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The Child of Rao

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Child of Rao...". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: the Night of the Zeppo Xander runs across an old relic and sneezes at the wrong time...more inside.

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DC Universe > Justice LeagueCrazyDanFR182298,144158508498,9809 Jun 0615 Feb 10Yes
CoA Winner

Prologue and Chapter one

Xander Harris: Child of Rao.....The origin
Author: CrazyDan
Crossovers: BTVS/Justice League Unlimited
Note: Including the Batman animated series and the Superman cartoon as cannon.
BTVS cannon up to season 3: The Zeppo.

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters within this work of fanfiction. Note the term fanfiction as opposed to fiction I get money for. Thanks and enjoy.


It was a dark night in Sunnydale, and not so dark within one of the numerous caverns that lay underneath the city. Torchlight flickered along the walls, though no smoke was produced. There was a large gathering there, some twenty blue skinned demons. All of them female. They looked on to their Matriarch for it was by her will they were here. By her will to try to put right what went astray so long ago.

The Matriarch of the Sisterhood of Jhe eyed the one so recently returned to their number. She had been sent on an mission of great importance. one of many things that would unfold within scant days if all went according to plan. Even if she had failed....contingencies were already in place.

“Greetings sister. You grace us with your return. Have you acquired the relic?” the Matriarch asked in their native demonic tongue.

The returnee paused before answering. She attempted to be clear without receiving punishment... “No sister, I was unable to retrieve the relic you requested. The Word of Valos has been secured at a well warded Auction house. As it stands others have made their..claim for it. She absently stroked recently healed wounds.

The Matriarch nodded and mentally winced at the off blue of her sister's fading scars. It took quite a lot to injure one of the Sisterhood in such a fashion. She too was careful with her reply to her sister's statement. “Yes, I feared as such. We need the Hellmouth open to free our ancestors while the others seek to use it for their own purposes...however similar the ending may be. All for the honor of it of course.” She sat back and discussion started among them as she had given the signal for the rest of the meeting to begin.

“What of the Mayor?” one voice asked.

There was a laugh. “He is preoccupied. Hopefully the ritual will be enough to keep it open without the Relic.” The laughing Sister replied.

Another spoke, adding to the group planning session. “If it isn't, I have managed to hire a fool through an in-between. A zombie is willing to set off a bomb just underneath the Hellmouth while it's maw lay open.”

“Terakan?” one voice asked while others wondered if the Order would be involved.

A snort. “No, for such an illustrious organization their individual agents are more noticeable than people let on. The zombie in question is the great-nephew of the Necromancer in LA. The Necromancer's brother is more of a dabbler but more than managed to get his grandson to reawaken. The boy is arrogant and truly ignorant of the ways of Darkness despite appearances. He will do the job.”

Yet another voice. “That is two plans. It betters our chances of success but we could use more provided they won't interfere with each other.”

“I think I have just what is needed for the third plan.” Came a voice from the entrance of the cavern. The Sisterhood all turned as one and looked towards the direction of the entrance and the cloaked recent arrival.

“Who are you ?” The Matriarch asked as her bodyguards took a defensive position.

The figure removed her hood and the sisters recognized one of their own. Recognition dawned on some and they gasped. The Matriarch was wide-eyed for a moment but felt a small grin come to her face. “You're late Sister.”

The newcomer nodded. “It has been a rather long time. A century certainly isn't the same as the passing of a season, Sister. I suppose belated congratulations in defeating Mother are in order. I would have come sooner but I have been rather preoccupied.”

“You found it then?” The Matriarch asked leaning forward and waving off her bodyguards.

A nod. “Yes. It took over seventy years to find the temple and then I was locked in a time loop for a rather long time. It was a trap meant for the Elder ones. I only managed to escape due to a miscalculation in the power needed. I wasn't strong enough for the trap to work properly.”

“Have you confirmed its power?” The Matriarch demanded. Her voice was strained now.

“It is indeed a relic belonging to the one the Gods refuse to speak of. Rejoice Sisters!! With The Fist of Rao in our possession we shall be victorious in our endeavor!!”

There was a cause for a celebration now, but an even greater cause for caution as well. The forgotten god's name had been spoken and the world would tremble when the god's power was used to undo something of its own making.

Far above them, Xander Harris slept on....dreaming the dreams of a dead soldier who fought in a war that happened before his own birth.

Chapter 1: Gesundheit!!!!

Xander Harris was having a terrible month. First there was the Fluke with Willow. He really didn't know what the hell had come over him and blamed it on the general strangeness that came with the Hellmouth. After all, lots of mystical crap ran downhill here and somehow he always ended up standing tall in the deepest parts of it.

Oz had taken Willow back within a week. The wolf in him knew that his mate hadn't been 'compromised'.

