well now. As for kids...? I always wanted some... maybe later...” she blushed as three sets of eyes fell on her.

Lorelai grabbed Buffy’s hand, “Me too,” she assured her lover.

“So when are you planning on telling the town?” asked Sookie.

“Maybe tomorrow,” replied Lorelai.

“You should tell Luke first,” added Rory. “I know he didn’t say anything but I caught him looking sadly at you a couple of times this week.”

“Yeah okay,” agreed Lorelai.


Sookie left around seven to meet Jackson, promising not to reveal their secret. Buffy and the Gilmores settled down to an impromptu movie night before...

“Time for bed,” announced Buffy standing and pulling her lover up after her.

“But I’m not tired,” pouted Lorelai.

“Good,” smirked Buffy as she easily lifted the taller woman over one of her shoulders and headed towards the stairs.

“Rory. Help, I’m being kidnapped,” cried Lorelai looking back at her daughter.

“Not me,” laughed Rory getting up herself and heading towards her own room. “‘Night you two. Please remember impressionable youth here.”

“Buffy’s a screamer,” declared Lorelai from half way up the stairs.

Buffy slapped Lorelai’s jean clad backside, “Hey, she said impressionable youth Lorelai.”

“Oh yeah,” smirked Lorelai, “Sorry hon.” her eyes dancing with mischief as she looked back at her daughter at the base of the stairs. “‘Night Rory.”


It was just after three when Buffy woke with a start. She had had a very strange dream, or vision, she was not sure! She had been standing on the back porch looking up into the predawn sky only to see an image of her mother, sister, and both her dead watchers smiling down at her.

Gently removing Lorelai’s arm from across her chest, receiving a moan in protest, she eased out of the bed and wrapped one of Lorelai’s robes around her.

“Buffy,” called Lorelai sleepily.

“Just gotta go to the bathroom, go back to sleep,” whispered Buffy. Not understanding her lover’s mumbled reply, she left the bedroom and headed down the stairs. She quietly opened Rory’s door to peek inside to check she was asleep. A sad smile came to her face as she suddenly remembered doing the same thing with Dawn. Quietly closing the teenager’s door again, she headed over to the back door holding the handle nervously for a moment before opening it and stepping out onto the porch.

Looking up into the clear sky, she was a little disappointed at not seeing her vision manifest itself. “Doesn’t work that way, Slayer,” came a voice from the shadows.

“Whistler,” snarled Buffy turning towards the sound, her eyes going hard.

“Now Slayer, no need to look like that,” replied Whistler holding his hand up as he stepped out from the side of the house.

“What do you want?” she growled. “If you’re here to tell me I hafta kill Lorelai or Rory, one of us won’t be leaving this porch alive,” she took a threatening step towards the demon.

“That was of your own making Slayer, you slept with Angel,” he pointed out.

“What do you want?” asked Buffy her hands coming up to a fighting stance.

Whistler again raised his hands in a gesture of peace, “Hey, calm down, Slayer. I’m not here to fight. The Powers thought you’d like to have some things explained to you... About you and Lorelai.” He took a step back as Buffy began to advance on him, “Nothing’s going to happen to her or her daughter, kid. I swear,” much to his embarrassment his voice squeaked a little.

“Okay. So start talking,” snapped Buffy not relaxing for one second.

“Well certain Powers that are not directly connected with the supernatural world needed you here to help Rory... Nothing bad is gonna to happen, promise,” he added hastily again as he saw the fire come to the Slayer’s eyes. “It’s just that unless her mother is happy at a critical moment in her future, she’ll hesitate and the answer she gives will stop her from the greatness she can achieve. And no I can’t tell you when or what it will be because I wasn’t told. But anyway Lorelai was destined to remain alone, happy but alone, all her life. She would either run away from any man that got too close or they would run from her. Same with you Slayer, look at your past boyfriends. Neither of you have had great success with relationships.

“Well the Powers figured they owed you one, so they tweaked things a little to get you two together...”

“You mean they messed with our minds and made us fall in love,” growled Buffy grabbing hold of the demon’s shirt and pushing him up against the house, hard.

