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Love at First Sight

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Summary: Xander goes to Middle Earth and falls in love

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Lord of the Rings > Xander-CenteredabelieverFR72409049,20617 Jun 0616 Aug 07Yes

Chapter two

Disclaimer: Still don’t own the characters, and I don’t have the socks anymore, either. However, if someone wants to pay the ever-growing stack of bills on my desk, just contact me- I’ll be happy to respond!

Author’s note: This was intended to be a one shot story, but my muse refuses to let me sleep until I give you Eowyn’s POV. Be kind, please. Most of this was written at 3 in the morning after being up for 36 hours, standing in line for American Idol in Atlanta, then being too sick to sing after waiting to do so for 9 hours.
If you want to see the picture of that ordeal (before the sickness hit), go here:


Eowyn knew she wasn’t alone. She hadn’t been since the elf, the dwarf, Gandalf, and the attractive man had arrived at Edoras.

The problem was, she didn’t see the other visitor.

She knew that whoever it was, he or she watched her intently.

She returned to folding the clothes for the journey to Helm’s Deep.

Fold, fold, fold, pack.

Fold, fold, fold, pack.

The same repetitive motions she had be doing for the past hour.

Something moved in the corner.

She glanced up, and saw the image of a ghostly man wave at her and grin, then disappear again.

Startled, she dropped the tunic she was folding.

She could feel that the man was still there, but she couldn’t see him anymore. Her instincts told her that the man meant no harm. Not if he had come with Gandalf.

Maybe she would ask the wizard about the strange clothes that the man had been wearing. She had never seen such bright colors and interesting patterns as those that had decorated the man’s shirt. Such colors could not possibly exist in nature.

The End

You have reached the end of "Love at First Sight". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking