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Family Reunion

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This story is No. 6 in the series "Dawn Winchester verse". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: John informs Mary's family that Sam is going to medical school. A short story from the Dawn Winchester verse.

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Supernatural > GeneraldragonfanFR721,69412312,08412 Jun 0612 Jun 06Yes

The letter

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Supernatural, or Diagnosis Murder
Summary: John informs Mary’s father of Sam’s entering medical school prompting a family reunion.
A/N: This is an AU back-story for Diagnosis Murder. Doctor Sloan and his wife divorced over what happened with their daughter Mary Winchester and her husband’s and Mrs. Sloan’s actions after her death. The ex-Mrs. Sloan is now dead.
A/N2: This is for Duchess who asked how Mary's family would take the news.

Dr. Sloan went about his rounds in a pensive mood. It was nearly November and with it would come the 23rd anniversary of his daughter’s death. It was bad enough to have lost all hope of reconciliation with his daughter, but his ex-wife’s actions afterwards had sent his son-in-law running with his two grandsons. He had never seen either one. The only reason he even knew that he had grandsons out there somewhere was the birth announcements Mary had sent them. He wished there was someway he could find them, contact them and let them know that it hadn’t been his idea to try and tear their little family apart. If he hadn’t been so busy at the hospital, he shook his head at the thought. It was no use now kicking himself over events that had happened almost a quarter of a century ago.

“Mark, you’ve got a letter from someone named John Winchester. It was delivered to me by mistake. Isn’t that your son-in-law?” Amanda, a young pathologist handed Mark the letter. He practically tore it out of her hands. It was the first time he’d heard from John Winchester since Mary’s funeral. Inside the letter was a card announcing that Samuel Jonathan Winchester had just entered the UC Sunnydale medical program.

“Amanda, I know where he is. I know where my grandson is!” He grabbed her in a hug and twirled her around.

“Doctor Sloan, is the hallway really the place for such antics?” The hospital administrator chided him.

“I need some time off immediately.” Mark said, completely ignoring the chastisement. “I need to call Steve, he’ll need to get some time off too,” mumbling to himself he hurried off to his office.

“He just found out where his grandson is.” Amanda explained.

“His grandson? I didn’t know Mark had grandkids.”

“His daughter married a marine and there was a big fight over it. Mark didn’t want her to marry a career soldier and Mark’s ex-wife was a social climber. She died in a house fire several years later. Mark’s ex-wife tried to get custody of her two little boys but someone told the father and he ran with the kids. No one has heard from them since. It was the final straw as far as Mark was concerned and he filed for divorce a week later. That was nearly 23 years ago.” Amanda shook her head; although she was divorced herself she couldn’t imagine the loss that Mark and Steve had gone through. She hurried off to Mark’s office; she had to see what was in that letter.


Steve Sloan drove his car with his father in the passenger seat down to the Sunnydale campus that afternoon. He didn’t know why his brother-in-law had contacted them but he was ecstatic that he finally had. He couldn’t believe that his nephew was going to medical school and that the nearest teaching hospital was Community General where his father worked. If everything worked out, it looked like they would be seeing a lot of each other over the next several years. He pulled his car into the campus parking lot and gasped in amazement. There was a young man sitting on the hood of a ’67 Impala that looked remarkably like his sister. The car could even have been the same one that John had driven to Mary’s funeral. That had to be Sam Winchester. “Dad look,” he pointed over at the young man.

“Do you think that could be Sam?” Mark wondered.

“It’s worth a shot to find out.” Steve answered. “Sam Winchester?” he called out.

Dean Winchester turned to see who was calling his little brother. The two men, one old but still quite spry and the other solid middle aged, were walking towards him. Obviously they didn’t know what his brother looked like, but they knew enough about the family to know he was a part of it. “Nope, I’m Dean Winchester. What can I do for you?” he smiled at them as he ran his hands over his baby. The younger one looked like a cop, but not one from around here. He’d better keep things friendly for Sam’s sake.

“I’m Mark Sloan. I’m your grandfather.” Mark held out his hand.

“Go to hell.” Dean said still smiling politely. “You can’t take us. We’re both adults and Dawn wasn’t Mom’s kid. So take your cop and get the hell out of our town.”

“I’m Steve Sloan. I’m Mary’s little brother.” Steve held out his hands. He didn’t have to ask how his nephew had spotted him as a cop. Being on the run from Social Services to stay with his father would have taught him how to spot a police officer at a glance.

“Your father sent me a card telling me that Sam was enrolled in the medical program here. Trying to get custody of you boys wasn’t my idea. In fact I had no idea about it at all until it was all over and I divorced my wife because it.” Mark said, holding out the card to Dean. “I had hoped that we might be able to sit down and talk, that’s all.”

Dean looked over the card. He’d seen it before and his dad had a strange smile on his face as he was writing in it. He guessed this was why. He let his shields drop a little more and took the card. Hope, excitement, fear, sorrow and longing washed over him. It seemed that his grandfather was telling the truth. “There’s a store in town called the Magic Box. Meet us there in an hour.” He’d start the Scooby tree and get the family gathered. Dean grinned to himself as the two men walked off. If this guy wanted to know his family, he’d get the whole family.
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