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The Letter

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Assistant 'Verse". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: for livejournal's slash_100 prompt #16 Family, brief sequel to The Assistant: Wesley discovers he must now meet the family of Percy Weasley.

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Harry Potter > Wesley-Centered > Pairing: Percy WeasleyfrkwerewolfFR711,183081,72615 Jun 0615 Jun 06Yes
Title: The Letter
Author: frk_werewolf
Fandom: Angel/Harry Potter
Rating: PG
Pairing: Wesley/Percy Weasley, Ron/Draco
Slash_100Prompt: #16, Family (table)
Summary: Wesley discovers he must now meet the family of Percy Weasley. Sequel to The Assistant.
Disclaimer: I don't own Angel or Harry Potter, Joss and JKR do.
Notes: Takes place in Season Five of Angel, with no real spoilers, and some time after Order of the Pheonix. And, come on, you knew I'd have Ron/Draco in it! This is me we are talking about. Oh, and there will be a sequel.

Wesley Wyndam-Pryce didn't bother to glance up when his assistant and lover let out a string of British curse words. He could picture the scene in his mind, as it was. Percy Weasley was standing next to the bookshelf, a letter from home in one hand. His glasses were probably slipping down his nose and his face was mostly likely bright red with either anger or embarrassment over his language.

"Something wrong?" Wesley asked, gently closing the latest file he had been viewing. Percy looked over at him, a scowl evident on his face. Turning in a whirl of black outer robes, Percy walked over to the only extra chair and sat down.

"It is a letter from my mother." Percy admitted, folding the pieces of paper and slipping them into a pocket. "My brother is getting married."

"Really? I take it you don't approve?" Wesley asked, casually. He found it best to often do things casually when it came to Percy. It was actually a relief to find someone even more uptight than he was, since it typically gave Wesley the allowance to be the joker in the relationship.

"While I'm perfectly aware that I have no right to question..." Percy paused, his eyes adverting. Wesley stood and walked over to him, sitting on the arm of the chair in order to be closer to him. Percy hardly talked about his family, unless it was on accident. Wesley could understand why, having not spoken about his own family in quite some time. "I can't help but wonder why my mother is allowing this... Ridiculous thing to occur."

"Maybe you should start from the beginning." Wesley suggested.

"Ron hates Draco Malfoy. My entire family hates the Malfoys. The family rivalry has dated back to pre-Merlin times for crying out loud!" Percy insisted, his pale hazel eyes widening behind his glasses. "And yet, here they are, getting married."

"I wasn't aware that the wizarding world allowed homosexuals to marry." Wesley couldn't help but comment.

"We are a bit too worried about wizards mating with goblins than two men, actually." Percy shrugged. "The point remains that they are getting married and... My mother insists I go to the wedding."

"...Oh." Wesley fought down a wince. From what he could gather, Percy had left the wizarding world after choosing his job over his family and then being fired. He had never asked for the specifics, having gone through a similar experience with the Watcher's Council. He knew that Mrs. Weasley was desperate to reconnect with Percy, but Percy was too proud to give in.

"I can't say no." Percy said, his voice soft. Percy's tone always changed, dropping a few octaves and turning into a near whisper, when he was ashamed or scared. Wesley loved him for it. Well, Wesley rather loved all of Percy, though he had yet to say it out loud. "They would never forgive me, but... I don't really--"

"You don't want to go alone." Wesley cut in. Percy gave a half shrug and stood.

"I still need to organize the file on--"

"Percy." Wesley grabbed the back of Percy's shirt and pulled him flush against Wesley's chest. There was a sharp intake of breath from Percy, which caused Wesley to smile. "Do you realize how often the man from Accounting bothers me about having a vacation?"

"Once a week, and twice when you show up on Saturdays." Percy replied, his smirk obvious through the tone of his voice. Percy turned around and allowed Wesley to wrap his arms around Percy's waist. His eyes met Wesley's, hazel on blue. "Are you sure? I don't know how they will react to you... How they'll react to me."

"That’s why I'll be there." Wesley replied with a half smile. "Besides, it will be nice to see the mother country."

"It will make a change from BBC America on late night television." Percy agreed.

It had taken five hours to explain to Angel the methods of keeping his department under control. Finally, after two days of preparation, Wesley found himself stepping off of the airplane and onto the ground of his homeland. It really was like coming home, and the best part was that his father wasn't there to glare at him as he gathered his luggage. Percy didn't seem to be having such a wonderful time if the sweat dripping off of his nose was any indication.

"Do they know when we're coming?" Wesley asked as Percy led him to a bathroom.

"I wrote. We'll apparate to the front yard so we don't startle anyone." Percy informed him, tugging him into one of the stalls. The bathroom was empty, thankfully, as Percy grabbed a hold of him tightly. Wesley's hand tightened around Percy's arm. He didn't think he would ever get used to the fact that his lover could make them appear anywhere in an instant.

His stomach churned as a home appeared before him. It had the look of a building that had once been small, but slowly rooms had been added one by one to accommodate the residents. The front yard had a dirt driveway and around one corner he could see the edge of a garden and shed. Percy let out a slight sigh as they released their holds on one another.

"Well, here we are." Percy stated, pushing his glasses up from where they had slid down his nose. Wesley watched in shock as what looked to be a large potato with legs scurried past, a large and fluffy ginger cat in its wake. "I see they've been neglecting the garden."

"Should we, err, go knock?" Wesley suggested, suddenly feeling uneasy. He hoped he didn't fall back onto old habits of acting pompous and overly intelligent, as he used to do when nervous.

"Yes, yes. I suppose we should." Percy agreed, but he made no indication of moving. Wesley set his suitcase onto the ground and wrapped an around Percy's shoulders. Percy leaned against him, gathering strength.

Wesley gave him a moment, before picking his bag back up and tugging Percy toward the door. "It will be fine, honestly."

"How is it you've become so optimistic?" Percy demanded.

"Perhaps when I started dating such a pessimist." Wesley admitted as they stepped onto the front porch. "I can't help but want to cheer you up, Percy."

"Well, thank you... I suppose." Percy muttered, looking away. Wesley smiled.

"Bombs away!" A voice yelled out from above. Wesley looked up to find something bright red falling from the roof of the house. It hit his forehead with a splash, red liquid pouring down his front. Next to him, Percy was covered with green dye. Laughter could be heard up above and Wesley looked upward in time to see a leg disappear over the side of the roof.

"Wesley, I'd like you to meet the twins." Percy sighed.

It was then that Wesley realized visiting Percy's family would be even stranger than he thought.

The End

You have reached the end of "The Letter". This story is complete.

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