“No. No, Slayer, that’s a big no-no with them. They’re big with the freewill,” groaned Whistler as he distinctly heard his shirt rip. “No they just made sure you two met, the rest was all your own making. Although they knew it would happen of course.”

Buffy released the balance demon and watched him examine his ruined shirt. “So you’re saying that they got us together just so Rory would make the choice they want?”

“Not completely, Slayer. The Powers that are behind this, felt that their fellow Powers that are responsible for the supernatural, placed too much on your shoulders over the years without rewarding you. So much so, that you finally broke. They want you happy, so they arranged for this to happen.”

Buffy looked intensely at him for a moment, her face breaking into a smirk as the demon’s hand unconsciously went to his chest. “So nothing bad is going to happen to Lorelai or Rory?”

“Can’t promise that Slayer,” sighed Whistler. “They’ll still cry, be hurt, just like all mortals, but as long as they don’t attempt to join you in your world they’ll live long fruitful lives. If you’re lucky you might even see Rory married and Lorelai’s first granddaughter,” he chuckled. “Just don’t waste what you got, Slayer,” he finished stepping back into the shadows and disappearing.

Buffy stood just staring into the spot the demon had vanished from. “Buffy, baby, you okay?” asked Lorelai wrapping her arms around the blonde from behind and leaning her head on her lover’s shoulder.

“I’m fine. For the first time in I don’t know how long, I’m fine,” smiled Buffy turning around in the other woman’s arms and kissing her.

“I’m glad,” said Lorelai with mischief dancing in her eyes. “So let’s go back to bed,” she suggested pulling the blonde towards the door.

“But I’m not tired,” pouted Buffy.

“Good,” smirked Lorelai lust filling her eyes.

“I love my life,” whispered Buffy looking at the sky before her lover pulled her insistently inside and closed the door, never noticing the four images smiling down at her and the brunette.


Lorelai looked up into Buffy’s eyes as the blonde slowly leaned down and captured her mouth, in moments deepening it and sending fire into the brunette’s brain as Buffy’s tongue caressed her lips asking for entry. Opening her lips, she extended her own tongue to welcome its mate within the warm cavity.

Lorelai gasped as she wrapped her legs around Buffy, drawing the blonde’s hips into her centre and sending waves of pleasure throughout her body as her clitoris rubbed against her lover’s.

Her eyes shot open as a deep moan escaped her throat before she suddenly stiffed. “What is it, Lorelai?” asked Buffy as she sensed something was wrong. “I didn’t hurt you did I?”

“What! No,” said Lorelai shaking her head as she relaxed her legs a little but still enveloped the blonde with them. “No, it’s weird! I dreamt about this exact moment last week. Just... just before I phoned Max and agreed to marry him,” she frowned.

“Wow, you have way better dreams that come true than I do. Mine are always about some big bad rising and trying to destroy the world or something,” smirked Buffy as she caressed Lorelai’s cheek.

“What do you think it means?”

“Oh I dunno!” smirked Buffy, “That we could have been screwing each others brains out a week earlier,” she chuckled as she leaned back in and captured her lover’s mouth.


Rory just arched her eyebrow at the dreamy look her mother wore as she sipped her coffee. “Morning,” she greeted the older women while she grabbed a cup herself and poured some coffee before sitting down.

“Morning,” smiled Buffy as she placed the last of the food onto the plates and put one in front of each Gilmore.

“Thanks Buffy,” Lorelai smiled up at the blonde.

Taking a seat, Buffy looked back and forth between the Gilmores. “I’ve spent the last hour trying to decide if I should tell you this... Now I don’t want you to freak out okay but I had a visit from a demon earlier...”

“A demon?” squeaked Rory her eyes going large.

“Rory, freaking,” smiled Buffy.

“Sorry,” blushed Rory. “Did-did you kill it?”

Buffy shook her head, “No. Contrary to what you’ve heard, not all demons are evil... Although where Whistler, that’s his name, is concerned, I’ve threatened him more than once,” she chuckled at the memories.