Cordelia was a whole other bag of kittens. She'd been injured with a wound that left a lasting scar that was his fault. She wasn't talking to him and when she did speak to him in public it was just to rip him yet another new orifice and reveal even more dirty laundry she had found out about him and his family during the course of their relationship. Big Fun.

Some of those things were incidents that Willow either didn't know about or refused to acknowledge since his parents were human. As it stood he was already being pushed out by the Scoobies and he knew it. His little 'tryst' with Willow had caused the redhead to force the issue with Buffy and he was being excluded even from the general meetings and instead being sent on 'important errands'.

After all he was the 'normal one' and couldn't contribute much to the group. It apparently didn't matter that the fledgling witch could only cast light defensive magic at the moment which required not only spell components but a spellbook in front of her. Not exactly something one is prone to take to patrols through the numerous graveyards in Sunnydale. Well not something any rational warrior would take or trust at their back due to the unreliability the girl showed when forced to do something at a moment's notice.

The only real positive thing the witch had done with her magic.. well in his opinion was the reensoulling of the bastard Angelus. Willow wasn't a warrior and it had been either sheer luck or some odd force that enabled her to cast such a high level spell as a novice. Even Oz had been worried when his girl had spoken in a voice not her own. Something that generally indicates that she hadn't been the one in control at the time much to her own protests about the whole situation That was the big plus. She was the safety in case the guy who like to nail puppies to doors ever came out to play again. Of course that positive bit meant nutjob would go straight for her like he did Calendar the first time.

Still, he was a better fighter and had saved everyones asses repeatedly. He even saved Faith's ass a time or two when they weren't looking. After all you never see someone stab you in the back. You do however see someone tackle a demon when they get in your peripheral vision. He really should have tried out for the Football team with all the practice he had. But they didn't see that.

They also didn't see the fact that he had been suspicious and generally right about every trap that had been laid and then triggered. Like the Master's cave, or the attempted resurrection of the Master, Or the whole Acathla debacle and the death of Kendra.

Buffy didn't listen and apparently Watchers did just that..Watch. Any side commentary from the untrained was generally ignored. This was really proven true by the twit Wesley.

Those were just some of the negatives in his corner of the pros and cons of the Buffy's Bestest Friend Competition. There was the fact he had tried to rape her when he was Hyena Boy. She'd also been whammied with that wonky love spell where she and her mother almost raped him. Magic was a big no-no for him after that. There was also the fact he disagreed with her plans and actions. His wanting Angelus eliminated immediately after he lost his soul didn't help. That was before the situation had snowballed like it had inevitably had. So then....lots of cons then. It's sad that he was the oft unheard voice of practical reasoning time and time again.

So it was Apocalypse season once again. He could feel the Hellmouth's energies swelling underneath the library floor. Ever since he'd learned of it he could sense it to some extent though the ability was indeed growing as the days since his first trip into the 'real way' of the world had started. They had neglected to tell him though. Wanting him to be safe he'd wagered.

Even Faith hadn't said word one about what was so obviously going to go down. He knew it had to do with those blue lady demons last night but still... he seriously didn't like being kept in the dark. Lack of information usually meant a greater body count on the side of the uninformed.

He'd managed to get his Uncle Rory's car. It hadn't been hard but they had mocked his attempt to either be 'cool' or just useful. The car was more for looks than use but it was still loads better than Giles abused Citroen.

He'd also had a fun run in with the psycho O'Toole but even he seemed off lately. The walking poster for the wonders of Juvenile Hall smelt odd too. He also met the only female car aficionado in Sunnydale. Yeah that went bust as well. Typical Harris luck.

The plan to be useful bit the big one as he'd been 'recruited' to help out O' Toole. It seems the nutjob was another Deadboy only with being a zombie instead of the other other walking dead. He hated zombies. Well actually he hated anything that didn't have the sense to stay buried, it was the principle of the thing after all.

He'd managed to get away from the 'Gang's all Here' moment when they decided to break into a hardware store for baking supplies. He'd wigged and drove off. That was when he had run into Faith. Well Almost run into her. The Giant Snorklady went down though. One ton of Detroit steel was good for something it seemed.

He got out of the car as Faith shielded her eyes from the headlights and caught her breath. These demonesses were tough and whoever it was had just saved her ass. She was more than a little surprised when she realized it was Xander of all people. She stepped back and watched the goofball work. Her respect for the 'normal one' went up a notch when she witnessed his actions.

Normally when a demon dies it either turns to goo, dust or is gone by morning. Public works might have something to do with that but this Blue bitch was still breathing. All Xander had on him were two stakes. He drew one and did something disgusting but necessary.

