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Destiny or...

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Summary: Late Season Seven, an artifact is discovered that may help turn the tide in the battle against the first, but who is supposed to use it?

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DC Universe > Justice Society of AmericaDarkElfFR1312,043243,28611 Jun 0611 Jun 06Yes
I don’t own any of this. Some belongs to Joss, some belongs to some guys at DC comics. I am neither.

Destiny or…

Xander sat around a table with several of the potentials sharpening various weapons. They were waiting for one of the patrols to return and Xander was worried as usual.


Xander was out of his seat instantly racing for the door where the cry had come. A group of potentials were hurriedly entering the house, and two were being carried.

“Chen is dead, and Kari will join her if she doesn’t get help. We were ambushed, we won but it cost us.”

“DAMN IT.” Shouted Xander. “We need a new tactic, we need something to back us up.”

“And I might have just the thing.”

All heads turned to Giles.

“What have you got G-Man?”

“A prophecy.”

This was followed by a round of groans.

“It’s not that bad. Its speaks of a hidden tomb, that I just spent the last three hours locating. In the tomb is a magical artifact called the Mask of Destiny. It can only be retrieved by, ‘the Dark Chosen Champion.’ That sounds a great deal like Faith. She is the chosen one with dark hair. And the tomb is hidden under an old crypt in the Marden Hills cemetery.”

“Then I’ll take a team to get it.” Responded Faith. “Xander, Kennedy, and Rona, your with me. Lets go find this mask.”


It hadn’t been all that hard to find the tomb, it was the only really big one in the cemetery. Once inside it had led to a small staircase that led deeper underground. And that led to a room that was absolutely huge. It looked to have been constructed centuries before for it had a very ancient feel. And there on a raised dais at the end of the chamber past rows of columns sat what could only be the mask. Though it looked more like a helm then a mask, it was shaped to fit the entire head with two holes for eyes. Its color was a shining gold.

The four slowly and cautiously approached the dais, keeping constant watch for an attack.

“Well Faith, you’re the champion. Get your new toy.” Faith turned to Xander and grinned. Then walked up and attempted to lift the helm.

Attempted being the important word. Despite putting her rather impressive strength behind it, she could not move the helm. After several attempts Faith stepped back with a defeated look.

“Well Shit.”

This however did not come from Faith. For she and her companions turned to look to the origin of the voice. And were surprised to see … Buffy? Or as they soon realized, The First.

“I actually hoped you could move the artifact, it hasn’t been here all that long and I hoped to use it against you but none of my minions could move it. SO I hoped you would free it for me but since that isn’t the case I guess I could just settle for killing one of the two slayers, I know another will appear but she won’t have your knowledge and that will be enough.”

With he final words the room suddenly became flooded with vampires, bringers, and even a few demons. The four heroes were hopelessly outnumbered.

The first few to approach them were cut down quickly as they tried to stay together but the numbers quickly forced them to separate. Kennedy was forced with her back to a pillar, this made it so she didn’t have to worry about being caught from behind but she also was limited in movement. Rona was trapped in a ring of bringers, she was keeping them back but she knew it wouldn’t last. Faith was the only one really holding her own, being the slayer that she was she had an advantage over the other three. Xander was still near the dais, as he fought with his sword, killing any thing that came to close.

Suddenly he heard a scream and looked over to see Rona get stabbed in the back of the leg by one of the bringers, as she began to fall Xander saw another preparing to finish her. This distracted him long enough for a vamp to punch him hard enough he went flying backwards onto the raised platform. And right onto the helm.

Just after he hit Xander jumped back to his feet hoping to attack whatever came after him next but he found a strange sight before him instead. The entire room was frozen. Nothing was moving, He could clearly see the bringer dagger about to kill Rona. He could see the two demons who were about to attack Faith. And he could see the mass of Vamps about to swamp Kennedy.

“What the hell is going on here?” asked Xander, to know one in particular. Which is why is scared the hell out of him when someone actually answered.

“You have been chosen.”

Xander nearly jumped out of his skin at that voice. He turned around and saw a man that kinda reminded him of a younger giles. He looked to be in his 30’s and was wearing brown pants and a black shirt.

“Who are you?”

“My name is Kent. And like you I was once chosen.”

“What do you mean chosen?”

“You have been chosen to where the helm.”

“But the prophecy said that it was the ‘dark chosen champion.’ I am no ones champion”

“Ah yes, that passage has been mistranslated many times. What it actually says is dark savior of man. What is your name boy?” Kent asked with a grin.

“It’s Xander.”

“Which is short for Alexander, which means savior of man. You are the one who will where this helm, you will have the power and you can save your friends here.”

