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The Littlest Witch

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Summary: Response to littleoleme’s ‘The Mommy Anita Challenge.’ The most unlikely person will provide Willow with the parental support she has always needed. She just had to cross dimensions to find them.

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Anita Blake > Willow-CenteredCarolFR13109,2112414372,31010 Jun 065 Jul 06No

Who’s That Girl?

*Author’s Notes: Thanks again to those who reviewed. I know my story is slow going. I don’t like to rush things but get a proper build up. Also, this chapter is a little short and without Willow. Necessary for plot exposition. Next time will have more Willowy goodness.*

Chapter 9

It wasn’t often that Tammy lost her temper. She was a calm level-headed individual in the face of extreme stress. Well, at least that is what she wanted others to think. It was hard to be a cop and be a female. Heck, it was hard to be a cop and be a witch too. People just didn’t want to take ‘Glenda the Good Cop’ seriously for some reason.

With thoughts on what is deemed professional behavior, Tammy took a few moments to breathe deeply and try to get her blood pressure under control before entering the headquarters of RPIT. Little did she know that all that work would be for naught.

Zerbrowski greeted her in the hallway. He looked rumpled as usual. Tammy believed that he left his house looking like that or somehow he generated a field of scruffiness no matter how hard his poor wife tried to make him look presentable.

Tammy nodded and asked where Dolph was located.

Zerbrowski raised an eyebrow in response. “Actually looking for Dolph? Feeling suicidal, Reynolds?”

Tammy growled. “Listen. I’ve got something that will be important to the Rosenberg case. I bet that Dolph will want to hear about it immediately.”

Zerbrowski grimaced. “Well, it’s good that you’re reporting in. We’ve been doing some checking and things aren’t exactly looking too good regarding the case.”

“What do you mean?”

Before Zerbrowski could answer her question, Dolph bellowed through the precinct. “Zerbrowski get in my office now!” Dolph glared in Zerbrowski’s direction and caught sight of Tammy. “You too, Reynolds.”

Zerbrowski grinned a little at Tammy and waggled his eyebrows. “Uh oh. Guess we’re both for the principal’s office. Hope he doesn’t give us detention.”

Tammy just shook her head and said nothing to him.


Dolph didn’t even wait for them to sit down in the hard wooden chairs across from his desk. “Report, Reynolds.”

Tammy swallowed hard and tried not to be intimidated by Dolph’s large presence. She could tell that he was in quite the mood. “I was accompanying Willow Rosenberg to the mall and found we were being followed.”

“The mall? You do realize that she is probably still in danger. We don’t know who targeted her in the first place. You decide to take an excursion out in public with a little girl who barely escaped with her life.” Dolph ran an angry hand through his hair before motioning her to continue.

Tammy looked down in shame. She might have endangered her charge but isolating a little child seemed so excessive. “Sir, she has no belongings. There weren’t any children’s clothing on the premises for her to wear. It was necessary. As soon as I realized that we were being followed, I made sure to get her back to the Circus post haste.”

Dolph nodded but still looked irritable. “Who was following you?”

“We were being followed by a reporter from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. I’m sure that he had photographers with him but I was unable to get a hold of them.”

Dolph took a swig of coffee and grimaced at the bitter taste. “How did they know that she was the little girl?”

Tammy sighed. “They bought the footage of Willow’s debut at the Circus of the Damned from one of the spectators.”

“We confiscated all the cameras. Someone manage to smuggle one out?”

Tammy shook her head. “We didn’t check all the cell phones.”

“Damn it!” Dolph closed his eyes and rubbed his forehead a moment. “So, they waited around for someone to leave the Circus that looked like the little girl.”

Tammy just nodded.

Dolph groaned. “This gets better all the time.” He turned to look at Zerbrowski. “You have anything to add?”

Zerbrowski got out his handy dandy little notebook. “All leads to Willow’s parents are coming up negative. They are not in the system.”

Tammy looked a bit surprised at that. “What do you mean?”

Zerbrowski sighed heavily before replying. “It looks like Willow may have been kidnapped and probably brainwashed into thinking that they were her parents. Willow might not even be her real name.”

Tammy felt sick. “How would that be possible?”

Dolph chose to speak. “If they grabbed her when she was very young, she would have forgotten that she didn’t belong to them. Zerbrowski, start looking through missing children’s reports.” He turned to look at Tammy. “We need to schedule a visit for Rosenberg to a court-appointed shrink soon. We need as many clues as we can get to move this case forward.”

Tammy started to stand at the obvious dismissal but stopped. “Sir? Have the other girls been found?”

“No. We haven’t even found the original crime scene yet. I don’t know how reliable those sketches are. We have only a general description of the two other victims from Rosenberg. Can’t exactly rely on that too much.”

Dolph caught Tammy’s disappointment at the news and he decided to give a little assurance. “You know we will keep looking. We are going to catch those perps. They aren’t going to get away with this in My Town.”

Tammy nodded but still felt discouraged. She shrugged it off. She had a duty to keep that cute little girl safe. She may not be able to control the evil that man do to each other but she could at least protect one Willow Rosenberg from being the victim again.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Littlest Witch" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 5 Jul 06.

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