“So what did this Whistler want?” asked Lorelai. “Demons have names?”

“Sure they do. Well, like I said, I don’t want you freaking. Okay here goes... The powers wanted me here for you, Lorelai... They didn’t make us fall in love, apparently they are big on the freewill... though that’s never seemed to stop them messing my life up, I mean I never asked to be the Slayer... And now I’ve caught the babble,” Buffy laughed before becoming serious again as she looked at the teenager. “But that doesn’t matter. I was sent here so your mum would have someone because sometime in the future, don’t know how far in the future, you were going to hesitate about something because your mum had no one in her life. Whistler said it would stop you from achieving a greatness.”

“Wh-what am I suppose to do?” swallowed Rory.

“He claimed not to know the what, why or how!” sighed Buffy taking the teenager’s hand and giving it a gentle squeeze, “And with my experience with the Powers, even if he did know, they wouldn’t let him tell me. Just so you know I’ll be here for you.”

“Me too, honey,” added Lorelai hurrying to rise and moving around the table to pull her daughter up into a hug.

“Oh he did tell me one thing,” smirked Buffy trying to lighten the mood. “I may live long enough to see the birth of your first granddaughter, Lorelai.”

Lorelai beamed down at her lover with mischief in her eyes before releasing her daughter, “I forbid you to get pregnant until I’m at least sixty. No make that seventy.”

“Oh, someone after my own heart,” chuckled Buffy. “Trying to twist prophesies.” She then looked at Rory who still had worry on her face, “I know it’s not something that you can really do easily but try not to let it overwhelm you, it could be something you’re going to do, today, or next month, or even ten years from now. But try not to worry about it.”

“I’ll try,” replied Rory retaking her seat and beginning to pick at her breakfast. “Thanks for telling me.”


“So how are we going to do this?” asked Buffy her hands in her jacket pockets so she would not be tempted to grab her girlfriend as they headed towards Luke’s with Rory near lunch time. “Stand in the doorway of Luke’s kissing?”

“That’d work,” laughed Rory. “Probably give Taylor a heart attack though.”

“And the downside?” chuckled Lorelai.

“Mum,” chastised Rory.

“Yeah, yeah. Well I guess we could just announce it! Miss Patty and Babette will most likely be in the diner so everyone would know before we finished our coffee,” mused Lorelai.


As they entered the diner, all conversation stopped. Lorelai looked around a nervous smile in place. “Grab a table hon. Buffy and I will join you in a while,” whispered Lorelai as she headed to the counter with Buffy. “Hey Luke.”

“Lorelai, Buffy. What can I get you?” asked Luke evenly.

“Ah five minutes... I mean could Buffy and I have five minutes in private to tell you something... Please.”

“Sure,” frowned Luke leading them over to the curtained off stairs and opening it to allow the two women to proceed him.

Lorelai glanced back at her daughter for a moment getting an encouraging smile from her before ascending the stairs.

Entering what was at one time Luke’s father’s office but now her friend’s apartment. Lorelai looked around everywhere but at Luke. Noticing Buffy doing the same, she gave her lover a nervous smile.

“Sorry to hear about you and Max... So what is it you need?” asked Luke sensing the two’s nervousness.

Lorelai jumped a little at the broken silence. “Oh ah... The three of us, that is, Rory, Buffy and I figured that you know, with you being my friend that we should tell you first, before coming out to the rest of the town...”

“Coming out!” cried Luke.

“Oh,” squeaked Lorelai. “I didn’t mean for it to come out like that!” she blushed.

“You’re gay. A lesbian?” Luke looked shocked. “When did this happen?”

“Friday night... I mean that’s when I finally went with my feelings. Feelings that I’ve had since Buffy came to town... I’ve had all these feelings for her...” Lorelai trailed off not sure what else to say.

“So you and you!” Luke pointed to each of them, getting two nods. “Ah okay. I mean it’s your life, Lorelai. I can’t say I’m not shocked, but hey half the time I don’t know what the hell you’re doing.”

