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Watching Faith

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Summary: A selection of incidents, as told by Faith's, initially slightly pompous, new watcher. Some violence (mostly to non-humans) and some sexual content in later chapters.

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Stargate > Faith-CenteredknowregretsFR1834,9844316,01715 Jun 0622 Jun 06No

Information gathering

Disclaimer: None of this is mine

AN: Apologies for anyone upset by my shameless distortion of the Lilitu mythology. The Watchers Council obviously has far more information on Lilitu and the Lilin than the rest of us - that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it! I also should note that I'm playing fast and loose with the timeline, this is set somewhere during the late fourth or early fifth season of Stargate even though it is about three years post-Chosen in BTVS

From: D.Summers
To: J.Fischer
Subject: Urgent: Information gathering on the Lilin


Following your recent call with Giles, he asked me to send you the following:

You were right, you have heard of the Lilin before, although they faded into relative obscurity some millennia ago, only occasionally resurfacing in small numbers (most recently in Greece about 200 years ago). They specialise in killing mothers and babies, hence the hospital attacks you have been chasing across the Western States.

About 5,000 years ago in Mesopotamia, there was a very powerful but corrupt Slayer who lead an army of vampires. She was known as Lilitu and her followers were the Lilin. They referred to her as their mother. What caused Lilitu to become corrupt is unknown. It was believed by some that she was possessed. There are reports of actual sightings of her for over two thousand years, during this time many slayers were called. Opinions vary but the most likely possibility is that she was, herself, turned, although she seems to have had some major powers that ordinary vampires did not so it is possible that she was possessed by some other form of demon. According to the Council's records, she was could not be killed, instead she was entombed.

The attached documents give more detail on the Lilin and on Lilitu herself. I have also attached a scan of part of a recently discovered codex. This codex appears to predict the return of Lilitu. This fits in with the rumours you have reported of the demon calling herself Lilith who appears to be gathering the Lilin. Lilith was, of course, the Hebrew name for Lilitu. I've attached our translation of the relevant passage of the codex - we are fuzzy on some of the words but, being a better linguist than me, you might be able to un-fuzz them. If your Lilith is the original Lilitu, we are in a world more trouble than we thought. Giles thinks, however, that this is unlikely.

Giles wishes me to stress that this is an information gathering trip only. Report back as soon as you have found anything. If the rumours are true, and someone has gathered the Lilin together in such numbers it will take more than one slayer to take them out. It is "imperative" (according to Giles) that we know what we are dealing with before we take action. Giles even went so far as to include the words "Faith" and "short rein" in the same sentence so good luck with that one. I should point out that he said "Oh dear Lord" six times during our conversation and I'm sure I could even hear him cleaning his glasses over the phone.

Say hi to Faith for me and try not to break or sprain anything.

Good luck and hope to hear from you soon,



Well, this is a new situation. In the last 11 months working with Faith I've been threatened with a variety of weapons, not to mention been thrown, stabbed, shot with a crossbow (twice!) and bitten. No one has ever pointed a gun at me though. I can't say I'm really enjoying the novelty. It takes me a moment to realise that Faith is still watching the warehouse, that the slayer who prides herself on being able to sense supernatural danger with an instinct surpassing any other living slayer, is blissfully unaware that some military-looking people are standing there looking like they need very little excuse to blow our heads off.

"Faith," I say quietly.

"That weird glowy-eyed demon chick is definitely the skank in charge," she replies without even turning around. "We take her out, the rest will be easy pickings."

"Um, Faith," I continue, "we have company."

Faith takes her lead from me, dealing with authority the Watcher is always supposed to be in charge. I know Faith, however, and I'm pretty sure it won't be long before she is mouthing off to them. Their guns relax slightly as they realise we are standing there, quite obediently. Despite my assurances that Faith and I are there alone the woman, Carter, gets sent off to check the area.

