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Keyed Up

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Summary: Challenge reponse: Dawn, as the key, has been placed with the Winchesters.

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Supernatural > Dawn-Centered > Theme: Real FamilyFrancesSableFR1899,50602013,64310 Jun 065 Apr 07No

Chapter 9

“Spider man, Spider man, does whatever a spider can!” Dawn and Spike chorused together, much to Angel’s consternation. “Spins a web, any size…”

“Dawn, you riding with us?” Asked Sam, bemused as to the friendship developing between the blonde vampire and his little sister.

“Nope, I’m going with Spike. Did you know he drives a Desoto?”

“I think you should come with us.” Sam said quietly, not wanting to start a fight, but not backing down, either. Spike lit a cigarette and stayed in the background – with the exception of ‘bit, these Winchester blokes radiated trouble. Dawn lowered her voice in kind.

“But I want to ride with Spike.”



Dean walked over and picked Dawn up, slinging her over his shoulder. “You’re coming with us.”

“No! Dean! Put me down!”

Dean ignored his little sister, hefting her into the back seat of the Impala. “Stay.”

“You big meanie!” Dawn huffed and crossed her arms, secretly pleased but pretending to sulk. “I never get to do anything fun.”

“Yeah, yeah. Put your seatbelt on.” Sam and Dean piled into the car, smirking at their sister’s faked hissy fit. Spike and Angel climbed into the Desoto, Spike having refused to go in what he referred to as ‘that bloody sunlit deathtrap’.

Packed up and ready to go, the Winchester siblings and the two vampires drove away from the Hyperion. John watched them go from the window.

“You should have gone with them, you know.” Wesley remarked, standing at a distance. John started, and turned around to face the young man.

“Probably,” he said grimly. “But they seem alright without me.”

“They’d probably prefer you to be with them.”

“Preference has got nothing to do with it. We’re fighting a war.”

“Yes, but what for?”

“Excuse me?” John couldn’t believe that this guy had the gall to say such a thing.

Wesley indicated to where the cars had been, “You lost your wife to something evil, fair enough – but do you really want to lose your children through your own pig headedness?”

Wesley turned and walked away from John, who stared after him. Goddamnit. He hated it when people he didn’t know from a bar of soap could figure him out so quickly.

~ ~ ~

Sam woke up to find his older brother looking at him worriedly. “What?”

“You ok?”


“You were having a nightmare, Sammy. Dean just wanted to know if you were okay.” Said Dawn, equally concerned. Sammy had been having nightmares on a regular basis, but… never during the day.

Sam winced. “I’m good. Nothing to worry about.”

“Yeah, right. Wanna tell us what you were dreaming about, Sammy-boy?”

“Butterflies and candy canes.”



“And I’m the immature one? Jeez Louise, guys, grow a pair, why don’t you?”

Dean gazed at his sister in the rearview mirror. “Pissy you ain’t got your own, eh?”


“What? Can’t take it, huh?”

“No, Dean – something’s wrong with Sam!”


Sam was clutching his head in agony, little flickers of ice sharp pain slamming through his brain. A girl – a blonde girl, talking to a red haired girl tied to a chair.

“So, little witch, you thought you could break me? You thought you could ‘help’? You’re nothing more than a minor hindrance, a fly in my ointment. You’ll never be anything more than that.”

The red haired girl coughed. “Tara, don’t do this. We can… I can help you.”

“Hah!” The blonde, Tara, barked. “As if.” She bent down, her lips skimming the red head’s jaw line as she whispered, ever so softly, “Tara’s not in right now. I would offer to take a message, but…” Tara, or *not* Tara, rather, backhanded the redhead viciously. “Not much point, really. You sure can pick ‘em, can’t you, Willow? And they seem so perfect, don’t they? You’re drawn to evil, honey – you might as well give in.”

Willow spat at the blonde. “Never.”

Tara simply wiped the spittle off her cheek, then, lightning fast, grabbed Willow’s chin and licked her bloodied mouth, too quickly for the redhead to even begin to recoil.

“Never say never, sweetie.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Keyed Up" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 5 Apr 07.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking