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Keyed Up

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Summary: Challenge reponse: Dawn, as the key, has been placed with the Winchesters.

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Supernatural > Dawn-Centered > Theme: Real FamilyFrancesSableFR1899,50602013,64310 Jun 065 Apr 07No

Chapter One

A/N read fan fiction for years, trying to write it for the first time. Bear with me.

Disclaimer: I own none of these characters. Even the idea was from a challenge. The only thing I can claim as mine is my take on it. Please don't sue. I'm rather broke.

“Dean, please?”
“Sam would let me.”
“Sammy’s not here.”
“You’re no fun.” Dawn slumped back against the chair, folding her arms across her chest in a huff. Dean suppressed a smirk. They were on the road again – when their father had disappeared, Dean had promptly taken Dawn out of school and the pair were now en route to pick up Sam from Stanford. It had been a tiring couple of days, due to the long drive, and Dawn’s whining wasn’t making it any easier on Dean.

Dawn sulked. Dean drove.

All Dawn wanted to do was to get out of the stinking Impala and spend a couple of days in San Francisco, exploring and seeing the sights. But no, her big dumb brother never let her do anything that wasn’t connected with hunting. Not that he let her hunt – no, she had to be research girl. Dad had trained the boys from an early age to fight, but the most he had ever let her learn was defensive tactics, and maybe how to scam people out of money playing pool. Dean wouldn’t even let her do that.

“I’m sorry, honey. But we’re kinda in a rush here.” Dean felt slightly guilty – he knew that his father’s disappearance had hit Dawnee the hardest, but they didn’t have time for her to act out. They barely had time to sleep, but stopping for the night on occasion was unavoidable. Dawn knew how to drive, but there was no way he was letting a 15 year old girl behind the wheel of his beloved car, especially since she didn’t have a license and was currently displaying some very reckless tendencies. Besides that, no one but him was allowed to drive his car. Not even his favorite little sister.

Dawn suddenly felt bad about sulking. Dad was missing, and Dean was so worried that he was willing to go to Sam for help. And here she was, not helping in the slightest. Okay, yeah, she felt somewhat justified – Dean had dragged her out of school, away from her friends and crush who was just beginning to reciprocate her interest, all for what she was beginning to think was a wild goose chase. Dad didn’t want to be found. He had made that perfectly clear by his not returning of their phone calls. And she had just been getting used to a life that didn’t require her moving around every few weeks – boarding school had its benefits. She sighed.

“Sorry, Deano. Do you think we’ll get there tonight?”
“Should do. You catch some z’s. I’ll wake you up when we get there, ‘k, kiddo?”

She smiled. “Okay. You think Sam’s gonna be surprised?”
Dean laughed. “I think that’s something you can bet on!”

The Impala drove on into the dusk, the two siblings feeling excited and apprehensive respectively about meeting up with the brother whom they hadn’t seen since he left for college.

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