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You, Me, Her and a Wolf

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Summary: Set at the end of "Who are you?" what Willow thought was a draconian katra wasn't, now Faith and Buffy are some where else and still in each other's bodies. Now what is Anita Blake going to do with two six year old slayers.

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Anita Blake > Buffy-CenteredFaelaFR132227,67422262112,7447 Jun 0625 Apr 13No

All alone in the house

Author's notes "The Mommy Anita Challenge" challenge from littleoldme caught my attention and got me to thinking of the epsode "Who are you?" that I watched this morning. Set after that for the Buffy side and set before Anita became a nympho for the Anita side.

Disclamier: If you recognize the character it doesn't belong to me. First part in italics is taken from the episode "Who are You?"

Boone caught Faith's stake hand and took it from her. It clattered to the floor as he shoved her against the front pew.

"I have strength you couldn't dream of. "Boone hissed as he punched her hard in the face, "Adam has shown me the way, and there is nothing--"

He suddenly arched his back and Faith watched him turn into ashes, revealing Buffy standing there holding the fallen stake looking pissed

At the sight of “herself” something snapped in Faith and she threw herself at Buffy shoving her towards the alter. Faith punched her in the face and Buffy quickly retaliated with a left hook-spinning backhand combination, sending Faith against the railing. She followed through with a side axe kick but Faith blocks that and punched her across the face again.

Faith suddenly began a mad flurry of punches that Buffy was hard pressed to block. When she tried to counter, Faith ducked under her swing and not missing a beat, shoved her against the alter and continued to throw punches. She succeeded in sending Buffy to her knees but she came back up with an uppercut to Faith's face that finally made her back off.

"You can't win this." Buffy stated simply.

"SHUT UP! Do you think I'm afraid of you!?" Faith screamed, eyes squeezed shut to stop the tears.

She grabbed Buffy by the shoulders and threw her down on the floor hard. Then quickly straddle Buffy's waist and started slamming her fist into her face.

"You're nothing! Disgusting! Murderous bitch!" Faith screamed louder grabbing Buffy's head and slamming against the floor, "You're
nothing! You're disgusting!"

Buffy finally caught Faith's fist and their hands started to glow with the katra between their palms.

A flash of blinding light and the world changed.

Both girls felt dizzy for a moment before they resumed their argument again, over what neither could remember at that moment. Buffy tossed Faith off her and sat up. "Give it back!"

"Give what back B?" Faith asked half heartedly just then looking about.

The distraction in Faith's voice made Buffy look around. The room was large and tidy, someone's living room she supposed but she didn't know who's. She looked at her sister and pouted, "Where are we Faith?"

"I'm not sure B." Faith stood up and walked around cautiously, the house was empty and dark. She looked at Buffy who's dark eyes were starting to fill with tears. "Hey we just fell asleep and Mama will be right back for us."


"Hey let's see if they got anything good to eat in the fridge, I'm starving."

"But this isn't our place Faith, we can't steal."

Faith rolled her eyes, Buffy was such a goody two shoes. She padded into the kitchen looking out the sliding glass doors and thinking there was something she had forgotten. That something wasn't right. Well besides the fact that she was in a strange house with her sister and couldn't remember how she got there. She looked at her reflection, her long blond hair was almost as tangled as Buffy's dark curls, her face was thin and pale and her greenish eyes seemed way to big. It didn't seem right...

Faith's stomach grumbled and she forgot what she was thinking, tugging open the refrigerator door. Not much in it, but there was milk and some fruit. She grabbed one red apple and tried to figure out where the glasses would be, because B would throw a fit if she drank from the jug. Had to be in one of the cabinets, she thought to herself and pulled out a drawer to give herself a step to climb up on to the counter.

Buffy sniffled a bit trying to be a big girl and not be afraid, she wanted her mom and she wanted to turn the lights on but she didn't know where the switch was, and she was hungry too. But Mommy would get mad if she stole from ... Who's house was this anyway? She also really needed to use the bathroom. She wandered down the hall and found that she could at least take care of one problem. Another room she peeked into had stuffed penguins everywhere and she grabbed one near the door and hugged it tight. She wondered where Mr. Gordo was and if the person would mind if she held onto the penguin for just a little bit. It was awful dark in the house.

She decided she was very hungry after all and if Faith was going to eat she might as well too. The sound of jingling keys made her stop in fear, the door opened lights from the street made the woman in the doorway a dark silhouette. Buffy didn't even think about it but launched herself at the woman with relief, the penguin in one arm and the other wrapping around the woman's leg with a shriek of "Mommy!!"

The sound of Faith's startled curse and breaking glass made Buffy flinch. Mommy was going to be soooo mad now, but Buffy clung that much harder as a man's large hands encircled her waist and tried to pull her loose.

Author's notes: No I didn't get them confused, they are still trapped in each other's bodies with little memory of who and what they were. Think of it as family counseling PTB style. ;)
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