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Family Reunion

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This story is No. 6 in the series "Dawn Winchester verse". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: John informs Mary's family that Sam is going to medical school. A short story from the Dawn Winchester verse.

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Supernatural > GeneraldragonfanFR721,69412312,08412 Jun 0612 Jun 06Yes

The trip back to LA

Steve was barely able to drive back to LA that evening. Although he thought his shock was lesser than his father’s. His dad hadn’t said a word since they got in the car. “Well, that was interesting.”

Mark stared straight ahead. “That is all so wrong I don’t even know where to start.”

“The lesbian witches maybe, or would you rather start with John being engaged to his daughter’s sister?” Steve offered.

“What about the fact that she’s three years younger than Sam? Or that her mother is perfectly fine with Buffy’s engagement to John? Or that they’ve both taken over parenting Dawn?” Mark looked lost.

“I think the most disturbing thing was that Spike character. All four of the English people were strange, but he was really out there.” Steve said shaking his head over the three English men arguing over something he still wasn’t quite sure about. “I couldn’t even start to follow that conversation; too much British slang.”

“The girls seemed to follow it pretty well, although if I’m right they were discussing the slow castration of someone back in England.” Mark shivered over some of the very blood thirsty suggestions that were made.

“I got that much Dad, I was trying to forget it.” Steve said sarcastically.

“Sorry, my professional curiosity got the better of me.” Mark admitted. “They were very creative.”

“Someone that sweet shouldn’t have ideas like that even if she is a lesbian.” Steve said firmly.

Mark tried to smother his giggles, “Did you see the look on that kid Xander’s face when Spike said.”

Steve interrupted his dad. “If I ever hear that again it will be too soon. But the look was priceless. I wouldn’t want to be a guy dating his kid sister that’s for sure.”

“You know when Dean told us to meet them at the Magic Box I wasn’t expecting to meet anyone but the three of them. I thought that maybe one of the boys might be married or some thing, but all those people!” Mark shook his head in amazement. “Two mechanics, an art gallery owner who is married to an alternate religion shop owner, a carpenter, a British biker, two high school students, a librarian, a teacher of magic and four college students and all of them with a disturbing amount of knowledge of emergency first aid and weaponry.” He just couldn’t imagine what had brought all of them together. Although the medical discussion he’d started with Sam and the other’s enthusiastic joining in with first aid techniques and the weapons that could cause the injuries in the first place encouraged him to believe that Sam would get the support he would need to get all the way through school and his internship.

“I was expecting a joke shop or knick knack place, not a place that sells supplies for magic spells.” Steve wondered how a shop like that could stay in business in such a small town. He knew of several small shops like that in LA, but Sunnydale was such a small town he was really hard pressed to see how Giles could stay in business.

Mark suddenly turned pensive. “Did you see how close they all are?”

Steve nodded, “They’re too close for just a random bunch of people. If I didn’t know better, I’d say that they’d survived a disaster together.”

Mark nodded. He didn’t voice what else he had noticed, that both Buffy, John, and that girl Faith all had the same haunted eyes. The same look was on all of them, although it was lighter on the others. These were people who had suffered devastating loss, and had managed to overcome it. “They are a family. You can’t fake that kind of love for one another. You know, suddenly I feel a lot better about this. They may be a varied group and collectively strange beyond belief but that kind of love can see you through Armageddon.”

Steve nodded. “Yeah they’d see each other to hell and back. I think Sam and Dean are in good hands.” Father and son headed home, not realizing just how right they were.

The End

You have reached the end of "Family Reunion". This story is complete.

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