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Family Issues

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Summary: Dean and Sam get custody of their cousin, who needs more help than they realized

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Supernatural > GeneralKarieFR1548,0852288,03511 Jun 068 Jul 06No

Chapter 3

=o) I couldn't resist sending out more before I went to work.
Angel and crew are AU after Fred arrived from Pylea *shrug* You'll see *grin*

Please lmk if you like it.


"Angel Investigations, we help the helpless. How can I help you?" Torie felt her knees go weak at the sound of Fred's soft southern accent. It took her a second to find her voice again. "Hello? Can I help you?"

"Fred," Torie breathed, then cleared her throat as she tried to fight tears. "Fred, it's so good to hear your voice. This is Torie."

"Oh, I remember you," Fred said, and Torie could hear the smile in the woman's voice. "I don't think I could ever forget the last time you were here- Connor didn't leave your side the whole time you were here."

Torie smiled, leaning back against the wall of the phone booth. She had a couple handfulls of quarters laying on the little shelf. She'd come prepared for a long conversation. Dean and Sam thought she was in the gift-shop of the small truck stop/diner/hotel they'd stopped at for the night. For some reason she didn't really want them to know about her friends yet. It wasn't because she thought they'd be mad, but she wanted to talk to Willow first.

"Hey, is Angel there? I'm at a pay-phone, so I have to make this quick."

"Of course, just a sec. The gang from Sunnydale are here. Well, there's no Sunnydale anymore, so I guess..." Torie straightened at Fred's words. What? "Here's Angel. It was nice to hear from you, Torie."

"Torie? What's wrong?" Torie wanted to melt down into a puddle of tears when she heard the souled-vampire's voice came over the line, sounding worried and a little stressed. Almost as if he couldn't take one more hit of bad news. She'd gotten close with the dark haired vampire over the summers she'd spent in Sunnydale, at first having a terrible crush on him, then a kind of hero-worship kind of thing. Now, he just resembled a little bit of stability in a world that had crumbled down into nothing.

"Angel, I couldn't get ahold of anyone in Sunnydale. My grandma's dead and I'm with my cousins, who are demon-hunters and they don't want me to help them. And I can heal people, but I get really sick if I do it. And I want to talk to Willow or Xander 'cause I really, really want to come to stay with you guys and Social Services wouldn't let me stay with Adrien, and I-" It was as if once she started, she couldn't stop. The tears started and she totally broke down, sobbing out the entire story before Angel's insistent words broke through.

"Torie, sweetheart, stop for a second and take a deep breath," Angel finally broke in and the teenager did as he said, taking a deep breath and holding it before finally letting go. "Now, Willow's here. I'll let you talk to her, but I want to talk to you again before you hang up, okay?"


"Torie? Honey, what happened?" Willow sounded tired, but the redhead's voice was the best thing Torie had heard in the last three weeks.

"Oh, God, Will, it's terrible," the younger redhead burst into tears, her hand a death-grip on the telephone reciever. "I couldn't get ahold of any of you guys and I was having such terrible dreams. But then Nana died and I couldn't stay with Adrien because they think he's gonna molest me or something- which I totally think is the most disgusting thing ever because he's like my brother. And I wanted to go live with you guys but the social worker said I had to go with family and Dean and Sam were here to get me and I couldn't call you guys because apparently Sunnydale's gone- And why is Sunnydale gone? I haven't heard anything about it!"

"Woah, woah, Torie, honey, slow down," Willow broke in, much like Angel had. "Okay, let me get this straight. Your grandma is gone? How?"

"She had a stroke." Torie took a deep breath and added another dollar into the phone at the prompt. "She died in her sleep."

"Okay, now you're with family? I didn't know you had any other family, sweetie."

"My cousins. Dean and Sam. They're demon-hunters and they don't want me helping them. Dean said I had to stay in the hotel or in the car when they take care of things. I can't do that, Will. I really can't. It's like telling me not to breathe."

"We're kinda in a rough spot right now, sweetie," Willow told her, making Torie feel even worse. Of course her friends were in a bad way. She flashed back to the dreams she'd been having before the mess with her grandma. Something about Evil- with a capital E. And Xander getting hurt, and Anya dying. And... And Spike."

"Oh, no. I'm so sorry, Willow! I'd forgotten! Is it true? Is Spike gone?"

"I'm afraid so, honey." Willow sounded like she wanted to cry. The blonde vampire had become so much a part of the group- and they hadn't even realized it until he was gone. "I'll explain it later. Where are your cousins now?"

"They're in the hotel- no. Wait, they're looking for me," Torie looked out the glass door of the phone booth to see an irritated looking Dean and a worried Sam coming towards her. "Please, Will. I don't want to stay here. I won't be in the way, I promise. And I can heal people now. I can help, I swear I can."

"Torie, are you scared of them?" Willow's tone was dark and Torie shook her head quickly, before realizing that her friend couldn't see her.

"No, no," she told her quickly. "I just don't want to be here. I want to be with you guys."

"Don't move. I'll be right there."

"No, Will I'm oka-" Torie was cut off by a clatter and a click. She slowly hung up the phone and turned to look at Dean, who had just opened the door to the booth. She was in so much trouble. When Willow said she'd be right there, she meant it.

"You don't have to hide to use the phone," Dean started to tell her, his eyebrows lowered. He was cut off by a flash of light as a pissed redheaded witch appeared less than three feet away.

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