Both women easily picked up on the hurt in his voice. “Neither of us looked for this, Luke,” sighed Buffy. “I’ve only been here a little over a week and even I can see you hold a torch for Lorelai. We’re sorry if us being together has hurt you but that’s the way things are.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Luke growled.

“Luke please,” pleaded Lorelai. “Don’t try denying it. I’ve tried over the last year or so to deny that we both had feelings for each other... Half the town expected you to explode when I told you about Max and me. I still want you as a friend... Luke you’ve always been there for Rory and me.”

“I can’t deal with this right now,” snapped Luke. “You better leave Lorelai.”


“Get out, Lorelai,” shouted Luke.

“Come on sweetie,” cajoled Buffy gently as she took the brunette’s hand and lead her teary-eyed lover out the door and down the stairs. It was obvious to the blonde that most of those in the diner had heard at least the end of the confrontation! “Time to go Rory,” she said quietly.

Rory nodded her face a mask of worry as she joined the short blonde in guiding her mother out of the diner. As they turned for home she looked over at Buffy, “Why was Luke shouting?” she asked.

“He didn’t take it too well,” sniffed Lorelai.

“Oh,” sighed Rory. “Maybe he just needs time to get use to you being with Buffy!”

“Yeah, maybe,” agreed Lorelai.


“What’s going on outside?” asked Rory looking up when the sound of hammering started coming from the front of the house.

“It’s Luke,” supplied Buffy walking into the kitchen from the living room. “He seems to be fixing something on the porch.”

“I’ll go and see what he’s doing?” sighed Lorelai heading for the door. She walked out onto the front porch looking curiously at Luke hammering one of the porch rails. “Hey,” she greeted him nervously.

“Hey,” Luke replied shortly.

“How are you today?” she edged.

“Good, how are you?”

“Good, good,” nodded Lorelai. “What are you doing?”

“Fixing your porch rail,” Luke pointed out.

“That's right. You are. You're fixing my porch rail... At six thirty in the morning!”

“It was the only time I could do it,” explained Luke.


“It was broken. I noticed last time I was here. It could hurt somebody.”

“Luke is this your way of apologising for yesterday?”

“What?” snapped Luke looking sharply at her. “No... Yes.”

“No, yes?” frowned Lorelai. “Now I’m really confused!”

Luke did not meet Lorelai’s eyes as he tested the sturdiness of the rail. “I’m sorry I acted like that yesterday,” he said before looking up at her. “I shouldn’t... I didn’t have any right to act like that... I’m sorry, Lorelai.”

“I’m sorry too Luke. Buffy and I didn’t ask for this. Neither of us has ever been with a woman before. It just feels so right to both of us... Luke, I love her so much,” Lorelai sniffed as she wiped her eyes. “Can we still be friends Luke...? I love you as if you were family; hell you’ve help me in so many ways to raise Rory more than my own parents.”

“That’s not even a question. Of course we’re friends. I admit I’ve always thought of Rory as being family... both of you,” said Luke gathering his tools. “I need to get going... Maybe I’ll see you three later at the diner.”

“I’m sure you will,” smiled Lorelai as she watched him walking away. “Luke does this mean you’ll stop moaning about my coffee addiction?” she called out.

“Coffee’s bad for you,” he shouted back.

Still smiling Lorelai re-entered the house only to be enveloped in her lover’s arms. “So everything is good again between you and Luke,” Buffy kissed the taller woman.

“Yeah I think it will be. Though I don’t think we should flaunt our relationship in front of him, at least for a while,” said Lorelai caressing her hands up and down Buffy’s back.

“I agree,” nodded Buffy. “So are you going to join Rory and me this morning?”

“Only to watch and have lewd thoughts about your body,” smirked Lorelai stepping away from her lover.

“What am I going to do with you,” Buffy sighed dramatically.

“Let’s go back to bed and discuss it.”

“Later,” whispered Buffy lust in her eyes.