"Who the hell are you?" the apparent leader, a tall greying man asks me. I reach for my ID only to find that I'm suddenly the renewed focus of the guns. "Hand in sight!" he orders me abruptly.

I roll my eyes. "Front, right-hand, jeans pocket," I tell him with a sigh.

"Daniel," he says, nodding his head towards me.

The younger man comes towards me nervously. He looks so embarrassed to be reaching into my pocket, desperately trying not to touch anything he shouldn't, that I can't help but channel Faith for a second.

"You're kinky," I tell him quietly. "I like it."

He practically jumps away from me, blushing. I can hear Faith suppressing a snort as he moves to grey-hair's side, handing him the black wallet housing my ID.

"Wanna do me too, blue-eyes?" Faith asks him. He looks pleadingly at his boss but receives only a nod as the older man checks my ID and frowns.

"Watchers' Council?" he asks me. "Who are they?"

"An international organisation that deals with situations like this," I tell him, trying to ignore Faith's grunting and "dig deeper baby" as the unfortunate man tries to retrieve an ID from a squirming Faith, who is refusing to tell him which pocket to look in. "If you contact the Pentagon number listed, this can all be sorted out."

"What did you mean, when you said you would take out the leader?" he asks Faith, ignoring my response.

"Well, I was thinking dinner and a movie, you know, get to know the chick before heading back to the hotel for a threesome," she responds. I briefly close my eyes; I don't think this is going to help.

Tall dark and silent then speaks for the first time. "Threesome?" he asks, looking far more puzzled than a man his age should look at the concept.

"Don't ask, don't tell, baby" Faith tells him with a wink.

"Faith," I warn her, and mercifully she shuts up for a moment.


We were jumped by a couple of vamps on the way to their van. Faith dusted them both (the Colonel and his friends were surprised that their guns didn't work so they were obviously not briefed on what is going on). Far from being grateful to Faith for saving their necks, they have disarmed, handcuffed and separated us, 'Carter' and the quiet guy who the Colonel called 'T - Murray', an obviously bad alias, have taken Faith into the rear compartment of the van, while I'm up front with grey-hair (who introduced himself as Colonel O'Neill) and the blushing blue-eyes (who is apparently called Doctor Jackson).

We've been round in circles a few times. They don't believe the "they were vampires and Faith dusted them with a piece of wood" explanation, nor will they swallow the "they were members of a gang on PCP who have a wood phobia so they ran away really quickly when Faith poked them" explanation (hey, it might have worked). The Colonel is refusing to phone the Pentagon number on our cards - honestly, that was why the number is there. Mr Giles did some heavy negotiating with the President and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and that number was the result, together with the freedom to act in any situation that comes under our jurisdiction within the United States. We have these sorts of arrangements with about 30 countries around the world now. But the Colonel seems to believe the number is a fake.

A moment ago, a bunch more of the Colonel's people turned up. The Colonel left the van to give the others instructions to check the area (his voice is clearly audible outside) leaving me alone with Dr blue-eyes who is looking very awkward.

"So, this is a nice van you have here," I say, trying to be pleasant. "All the amenities of home; if your home is a server room, with half a dozen televisions and no comfortable seating, that is."

His mouth twitches slightly. "I'm sorry about this," he says. "I'm sure you understand though, in a matter of, um, national security."

"Uh huh," I respond. "But if you'd just check with the Pentagon, this could be cleared up and you could be on your merry way."

He frowns, opens his mouth as if to say something, and then changes his mind and shuts it again. My mobile phone goes off.

"Can I get that?" I ask him. The Colonel walks back in before blue-eyes has a chance to answer me.

"Whose phone?" he asks.

"Mine, can I get it?"


"You know," I tell him, "you're great guy, Colonel. You married?"


"I can't imagine why." I take a deep breath as my phone goes to voice mail. "Look, Colonel, we are really getting nowhere here. I know you don't believe me, so what can I tell you that you will believe?" He looks at me strangely so I continue, "No, really, give me an explanation for what happened that you believe, I'll pretend it's the truth and we can all leave here happy."