“So all I have to do is put on the helmet.”

“That is correct.”

“Well here goes nothing.” Xander then reached out, and grasped the helm. He was amazed to find that it took no effort at all to lift it. And when he slid it on his head he felt the power flood through him. He felt his clothes change, he felt a cape form on his shoulders, and some kind of necklace appear on his neck. He also felt the world come back into action.

He turned and saw the dagger bearing down on Rona. And with a wave of his hand and words that seemed to just flow from his mouth, a shield of light appeared between her and the dagger. A field which the dagger shattered against.

Xander wasn’t quite sure what had forced him to say those words but it saved Rona so he let it continue. A second wave and gesture and his three female comrades were at his side and behind a barrier like the one that saved Rona. Xander then fired a bolt of purple energy from his hand at the doorway they came down through and then another into the ceiling. As the ceiling began to fall another gesture caused the four heroes to vanish in a burst of golden light.


Back at the summers household things had gone quiet. Kari was not doing well, her injuries being far worse then had been first thought. And with the hospital shut down, there were no real doctors. Her wounds had been dressed, but most in the room knew she probably wouldn’t make it through the night. This left the many girls littered around the room in a really low mood.
Which was how it was until the great burst of golden light flooded the entire room. And when it faded a man stood before them who had not been there before. He was clothed in a blue and gold body suit with gold boots and gloves. A strange amulet was set around his neck, a cape adorned his back, and a brilliant gold helmet covered his entire face.

When the girls vision fully cleared they saw on the ground around him were laid the bodies of Faith, Kennedy, and Rona. And they could see blood on the clothes of all three of them.

Dawn, who had been standing the doorway, was the first to move.

“Who the hell are you and what happened to our friends?”

The helmed man turned to face the brunette.

“Fear not for your friends, they merely sleep. They were not prepared for the means in which we traveled.”

“And where is Xander? He was out with them.”

“He is safe.” This time it almost sounded like there was humor in his voice. And to Dawn the voiced sounded both familiar, but not. “But this girl is not. If you will all back away, I can help her.”

Awed by the power behind his words all the girls backed away from the wounded Kari. And once they had the figure spoke again, but this time, they weren’t words they could understand. There was power behind these words. And it was that power that brought both Giles and Willow racing into the room. The two stared open mouthed at the strangely garbed man who seemed to radiating power. And that power began to flow into the wounded Kari. And all present gaped as they watched her various wounds close far faster then even Buffy or Faiths ever had. When he was finished the glow faded looked like she had never been near a fight. And her sleep which before had been fitful from pain became quiet and peaceful.

“My Word. That level of power is astounding. Who are you?”

The golden figure chose not to answer directly.

“Mr. Giles, I must inform you that you made an error earlier today.”

“And what might that be?” This Giles said with fear in his voice, afraid of what error he might have made and what it had cost him.

“The prophecy you found was actually a translation of a translation. And you miss translated two important lines. The most important was that it was not the mask of destiny you sent four people to find.” He paused at this point and then reached up and began to remove the helm he wore. “It was the Helm of Fate.” When these last words were spoken it sounded as if his voice had changed, softened some. And that was when they saw who was behind the helm.

“XANDER!” shouted Dawn, who practically threw herself at him.

“My word boy, what happened.”

“A lot of things, but they can wait till later. The knowledge in the helm has told me what we need to do, and it starts with finding Buffy, we don’t have a lot of time.”


The group stared down at the massive crater that had been Sunnydale. With the aid of Xanders magic, nearly all of the fighters had managed to escape. Their only real casualties had been Anya, since she had been upstairs away from Xander and his healing magic, and Spike who was consumed by the power of the amulet. His powers had offered several means of protection and several well placed spells had given wounded slayers the time to retreat.

Xander stood next to Buffy, staring at what was left of their home.

“So what do we do now?” asked Faith.

“Well there is another hellmouth in Cleveland.” Commented Giles.

“We start over.” All heads turned to Buffy. “But we do it better.”

“Sounds like a good plan Buff.” Commented Xander.

“You coming with us?”

Xander stopped at that question.

“No, I can’t. I think I have some other things I need to do now.”

The others looked to Xander as he said this.

“Like what?” asked Willow.

“I was given these powers for a reason. Now I need to use them.”

“But what if we need you?” this came from Dawn.

“Then I will be there. But for now I have a new agenda. The world needs Doctor Fate.” And at that statement he took the helmet that had been tucked under his arm and placed it back where it belonged and in a flash it was Fate who stood before them.

“We all have our missions, I go to follow mine.”

The End

You have reached the end of "Destiny or...". This story is complete.

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