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This One Time in Egypt...

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Summary: One moment he was sitting next to a pyramid and the next he had some feral looking redhead pinning him to the ground. Xander had a feeling his vacation had just turned interesting. Written for a friend at my livejournal. Xander/Bill.

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Harry Potter > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Bill WeasleyfrkwerewolfFR1511,0646188,61615 Jun 0615 Jun 06Yes
Title: This One Time in Egypt...
Author: frk_werewolf
Fandom: Harry Potter/Buffy Xover
Rating: PG-13(15)
Pairing: Bill Weasley/Xander Harris
Summary: One moment he was sitting next to a pyramid and the next he had some feral looking redhead pinning him to the ground. Xander had a feeling his vacation had just turned interesting.
Disclaimer: Buffy belongs to Joss, Bill belongs to JKR and her Harry Potter frandchise. Long live the fandom creators!
Setting: Post OotP, but I'm kind of ignoring the whole Phlegm... err, Fleur thing. It's set around the beginning of Season Five for Buffy.
Notes: for a request meme at my journal in which coniraya asked for: Residual Hyena!Xander/Semi-Werewolf!Bill Weasley and Pack dynamics/dominance

Xander had decided earlier that day that he didn't like sand. It got everywhere. In the cracks and crevices and, well, everywhere. He had already attempted to take two showers that morning but, having decided that he didn't want to see that water bill, had refrained from proceeding with his shower frenzy for the afternoon.

Vacation sucked. It was supposed to be fun and happy games, while semi-clad women danced around you and you won a lot of money at the slot machine. Xander saw no semi-clad women. He saw no slot machines, either. Of course nothing that happened to Xander was normal and, after working there for nearly a year and not taking a vacation, his boss had compromised and ordered him to do a report on Egyptian architecture.

Xander had no idea as to what his boss wanted, but it got him away from the hostility of the Magic Box where Anya the Ex-Girlfriend glared at him from her perch before the cash register. So, Xander figured taking pictures of strange looking buildings and pyramids wasn't so bad.

Until he came across the wrong pyramid. Though, he couldn't blame it on the pyramid. Poor thing, it had a bunch of men with slender pieces of wood sticking out of their back pockets inside of it, doing who knew what. Xander didn't really care, though, so he set about taking pictures and making a general nuisance of himself. Of course, that was when it happened.

One moment he was sitting next to a pyramid and the next he had some feral looking redhead pinning him to the ground. Xander had a feeling his vacation had just turned interesting. The man poised above him had a vaguely confused gleam in his eyes, despite the fact that he was baring his teeth. He had freckles, lots and lots of freckles, along with a ponytail and sparkling eyes. Xander stared, jaw dropped open and a strange feeling of... something rose inside of him.

Suddenly, before Xander could even think about what he was doing, his own upper lip curled back and a low growl escaped his throat. The redhead jerked his body away slightly, but otherwise did not move. The man's thighs tightened slightly from where they resided on each side of Xander's waist. Xander stilled in a parody of giving up before he bucked. The man was heavy, but Xander had the element of surprise. Soon, Xander found himself pushing the man against the sandy desert floor while he stradled his hips.

"Okay, who in the hell are you and why did you attack me?" Xander demanded, unable to admit even to himself that he was panting. Possibly panting. For a man. A very sexy man who gave Xander the urge to lick and thrust and... Xander blinked and stared. "What?"

"I said that I'm not sure why I attacked you." A deep voice, enhanced with a British accent, replied. Xander nearly melted. "I... Umm... Well, honestly? There's something... Strange about you."

"Oh, I'm the strange one." Xander rolled his eyes. The man shifted slightly underneath him and Xander growled a warning. The body stilled as a single red eyebrow rose in response. "Hey, you attacked me, remember?"

"Would you mind letting me up?" Xander debated whether he should grant this request. After all, what was to keep this gorgeous redhead from attacking him again? Possibly against the pyramid wall... That sounded fun.

Holy Zeus, what was wrong with him? He'd never thought things like this before. Xander scowled and slowly stood up. The man dusted the sand from his clothes and turned to look at Xander. There were a few scars along his face and arms, giving the impression that they were either from a fight years before or someone had attempted to heal them very rapidly.

"I'm Bill."

"Xander." Xander took a step forward in order to shake Bill's hand, immediately catching a small whiff of ginger mixed in with something dark and magical. The hair stood up on Xander's neck. Bill's own eyes had gone wide, nostril flared. "You're a werewolf."

"Kind of... I don't know what you are." Bill whispered, striding forward and gently pushing Xander's back against the wall. Hieroglyphics stared down at them as both leaned forward to sniff the other's neck. Bill chuckled. "You smell amazing."

"Not so bad yourself." Xander gasped out, unable to tolerate the way his body seemed to suddenly wake up. Every nerve felt like it was on fire and every sense was stretched farther than he could ever remember. It was all focused on the man before him, and every inch of it demanded that he took and demanded and simply claimed. "I think... We need to reestablish who is in control here, buddy."

"Which would be me." Bill smirked, before sliding one thigh between Xander's legs. Xander squeaked.

"Oh, I don't think so--" Xander started.

"Which one of us is pinned to the wall?" Bill asked, faking innocence. Xander didn't believe if for a minute.

Frowning, Xander grabbed a hold of Bill's shoulders and spun them around, using the strength that came from construction work and slaying to pressing Bill against the wall. He immediately pushed his body forward, chest pressing against chest and hips nudging the hips opposite him. Bill gave out a low growl of annoyance, which Xander dominated by pressing his lips against Bill's. The body pressing against his seemed to fight the urge to be compliant, before Bill's tense muscles softened and soft moan escaped the redhead.

Xander held back a smug smile, something inside him howling with delight. Oh yeah, he was so the one in control here.


"And that is how my vacation in Egypt turned out to be a good thing." Xander finished, picking up his beer and taking a sip. His other hand was buried at the base of Bill's skull, threaded through his hair.

"That's how you two met?" Buffy asked, looking exasperated. "It's official, romance is definitely dead."

The End

You have reached the end of "This One Time in Egypt...". This story is complete.

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