Lorelai led Buffy by the hand past the gazebo and stopped in front of one of the park benches. “This is the one,” she declared. “I was heading back to my car after stopping off at Luke’s when I saw you slumped on it. My heart went out to you at that moment,” she smiled lovingly at the blonde smiling back. “I love you, Buffy. I love you so much it hurts, you know...” she trailed off her eyes misting up.

“I’ve loved you since the first time I could see you without the alcohol haze,” replied Buffy squeezing the older woman’s hand gently. “So this is where you wanna come out to the town? By kissing next to the park bench you first met me?”

“Yeah. Yes it seems right somehow to do it here. I want this over with,” Lorelai sighed as she slowly closed the distance with the blonde’s lips.

It was weird; every conversation seemed to stop within the square as they deepened the kiss. It may have been the moment but even the bird song seemed to have stopped!

Then came the crash from outside the Market. The two lovers turned to see Kirk climbing out of the pizza delivery vehicle that he had crashed into Taylor’s car.

“I guess that means no pizza delivery tonight,” laughed Lorelai as the two walked away hand in hand heading towards Luke’s ignoring the many stares.

“Well that went fine don’t you think it went fine?”

“Yeah. It went fine,” nodded Lorelai as she smiled at Patty who stood smiling at them from her studio.


Lorelai gave Buffy a quick hug and kiss as they reached Miss Patty’s for the town meeting, where the blonde would ask to be allowed to open a business. They entered with Rory and took seats at the front of the hall waiting Buffy’s turn.

By the end of the meeting, Buffy had presented her business plan and tried to answer any legitimate questions the town had about her and her motives for wishing to open a Tai Chi and self-defence school. Luke had spoken up saying that he would vote for any business that was not another damned collectible plate shop, which had several others nodding their agreement.

“I don’t see that we need any new fangled dance studio in Stars Hollow,” sneered Taylor. “I mean what’s wrong with the good old American dances Patty teaches?”

“Taylor,” sighed Rory standing up next to Buffy. “First of all, most of the dances, Miss Patty teaches, originated in Europe, South America, Cuba, Asia, Africa... Just about everywhere but here. Second, Tai Chi is not dance but the basis for many Asian self defence disciplines as well as a form of meditation.”

“And what is wrong with boxing?”

“Buffy can teach that as well, Taylor. You wannabe her first punching bag?” jeered Lorelai getting laughs from many of the other town’s people.

“Look Taylor,” sighed Buffy. “I spoke with Principal Merton at the high school and offered to teach the girls that go there how to protect themselves...”

“That’s right,” interrupted Andrew, “Melissa Jordan got mugged in Bridgeport after visiting her brother. As it was, they only took her money but who knows what else could have happened to her.”

There was a murmur of agreement around the hall.

“As I was trying to say,” continued Buffy smiling at Andrew. “I’ve agreed to give one lesson free each week to any of the girls from the high school for just that reason. He had me checked out with the school authorities, and they are happy to allow it. Taylor, all I’m asking is that the town give me the chance to prove myself.”

“Okay let’s vote,” called out Miss Patty ignoring Taylor’s scowl. “All those in favour of allowing Buffy to open her self-defence school raise your hand.” All those present but Taylor raised their hand. “Taylor,” prompted the large woman.

“Oh very well,” sighed Taylor as he raised his hand.

“Motion carried,” cried Miss Patty bring down the gavel. “Congratulations dear,” she smiled at Buffy.


Buffy sat at a table in Luke’s waiting for the two Gilmores to arrive back from their weekly dinner in Hartford. It had been almost a month since Lorelai had been forced by circumstances to come out to her parents. They had talked it over with Rory and agreed that for now, it would be best if she did not go with them. But Lorelai had become adamant over the last week that they start going as a family and she wanted to show her parents that their relationship was not just some phase she was going through. Therefore, Buffy had agreed to begin attending Friday night dinners the following week after Lorelai had whispered to her, while they discussed it, that she would withhold her sexual favours that night if she did not agree. Buffy could not help wondering when she had started being so pussy whipped?

She looked up then as the door opened, frowning as three men stepped inside. Two of them seemed vaguely familiar! Paying her no mind, the three sat at the table on the other side of the door.

