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Encounter at the Sunnydale Crater

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Summary: BtVS/The Prophecy x-over. Five men visit the Sunnydale Crater after hours. Someone is watching them. Mayhem ensues.

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Movies > Prophecy, TheMikeDavidFR1811,230061,3628 Jun 068 Jun 06Yes
Title: Encounter at the Sunnydale Crater (1/1)
Author: MikeDavid
Crossover: BtVS/The Prophecy
Character(s): Vampires, Gabriel
Pairings: None
Rating: FR18 for swearing and vampires getting the crap kicked out of them.
Disclaimer: I don't own the rights to Gabe, the people that own the rights to The Prophecy do. The vampires
are owned by Mutant Enemy. I don't claim any ownership, just wanna tell a story.
Summary: Five men visit to the Sunnydale Crater after hours. Someone is watching them. Mayhem ensues.
Timeline: Post-Chosen. This story also AU The Prophecy (disregards the sequels).
AN: This is a one-shot. I hope you enjoy. Also, the references to "talking monkeys" are the angels' term for humans as seen in The Prophecy.


Sunnydale Crater Memorial Park, 4:45 am, April 23, 2006


"You kids shouldn't be here. It's late. Past your bedtime."
The five young men standing by the Sunnydale Crater turned around and looked at the one who spoken. A tall, gaunt man was gazing at them. He was sitting on his haunches with his thin fingers steepled underneath his chin. The man appeared to be relaxed, yet he swayed back and forth like a raptor sitting on a branch. None of the men had heard him approach.
The shortest man piped up. "Sorry, sir. we just got in town and really wanted to see the Crater before we left town. We'll get out of here in a minute."
The taller man next to just snarled. "Fuck this, Jimmy. We outnumber him. Get the fuck out of here, old man, or you go in the crater--or worse."
"Yeah, Jimmy," a blond man laughed. "He just one of those guys that wander around the park. Think he plays the--trombone, the french horn..."
"I play the trumpet."
"What?," the blond man asked.
"I play the trumpet. And my name, rude person, is Gabe. Pleasure to meet you."
The bald man snickered, "I like this guy--he's got balls. Almost is a shame what's going to happen to him tonight." He began to rattle the fence around the Crater.
Jimmy sighed. He just wanted to see the Crater, scavenge what he could, grab a bite, than hit the road. Something about about this Gabe made him really nervous. He glanced back at the gaunt man, who was still watching them, still in that strange, predatory position.
"C'mon guys, let's go.", Jimmy said. "We can come back some other time." He started to walked towards the entrance of the park. There was a gnawing fear growing inside of him he couldn't shake.
The long haired man next to him grabbed him.
"We don't got time for this shit, Jimmy. We do what we got to do and split."
"No. We have to go now! Something about that guy doesn't feel right!"
The tall man yelled, "God dammit, Jimmy, get back here!"
Gabe rose up from his crouching position. A look of anger crossed his face as began to stride over to the five.
"You don't take His name in vain. Ever.", he said in a far more dangerous tone.
When the five men turned around, they all had yellow eyes, bumpy foreheads, and sharp canine fangs. Four of them hissed at the approaching man. The one called Jimmy bared his fangs, but stayed back from Gabe.
"You boys are extremely predictable. You really should have left. If you would have listened to your friend James here, you might have had a slight chance to survive the evening. Then again, maybe not.", Gabe said.
With inhuman speed, the five surrounded the gaunt man.
"And why should we leave?", the blond man chuckled. "What are you going to do, Gabe? Hit us with your trumpet?"
Gabe smiled an evil wolf's grin.
"There was a time when I could destroy you kind with a nothing but a whisper or a mere nod," he said with quiet voice. "Can't do that anymore."
With a backhand swipe, Gabe knocked the head of the blond vampire off his shoulders. The body crumbled into dust. His face registered a moment of surprise before it too crumbled into dust. Gabe then turned to the rest of the vampires.
"I guess I'm going to have to do this the old fashioned way, boys."
He punched the long haired vampire through the chest. The vampire crumbled to dust around his hand.
"Unfortunately for you, I like the old fashioned way."
Jimmy screamed. "Holy shit, you aren't human-you're like us. Why are you killing us?"
Gabe strode over to the quivering vampire and grabbed him by the shoulders.
"Because I am nothing like the monkeys you hunt. And I am definitely not like you, vampire. I am of the Firstborn."
Something deep within the vampire stirred, an ancient fear. Jimmy stopped running. He knew it wasn't any good to do to try to get away now.
"Gabe. Trumpet. Angel," was all he murmured. Gabe had to smile. It had been a while since anyone had recognized him.
"Thank you for noticing that. I'll make this quick, James."
Gabe reached onto the ground and grabbed a pinch of dust. He blew it in James face. When the dust hit the vampire he fell over unconcious then he began to burn into ash.
"Back to dust you go, James." Gabe turned back to find the other two vampires running away from him . He sighed, and grabbed a tree branch. With a flick of his finger he set the branch through the bald vampire's heart. The tall vampire continued to run until he got to the edge of the park. He glanced back to the Crater. The gaunt man was nowhere to be seen. He turned back to walk out of the park.
And the gaunt man was in front of him.
"Your kind claims to be the ultimate predator, " Gabe said as he approached the tall vampire. "You think it is your right to prey on whomever you chose?"
In desperation the vampire swung at Gabe. With a smooth motion Gabe broke both of the vampire's arms, then grabbed him by the throat and lifted him into the air.
"Did you honest think you could escape me. vampire? Walking parasite that feeds on talking monkeys? You corrupt and mock His image with your very existence!"
The vampire strained to whisper, "What the fuck are you?"
"When your kind were scrabbling the darkness for scraps to fight over, I was. I sat near the throne of God Himself. You'll prey on His favorites no longer."
With a grunt, Gabe pulled the vampires head from his shoulders. The body crumbled to dust, and that dust scattered in the wind.
Gabe walked back to the bench near the Crater and sat down. He looked at the sky and noticed the stars fading as the first cracks of dawn began to stream from the east. He had come to really love this time, the quiet time between evening and morning. The beauty of creation still amazed him after all the aeons. It had been a busy night at the former Hellmouth. Lucifer had chosen him to guard the Hellmouth from forces from the Earth and from those in Hell that would seek to awaken the darkness for their own ends. Lucifer claimed it was a torment to put him back on Earth, charged with protecting and living among the talking monkeys. He had laughed long and had at that decree.
Gabriel saw it differently. He saw it as a way to make amends, to get forgiveness to actually see Him again. If he had to protect the...humans, so be it. Gabriel pulled out his trumpet, polished it off, and put it to his lips. As the dawn began to crawl over the sky, a blaring trumpet heralded it's arrival.
Another morning at the Sunnydale Crater Memorial Park.

The End

You have reached the end of "Encounter at the Sunnydale Crater". This story is complete.

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