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Family Issues

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Summary: Dean and Sam get custody of their cousin, who needs more help than they realized

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Supernatural > GeneralKarieFR1548,0852288,03511 Jun 068 Jul 06No

Chapter 4

Author's Note: So very sorry this took so long. My family was hit with a very hard tragedy in the last couple weeks and I haven't had much time or energy left over for my writing.

That said, I give y'all a little bit of a choice =D I have another story that was written based on the same idea (and characters) I think it makes a little more sense and is a little better written. There's a lot of changes though, so I wanted to ask your opinion. Continue this one? Or post the other instead. LMK what ya think and I'll go from there. Until then, here's a small update for now. And thanks to everyone sending reviews! It makes my day a little bit brighter.


"Back off," Willow growled, throwing Dean to the side with a wave of her hand, and turning a black-eyed glare at Sam. "Torie, come here."

"Will, they're not hurting me. It's okay," Torie felt terrible as she looked over at where Dean had hit the ground, hard. He was on his feet and had a pistol out and aimed at Willow. Oh, shit. After Tara, Willow didn't deal well with guns. At all. Torie immediately stepped between her friend and her cousin. "Dean, no!"

"Torie, move." She wasn't sure exactly who it was that ordered her, but she stubbornly refused, shaking her head.

"Willow, I'm so sorry I bothered you, but Dean and Sam aren't hurting me," Torie felt close to tears as she tried to explain. "I'm very, very sorry. Please don't be mad!"

"Torie, come here," the dark-eyed redhead told her firmly, and Torie was relieved to see that her hair had started to go back to the normal red.

"No, Will," Torie shook her head, stubbornly staying in front of her cousin. "I'm sorry I made you think that I was in trouble. I'm not! I just want to go home."

"Honey, there's nothing to be sorry about," Willow softened, her eyes bleeding back to her normal green as she opened her arms. Torie ran to her, throwing herself into her friend's arms.

"I'm so sorry," Torie repeated, her sobs deep and heartbreaking. Willow rocked her back and forth, making soothing noises while still keeping an eye on Dean. Sam was less of a threat- or at least he wasn't holding a gun towards her.

"Put the gun away before I melt it," Willow told him quietly, reminding Torie of what was going on around her. The teenager pulled away, wiping frantically at her face.

"Dean, please. Willow's not a threat."

"Not a threat? Are you nuts? She's a witch, Torie! Get over here, right now!"

"I'm warning you," Willow stated flatly, her hand firm on Torie's shoulder. "Put that toy away before I swat you like a fly."

"I'll shoot you first."

"Dean-" Sam was looking at Torie, and read between the lines. His cousin wasn't scared of the redheaded witch. She looked worried, but only because his brother was being an ass.

"Shut up, Sam. You're supposed to be helping me." Dean didn't even look over at his little brother, his eyes focused on the woman who'd sent him flying with just a wave of her small hand. The hunter in him recognized the threat, but the pure male part of him noticed the fact that she was rather hot in a pair of low-rider jeans and a black tank-top with silver lettering.

"But, Dean-"

Willow waved her hand again and the gun flew out of his hand to land in the dirt a few feet away. "Now do we want to talk this over like civilized adults, or what?"

"Dean, quit acting like an idiot," Sam snapped finally, glaring at his brother before shooting a wary look over at the redhead. "Don't you think that if she really wanted to hurt us, she would have?"

"Listen to Sam, Dean," Torie told him, her lower lip trembling as she leaned back against Willow. "It can't be that hard, now can it?"

"You have no idea," Sam replied dryly, rolling his eyes. He jerked his head towards the diner, "Come on."

Willow cast one more glare towards Dean, then started after the younger Winchester, her arm firmly around Torie's shoulders. Outnumbered, it didn't take long before Dean was sliding into the corner booth next to his brother. He wasn't happy, but it didn't look like he had a choice.


The End?

You have reached the end of "Family Issues" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 8 Jul 06.

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