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I was Born to Try

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Summary: It's been 5 years since the 'Chosen One' became Many and Willow Rosenburg is about to start a whole new adventure.

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Harry Potter > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Severus SnapeRoseGoddessFR1346,42423010,50715 Jun 0616 Jun 07No

A Letter Sent

This is the first story that I've posted on this site - so be gentle!

Background: Buffy didn't get resurrected. Everything else is cannon but with Faith. Set after OotP.

Time line
S5: Buffy dies saving Dawn. She is not brought back. Faith is broken out of jail to help out.
HP year 1 - S6: Willow goes to the Dark Side. She meets Severus while recovering in England.
HP year 2 - S7: Slayers activated. Willow and Severus start a relationship.
HP year 3 - New council is slowly put together as all of the Slayers are found.
Hp year 4
Hp year 5
HP year 6 - Severus is discovered and injured. Willow goes to Hogwarts to take care of

Oh. Yeah.

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. If I did, I wouldn't be worrying about finding a job. And I sure wouldn't be in Wisconsin.


Chapter 1 - A Letter Sent

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was, for once, peaceful. One could not say that it was quiet because several hundred witches- and wizards-in-training all enjoying dinner could not possibly be quiet. Still, the Slytherins and Gyffindors were content just to glare, the Weasley twins had left school the previous year and the 'Golden Trio' had yet to find a cause or mystery for the year. That's all Professor Minerva McGonagal, Professor of Transfiguration and Deputy Headmistress, could ask for.

The only thing missing was her colleague, Severus Snape. The bat-like man was not in his usual seat and the lack of malevolent glaring from the staff table was the most likely cause for the increased volume of the students.

Despite Minerva's dislike of the man, his teaching methods and blatant favouritism, she could not help but worry. The young man had been gone for nearly 48 hours. It wasn't unusual for him to disappear for a day or two on the weekends - it had actually become common in the last six months or so - and even after classes had ended for the day, but this long for this particular reason. You see, Severus Snape was a spy.

He had been spying for over two decades now, trying to atone for the past. As a young man, he had been bitter and angry. Minerva had seen it herself and had worried about it, but she had never expected him to do what he had ended up doing. Upon reaching the age of 17, he had become a Death Eater, a group of wizarding terrorists who believed that muggles (non-magical people) were inferior and that the magical children they occasionally produced did not belong in the magical world. They and their leader had nearly destroyed the wizarding world.

Not long before the defeat of the leader, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, young Snape had come to Headmaster Dumbledore, the leader of the Dark Lord's opposition, The Order of the Phoenix, and confessed everything. It had been his information that had started the chain of events that would end of defeating the Dark Lord for the first time. And, now that He was back, Severus had returned to his roll as spy. His information over the last year and a half had proven to be invaluable to both Dumbledore and the Ministry of Magic (once they had gotten off their asses and admitted that He was back).

Miverva was torn from her thoughts by the loud 'POP!' a portkey makes in the entry way outside of the Great Hall. She and the rest of the staff rose immediately, ready to defend the students.

"Students." The now nervous chatter of the teenagers stopped and all faces turned to the Headmaster. "Everyone, move to the front of the Hall. Everyone third year or lower closest to the wall, Prefects and DA members farthest out. Teachers, with me."

The students scrambled to obey as the teachers walked along the wall.

"Albus," Professor Flitwick squeaked. "What do you think it is? No one should be able to send anything into the school. That's as impossible as apparating!"

"We'll soon find out." Madame Hooch looked ready to fight anything.

But what waited them out in the hall was not a threat to anything but their stomachs. There, beaten, bloody and half-unconscious was Severus. None of the teachers could stand to look at his mangled form as Madame Pomfrey rushed forward.

"He's alive." She gave a relieved sigh. "Someone help me get him to the Hospital Wing. I'll do my best, Albus." She added as Minerva floated Snape into the air. "But he may need more help than I can give. You'll want to call his next-of-kin in."

"Yes, of course." But Dumbledore's attention was no longer on the nurse, but on Snape, who appeared to be saying something.

"What -?" Minerva, too, had heard it. "Albus, what's he saying?"

"Shhh." He leaned forward. "He appears to be saying 'willow'."

"A willow tree, perhaps? Maybe the Whomping Willow." Professor Sprout suggested.

"Perhaps." Dumbledor's eyes twinkled. "Miverva, once you are done assisting Pomona, please inform the Ministry. Fillius, you and the other go reassure the students. Don't tell them what's happened yet." Dumbledore headed off to his office.

Once he got there, he went straight to the painting behind his desk. Behind it was a small door, similar to that of a muggle safe but without the locking mechanism. He touched his wand to it and whispered "Gum Drops" to open it. From the small space, he pulled a stack of letters. Each member of the Order had left letters to their loved one in his care in case they died in the line of duty. Unlike the other, however, Snape had left a letter in case he was injured badly. It was unusual; as their next-of-kin was on their medical and employment records, but Snape had left that space blank. More unusual still was that this letter and the only other one he had written were both addressed to the same person.

He handed the relative one to Fawkes. "Get there as quickly as possible. Wait to see if there's a reply, please." The bird took off in a burst of flame, leaving Dumbledore holding the other letter, staring at the single word written on it - Willow.


In London, the phoenix burst into one of the offices of the New Watcher's Council, surprising the single occupant of the room.

Reviews are always appreciated - they help figure out what the hell I'm doing. Please, this one is going to need all the help that I can get!
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