He leans back on his chair and folds his arms staring at me.

"Or we can just sit here forever, either way. I think I've lost the will to care," I conclude and mimic his posture - as far as I can with my hands still in cuffs.

We sit in silence for five minutes, just staring at one another. I know what I'm doing, I hope. At some point he is going to have to call that number, or, more likely, call his boss who will call the Pentagon himself. Until he does that, any further conversation is pretty useless anyway.

Someone knocks on the van door and Dr blue-eyes answers. I can hear a suspiciously familiar voice outside the van asking to see Colonel O'Neill and, lo and behold, in walks Faith's Mr "tall, dark and muscles" although I suppose he is Captain "tall, dark and muscles" really.

O'Neill is standing in front of me, blocking me slightly from view - now I ask you, is it really necessary for anyone to be that tall? No seriously, I feel like I'm in the land of giants. Doctor blue-eyes is nearly as tall as the Colonel and as for 'Murray', Mr silent, I feel like I'd need a step-ladder to talk to him.

"Sir," he starts hesitantly, "there's something you should know, except ... it's classified and I don't have the, I mean, I can't say anything, but ..." OK, I thought that the Council folks had the babbling thing down well, but babble in a military tone - different.

I lean slightly to one side so that he can see me. "Hello Graham," I say quietly. I have to say it is quite amusing to see the Colonel whip his head round and gape at me like that. Huh, teach him to dismiss me as a dangerous crank!

"Oh!" Captain babble says. "Oh, you do know then. Because I have read all of your reports and you didn't mention HSTs once so I assumed you didn't. But you must know if you know enough to call in the Council."

I decide to put an end to his misery. "Um, Graham," I start, "we weren't exactly called in." and I lift my hands to show him the handcuffs. The impact of what he has just said hits him, so I continue, "Yep. Sorry Captain, that little secret identity has been blown out of the water a bit now." OK, maybe I'm cruel but I hardly got any sleep in Cape Town after he hooked up with Faith.

"Then ..." he starts.

"Yes, Graham. Faith and I are here on Council business and your little buddies are getting in the way."

"Faith's here too?" he asks.

At that point the low rumblings from the rear compartment of the van suddenly reach audible level and Faith's questioning of so-called-Murray's parentage can be clearly heard. "She's back there," I point out, in case his intelligence had dropped as low as his new colleague's seems to be.

At this point the Colonel explodes, "Oh, for crying out loud! Will somebody tell me what the hell is going on here?"

"It's quite simple, Colonel," I point out, maybe a little snippily. "As Captain Miller can tell you, Faith and I are part of an international organisation that is officially sanctioned by the leaders of a number of countries, including the President of the United States, to take care of these sort of things. Captain Miller has worked with our organisation before and knows both Faith and myself, although, in my case, not intimately."

Graham reddens slightly, "Um ..." he starts.

"The two of you were loud, Graham. And the walls in that hotel were paper-thin. Don't try and deny it. Anyway, that is beside the point. Colonel, if you contact your superior officer and tell him we are here and to check with the Joint Chiefs, I think you will find this matter will be cleared up and you can be on your merry way and leave this to the professionals." OK, maybe I was being a lot snippy there, but I don't like having guns pointed at me, and I'm definitely not a handcuff fan. Although I suppose I could change my mind if Dr blue-eyes asked nicely.

The Colonel splutters indignantly for a moment while Dr blue-eyes rocks back in surprise.

"And could someone please get me out of these bloody handcuffs!" I add for good measure.

"They really aren't a threat, sir," Graham tells O'Neill. "And I think the call might be useful." He turns back to me and continues, "There is something more going on here, that you don't know. I honestly think we are going to have to work together on this one."

"Oh, joy," I respond, sinking my head down on the table. "This is going to be such fun."

The End?

You have reached the end of "Watching Faith" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 22 Jun 06.

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