Buffy’s eyebrow arched as one of the men ordered three coffees from Luke. He had a distinctive English accent. Although someone at the next table would not have heard their whispered conversation, Buffy had no such problem, although it only made partial sense. They were here to collect a potential, whatever that was? They had a rough description, a name and an address. It was not until one speculated about the whereabouts of Summers, that everything came back to her. The three men were from the Watchers Council, two of them were with the team that had been in Sunnydale to capture Faith and then pursued her to Los Angeles.

Just then, she was distracted as Dean walked in with his sister, Clara, who came bounding over to her, “Hi,” she said sitting down next to Buffy. “Dean says he’s coming over for a movie night with you, Rory, and her mum tomorrow night. Can I come too?”

“I don’t know. What did Dean say?” asked Buffy absently still trying to listen to the men.

“He said, I couldn’t come,” pouted Clara. “But if you said I could, he’d let me, please,” she pleaded.

“Sorry Clara, he’s your brother and... he’s a lot bigger than me,” Buffy smirked at her, noticing out of the corner of her eye that the three men were now looking over in their direction.

“Come on Clara. I said I’d buy you a burger if you stopped trying to get me to take you to Rory’s,” sighed Dean placing said burger in front of his sister.

“Well yeah, but I’m not asking you, I’m asking Buffy,” smirked Clara.

Buffy looked at the three men that were now studying her closely.

“Clara,” said Dean.

“Okay, okay,” she sighed. “Anyway, I know why you don’t want me there,” she giggled.

“And why’s that?” asked Dean.

“So you can make out with Rory,” Clara pointed out laughing at the embarrassment on her brother’s face.

“Ah Dean, could you tell Lorelai, I’ll see her at home,” said Buffy standing. “I need to talk to some people,” she said a steely look coming into her eyes as she looked over at the three Englishmen.

Dean frowned as he glanced around noticing the three men for the first time. “Is something wrong, Buffy?”

“Nothing for you to worry about. I’ll see you later,” Buffy reassured the boy. Her walk took on that of a predator as she approached the three men. She leaned down and between clenched teeth she growled, “We need to talk. Outside now.” Without waiting for an answer, she left.

One of the men threw some money on the table as he rose with the others and followed Buffy.

The Slayer walked down the alley behind Luke’s, making sure the three men saw her. She slipped into the shadows and jumped up grabbing hold of a pipe running from Luke’s to the next building to wait. After a few moments, two of the men entered the alley looking around for the Slayer both had small dart guns. Moving with skill, they began to systematically search for her. She spied the third man appearing from the other end of the alley.

As he joined his teammates, the Slayer moved with speed that no other human could even hope to match. Even though these men were expecting an attack and were all highly trained, the first one was down and out before they could react. Buffy knocked the second man’s gun to fire harmlessly into the wall even as she easily sidestepped the last man’s dart. As she took the second man’s legs from under him, she grabbed his arm that still held the gun and using his own momentum, sent him into the third.

As they fell to the ground, Buffy was there wrenching the dart guns from them. With a little flick of her wrist, the two guns landed in an open dumpster.

Buffy turned her angry eyes on the two men attempting to rise. “Stay,” she ordered, “And keep your hands where I can see them. Now, I’m only going to ask this once. Who are you here for?”

“That doesn’t concern you, Ms Summers. And regardless of what happens to us, more teams will be sent until the Council gets what it wants,” said the man she recognised as Collins.

“Why can’t you watchers leave people alone,” growled Buffy.

“Because someone has to do what must be done,” replied Collins. “You deserted your post. Are you even aware of what’s happened on the Hellmouth since you left?”

“That part of my life is over, it ended when I watched my second Watcher and my sister put in the ground next to my mother,” Buffy snapped, her eyes misting up. Turning she headed towards the alley entrance, “You have one hour to get out of town. If I see any of you after that I’ll kill you, same goes for any others that I see.”

Collins got up and took out a phone as Adams went to check on Weatherby. “This is Collins. Put me through to Mr Travers please. It’s urgent.”

The End?

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