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Runaway Meetings

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Summary: Road trip with Clone!Jack.

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Stargate > Oz-CenteredPaBurkeFR1545,21624521,0739 Jun 066 Jan 08No



“There’re CD’s on the floor.”

Jack dragged his mind out of the black hole of his thoughts, which led to even more bleak thoughts: Black holes were deadly, consuming everything in their way, including friends. So was the desert they were driving through. How many friends had he lost in a desert? He looked at the driver. An hour had passed and this was the first thing Oz had to say?

“CD’s? Floor.”

Jack smirked. He looked down at his feet. He could see the slight shine of a CD case. He grabbed a handful and read the titles.

His eyebrows shot up. Opera, musicals, 60’s, 70’s and Jazz: and that was just what was represented in his hand. “We might just get along,” Jack muttered.


Jack smiled and motioned with the stack of CD’s. “Our music tastes are comparable.”

Oz shrugged and with a slight smile turned his attention back toward the empty road.

“Dingoes Ate My Baby?” What the hell was that? Jack eyed the hand-written scribble on the CD-R. Surely he had misread that.

“My old band.”

Okay, maybe not. The fact that Oz had once been in a band did not surprise Jack in the least. It was probably a punk band; Jack would listen to it later when Oz wasn’t there, so that he could eject the CD without showing his distaste to his Good Samaritan.


“A parody of Wizard of Oz.”


“A musical from the West Witch’s point of view.”

Jack grinned. “Let me guess, she’s really the good guy.”


Daniel and most of the SGC would have had a field day with that one. He could just image what the Marines and the other soldiers who had been on base during Hathor’s reign could apply that. On down time, they always had way too much time on their hands and were too creative. Or, even worse, what Carter, Fraiser and the females could do with the idea. Maybe he should send it and a short synopsis to the other Jack with a suggestion for improving morale? It would save the bored Marines from finding other ways to amuse themselves. He still winced when he remembered the Marines, the (full) trashcans on Sub-level 6 and the nerd that had walked into the cross-fire.

He flipped through a couple more CD’s and paused at the opera. Since Oz owned the CD, he probably wouldn’t think it all that weird if he, a teen, wanted to listen to it. Jack did want to listen to the opera; he hadn’t had the chance in so long. He waved the CD at Oz. “Will this put you to sleep?”

Oz glanced at the CD, no double takes, funny faces or anything. “Nah, put it in.”

Jack did so. He noticed that though the AC was about to fail, the sound system was top notch.

All the better to hear the pima donna, my sweet.


A change in vehicle speed woke up Jack. Damn, he hadn’t fell asleep in the middle of an opera in ages. Though in his defense, it was easier to stay awake when you were watching the opera live. The desert was now dark and the waning moon reflected off the sands.

Oz was pulling off to the side of the road. There was quite literally nothing around for miles. Jack was hoping that this vehicle had not broken down now. That would be bad.

“What’s wrong?”

Oz looked at him with his eyes crossed.

Jack laughed. “You could let me drive. I’m safe. I’m even insured. And it’s not like I can get us lost.”

Oz put the van into park, flicked on the four-way blinkers and handed Jack the keys. “There’s gas in about an hour on this road. Wake me then.”

“Will do.”

They exchanged seats. Jack had to put the driver’s seat back a notch or two and adjust the mirrors. He rolled down the window to let in the cool night air and looked at his companion who was already snuggled down the in the passenger’s chair. “Will this bother you?”


Jack checked behind him before pulling out onto the highway. It wouldn’t do to be hit by the only other vehicle out tonight. Nobody was around but Jack changed the four-ways to his turn signal anyway and drove onto the road.

After about five minutes, Oz initiated conversation. “You can have music.”

“Thanks. Could you pop in the 60’s rock for me?”

Oz did so. The slight young man twisted and turned in the seat for a few moments and then settled. Jack was sure that he was asleep but he would also bet that Oz was a light sleeper. Jack used cruise control and drummed to the beat of the music. In such a scenario, he could easily delude himself into believing that he was as teen out on a joyride or taking a road trip. But in his delusions, the date was 1965 instead of 2005.

Sometimes, delusions were easier. He’d face the facts in the light of day, but he’d enjoy tonight.

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