He jammed it into one of the demonesses eyes. He then wiggled it around....a lot. Satisfied that the demon was either dead or far too brain damaged to actually do anything Xander searched the demoness methodically for any trinkets or things to sell. It was rare for him to able to loot from the 'other' denizens of this fine city but he did when he had the chance The only thing of interest was an odd amulet on a leather necklace. Even in death the demoness had clutched it. He ripped it off her neck and looked at it. The actual amulet was small, about the size and shape of a robin's egg. Shrugging he stuffed in his right front jeans pocket and looked over at Faith. “You all right there Faith?”

“Five by Five Boytoy.” The raven-haired Slayer answered. She looked around the poorly lit street checking for more of them. She didn't see any and stared at Xander some more.

“What?” he asked her.

“Did you just brain that demon with a stake?” she asked.

He snorted. “Worked didn't it? You need a ride?”

He missed the gleam in her eyes. Apparently she had a different ride in mind.

45 minutes Later.........

“What the hell just happened?” Xander asked out loud to no one in particular. He'd just been shoved out of a dingy hotel room at the Sunnydale Motor Lodge. He was there on the little walkway in his underwear and socks.

“I just had sex with Faith.” He said aloud. And then he focused on the here and now instead of the minute and a half ago. He fumbled with his jeans and there was a small clinking noise on the ground. The amulet had fallen out of his pocket. He stared at his pants then the amulet. Back and forth a few times then decided pants before trinkets.

Pants up, zipped and buttoned. He grabbed the amulet and felt a sharp sting on both his index finger and thumb. He muttered “Son of a bitch” and then grabbed the leather string. Looking at the amulet and then at his bloody fingers. The amulet was smooth and round with no sharp edges at all.

“Well that can't be a good thing.” he said to himself and then poked it. No reaction. Sighing he tied the string and slipped it around his neck since his pockets had proved unreliable. He really didn't need to pull a Gilligan at this point. That made him think about Gilligan's love of Coconut cream pie that Mary-Anne always made. Which made him think about pastries in general.

Then a connection formed in his overstimulated brain. “A cake? They're making a bomb!” With that he hurried to his vehicle after awkwardly hopping and putting his shoes on at the same time. He had some Zombies to beat information out of. Joy. He'd have time to ponder what the hell the sock gap was and why Giles had babbled about it during the Band Candy incident later...sometimes thinking on multiple levels was a bad thing.


An Ancient being purposely forgotten by men and the gods above them felt a small pull on a world he'd visited so long ago. He had no true purpose now since not only had his home world forsaken him for their far too rapidly advancing technology, but was dead as well. The gods of other planes and worlds feared him based on a very necessary action.

That pull was on the same world that given him such a feared reputation. One of the remaining totems there which had been protected, had just been awakened.

It was the blood of a warrior to be sure, one of true heart and drive but it wasn't one of his children. He sent a small tendril of energy in response and garnered a rather large deal of information from the probe. It seemed at least one child of his home system had survived and one of it's sister planet as well. They were champions but so was this boy.

He watched through the small connection. Perhaps the boy was worthy. He would see. But for now he watched and reviewed the boy's past to be certain. After this he could have no involvement on that world, to do so could make the Gods come forth once again over the humans and reign over them like the times before Prometheus. Rao watched and waited.

“I like the Quiet.”the Zeppos stated, hoping to hell that his bluff would work on O'Toole. Dead or not he didn't have a demon rattling around in what used to be his brain so hopefully the walking corpse would see reason.

He did. O'Toole removed the necessary wires and backed out of the room to find a way out of the basement. Only to be ambushed, mauled and dragged into another room by a hungry werewolf for his troubles. It was a new spin on the term 'Dead meat'.

Xander looked at the explosive device and how it was was just resting on top of several large barrels of Kerosene. The Kerosene could wait, the thing that went boom had to go.

All the while the Amulet was receiving energies from the open Hellmouth above his head. Waiting for it's creator to put it to use if need be.

Xander had ever so carefully taken the bomb; which had been apparently used some stump blasting powder as the primary explosive with him in his uncles car. He had two real options on where to take the bomb to dismantle it safely. Either he could go to the city dump or the now abandoned field where the Christmas trees were generally sold. He'd chosen the later in case of shrapnel

So there he was staring at the bomb and contemplating it while the Sun rose in front of him. He reached down and held the wire that O'Toole had disconnected. Then something happened that is against the rules of any Bomb squad on the planet. The guy handling the bomb did something phenomenally wrong.

Xander sneezed.

His last thought before the Bomb went off was



Rao looked down. Everything was in place for an odd yet effective empowerment ritual. The amulet, the Fist of Rao had a recognized bearer and was energized. The sun was before it and the bearer was at the moment of certain death, never to fight for his cause again.


In various realms both physical and ethereal different entities looked around and said “What the hell is that?”

The Bomb says: BOOM

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