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This story is No. 2 in the series "This is Romance?". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to Which Witch. What happens when the Quibbler prints an article about the Miracle Child?

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Harry Potter > Multiple Pairings(Past Donor)SongjaFR1556,8340137,16910 Jun 0622 Jan 07No

The Twin's Solution

Disclaimer: Please see previous chapters as nothing has changed.

The Twin's Solution

Draco Malfoy was in a foul mood. First, the Weasley Twins had appeared on his door step brandishing that scandal sheet, The Quibbler. They were calling him to Action. Yes, he had promised to protect Ginny Weasley. Yes, he had promised not to let anyone and anything harm her. Yes, he had sworn on his name as a Malfoy. However, he had done it under the impression that she was going to be the love of his life. He had not intended to protect her from her current boyfriend.

Next, the Weasley Twins had thrust the Quibbler in his hands and forced him to read about this psychotic killer that was a prophesized Miracle Destroyer person. He wasn’t quite sure why, until he saw the picture, the picture of this Child Destroyer Miracle with his arms around Ginny. His Ginny.

“Well,” Fred or George, he could never tell who, asked with an expectant look on his/their face.

“Well, what?” Malfoy said with a look of dawning horror.

“How are you going to get her away from this maniac?” the other twin asked.


“Yes,” one of the twins began eagerly, “He seems quite dangerous.”

“Can’t have Gin around a maniac like that.”

Clearly the intention was for Draco Malfoy to remove Ginny Weasley from the vicinity and influence of Conner Angel and return her to the warm, safe bosom of her family. He had sworn an oath. He was clearly buggered.

After sending off the truly annoying Weasley Twits, with assurances of the safe return of their sister, Draco hurriedly made his was to Ginny’s flat. Although Ginny was not there, he was pleased to have a very informative conversation with Mrs. Resnick, who lived next door and plied him with tea and some truly exceptional lemon scones. No, she hadn’t seen Ginny in two days. Yes, she was probably with that nice Connor Angel who often helped her carry her shopping up to the flat and was kind enough to indulge an old witch by coming to tea. No, she did not read the Quibbler. How could they possibly print all those lies about that sweet boy?

So after some digging at the Ministry, being a Malfoy still carried some weight, he found all the information he needed, an address. Consulting a map of Muggle London, Draco was appalled to find that this location was at least three kilometers from any approved public floo or apparation points. Grinding his teeth, Malfoy had consented to walk as opposed to riding in any of those muggle public transportation options called busses or taxis.

So it was fairly understandable that Draco Malfoy was in a foul mood at nine thirty in the morning as he stood outside the door of a pleasant looking town house square in a quiet part of London that sported a plaque proclaiming the property “The Slayer and Watcher Council.” Below this was written on a piece of white cardboard in a thick black marker “Evil, Beware.” Below that, on another piece of cardboard, was written, “Except, Spike.” This board also sported a picture of a smiling face with fangs.

The gates swung open at his quietly murmured “alohomora” and Draco walked up the steps to ring the bell. He was started when the door opened almost immediately and a young girl of about fifteen smiled at him, “Welcome to the Slayer and Watcher Council, how can I help you?”

Draco smiled and surreptitiously looked over her shoulder trying to see if anyone stood in the foyer. He determined that this would be a quick extraction, in and out taking Ginny with him back to the ghastly shabby burrow. This meant expediency in all things. “Petrificus Totalus.” The girl froze and Draco quickly caught her as she began to tilt and fall. Looking from side to side, he quickly determined that the hedgerow beside the door would be enough to hide the girl until the spell wore off in an hour or so. He carefully lay the girl down, making sure she was fairly well hidden before cautiously pulling out his cloak of invisibility and swinging it on. He slipped in the door and closed it behind him.

Pulling out his wand, he performed a quick tracking spell keyed to detect magic. Lines of light radiated from his wand. Draco blinked. He knew that if Ginny was about there would be magic in the house, but he did not expect so many lines of various colors. Some he ignored, as they were faint, old magic. Other lines pulsed with an odd energy, not wizard magic. Three lines looked promising; they were strong lines and pulsed with familiar energy. Choosing one that led up stairs, Draco hoped that was where the bedrooms might be, he quietly crept up the stairs.

Odd, he thought, that the house was empty and still, but he was not about to look a gift horse in the mouth. He passed by a number of rooms with closed doors until he reached the door where the line of light clearly led. Taking a deep breath, and looking up and down the empty hall, he slipped his hand to the doorknob and quickly turned. Slipping into the dark room, he looked around and made a face.

It was some girl’s room, probably not where Ginny was. How odd, Draco thought, as this was where the strongest line of magic led. He knew that Ginny was one of the most talented witches of their generation, right behind Granger and Pansy. Yet, here was indication that there was an even more powerful witch than these three. Intent on just turning about to trace the next line of magic, he turned to the door only to be startled when a figure sat up straight in the bed pointed a cross bow directly at him and said in a cold tone of voice, “Whoever or whatever is in this room has a made a major miscalculation. I may not be a slayer, but I am not to be trifled with.”

Draco froze. He was fairly sure that she could not see him. The invisibility cloak hid his figure, but the crossbow was aimed unerringly at him. “Show yourself.”

After a short pause, she pouted, “NOW! Trust me you want to do your business with me because if you don’t show yourself in five seconds, I will scream and instead of dealing with one mostly pissed off watcher, you will be dealing with a whole wing of slayers who are particularly grumpy if they haven’t gotten their beauty sleep.”

