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You, Me, Her and a Wolf

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Summary: Set at the end of "Who are you?" what Willow thought was a draconian katra wasn't, now Faith and Buffy are some where else and still in each other's bodies. Now what is Anita Blake going to do with two six year old slayers.

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Anita Blake > Buffy-CenteredFaelaFR132227,67422262112,7457 Jun 0625 Apr 13No

As I will it....

"Don't try and bite me again!" The voice was high pitched with alarmed, "Unless you want to start growing fur every full moon and chasing your own tail."

Xander stopped struggling for a second. "Why would I grow fur?"

Somewhere in the front seat of the car came a harsh bark of laughter, one of the two men, probably the older. "Betcha that he hasn't been give the shots. Not that they are as effective as people want to believe."

"I can smell it on him. Hasn't had even the most basic form. He's as fresh as a newborn."

Muttered cursing from the front about idiots having kids.

"Quick run down kid because I know you have more than two active brain cells in that hard head." The younger of the two male's voice. "Fox back there with you is an alpha were-fox, her blood and other body fluids contain an active virus. You bite her and draw blood, you put yourself at risk of becoming a were-fox. Now there are a few vaccines for the most common forms of the virus but they carry the risk of making you a member of the full moon club as well. Still they are better risk that nothing, so going to have to get that straightened out."

The trench coat was pulled away from his head. He glared at the were-fox, his eyes widened as the woman's face shifted and reformed back to what he remembered from the hotel room. “Not been around shifters much have you boy?”

Xander shook his head, still amazed at the shifting of bone and muscle. He also noticed the clinching of her jaw and the tears welling in her eyes. It was painful to her, but that made sense bone and muscle weren't really designed to flex and regrow like that. Shoulders rolled and flexed, he heard cartilage snapping back into place and watched her skin on her clinched fists turn pale. “Does it always hurt that bad?”

That made the older man whirl around and look at them. “Fox you okay?” She nodded, but both he and the older man saw the look of exhaustion that haunted her delicate features. “Almost to the safe house, when we get there you eat and then sleep.”

Xander now had a chance to study the older man, not blood kin to the were-fox, he was both protective and instructor. He was like Giles, that revelation sort of surprised him. “Why did you grab me and Willow?”

“Wondering when you were going to ask that.” The younger man spoke up. “Because I am not letting you near Anita till I figure out who put the spells on her.”


“Dove of light and hope, hear my cry and know my fears.”

“D..dove of li....” Tara started to repeat the phrase.

“Child you can not be hesitant when speaking with those of higher power.” Sylvia interrupted.” Close your eyes and imagine you are speaking to a flower.”

Tara nodded and took a deep breath and spoke barely above a whisper. “Dove of light and hope, hear my cry and know my fears?”

“Better but it is not a question, speak firmly.” Sylvia handed the girl one of the candles and lit it.

“Dove of light and hope, hear my cry and know my fears.” Tara managed it a bit louder and with a bit more strength.

“Show me that which will confirm or dispel my fears” Sylvia guided Tara's hand holding the candle to the first of the incense sticks.

“Show me that which will confirm or dispel my fears” Tara's voice was firm now and magic was stirring in her like a flower unfurling it's petals, each second brought more strength to her spirit.

Giles held the boy who watched with rapt fascination, he was amazed the shift in the shy girl as Sylvia's firm hand guided the girl's spell. Tara's eyes shifted to a soft green glow her head fell back limp in spite of her body becoming stiff.

“What do you see child?” Sylvia asked softly.

“Split apart. Three girls run in grass and laugh. He watches. The infants are hope and despair. One for the keeping of secrets, one for the redemption. He watches. Honey she dances between heaven and hell. Ebony she cries lost alone. Scarlet she stumbles unwittingly. He watches. Blue eyes is lost in chaos, a second chance to live and love.” Tara's eyes darkened to black. “The bonds of family both blood and spirit are the only hope the morning has...”

She collapsed into a heap on the floor and Giles stepped forward before being warned off by Sylvia. “Easy Child sit up and finish the magic, do not let it linger unsettled.” She helped the tired girl back into a seated position, “Dove of light and hope, you have heard my plea and know my heart.”

“Dove of light and hope, you have heard my plea and know my heart.” Tara repeated softly and slowly extinguishing the candles one by one.

“Now imagine the magic as balloons on strings, gather the strings together and draw them back into yourself.” Long soft breaths as Tara struggled to regain her balance. Then something visible clicked and she smiled.

“They are okay, not together but okay.” Tara mumbled and then fell into a deep sleep.

Jason wiggled out of Giles' grip and went over to softly stroke Tara's hair as she lay on the floor. Sylvia laid a hand on the lad's shoulder. “Don't worry she is just asleep. Magic is much like muscle when you exercise it you grow tired. ”

She handed Jason a soft blanket to lay over Tara for the moment and pulled Giles into the other room.

“Well I am guessing you had no clue how powerful a young witch you had on your hands or you would have called me much sooner.”


Richard tossed frisbee to Faith as fast as he could but she easily caught it and whirled it with lightening speed at Buffy who just as easily grabbed it out of the air. He was amazed at the speed and reflexes these two had, the simple game to distract them had become a challenge of who could make who miss the whirling disc of plastic.

Anita and Willow were staying safely on the patio away from the line of fire. He was glad he had thought to pick up a variety of toys, crayons and coloring books. The newest girl was far happier coloring than chasing about in the yard. Anita watched her carefully coloring inside the lines, determination clear on the sweet little face. Willow picked up the yellow crayon and frowned at it.

“I want Xander back.” She pouted, “BAD people shouldn't have him!”

Anita felt the tendrils of magic and before she could react the child's magic lashed out, “I want XANDER!”

The crackle of magic sounded like fireworks and Richard moved with inhuman speed to grab Faith and Buffy and press them to the ground, shielding them instinctively with his body.

Willows hair seemed alive now, her eyes glowing white with power. “AS I WILL IT SO MOTE IT BE!”

“Willow stop it!” Anita shook herself out of the shock and caught the magic feeling it tugging at something. Before she could react a startled yelp came out of no where and a black haired boy was suddenly tumbling onto the coloring book.

Willow's eyes returned to normal and the magic faded from the air, “There.” She said satisfied for a second before frowning at her clenched fist. “I broke my crayon again.....”

Anita barely caught the child as she passed out. The boy was looking at her a bit warily, “Hello Xander.”

Before she could say more Buffy and Faith were both beside him and asking more questions than the boy had a chance to answer. Anita looked up at Richard, “Okay first thing we need is someone to teach Willow some control and boundaries on her magic.”

Richard just looked at the group and nodded, wondering what was going to be the fallout from this little bomb of magic.
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