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The pup of the pack

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Summary: Jason finds a small boy in St. Louis who just happens to be a werewolf.

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Anita Blake > Oz-CenteredEffieFR151025,702712154,24614 Jun 0626 Jun 07No

Chapter One

Title: The pup of the pack
Disclaimer: No ownership is held of any characters in this story pertaining to Anita Blake and Buffy the Vampire Slayer or is a profit being made off of this.
Time setting: AU after Oz comes back to Sunnydale and Willow is with Tara.

It was raining when Jason got in “his” car and it was raining even harder on the way to the Circus. Grumbling, Jason wondered why it was raining so hard when the after noon had been clear as ever; sunny and warm, it was a perfect summer day. He yawned briefly before turning his attention back to the road. Suddenly, a streak blurred to the other side of the street from his left. It was inhumanly fast and small and Jason skidded on the wet road in surprise. He was glad it was early in the morning because he most likely would have crashed.

Jason hesitantly parked on the side of the road and went to follow the blur. Cautiously, he moved to the alley it had disappeared to. He cursed the rain, it made it hard to follow a scent and while it still fell it was rather fruitless. He hoped his other senses could still help him. He slowly made his way there and jumped when he saw a small boy looking about four rummaging through a garbage can looking for either food or preparing to use it as a shelter.

Jason felt worry, why was a small boy alone? He took a deep breath, and tried as calmly and non-threatening as he could, spoke. “Hey!” He winced, that sounded too loud. He had tried to go to the boy but he froze looking at him with wide eyes.

Jason quickly got a good look at him and frowned at what he saw. The boy was filthy even the rain hadn’t seemed to help his condition. He had dirty brown hair, it was hard to tell from the filth but Jason would bet it was brown. His eyes were wide and he seemed too thin in rather ragged clothing. Jason focused on his face, despite the distance, he could smell blood, weakly but it was fresh. He saw as those eyes looked for a way out.

Now he was worried, the boy was hurt and clearly hadn’t been home for a while. He carefully took a step forward. “Are you okay?” He asked trying to get the boy to come close so he could be taken to a hospital. It seemed the boy took that time to run. He was fast and if he hadn’t been a werewolf, Jason would have missed him. Fast as lighting, Jason grabbed the boy as he darted by.

He started to struggle and Jason was surprised he had to fight to keep a grip on him. “Let go!” He rasped weakly before Jason caught the spot were he seemed injured. He yelled and whimpered. As quickly as he had struggled, he stopped. Jason frowned but rushed him to the vehicle, he’d pay for the repairs and damage caused by the kid but he just couldn’t let him bleed there. He looked at his hand, as he was running back. No doubt in his mind that it was blood. He stopped for a moment and look at the wound.

Shit, he cursed in his mind. The kid looked like he’d been shot. Why? He wondered. He stopped for a moment taking a clearly not normal child to an unknown hospital would draw to many questions. He knew Lillian would take him in. Thinking that would be the best course of action, he set the boy in the front seat next to him and pulled out his cell phone.

He called the first number on his mind, Richard. Grabbing his cell phone, he dialed. Speeding down the road now, he waited impatiently as the phone rang on the other end.

“Come on.” He said aloud. “Pick up.”

“Hello?” A sleepy unhappy voice called on the other end, somewhat staticy.

“Richard. It’s Jason.”

“What’s the matter Jason, it’s not like you to call at nearly 3 in the morning unless something is wrong.”

Jason hesitated but spoke rather nervously. “Well, I found a kid.”

“What do you mean?”

“Uh, well I was going back to the Circus. It’s raining rather hard and I nearly crashed as something blurred down the road. I stopped and followed. It was a little kid; he looks like he’s not even six. He’s bleeding, dirty and unconscious.”

“Are you on the way to the hospital?” Richard didn’t sound happy.

“To Lillian’s, he isn’t’ normal. He runs as fast as we do. I nearly missed him as he went by me. He passed out. It looks like, Christ, someone shot him.”

“I’ll get there as quick as I can. How far away are you?” Richard called back.

“I’m––” He stopped and heard the boy start to move. Frowning he slowed the car down and was about to turn when he heard a growl next to him. It wasn’t a human growl. Turning he slammed on the brakes from what he saw. “SHIT!” he yelled dropping the phone. The car skidded and crashed into a lamppost. It wasn’t very damaged but still noticeable. He wasn’t concerned about the car at the moment though.

On impact he heard Richard yelling for him over the phone that was near his feet then a sharp pain in his arm. Looking down he could only groan. The boy wasn’t a boy anymore but a pup. A pup that was currently biting down on said arm with rather sharp teeth. He fumbled with the pup before reaching over to the phone. He winced as the boy growled and bit harder in his arm. Okay first thing first.

He turned to the wolf on his arm and let the beast show through for an instant, he growled and eyes flashed for a moment. The pup dropped his and scrambled to the other side huddling against the door attempting to find an exit. He reached for the phone feeling rather bad for scaring him but felt justified. He’d been biting his arm and he couldn’t get the phone.

Richard seemed frantic on the other end and Jason sighed. This was just great. He frowned noticing the blood on the other seat; he was still bleeding even as a werewolf.

“Richard, I’m here.”

“What the hell happened?” The Ulfric demanded.

“Well, he woke up. I crashed.” He explained laughing nervously eyes never leaving the pup on the other side that was now whining.

“Why did you crash?”

“He growled. Christ, he’s a were! He turned without me noticing and well I freaked out. I dropped the phone and he bit me when I crashed.”

“He turned? What is he?” Richard called on the other line sound very unhappy and dangerous.

“A wolf. He’s a rather big puppy at that.” He frowned noticing the blood was still coming out, if not slower from the shoulder of the pup. Picking him up from his scruff and cradling the phone between his shoulder and head, he looked at him better. The pup struggled but stopped at one look in his eyes. “He’s still bleeding. I think he was shot with a silver bullet.”

“Get him over to Lillian as fast as you can. I’m on my way.” Richard hung up the phone and Jason did too.

Sighing Jason placed the wolf on the other seat and scratched his head. “It’ll be okay. Don’t worry, I’m not going to hurt you.” The pup looked up at him and Jason could tell he didn’t trust him. “I’m Jason by the way and you’re going to get help for the shot.” He whispered before pulling into reverse and turning back onto the road to Lillian’s. He nearly slammed the brakes again when he saw the damage. “Oh damn it!”

Deciding it was best to get his mind on the task, he turned on the radio and pulled it to an oldies station. Luckily it was classic rock. He started to sing along to a song and laughed when, despite his injury, the pup started to howl along with him.
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