Draco aimed his wand and as he began the silencio spell, the girl rolled off the bed shooting off the crossbow and let out the loudest, shrillest, highest pitched scream Draco had ever heard. He dodged the incoming missile, but the bolt managed to catch a corner of his invisibility cloak and when he had to move when another arrow sliced the air where he stood, his coat was left behind as he was exposed.

He heard shouts in the hallway and quickly set a locking spell on the door. A loud thump was heard as a body hit the door and bounced off. “Dawnie?”

“Faith!?” the girl inside the room called back, “Oh, you are so gonna get it now. You are so going to wish that it was Buffy out there but now you are going to get Faith all over your skinny butt.” Another arrow was shot and Draco sent off two more spells that the girl rolled and dodged.

Loud pounding came from the door, it sounded like someone was using a battering ram outside. Alarmed when he heard the door frame crack, he shouted a spell and caused the door to disappear. “Dawn! We’re coming!”

“Finite Incantum! Alohamorra!”

The door appeared and flew open. Standing in the doorway was one very pissed off witch, to her right, with a large battle ax stood the Destroyer and on her left, was the last Called Slayer, and they looked pissed.

Draco turned to the door, wand at the ready, but before he could say anything, the red-headed witch took the few steps into the room and threw herself in his arms. “Draco!”

Stumbling back with arms full of Ginny Weasley, Draco warily eyed the others who had entered the room. The one with the crossbow now stood, looking more confused than menacing, although the weapon still was pointed steadily at him. The brunette stood idly tossing a very large and frightening looking dagger into the air and catching it. She had an odd half smile on her face as if this was just another day that presented some amusement for her.

The one who still looked angry, however, was the pale young man with shaggy brown hair that held the ax. “Who the hell are you and what are you doing in Dawn’s room with your arms around MY GIRLFRIEND!”

Draco winced a bit, but was pretty sure no one was going to make a move with Ginny in front of him. “Connor,” the tiny bundle in his arms turned and when she would have stepped to the side, Draco dragged her bodily back in front of him. She shot Draco an annoyed look before looking at Connor who had growled when Draco had manhandled her into her current position, “Guys, this is Draco Malfoy. He’s my brothers’ business partner and works for the ministry as an unspeakable.”

“How do you know that?” Draco said. He thought his position was strictly need to know, and how would Ginny need to know?

She just rolled her eyes merrily, “Hello, I was one of the Order’s best spies, I know all sorts of things that I’m not supposed to. Draco, this is Faith, a senior slayer, my boyfriend Connor and Dawn Summers, assistant watcher and head researcher of the council.”

“Er, hello,” Draco said uncomfortably.

“OK, gang, nothing to see. Go back to sleep or grab some breakfast. Clear the hall.” Faith stuck her head out the door and waved at the corridor. “Nice to meet you Mr. Malfoy.”

“Yes,” Draco nodded politely as he watched the woman continue to twirl and toss her dagger in intricate patterns as she left the room.

“Oh, she likes you,” Ginny said happily, “What are you doing here, Draco? And why are you in Dawn’s room? How did you get here?”

The Muggle Destroyer, no, that wasn’t right, Draco thought, the Muggle Miracle, miracle that he could see through all that shaggy hair and that Gin could even be attracted to the boy dressed in a loose t-shirt and baggy jeans. Come to think of it, he kind of dressed like scarhead did all those years ago when his poor relatives had him in the closet. Maybe she had a thing for grubby muggle clothes, he shuddered at the thought. Perhaps he should invest in some . . .

It seemed like the ax boy was talking in worried hushed tones to the woman whose room he invaded as he occasionally shot daggers in the direction of he and Ginny. She just rolled her eyes at him, poked him occasionally, and slapped at his hand when he tried to take the crossbow away from her. “Draco?” Ginny asked bringing his attention back to her, “Are you all right?”

“Your family,” he started.

“Is everything all right?” Ginny asked worriedly, although there was relative peace in the Wizarding world since the fall of Voldemort, there was still the occasional rabid dark lord follower attempt at an uprising. As many in her family, including herself had been instrumental in his fall, they still lived with a considerable level of heightened security.

“Er, well, it seems that everyone is quite worried,” Draco began.

“Connor, something has happened at home!” Ginny rushed over to Connor who was now pointing a finger at the brunette while glaring at her thunderously and she threw up her hands in the air in exasperation and shook her head while batting about his head with her free hand.

“What, Gin?” Connor asked.

“The floo,” Dawn said and the three rushed out of the room forcing Draco to trot along after them in confusion.

Ginny streaked down one corridor, than another before throwing the doors open on a library like one Draco had never experienced. The books all seemed to hum with magic and he wondered how his spell had managed to miss this concentration of magic in the house. The four of them piled into the room where an older gentleman sitting in a chair near the fireplace stood, “Is something wrong?” he asked.

“No, Mr. Giles, sir, I’m just needed at home,” Ginny replied politely as she grabbed hold of a canister of floo powder. Dawn and Connor took handfuls before handing the canister to Draco who took a handful before passing the container to the startled man. Ginny stepped into the floo quickly calling for the burrow. Connor followed and so did the girl named Dawn, which puzzled Draco a bit.

Just before he stepped in, however, he remembered. “Oh, and sir, I kind of stunned one of your girls,” he tried to look apologetic, “She’s in the hedgerow outside the front door, on the right side.

The Burrow!” and in a flash, he was gone.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Intervention" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 22 Jan 07.

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